Saturday, December 13, 2014

Her Birthday is Christmas

Jesse's birth was Christmas day.
What and honor for a sweet girl!
In honor of this irony let me say...
a Christmas message to unfurl.

God desired a gift from us!
His desire was a bargain indeed.
He never wanted a birthday fuss -
he came to stop mankind's greed!

Love is the only gift he wanted.
Love for him and each other too!
His Glory was spittled and taunted.
But Jesus never had thoughts of rue.

His gift to us is what he wanted.
The desire was for love unrequited.
Without that love Jesus was undaunted.
Our cloak of love remained unfitted.

The gifts we gave were gifts of fate!
Those gifts man gave to the Messiah...
were sorrow, agony, ridicule and hate.
Our gifts to him were so defiant!

But now Jesse born the same day...
still receives God's gift of love.
A reward she can never repay...
The gift of the ascended Dove!

Born with Jesus, someday she'll arise!
She'll receive an eternal gift from God!
Jesus birth and death to reprise...
because she gave Jesus the  loving nod!

Such an honor to share God's birth!
We smile on Jesse this special day.
We hope she has much joy and mirth...
and remember the Man who is the Way!

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