Tuesday, September 2, 2014

God's Not Dead Part II

I went to rent the movie and they were all rented. I went to another place to rent God's Not Dead. They were all rented!  People are watching God's Not Dead and if they listen closely to the dialogue, they will hear that the evidence for God is in fact convincing. It should be because it's real! "Scientific" evidence that evolution is responsible for mankind and our surroundings, must be taken by faith. Any philosophy which requires "faith" is a religion. Hence, evolution is a religion! In order to be a religion a philosophy must have followers. Those whose faith is in science are atheists. It's not God they worship, but "Randomness". What gamblers call chance!

Those who're atheists are the ultimate gamblers! They are betting their eternal soul that there is no God. If they "win" they lie in a cold grave forever. If they "lose" they bask in the eternal flames of hell where punishment is everlasting. What are the odds? One may think 50/50! They fool themselves!  Why is it foolish to believe that God created it all, but wise to believe that it all "just happened? God explains who did it! Atheism means that no one did it. Which is more rational; assigning responsibility to someone or to nobody. The universe, according to atheists is an effect without a cause. Creationism, faith in God, has both cause and effect, hence is more rational!

Creationism admits that it requires faith to buy into that belief. Science denies that their theory requires vast amounts of faith. Creationism is honest and admits that faith is required. Atheism is dishonest. Science is what's wrong because that's the "religion" responsible for undermining God. It started with The Enlightenment. The commencing of that era is called "The Age of Reason". Traditional values and beliefs were replaced by the worship of the mind. It's true that the Church failed in some instances in facing what's real, but science abandoned reality as documented in Holy Scripture. In fact scripture was ahead of science in many aspects long before the Age of Reason!

Scripture provided a process for going from nothing to something; from darkness to what is real. Furthermore, the Bible explained the hydrological cycle long before scientists "discovered" it.
Job 36:27 "For he maketh small the drops of water: they pour down rain according to the vapour thereof: 28 Which the clouds do drop and distil upon man abundantly."
Likewise science believed in a flat earth, but God revealed through scripture to Columbus that the earth is round:
Proverbs 8:27 "When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth:"
Isaiah 40:22 "It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:"
And one more for good measure! The sea has streams within it. This wasn't known by science until the later 1800s, but here it was spelled out before Rome became a power:
Psalm 8:8 "The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas."
Then if we look at history there are other examples where scripture "knew" truth before truth was discovered. For instance skeptics said the Bible was in error because it spoke of King Sargon and any archaeologist "knew" that there was never a King Sargon! However, years later his palace was discovered with a huge library. He not only existed, but he was one of the greatest Assyrian kings! The historical accuracy of Holy Scripture is high credentials for believing the "scientific" claims of scripture, that being creationism, and for creation to be accomplished, it had to be done by God because by definition God is credited as deity who created and communes with the creation.

Man is the creation. Before original sin" man lived for a short time in innocence, having no knowledge of evil. With that first instance of disobedience came knowledge of evil and its standard for comparison: "good". That sin brought forth "reason" in man. The creation began to rationalize evil and made mostly wrong choices. The Enlightenment legitimized what most men had worshiped all along; the "God of Reason". Those who bow to Reason rationalize pleasure, because Reason takes fornication to be merely a human act; a mechanical function which feels good. Therefore, the female counterpart to "Reason" is "Pleasure". When the French instituted the God of Reason as their deity, the former churches became dens of pleasure; the whorehouses of the New (sic) Religion! Reason is how man disobeys. It's the inner demon which says "go ahead and sin" as the Holy Spirit uses guilt to dissuade.  Reason blinds man to evil. Reason is science. Science is the faith of atheists.

Evolution and atheism themselves are based on the chance hitting of the jackpot! The universe is the jackpot and their bet is that it happened by chance. Probability is science, but rather than supporting science it condemns! The odds that the universe "just happened" is astronomical. There's not enough zeros in the universe to describe the fat chance that the universe happened by accident. It would require everything that ever existed to come together at the same time in the exact required proportions to make what exists. Scientifically, it just could not have happened!

Atheism is also disenfranchised by "Second Law of Thermodynamics" which is that entropy never increases. Entropy is the number of microscopic configurations in a macroscopic state. Hence, entropy can never increase because to do so would require more and more microscopic configurations to move toward order to produce a higher level macroscopic state. For the layman, that means that evolution can't be because everything moves toward disorder and loss, not toward order and gain! Entropy adds an infinite number more zeroes to the improbability that "it all just happened"!

When we look at the stars we're astounded by what we see. Well beyond the most powerful telescopes lies even more! Likewise, there is an inverse sub-atomic world which exists that we can't see by the naked eye at all and see little of it by the most powerful microscopes! That invisible universe within all matter adds to the improbability of an "accidental universe". Whereas, our God has a name; it is "I AM", the god of the atheist is called "His Accidencey" and their god is the god of academia. This is the "Unknown God" they worshiped proclaimed by Paul to be One True God.

Each time scripture is right God is more alive and it's right all the time! What our God proclaims to be, science itself admits their lack of a God cannot be! The scientific testing of a hypothesis admits that it can't be proven; only fail to be disproved! The atheist hypothesis is "There is no god" using the metaphor "God is Dead". Scientific testing can never prove that God is dead; only that they fail to disprove that contention. There will always be another hypothesis as one fails to serve their preconceived ideas!

Science produces improper methodology into testing hypothesis. We can't rely on what they say because they are biased by learning what they are taught in science. Furthermore, creation scientists are ostracized and remain unpublished by major scientific journals because their research fails to corroborate the research of evolution scientists. This smacks of the mistake of the early church who censored those whose ideas the church disliked. It's the New Age Inquisition!

Each time you smile at a young baby, ask yourself "Is God Dead?" The complexity and synchronicity of all the systems are a miracle explained only by the omniscience of God. He certainly can't be dead and do what he still does! Science not only denies that all men were created, but now say that men are not even men until they human until they breath the air. They believe the lie and teach it, not because they believe it to be truth, but because their hope lies within themselves. God is not dead and neither is Pride!

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