Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Politics: Dr. Tim Hulsey on Grimes Lying to Get Elected... and they admit it!

Alison Grimes has campaign personnel throughout the Commonwealth. Those people have a clear idea of what she thinks, politically speaking.

Filmmaker James O’Keefe, famous for exposing fraudulent behavior in ACORN and other organizations and political campaigns, thought so, as well. They sent their “best undercover reporters” to investigate.

A reporter asked “Warren County Democrat Operative “ Juanita Rodriguez about Grimes’ anti-coal statements. Rogriguez is seen on tape saying, “You know she has to say that, because in Kentucky, if you don’t support the coal industry, you are dead, politically… I know that’s why she has to say that. But… politics is a game… it’s a lying game, unfortunately.”

Ziya Smallens, Field Organizer, Louisville, says, “You can’t be a statewide politician and condemn coal…You are not going to win.”

Ros Hines, at the Fayette County Democratic Office: “She’s saying something about coal… to be elected… in the State of Kentucky, if you are ‘anti’ coal, you will not get elected, period, end of story.”

Gina Bess, Fayette County Democratic Party Committee member was asked, “If we can get her elected, do you think she is going to do the right thing and… try to wipe out that coal industry and go for better resources?” Bess responds, “I absolutely think she is.”

Crit Luallen, Kentucky Auditor, says, “In reality… Obama’s regulatory policies have had the impact of totally restricting what coal can do… Because it’s already going in the right direction, she’ just got to do what she’s got to do to get elected.”

This is directly from the Obama/Jarrett play book: Promise whatever you must to get elected. After you’re in office, you can renege.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out “James O'keefe on Alison Grimes” on You Tube. You can see faces saying why is claimed!

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