Thursday, October 30, 2014

Politics: Dr. Tim Hulsey on Voter ID Fraud

You have to have an identification card with your photo to get in to an event
involving Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Barack Obama as well as to the Democratic
National Convention. You have to have a photo ID to fly or to rent a car. You
are frequently asked for a photo ID to make major credit card purchases.

In many countries, citizens are issued identification documents that they have
to produce on demand or be in violation of law.

In most first world countries, a voter has to produce a photo ID to match their
voter registration before they are allowed to vote.

Foreign observers of election in this country have been amazed that no
identification is required of voters in most states.

We don't allow a member of any age group or economic class to drive without a
state-issued drivers license- a photo ID!

Yet for the most important right and privilege we are given as US citizens, the
right to vote, most of us don't have to prove that we are the holder of that

AG Eric Holder says that there is no voter fraud in this country. That is not
true historically or currently. Convictions for voter fraud are common in the
news from single pole workers who vote multiple times to political operatives
caught with hundreds of absentee ballots.

Evidence is also abundant that illegal aliens are voting in US election. La
Raza, the immigrant advocacy organization has even circulated information among
illegal aliens about where voting can be done without a photo ID.

Not only are immigration laws being broken, more importantly, the US electoral
system is being defrauded and US citizens are being cheated!

The only reason to opposed voter ID laws is to allow illegal Democrat votes!
Prove me wrong!

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