Saturday, December 20, 2014

Santa Can Die a Lovely Death

On the housetop I heard a noise.
"What could it be?" I had the thought.
Maybe it's Santa with so many toys.
Toys for me which no one bought!

Not a chimney is on this house!
I thought aloud "How shall he enter?"
Santa being quiet so's not to rouse.
Working outside in this cold winter!

Santa just gets and gives things free.
From where they come no one knows!
He brings those toys to you and me.
The gifts he brings no one grows!

Santa's toys just suddenly happen.
They're not there then there they be!
He brings them while we're just nappin'.
From who knows where to you and me!

People get free stuff in their stockings..
After a time that's what they expect.
Always the free stuff they are knocking.
Stuff from people they show no respect!

That's why this nation's in much trouble!
People expecting things to them in hand.
The free stuff  costs some double.
Nothing comes free in this dear land!

America's not Santa as the silly think.
The fruits within will end some day,
Things won't always be so rosy and pink.
We can't hold the wolves at bay!

Prosperity can be when we obey!
If American can set Santa aside.
It's God mankind can never repay.
It's for us that his Son died!

What have we that is free?
What can all good men do?
What one thing is the key?
What have most, but done by few?

Desire is quenched by just one thing.
It's giving others the gift of love.
Love is of what the angels sing.
The song of love is to God above!

Give a little love to all!
Quit expecting things for you.
Obeying God - just stand tall!
Give to others what God gives you!

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