Friday, December 5, 2014

What was I saying?

Love is a lofty goal and most often the net is shredded as two struggle to make their points.

Manipulating for a gift is as tacky as lovingly extracting a fly from sticky paper.

Responding to a comment with harsh words scrubs the conversation of any love.

Ask not what you can give to the needy, but what you desire without needing!

The best gift is the receipt of solace in a location where greed is forbidden.

Yesterday is where the anxious wish they were today and hope to be tomorrow.

The selfish response to charity is to show resentment by minimizing its value.

Ill will is a worthy opponent, but charity always wins the round!

Something shared in confidence is often repeated in diffidence.

Those who work hard, save, and invest wisely will surely have their livelihood embezzled by sluggards.

The stealth thief says "Give me your wallet or I won't love you!"

Those who demand their way hold their breath and screech until others turn purple.

"Bah! Humbug!" seems to me to be a very reasonable response to people demanding free things!

Churches are nearly empty because legions of principalities fill the voids.

Root canals to molars is more pleasant than the grinding sound of a liberal twisting truth.

The gravity of spiritual weakness increases with distance from the Son.

The cologne of Pride is amply applied so others may indulge in the musky aroma of you.

The paper in Bibles is thin and transparent so that people can see their own exceptions beneath God's commands.

Who will help me bake the bread said the baker? Not me, said the sluggard... but call me when it's done so that I can enjoy the bun!

Free and Fee. Opposites!  "R" is missing from "free" and that's for "Regeneration" and what makes the fee free!

Drivers with road rage, if others could read their thoughts, would be scarier  than chain saw murderers.

Rage is an inflamed heart caused by the acid of selfishness extinguished only the soothing foam of patience.

"The end" happens several times if the relentless speaker is allowed to continue.

Never interrupt the words of the braggart with your own timid rational thoughts.

Bullies always walk on other people. They just change styles of shoes before stepping on different victims.

People seldom credit God for prosperity, but blame him for misfortune. That's the epitome of irrational thought.

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