Friday, October 3, 2014

He Was There All Along!

Alone in the Garden he stood.
Rejected by those like him.
His love traded for food.
Food that led them to sin!

The Voice was in the garden
he walked in the evening cool.
Jesus had come to pardon
on earth this King will rule!

With Jacob he wrestled at night.
It was God Jacob fought.
Then ended the match with the light.
'Twas Jesus who our souls bought!

Then Abraham brought  his child.
His only son to give.
That mankind who are defiled
might for eternity live!

It was Jesus who can save!
But Abraham had the faith.
It was God's own son he gave...
so that we face not death!

Abraham met the Priest.
Mechizedek king of Salem.
He was king of the least...
'twas Jesus who never failed them!

Then Shadrack and the other two
were forlorn in the mire.
But there along with the few...
there was another in the fire!

It was Jesus standing tall.
Saving those with his grace.
It was Jesus the royal saw...
defeating death in the  face!

Yes, the Word was always here.
It was Him all along.
He stood with those in fear
and sang the angel's song!

Then John came to announce
that the Word was now incarnate
Sin he came to renounce
and men's souls to rejuvenate!

The man who is the Tree of Life
was nailed onto a tree.
Then ended all the strife
because men were now made free!

That Tree of Life is still standing.
In Paradise the Tree lives still.
grace all free sin still handling
it happened upon the hill!

The Cross is empty and bare.
The Tree died upon the tree.
Now no longer death we fear
and soon that Tree we'll see!

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