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Politics and Religion: Disturbing Trend for Christians to Straddle

I belong to a traditional, but evangelical church denomination. From the pulpit abortion is condemned, same-sex marriage and homosexuality are taught as sins and hard work is taught as desirable and God's will! The founding of America on Christian principles are paramount! I'm proud that my denomination stands by scripture, and yes, these positions are in fact scripture, and being so it is God's Holy Word!

With these thoughts I don't wish to denigrate my fellow Christians on how they vote, but to get them to be discerning! We're not to leave God behind in the voting booth, but some Christians do. You may disagree and that's fine. That's between you and God, but we all will be held accountable even when we're deceived!

Although the "Republican Party" is far from perfect, the Republican Party Platform is plain. A "platform" is the official position of the party. It's very much the same as what would be doctrine within a church denomination. Here's what the Republican positions are on "social issues" which Christians refer to as basic biblical tenets:
  • The platform is stated to be based on the U.S. Constitution
  • That the concept of America is "heaven ordained"
  • Good stewardship of the people's money and responsible spending
  • Freedom in the workplace. People deserve what they work for.
  • Defense of Marriage Act and the proposition that marriage is between a man and a woman and is a sacred contract.
  • Liberty and personal freedom. Minimum regulation into the lives of the people.
  • Freedom of religion and free to worship in all aspects of life.
  • Free speech in all regards.
  • Right to bear arms to protect the people from danger from citizens and government.
  • Property rights. 
  • Human life is sacrosanct. Both the unborn and the elderly are to be protected. That the right to life is a basic right.
  • Support adult stem cell research, but disagree that unborn babies should be harvested for stem cells.
  • Patriotism. That the American flag stands for freedom promised by this nation.
  • American courts supersede global courts. (Note: Globalism is a trait of the government of the anti-Christ)
  • Repealing regulation and providing choice in health care and economic matters. The citizens' job is to create wealth. The government's role is not to redistribute wealth.
  • An umbrella for the truly needy and that "entitlements" of the government actually harm those in need.
  • And much more that freedom loving Christian people cherish!
On the other hand, we all know the Democrat Party Platform, but I will elaborate anyhow. First off, I use the term "Democrat". It is NOT the "Democratic" Party"! Democracy is a concept based on freedom and Democrats are a party of regulation and constraint, even abridgments of personal freedoms. They claim to be the party of Jefferson, but Jefferson was first a "republican" and secondly a "democrat", being first a republican, then a democrat-republican then a democrat. At that time "democrats" adhered to "republican" principles. Notice these  ideologies weren't technically "parties", but ideologies. Jefferson was by nature a republican! Although Lincoln was the first "Republican Party" president, Jefferson was the first "republican". He's truly the foundation of the Republican Party, not the Democrat Party!

Here is a summary of some parts of the Democrat Party Platform:
  • Increased immigration and acceleration of the process. (This is to bring in more Democrat leaning minorities, and weakens America's moral fabric by diluting Christianity with world religions).
  • Government becomes the "North Star" for improving the economy. (That means wealth is controlled by the government. Rather than individual initiative it becomes government controlling. Freedom is eroded through more regulation).
  • The government controls the "fair shots". (They "level the playing field" by suppressing the freedom and opportunity of some to help others. That's Marxist!)
  • Regulate education with more control. (The best way to make more liberals is to teach that in the schools.)
  • Create jobs through spending. (Poor stewardship of America's money and creates unneeded work).
  • Make health care a "right" rather than an umbrella for the needy. (Freedom is gone with more regulation and government programs are inefficient. Poor stewardship again).
  • More regulation in housing and financing. (Regulation is a tool of socialism, aka Marxism).
  • Income redistribution. (Steal from the successful to give to the unsuccessful)
  • Reducing the deficit through regulation. (The numbers show that Democrats have failed miserably on this issue. They are the worst stewards of the people's money).
  • Regulation of private enterprise and resources. (Attempting to create fairness by regulation. Attempting to help some by hurting others, mainly the money producers. Wealth is not a gift from God, but an abuse of man!)
  • Favoring unions over workers.
  • Wall Street Regulation. (Suppressing capitalism. Seen as enemy No. 1)
  • Freedom to marry. Same sex marriage.
  • Government supplying birth control (In opposition to those of faith. Abridging religious freedom).
  • They do support faith-based organizations as a platform, (but not as a practice because they withhold government funding from those faith-based organizations who don't go along with their views on abortion, same-sex marriage and the like. In reality they are patterning what faith must be by throwing money to those organizations with a humanistic viewpoint).
  • Civil Rights (Creating more than equal rights for some groups that they define. Included are homosexuals, transgenders, and other "diverse" groups. While protecting the rights of the extreme, they erode the rights of the rest). Also diversity, which also includes any group! (As a result of civil rights policies the "thought police" have been created. They enforce "political correctness" and that's NOT Christianity!)
  • Gender discrimination legislation. (They support every group with an extreme agenda whose goal is the blur the differences between men and women. Gender differences is the plan of God. Although everyone is after fair pay, their policies go into abortion, lesbianism, etc. They have created a war between the sexes and accuse the others of a  "war on women")
  • Supports abortion on demand. (Obama as a State Senator even voted to allow post abortion killing).
  • Elimination of the Second Amendment right to bear arms.
  • They even took references to "God" out of the platform except one place "god-given potential" to work.
  • And many other regulation items.
If one examines the statement of principles of "The Communist Party USA" there are few differences! The Democrat Party is as Marxist as is the Communist Party! You might say "How about removing the private ownership of property?" That comes with more regulation.

