Friday, November 7, 2014

Politics" Dr. Tim Hulsey on the Truth about the War on Women

The Democrats successfully used the “War on  Women” meme in the 2012 election. Many Republicans and others did not support free contraception and federally funded abortion. The only issue women were concerned about, according to Democrats, related to reproduction.

That same strategy became stale and occasionally rotten in this mid-term campaign. With many strong Republican women in different races, blaming them for a “War on Women” strained credulity. It was insane to watch Bruce Braley try to brand Joni Ernst with that myth.

If you were to look at the responses of Democrats to conservative women who run for political office, you would cringe at the obscenity, violence, and even death threats these women receive through social media and the mail.

Conservative candidates of color regardless of gender run a similar gauntlet, but it is especially difficult for conservative women of color.

Prime time TV is open to most improprieties of language and innuendo, but the things said about Republican women of color wouldn’t pass the censor even today.

To some, a conservative African-American woman just isn’t “black enough,” because she believes in education, the family, and personal responsibility. Believing that it is more important to help people emerge from poverty instead of making them tolerate it doesn’t seem to get them any street cred.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice responded to this type of rhetoric: “Don’t tell me how to be black. I know what it’s like to grow up in the minority in the South.”

Who has a “War on Women” when conservative female candidates have to consider hiring armed body guards to protect them from left-wing vengeance?

These women are tough, intelligent, and talented. They can stand scrutiny of their ideas. They can survive defeat, but they shouldn’t have to deal with left-wing thugs!

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