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God the Supreme Scientist

(Resumed form December 3, 2014 on "Consistency")

The names of God are many. Most of these names are preceded by the Hebrew word "El" meaning "God" For instance El-Shaddai means "God Almighty". A few of God's names are: God Almighty, God the Creator, Lord, Lord God, The Great I AM,  Lord Will Provide, Lord Will Heal, Lord Our Banner, Lord Who Sanctifies, Lord Our Peace, Lord Our Righteousness, Lord Our Shepherd,  Lord Is There, Lord of Hosts, Most High, God of Seeing, Everlasting God, Mighty God and several more!

Elohim is "God the Creator". It's where his title gives him credit for everything that exists! I want to give God credit for his knowledge in creating it all: "God the Supreme Scientist"!

In undergraduate school we learned of Newton's Laws of Physics, the Laws of Thermodynamics, Laws of Conservation of Energy, Maxwells Laws of Electromagnetism, Daltons' Laws of Partial Pressures, Boyle's Laws , Avogadro's Laws, The Laws of Quantum Mechanics and many more. Most of the "Laws of Science" are named after the person who discovered the law and general laws such as "Conservation of Energy" had a scientist who named it! However, no scientist created any of the natural attributes which they discovered!

People discovered what God created. We need to give them "partial credit" as professors often do, but God only revealed to them what was already long in existence. All the laws were created by Elohim! Think about that! It's profound. There are thousands of laws not yet discovered and at least hundreds we know about, but God created the conditions which makes the physical laws.

Newtons' Laws are the best known. Nearly everything on earth and the cosmos is effected by gravity! It's there, it was created by God, it was discovered, but yet no one knows what it even is! For most of the enlightened age gravity was thought to pull man toward a mass. In the atomic age it has been shown that gravity pushes bodies towards other masses. Newton didn't know whether gravity pushed or pulled, let alone what it is! He discovered merely it's effects and how to operationalize it through equations!

What is the strongest force known to man? Many would say atomic energy which destroys cities and it's explosions can be seen throughout the heavens. However, gravity is stronger! It's the force that holds the entire universe together and it takes great energy to escape it. Just think of the energy it takes to escape the earth's thin atmosphere, and then compare that a million times or more for a body to escape a mass the size of the sun! God knew that before Newton ever wrote the  equations. God created that powerful attraction. God is Great, not only as Creator, but also as Supreme Scientist! Let's look at a few principles that early man was shown:
Ecclesiastes 1:5 "The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose. 6 The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits. 7 All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again."
Solomon, ca 950 BC wrote the passages above. The first point describes the relationship between the earth and the sun from the earths position. However, what was written describes an orbit. Isaiah knew it too! He described what shape the earth was in the orbit:
 Isaiah 40:22 (ESV) "It is he who sits above the circle of the earth..." 
Isaiah wrote that around 750 BC. Columbus who read that and believed it, proved the contention in 1492 AD, over 2100 years later. God the Supreme Scientist revealed the spheres and orbits to Isaiah and Solomon because the instruments didn't exist to even know that. Another name for God could be "God Who Reveals"!

The principle presented by Solomon in verse 7 is called  the "hydrologic cycle" or "the water cycle". Water comes down as rain, is moved by the streams, creeks and rivers. The rivers flow into the ocean where the sun evaporates the water back into the clouds where it's distributed again as rain. It's always water, but water in the forms of condensate, pure water, saline etc., but it's always water. Not only that, but the water content on earth is basically constant. Solomon casually mentioned the hydrologic cycle and only lately did scientists figure it out!

The movement of the air (in verse 6) is much like the movement of water. There are rivers of air in the atmosphere. It's called "Atmospheric Circulation" and it's the movement of air and is combined with the smaller effects of the ocean and together cause the movement of thermal energy on the face of the earth. Although circulation varies from time to time and place to place, the climatically structure remains the same. What we see on weather maps today is what Solomon described without barometers, thermometers and flow meters! How did Solomon know? God the Supreme Scientist inspired him to know!

Science takes credit for the mere discovering of what God created, then turn around and say that God didn't even created it! As they deny the creation they discover things that God created. "The God Particle" (Higgs boson) was recently discovered. If it exists it was always there! In fact Higgs boson is everywhere and has always been, but it was just now modeled. It's called "The God Particle" because all energy in the universe was concentrated in a pin point and and instantly, it released all that energy in a flash, according to the theory. That energy, according to scientists, became all that exists today. They can call God a particle and describe it as a "Big Bang", but scientists inadvertently give credit to God for creating the entire universe in an instant.
Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."
The creation wasn't over time! In the beginning it was done instantly. Genesis says nothing about the evolution through time. Nothing was there, then it was! Just as God created a mature man in an instant from the elements, he created a mature earth in an instant from nothing. Scientists insult God! They call him Higgs boson. I call God the Supreme Scientist who is Elohim!

Throughout scripture God uses natural events within the "laws of science" to exert his authority. The Big Bang can't be if it follows Newtonian Laws. This is explained by saying that the laws were suspended, but just this one time! The "confound" which caused this deviation from physical laws, believers call Elohim, God the Creator.

My belief in the formation of the universe is much different than what the scientists' THEORIES are! God said he did it all! No one has ever disproved what God claimed. Everything else is theoretical. The biggest difference in what scripture claims and what scientists theorize, has to do with time and evolution. God created instantly, not in trillions of years and God created things that is and always were. The earth was not due to an explosion billions of years ago, but when God created the earth it was a mature earth pretty much as we see it today.

When God created life, it wasn't in  primordial pond from which single-celled animals evolved from matter, but real lions were created as lions and real men were created in God's image! What science theorizes are just pale explanations of what God did!  Come on! Give God the credit! Even Einstein, an atheist, admitted that it must have all started with God!

I'm a big believer that "nothing" is "something". It's the space in which all things exist. "Nothing" is the vacancy of an infinite existence. Even before "something" came into being "nothing" was there! From where did "nothing" come? It all goes back to God! As science can't explain where "nothingness" and Higgs boson came from, we can't explain the origins of God. Hence, science and religion are both by faith. Science is the religion of atheism. We admit that God is based on faith. We're honest. Now if science would do the same!

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