"Regulation" is in opposition of "freedom". Many can remember what freedom is, but it is being replaced by regulation! "Regulation" means to control. Who do Democrats desire to control. Those with whom they disagree. What happens to freedom with control? It's gone. Those countries who "control" even control who the people worship. Scripture tells us that is the path of globalism.

Regulation is one of the two main tenets of Marxism. The other is the elimination of "God"and primarily, Christianity in the life of the people. It seems that they rightfully recognize Christianity as the enemy of regulation and as a result Christianity must go! In their eyes God controls people rather than the government, but the government must have final authority.

One of the initiatives of Marxism is to create a "war between the sexes". They believe that women are to be more than equal, even dominate "evil" men, because men are capitalists! The false "war on women" which the Democrats have created is a Marxist tactic to create conflict. With the battle waged, the family unit is destroyed! The governement desires to be the sole eduactor of your children. That way they create a socialist environment from birth. Families interfere with that goal!

Marxism is called "godless" because that's what they say they are. However, they realize that it can't be done abruptly, but through a gradual process. That's what Democrats are doing! Since the takeover of the Democrat Party by the communist Progressive Party in 1968, change is happening and it's gradual, but permanent. Obama was honest! He ran on "change" and that he did. 

America is now a Marxist nation. We are there! There is no turning back unless people turn to God. Obama promised "hope". He failed there because there is no "hope" in Marxism. It fails everywhere all the time! The only hope  humans have is in heaven. Until then Jesus himself said "we will always have the poor". If Jesus had been a socialist or a Democrat, he could have eliminated poverty right then. However, he came not to keep the world worldly, but to save the world. Democrats came to put asunder what God has created!

Yes, God created America! He used imperfect Christians, even sinners, but as a result, a Christian nation was created. That's gone! You can thank Marxism and you can thank Democrats! True, the Democrat Party Platform  is cloaked in smooth positive words, but evil lies within! Evil knows to include enough "good" to conceal the "bad".

As a side bar: It's the leadership of the Democrat party who deceive! The average voter fails to recognize that with each vote for a Democrat, freedom is eroded and Christianity is diminished. There are no longer "Blue Dog Democrats". They have been cast by the wayside and even the Republican leadership is starting to do that with increased immigration! 

This brings me back to my main point: Evangelical born-again Christians still vote against their own purported beliefs! They worship and believe the way I do, but then turn around and vote for those who seek to minimize them, even destroy!  It truly bothers me that a fundamentalist preacher in my denomination is running for office as a Democrat. I will not go to his church again! He may be a sound Christian, but he has little discernment and preachers are obligated to know and to set an example. He sets the wrong example!

Some have been taught to love their party. That's silly. When my own party abandons Christians, and that too will happen, I will leave that party!

Today we are as deceived by Democrats as were the Germans by the National Socialist Party (Hitler). He too offered "hope" and "change" and he did change things, but as a result "hope" floated away. In a 1930's election Hitler received 93% of the vote! Many Christians were deceived. They voted for Nazis and Hitler was their "hope". Look where that got them!

Hitler's destruction was toward the Jews. They interfered with "regulation". They were "hateful" sub-human religious people! That's socialism at work! He destroyed them because they weren't fully human and were parasites on true Germans. That's the same argument pro-abortion leaders make! Babies are fetal tissue, inhuman and parasitical. They are a burden to women's lives. The same old story rewritten by Democrats!

"Propaganda" was the tool of the Nazis! Just as they control the media today the progressive (Marxist) Democrats do the same. Each day we listen to the "spin" of Obama's "liar-in-chief" whose job is to paint a positive picture of Obama's Reich, that all is rosy while the empire goes down. 

Yes, it's time for a "change"! It's time to have "hope". Christians, put your principles in action. Vote what is most right even if it's not perfect. When that changes, organize yourselves into another party. We are to come to God in all things, not leave God at the voting both or at the party picnic!

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