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God's Superstring: How We Fit In

This "Daily Thought" isn't for every one. It can confuse and that's not a good thing. From my childhood I have looked into space and wondered "What's all this about?" I mean each of our places in the divine scheme of things. I thought long on eternity, forever, distance and time. I thought about emptiness and darkness and what is "nothing". Then I thought "How far does nothing go?" Then I reasoned "It goes on forever!" If you haven't had thoughts as these, what is written is not for you. Jesus says basically "Keep it simple, stupid!" because he wants us to be as little children. This is not simple!

Somehow I was beyond being a child even when I was a child because those thoughts were my thoughts at six years old! Three times in my life the profundity of my very existence has intimidated me and made me fearsome? Recently, I had my latest episode of wonderment. It's enlightening and frightening!  Herein is my epiphany. Like it or not; agree with it or not, it's what came to me and I think my symbolism represents fairly well what really is (reality)!

I had a vision today; as usual while I was running. It's not a vision I saw, but thoughts I comprehended. They merely arrived in my mind, but not of me. My thoughts were not on these things, but I'm sure God put them there. Why? Because these thoughts magnify God. They must to satisfy being in accordance with the truth of his word. I won't say that he inspired me, but he allowed me to discern the scheme of things in symbolic form!.

Scientists have expanded the concept of dimensions. It's of what they perceive, but I believe that their dimensions are clouded. They call theirs "The Superstring Theory" wherein lies ten dimensions. I differ on content, but the number remains the same. Let me propose "God's Superstring" of ten dimensions and how we fit in!

My proposal is that there are ten dimensions and most are without our visible world. There is much going out there each beyond our reason. Here are the ones I think are real because they make sense to me:

  • 1-3 (physical) x, y, z or width, breadth and height
  • 4-time 
  • 5- substance 
  • 6 Spiritual gravity
  • 7 supernatural
  • 8 nothingness 
  • 9 endlessness
  • 10 Glory

It would seem that the witch of Endor saw divine things, but close analysis reveal that they must be false. God forbids visions where the living encounter the dead as the witch did. What she envisioned was Samuel's ghost. The witch took for real what she saw, and Saul did as well, even though he had forbidden anyone to do what they were doing themselves. That rule was made by Saul himself in reverence to God, but he was the first to be irreverent!

If indeed there exists ghosts, brings up the subject of other dimensions and the place of bodiless spirits within those dimensions. If it is true that humans have ghosts because men are endowed by God with a spirit, then by whose cause do clothing share in another dimension, having been created by men and not by God. Of course the substance of clothing was created by God, but what makes mankind different is that we indeed have a spirit. It was man made in the image of God, and our image is multifaceted.
Genesis 1:26b  "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness..."
God was alone in the universe in the beginning. Of course there were angels who were of God of which we little understand. But when God created things, it was things with substance; what I define as the fifth dimension.

It's time right here for a review of what is known and true and what is mere theory. It's obvious that distance coordinates are real because they are easily measured. They are x, y and z  in the spatial system on which the dimensional attributes of width, dept and height reside. Therefore, it's accepted as real because they can be measured. However, beyond those three is speculation. My own is as good as anothers as long as it's based in something. Other's is based on reasoning, but mine by inspiration. The former is from one tree and the latter from another.

Reasoning is a fruit of "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil", but inspiration is from the "Tree of Life". The former is where deception lives among the leaves, and the latter is where salvation resides. I believe that the "Tree of Life" is Jesus Christ himself who John the Apostle said was there.

With that said, let's examine not what others teach, but what I'm inspired to believe. What I propose is a proposition of hope compared to the alternate which is one of despair!

Some propose that the fourth dimension is time. It too can be measured, but not with finite scales. Time only has meaning here since it was divided by God for our own convenience, but elsewhere beyond where we are, it has not the same meaning.

When it was said 2 Peter 3:8 "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.", that is not a mathematical equation. It's a rhetorical way to say that time is insignificant to the Lord because he was before time existed.

