Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ode to Johnny Sanders

Johnny Sanders I remember well.
His life is one we should all admire.
A man who's story I'm obliged to tell.
He sings now in the angel's choir.

Johnny is dead and long gone.
But I still remember this pillar!
His majesty to all so brightly shown.
This poor man who was the salve seller!

Johnny Sanders was struck by disease.
His tiny legs were crippled under.
Recreation in this town was to tease.
Taunts and jeers tore him asunder!

Johnny's only ride was a rickety chair.
It was powered by his own sinew hands.
Life for him was a fate unfair.
But now his tune is played by angel bands!

Coatesville was his home and pride.
Johnny loved because that's what he did.
Never married there was never a bride.
And neither did Johnny have ever a kid.

Poor Johnny was always unkempt.
His beard was haggard and gray.
His only belt was a rope of hemp.
Never able to run, jump or play!

Salve so black is what he sold.
He earned a living although crippled.
His livelihood were the stories he told.
Always sober he not once tippled!

Johnny's life was imaginary you see.
He couldn't do, but he could dream.
Johnny was as genuine as could be!
His stories all fantasy so real they seem.

His life was in Oz with the Wizard.
He read all Baum's wondrous works.
Yes, Johnny was really bizarre!
In hope is where a great man lurks.

I think of Johnny because he was hope.
He never gossiped nor did he complain..
His whole life was at the end of the rope,
this pitiful little man with legs so lame.

Johnny is in heaven right now.
His legs are muscular and strong.
He stands before God and is able to bow.
He sings to the heavens a beautiful song!

Johnny Sanders' praise is finally due.
This man in poverty suffered through life.
He has a room in a mansion with a view.
And now Johnny Sanders has no strife!

He laughs because of God's little joke.
It seems the earth belongs to the meek.
Delivered from this life in heaven he awoke.
For Johnny Sanders life is no longer bleak!

Picture if you will this man so deformed.
His legs all twisted and not of any use.
Johnny is a now a beauty who God adorned.
And only to God now does Johnny amuse!

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