Monday, October 13, 2014

The Wedding Ring

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, but I failed.  When people look at marriage they assign fault. I readily took the blame for my faults. I'm not proud of my part, but it happened in spite of my strong belief in the institution of marriage.

Sealing the marriage bond has traditional value. Rings have significance being symbolic of an unbroken circle, and unending relationship, is a symbol or power in the unity of two and it also represents wholeness or completeness. Placing a ring on the finger of the one newly wed is a lifetime commitment!

I'm a fountain pen collector. Early fountain pens caps were made by simply turning a piece of rubber so that it slipped securely onto the barrel of the fountain pen. It was soon learned that there was a problem! With use and carelessness the cap would split! With further use it would chip and break up. After a certain point the cap and barrel were no longer one, but two. There was a broken fountain pen cap and a fountain pen which was in danger of damage or abuse. Quickly with a broken and separated cap the fountain pen became useless too. What once was... becomes nothing!

Marriage is much like that fountain pen. Once two are married they become one. The cap and barrel join together and become a unit. Without a ring, which can be looked at as a commitment, the marriage can break, parties can split and the marriage is broken.  With commitment (the ring) the cap is kept from harm. That ring keeps the marriage from careless use, abuse,  inappropriately use and makes the marriage whole. Yes, commitment is the "ring" to a successful marriage. It not only protects the unit from harm, but adds beauty to the marriage.

Some of the most beautiful fountain pens have the most ornamental bands! Some are of silver, but most are of gold. A plain black hard rubber pen becomes a piece of jewelry with the addition of a protective ring. That ring not only "commits" the pen to a long life, but is aesthetic as well.

The commitment in a marriage, signified by the ring, is also multi-purposed. With a "circle of strength" signified by the marriage ring, comes a long unending marriage and and is to be one of beauty! Now you know why fountain pens are like a marriage!

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