Friday, December 12, 2014

Hate: The Love of Evil

There's a word which words defy
A word which makes evil men die.
Four letters despicable you see.
A word hated by our deity!

YHWH a tetragrammaton of love.
The name of our Lord God above.
He's offended by his antonym.
A word used by many vile men!

Guessed that awful word yet?
A little more time - don't you fret.
But hurry now it's getting late.
The word to avoid is surely HATE!

Worse than that is the emotion.
Hate drives men from devotion.
Hate damns others to eternal hell.
Hate is the ring of Satan's bell!

Hate rings hollow when love is there.
Hate is the word so really unfair.
It judges others awfully harsh.
Damning souls to the fiery marsh.

Hate for mankind is a disease.
Hate is the offering to appease.
Hate is the love of Satan you see.
It's love of the one we are to flee!

Strange that hate is the word.
Hate is the name of evil's Lord.
Hate is the love of what's so evil -
hate is the love of the devil.

Grace can change hate into love.
Grace is from the messenger Dove.
Belief is the salve from the Way -
changing hate into love for JWHW!

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