Thursday, November 13, 2014

Political: Dr. Tim Hulsey on Federal Power

When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, one of their main concerns was preventing the federal government from obtaining too much power over the states and dragging the country back to anything resembling the monarchy they had fled. 

Some didn’t want a central government at all, because they knew it would seek to gain more control in the years to come. Safeguards written into the Constitution in an attempt to assuage their fears finally allowed colony-wide adoption of the uniting of the states.

Conservatives and Libertarians decry the current morbidly obese federal government which seems to continually find ways to abridge our rights. Republican and Democrat federal politicians both seem to feel the need to constantly be legislating something. Our Senators and Representatives are supposed to be our voice in Washington and to be a check on the power of our president. They are supposed to remember that the premise of our country is that the millions of minds of the US population are better at making their own decisions that a few hundred elitists in DC.

Government has become enormous even in the face of our tricameral system, because that few hundred in DC think they know better than We the People about what this country should be.

Dishonesty in DC is not surprising, but actually lying by a presidential administration to propagandize the population and deceive other agencies of government seems egregious.

Lying about virtually every aspect of a bill that takes over 1/6 of the US economy in order to sneak it through passage is just the latest evidence of unbridled federal government.

The adolescent glee of those who deceive us is a disgusting exclamation point to this usurpation of power.

More arrogant tyrants need to be sent home to a real job!

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