Monday, September 15, 2014

The Thought Police and Religion

The Bowling Green Daily News publishes nearly all my letters-to-the-editor. This one they didn't! If the astute person is savvy to "political correctness", it will be recognized that my letter is totally unacceptable to the "Thought Police".

A nominal Christian woman married a Muslim. The newspaper had printed a "Faith and Values" section on how well they get along and accept each others faith. The message is that they worship the same God in different ways. Many people believe this lie. This letter was my response to interfaith marriages:

To: Bowling Green Daily News
Re: "! God, 2 Faiths, A Marriage" In Faith and Values Section

That Allah and the "One True God" is the same is the heresy called Universalism. God's name is not "God" nor "Allah". From the Greek it's transliterated by the tetragrammaton "YHWH" pronounced "Yahweh", meaning "TO BE" since God's name is "I AM" (Exod 3:14). Because "Allah" is Arabic for "God" doesn't make their deity YHWH any more than the mythological Zeus is God! The gods of the different religions are not YHWH! To believe that is apostasy.

Allah is monotheistic as is YHWH, but the "One True God" has three personalities called the "Trinity", being Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Islam's god does not, and that is the most important thing in both Judaism and Christianity. (Judaism has yet to recognize Jesus, believing in the coming Messiah). For Christians the belief that Jesus was the propitiation for all our sins is paramount!  In order to be "born-again" one has to have faith in the sacrifice of Jesus, JHWH himself, on the Cross!

It would appear that neither Lori nor Ather would ascribe to traditional Christianity. Recognizing Jesus as only a prophet doesn't fill the bill as Jesus being necessary for salvation (Romans 10:9). Believing that we worship the same God is violation of the "First Commandment".

From a Christian standpoint, Islam is a pagan religion and God called on the Hebrews to put away their foreign wives! It wasn't because they were of a different nationality, but they were of pagan religions. This  statement isn't meant to be intolerant, but a viewpoint based on our "Holy Bible". Theologically, Mohammad blended Judaism, Christianity and the pagan religions with his theology of Islam. While there is truth in some of it, in order to be divine requires truth in all of it!

I write this because those ignorant of scripture will be confused by the misleading article. Although marriage can be of different peoples, the faiths are not to blend, and if Lori is to fulfill the "Great Commission" she must convince Ather that Jesus is the way!

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