Sunday, November 16, 2014

What Say You? My Sayings.

Testing God is like crossing the boss. You in effect fire yourself.

"I Saw What You Did" should be the theme of the "Great White Throne Judgment".

God's type of love is expecting to get loved in return, but knowing he won't be.

According to Jesus, children in their ignorance are smarter than educated adults.

Biblical kings were as little children. Because their gods were measured by the strength of their armies, they were in effect saying "My Father is stronger than yours!"

"I'll have a table for twelve." Jesus said, 4000 years before he was seated in the Upper Room.

Looking toward the Cross is our thermometer of love. With Peter's denials it was 3 degrees below zero, but with Jesus death the temperature rose to seven times hotter than fire as Jesus experienced hell for all mankind!

Failing to believe in God doesn't change his reality, but does acknowledge that the human mind pleasures in denial.

For those who abuse themselves, loving others the same way fails to demonstrate to God that there is  love for him. The "shall nots" of his commands are how you love yourself before loving others in order to demonstrate a love for God.

We wait until death for an indestructible body. If we were to get it now, man would find a way to destroy it, being our own worst enemy.

A test of how much love you have for another is facing the meat hammer of persecution, and presenting to God a tender heart!

How can you compare to Jesus whose sandals you're not worthy to carry, when your own shoes are used to walk on others?

If the meek are to inherit the earth most, our inheritance will be returning to the grave with everything we had when we came.

John 3:16 understates God! God "IS" ALWAYS, hence he never LOVED us, but always LOVES us! His love will never be past tense.

Gnostics say that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. Jesus could never have married  without sinning, because he was married. His bride was already the church!

Virgin brides traditionally wear white as a sign of purity. As the bride of Jesus, Christians all wear stained dresses, but when the dress is bleached in the blood of Jesus, that dress becomes white as snow.

We have nothing to trade in exchange for God's mercy because what we have is his anyhow! All we have to do is accept his gift and love him for his generosity.

Submitting to God in our own time ends in failure to wind a stopped clock.

Sincerity is measured by the tears shed for others. Look for the stains on the pages of the Bible.

APATHY:  A Pitiful Attitude They Have for Yahweh.

Anger is how humans demonstrate love... for themselves.

If the love we show is the love we have, then our heart is as infertile as a desert.

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