Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola - Almost Convinced?

I write this with sorrow! Plagues make God seem so cruel, but God is just. Death is travesty to man, but a mere blink for God. Death releases man from strife or penalizes those who fail to love. Death is both a reward and a penalty. Some people who die are collateral damage in a war against the principalities who rule this world, since people either follow the powers of darkness or fail to love God and are deceived.

Plagues warn the living that there are consequences. It seems unfair, but we can change. Plagues are a warning and it's time to accept the mercy of God. It seems that people spoiled with prosperity fail to love the provider of those riches, and sometimes God must remind his children that they've done evil. We're at a crossroads now. What shall it be? Obedience or penalty? For me and my household, we'll sprinkle the saving blood in obedience to our door frames. Man is saved by the blood and that blood must be that spilled by Jesus!

More Plagues

A wise God gives fair warning to save the discerning.
A loving God protects the faithful from such sad mourning.
There were ten plagues to make the king a believer.
But plagues were wasted because of the deceiver!

The plagues of Moses all were symbolic you see.
Pharaoh, almost convinced, submitted to apathy.
Ending in terror with the loss of his first born,
the Pharaoh ever after lived a life so forlorn.

The plagues all pointed toward the coming Messiah,
but the people of sin saw only a pariah!
Those who obeyed were saved by the blood,
just as those with Noah were saved from the flood.

It seems that what God does is to help us out,
but it's meaning is lost because of our doubt.
Plaques now are as real as they were then.
Plaques to mankind is because of our sin!

A plague forthcoming like a river flows,
over the world as the wind surely blows.
The Ebola River is the start of the strain,
but the ends of the world is it's only refrain!

As God calls up the winds and beacons the storm,
he can keep us from danger or submit us to harm.
Justice is done because man needs to learn,
to read and study scripture so as to discern!

Man doesn't learn from plagues of the past.
From the times of peril when men were aghast!
Mankind deserves what we are to get,
but God hasn't given up on his creation yet!

Plagues are a warning as a showing of power,
that man with his own devices can only go sour.
We were shown our wrongs with psunamis and AIDs,
but our sorrow is short as those dangers fade!

The world is changing and change we must,
but man wallowing in sin to God is disgust!
Let's go forward now and follow the shine
of God's glory and his magnificence divine!

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