Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Born-again Check list

There may be some doctrinal differences (as always), but here is my checklist as pertains to the word as revealed to me. I understand that on non-essential doctrinal issues others may differ, but the essentials (as I see it) are necessary. Non-essentials are marked with *).

1) I believe that Jesus is the son of God, born of a virgin, made the penalty for mankind by dying on the cross and is resurrected and is alive in heaven. (If you can't check this one, don't bother to continue).

2) I believe that I (your name) is a sinner and deserves death.

3) I'm sorry for my disobedience and rebellion against God.

4) I accept Jesus' sacrfice for me and mankind. I know that he suffered because of my sins.

5) I believe that I'm saved because of grace and not anything I've done on my own.

6) I believe that Jesus, a man without sin, took sin upon himself, and died an innocent man.

7) I believe that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, are one and that they manifest themselves to me in different roles. (I believe in the Trinity and that there is only one God).

8) Believing and accepting the above, I (your name) have publically testtified to my salvation. (There are no secret Christians).

9)*  In obedience I(your name)  have been baptized signifying that I'm a new person (your name) who is because I (your name) is born-again.  *  I believe that the best method of baptism is in deep, preferably running natural water. (Some believe that baptism is a sacriment; necessary for salvation. Scripture then is not by grace, but of works. Although some believe this, it's doctrinal, but wrong doctrine, and can lead to many who are "saved" without the proper belief, remorse and repentance; i..e., it's dangerous doctrine, but such believers may still be saved).

10) I have faith in Jesus and that he is who he claimed to be.

11) My hope lies not in the things of the world, but in the saving grace of Jesus.

12) I believe that Jesus died for all my sins.

13) However, I believe that at the time of my salvation that I am forgiven for all my past sins. (It's essential that believers repent as they continue to sin and by repenting they become mature Christians. It's essential for a walk in faith).

14) * I believe that the commandments made by God are not a sacriment (a way to salvation), but a means of showing my reverence and love to God. (I starred this as non-essential because many can believe in "works salvation", but are still saved by grace. It's their belief that is wrong, not their relationship to God. However, it's important that they have a personal born-again experience. Works cannot save! Salvation is a gift).

15) *  I am committed to be as sin-free as I can be, knowing that I will never be sinless. I will set myself apart from the world, demonstrating that indeed, I am a new person in Christ. (This is starred because babes in Christ may not yet have this conviction and some have been deceived by Calvinism, but yet still live righteous lives).

16) As I sin I seek forgiveness. I believe that the payment for that sin has already been made, but it's necessary to respond to the correction of the Holy Spirit. (I'm not saying that you lose salvation by sinning, but a life of sin means either you were not saved in the first place or that you've forgotten your love of God)

17) I believe that I'm not left alone in this world to fiend for myself, but I can be helped and comforted by the Holy Spirit. (This is accepting the third personality of the Trinity).

18) I believe that the Holy Spirit is with us in this world right now as a comforter.

19) I believe that I'm a vessel for the Holy Spirit to live within me.

20) I realize that we no longer need a priest to speak (pray) to God, but that I am of the royal priesthood, myself, and can pray for the forgiveness of my own sins. (A true Christian must pray often).

21) I believe that I need no other, but Jesus, to intercede for me in prayer. (I did not star this as non-essential, for it's greatly important for those praying to angels, Mary and the apostles to realize that they are not to be given the honor of mediator. It's a doctrinal lie. However, many who pray to Mary and company in error still pray to God at times with Jesus as mediator).

22) I believe that prayer changes things.

23) * I magnify God first when I pray. (Not necessary to be first, but that is desirable. We must always pray in reverence to God).

24) I pray for others. I pray foremost that others be saved.

25) I love God.

26) I love other people.

27) I fulfill the Great Commission. I have a ministry to lead others to Christ.

28) I constantly walk in faith. I'm a seasoned Christian without lengthy periods of doubt.

29) I have one or more of the gifts of the spirit: love, wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, distinquishing between spirits, different kinds of tongues, interpretation of tongues, etc.

30) I treat others without judgment as I chose to be treated myself. I don't gossip, be a busybody, slander, curse, blackguard, and display charity to all. (These are all assurances of your salvation. If you do these things without remorse, you need to examine your spiritual condition).

31) I believe that God will never leave me nor forsake me because he sealed our relationship (our covenant).

32) * I believe that no other may break that seal, but as a free moral agent, I'm able to remove the seal at any time just as seals have been used for times immemorial. (I marked this as non-essential, but the way God has allowed me to understand scripture, free-will is necessary for salvation and necessary to maintain faith).

33) I'm assured of my salvation because I love God and love the things of God. I do works to show my love.

34) * I believe that if I do give up my faith, that I become reprobate. I have sinned against the Holy Spirit and it's not possible to be "saved again". (This is not to be confused with backsliding, where we live a life devoted to sin, but retain faith. This would be a person of little faith or a babe in Christ). (Doctrinal, but this is the way I see scripture and for me, it's essential).

35) Because of God's grace and my love for him, I believe that God will resurrect me. (This is the crucial "hope" of salvation. Incidentally, Abraham Lincoln did not believe in the resurrection of the soul).

36) I believe that all will be judged at the Great White Throne Judgment. I believe that most will be found guilty, but am certain that God will say "Well done, good and faithful servant" to me.

37) * I believe in heaven and hell. I believe that heaven is for those who are God's children (through the rebirth) and hell is a place of eternal torment for those who are children of the devil. (I marked it as non-essential because both exists whether you believe it or not. However, I would caution that by denying the reality of heaven and hell, a person is in effect calling Jesus a liar.)

38) I believe that by (continual) living in sin, I am serving my father the devil, but by living in righteousness, I am honoring my father in heaven.

39)  I believe that part of salvation is full confidence in the Word and that the General Resurrection is part of God's word. (I have hope in life after death and believe that hope has led to my salvation).

40) I believe that divine scripture is the Holy Word of God and that the entire Bible is about hope in Jesus. I do not add to nor take away from God's Word. I believe that the writers, of the law, poetry, wisdom, prophecy, the gospels and the letters were divinely inspired and that their word is as the word of God. ( I left this as essential although many liberal denominations would argue that this is doctrinal. I see those as the false church and will suffer greatly when Jesus comes. So, although it's doctrinal, it is critical.)

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