Friday, November 21, 2014

Disturbed by those Not Disturbed

I've always had a concern. I CARE! Sometimes I wish I didn't. Life would be much easier if only I didn't care. What disturbs me more than that is that most people just don't care, or if they do, it's kept a big secret!

I readily take positions on most issues. Why? Because I care! I share those positions, not because I need to validate my own opinions, but because I want others to evaluate theirs. I'll readily admit that I'm not always right and that's a first step to rational thinking. However, I minimize the times I'm wrong by keeping my mouth shut when I'm not sure. Others must be uncertain more than they're certain because they conceal their opinions and beliefs. It's as if they are apathetic!

I base my entire belief system on scripture. It is my guide to life! If scripture says it, I believe it. That's because it's imperative for those who read scripture to realize that it's not a history nor a novel, but are the words of God:
2 Timothy 3:16a "All scripture is given by inspiration of God..."
At the time this was written, scripture was what was written up to that time. Of course we know that all The Old Testament is divinely inspired. That's what the apostles used to convince early Christians to become disciples.  Here is the usual chronology of the books of The New Testament which were written before 2 Timothy:
James - 50 A.D.
First Thessalonians - 52-53.
Second Thessalonians - 52-53.
Galatians - 55.
First Corinthians - 57.
Second Corinthians - 57.
Romans - 57-58.
Philippians - 62-63.
Colossians - 62-63.
Philemon - 62-63.
Ephesians - 62-63.
Luke - 63.
Acts - 64.
First Timothy - 65.
Titus - 65.
Second Timothy - 66.
At least all these books were divinely inspired because it's written in 2 Timothy. However, by iteration it's apparent that the remainder (9) of The New Testament books are divinely inspired as well.

I use scripture as a frame of reference for ALL things because it God-breathed and God is "Goodness" and "Truth". Everything must be compared to scripture:
1 Thessalonians 5:21 "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good."
"Proving" in this context is "testing". The test we ask "Do my thoughts about this issue agree with scripture?" If it's bad, it doesn't. If it's good, then it something to hold onto. Good and bad aren't relative. They are defined by gospel. Then take note that we are to test ALL things; not just what we choose to test!

People, even Christians, keep quiet on political issues because they don't want to offend people! It disturbs me that Christians will keep quiet because of the popular refrain, "never talk politics or religion"!  That's the devil saying that, people keep quiet, and people obeying Satan disturbs me!

However, it's not whether I'm disturbed or not! God expects his children to speak up for his truths!
Romans 8:31b "If God be for us, who can be against us?"
If we speak truth, then we uphold God. If we remain silent, we fail to magnify God and his truths!

Christians remained silent when Jews were herded off to the gas chambers  by the millions. Their silence made them an accomplice to millions of deaths. Likewise, Christians who remain silent as millions are aborted are also accomplices. They're just as is the witness to a crime who fails to come forth. Their silence makes them guilty!

Now it's worse than ever! Even Christians not only keep silent on same-sex marriage, but many condone and some even encourage same sex marriage in spite of God's clear edict on its unrighteousness! It's no consolation that he or she is your friend, or even child, when that person defies God. You join the devil  in your defiance and are rebels against the kingdom of God!

The rest of 2 Timothy 3:16 is:
2 Timothy 3:16 "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness..."
 So God gave Christians scripture to use, but Christians either keep quiet or join forces with the devil and tolerate or encourage unrighteousness!

We're to use God's inspired word for "reproof" (criticize faults; to judge without condemnation). We're to use God's word for "correction" (to make wrongs right) and for instruction (to teach others on right living). Then some go and say "That's their choice".  "Welcome to hell thanks to me!" is the implication because you, the Christian, just enabled the sinner to live in sin!

Using fallacious words is a form of silence on the issues. People who have lust for members of the same sex are not "gay". They are "homosexuals". That's not intolerant, that's a grammatically and clinically correct description of people who have emotions inclined in that direction. "Gay" is a "tolerant" word not meant to "judge". We are in fact to judge! What we're not to do is judge harshly. We're to judge by reproof!
Luke 6:37 "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned..."
Condemnation is used in context to clarify which definition of "judging" is being spoken. "Judging" has a scale from ":having an opinion" to "damning". The context is do not judge to condemn, which alludes to judgment to correct and teach. Standing silent is an incorrect attitude and response to watching the friend or relative die an eternal death. God is disturbed that Christians aren't disturbed that their loved ones are going to hell!

I have a close relative who I love tremendously! The thought of that person dying tears me apart for two reasons: 1) I love that person with all my heart, and 2) I love the person so much that I cannot stand the thought of the person going to eternal hell. Because of my love, I reproved the person who took it as a personal attack on the person's life choices. Now we're totally alienated. That's "toughlove"! It's what I must say to endeavor to turn the person from a life of sin to becoming a Christian. I would rather that the one I love despise me than keep silent and watch the devil lay claim to the eternal destiny of the person. That's true love and is much more than the false concept of love as "love is not offending"!

I get disturbed at those who condone without speaking up. Christians need to be disturbed because friends and relatives are going to hell. If they get disturbed enough they will not remain silent because they cannot if they're led by God!

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