Monday, October 6, 2014

Politics: Letter-to-Editor on President Portman?

To Bowling Green Daily News:

John David Dyche asked the question "Is president Portman possible? His answer; yes!

Why do "conservatives" get on "liberal" bandwagons? Portman's support for same-sex marriage twisted by a total misrepresentation of what the Bible outright says, is rotten theology and and shows a lack of principle on the part of Portman.

If a person has a relative who chooses any wrong, the fact that wrong is chosen, fails to make the "wrong" right! Toleration is not what the Bible is about. Obedience is! We don't love people by tolerating. If we love we teach them truth!

Republicans are tired of holding their proverbial noses while "pulling the lever" and conservatives just need to quit doing that.! If we are to win elections and maintain conservative principles it must be by nominating candidates who stand for what we do. If we want a Democrat in the oval office why would we just not vote for the Democrat!

For me and my household, we'll stay home if that's the best Republicans can do! Watching Obama destroy the nation is self-assuring because he and his liar-squad are fulfilling prophecy each day!

Dyche loses much credibility with this one. He sounds just like "them". Bi-partisanship is only good where policy is right. Being wrong together fails to be progress.

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