Monday, November 17, 2014

My Sayings-Part 2

Loving enemies is impossible for those who don't even love their fellow Christians, parents and even spouses.

All the splintering of mankind was knit together on the wood of the cross as Jesus died for all.

Man's service in heaven is the same as it's always been. We are to tend to the "garden". Within that Garden still stands the "Tree of Life" and that's whom we are to tend.

To get your way show an attitude. That will get what you want at the expense of cordiality.

Ask not what your government wants you to do, but what God would have you do for him.

Love from others is hard to perceive, but the acid of hate eats through the thickest skin.

For those who feel out of place in the church, they will feel like hell if they went to heaven.

Death is God's mercy on those desiring to escape a hate-filled world.

The "Big Bang" was in reality a "Tremendous Clap" as God turned his Glory into things glorious.

The root of the tree of the Cross grew first on a hill and spread across the world. It thrived best where people attempted to poison it out of existence by persecution.

My belief in Christ is compounded by the multitudes who hate him for his goodness.

Truth is absolute. It can't be changed by hammering, twisting, spinning, forgetting, whitewashing or lying. Truth just exists. It can't be manufactured, let alone reworked.

Tell me of your love and I will doubt. Show me your love and I will see your heart.

A gentle stroke on the back of ones hand spreads more love than words which flatter.

"It's all in the blood! It's all about Jesus and love by obeying."

We want from God everything, but he's satisfied by potential love. It's that love we may return, but it's not guaranteed that we will.

There's three people who matter in life: God, Jesus and Emmanuel. That's the one person we're to love most.

From sin unbound I'm heaven bound.

If a great statesman wrote a personal message to you, I bet you would read it! The King wrote an entire book just for you. Have you read the Bible?

A Christian nation is made up of people who trust in Christ. Without individual Christians a nation will never be Christian.

The universe was never empty. It was always filled with hope!

If the earth was colonized by aliens and someone earlier colonized them and they must have been colonized at some time. Then there is no end to the number of colonies as we move backward in time. The colonies would be of an infinite number without a beginning. That seems to point toward God as the only colonist does it not?

They say God is everywhere. I tiptoed to my closet, said a short prayer, and sure enough; he was there too!

God forgets all our sins when we're forgiven, but he never forgets our name and always remembers to love each one of us.

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