Thursday, October 30, 2014

Politics: Dr. Tim Hulsey Contrasts Obama to Netanyahu

After WWII, Stalin felt that the Soviet Union would be able to take advantage of what Lenin predicted would occur between capitalistic democracies. He thought that infighting would lead to recurring wars between them. Thus distracted, Stalin and Communism would have the advantage on the world stage.

This was a time when, in some European countries, war was not unusual, unexpected, or necessarily undesirable. Communists thought the relatively fledgling US would follow suit.

Unexpectedly, from Stalin’s standpoint, such conflicts did not occur, even between WWII’s opponents. Diplomacy and financial aid created an atmosphere of cooperation. The Communists did not gain that advantage.

As all socialist governments are destined to do, the Soviet Union decayed and fell apart.

Currently, we find the Obama administration trying its best to create the conflict with our allies for which Stalin had hoped.

Obama has been openly disrespectful to the UK, our best ally for over a hundred years. Much of this is in a passive-aggressive style since he hasn’t got the fortitude for a real fight. His strongest tool is a rapacious arrogant disdain.

Recently, a “high ranking official in the White House” called the Prime Minister of Israel (our strongest democratic ally in the Middle East) a profane name suggesting that Netanyahu was less than courageous.

Oddly, such ridiculous statements only bring to mind comparisons of national leaders. When Benjamin Netanyahu draws red lines, he usually enforces them. Obama, not so much.

While Obama was smoking marijuana, BiBi was smoking Israel’s enemies as a soldier!

Obama has a well-known socialist background pursuit of which has caused an about face in US foreign policy. He has sought to create what Lenin and Stalin predicted, and what normal international relations could not.

Socialism is anathema to our Constitutional Republic, Obama’s or otherwise!

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