Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Politics: Dr. Tim Hulsey on Obama's Contempt for the rule of law

Marc Armbinder, a correspondent for online magazine, TheWeek.com, outlined a
Hail Mary plan that Obama is hatching to prevent loss of control of the Senate.
"They've come up with a scenario where an aggressive Obama executive order on
IMMIGRATION HELPS them keep Republican margins in check in November, helps them
keeps the Senate, and even gives them a chance to take control of the House...
In September, Obama signs an executive order that expands the Deferred Action on
Childhood Arrival program (DACA) to cover an additional hundreds of thousands,
if not millions, of undocumented immigrants, including parents and family
members of dreamers, and older dreamers..."

A friend and I have often discussed to what ends Obama would resort in order to
maintain control: election fraud, buying votes, marshal law. I have to admit,
we never thought of him acting so egregiously that Republicans would be forced
into an action that might cost them an election.

Let's get this straight: Obama violates the Constitution so extremely that
impeachment, government shutdown, or both have to be considered by responsible
Republican legislators, who would then become the victim of a voter backlash.
True socialist strategy!

Obama and his dark angels think the reaction to them will be less than the
reaction to Republicans doing their Constitutional duty.

Obama has won elections based on lies, fraud, and graft. He has promoted his
agenda lawlessly, and has failed to do anything with the other two coequal
branches of government other than attempting to intimidate them.

I can think of no president who has shown more contempt for the United States of
America, its citizens, the rule of law, or who has been more inept as its leader
than Barack Obama.

To me, arrest is more appropriate than impeachment!

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