The first revelation to anyone ever was this Genesis 1:1a "In the beginning..." Time has to start somewhere. It must have a beginning to be measured! Known time started when God made himself known. Time began when the creation began! It was created for us. Before that it was of no significance! The interval between then and now is the scale of time. It's the fourth dimension for whatever was created. With that said, at "the end" of time creation will no longer exist because it will have no value. Anything after that is forever, called eternity by mankind, but just another "day" to God! What was before time and will be after? God! We will be on the outward side of time, but with everlasting life eternity will be just another divine day for us because it never ends.

Then my thoughts went to ME. I am just like Adam in some respects. We were created differently, but the physical results were the same: We had width, depth and height as defined by the first three dimensions, but we were not "nothingness" that had existed before time. There was substance in those first three dimensions because what God created in those dimensions which before contained void, after man was created contained substance. Adam's void was filled with dust and by divine decree immediately was transformed to flesh. It was mature flesh into which the dust became flesh, a demonstration to man that time is of no consequence to God. He made me in the same manner, but I was made flesh instead of dust, and flesh itself is what made me. We were both created from substance, but mine was done in man's time, and skipped the transformation!

God was alone before "the beginning", but then he wasn't really alone. His substance is of another dimension which we can never understand. God's substance is a tenth dimension which is called by us "Glory"!
Revelation 21:23 "And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof."
 Revelation 21:11 "(Heaven) Having the glory of God..."
No one can explain what "glory" is! It's the tenth dimension. It's the magnificence of God. That non-substance will someday be us. We will go from x, y, z, t and substance to a dimension called "Glory". That's when we will truly be like God and remade in his image!
Philippians 3:21a "Who (God) shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body..."
Our three  dimensions will be filled with "Glory". That will be our non-substance. Hence our fifth dimension will be replaced by our tenth dimension. The fifth is of this world and our tenth in the heavenly realm.  Our "hope" is in "glory". That's when we proceed from being safe to saved!

When we die is when spatial substance is transformed into no-spatial substance.  For us it happens at the time of death preparing us for a new realm where things are different. That realm is my sixth dimension. It's the supernatural world of thing unseen, but it's as real as what was created!
Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Faith is the belief that we move from substance to the non-substance; what's unseen. This is for the Christian "glory"! For the non-Christian there is another dimension in it's place"; Chaos. It's actually a contamination of all dimensions, and it too is beyond the concept of time, In fact "eternity" is the dimension, Chaos, which prolongs what we humans know of time!

Substance is what filled the void of nothingness before God worked his wonder. Nothingness should be the zero'th dimension, but that doesn't exist. I placed it as the eight dimension because it needs to be somewhere. That is a convenient place. It's between our unseen self (the 7th) and endlessness (9th).

Faith is the transfiguration from substance to glory. Jesus did just that!
Matthew 17:2 "And (Jesus) was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light."
Luke 9:29 And as he (Jesus) prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered, and his raiment was white and glistering. 32a But Peter and they that were with him were heavy with sleep: and when they were awake, they saw his glory,"
Jesus' transfiguration from substance to glory is presented there. Jesus didn't wait for death to be glorified because death had no sting for him.  With his change from what I call the 5th dimension to the 10th was manifested by the shine of his glory and luminescence of his clothing. Even his countenance was altered!  As such his appearance changed! A third century commentary described him as comely (handsome) while in Isaiah's vision he was uncomely (plain or unattractive).

Something happened with time. Jesus was transfigured and we know that his appearance was no longer the same! He went possibly from plain to majestic because Peter, John and James "saw his glory". That appears to be the full transition from substance to glory. God in the flesh was crucified, but it seems that he was incorruptible! He was in the grave for three days. His substance (body) was dead from a human definition, but it could not ever decay! He could never stink in death as Lazarus had because his body was incorruptible, being glorified!

Upon his resurrection, his Glory walked, talked and did things as usual with one exception! No one could touch him before ascending because he was going to his Father! Since God is Glory, this glorified aspect of God could not be contaminated by the corruptible!

Upon his ascension Jesus crossed from the 5th dimension into the 7th. X, y, z, t and substance were all left behind and he ascended into the supernatural. However, the supernatural is the realm of both evil and good. Therefore, Jesus went right to Glory because his body could not suffer contamination. Glory isn't really the supernatural. It's a level above that wherein the supernatural is surrounds!

Like Jesus, mankind will go from the natural to Glory and bypass the supernatural. However, it's there that a spiritual battle is being fought.
Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
In my scheme of things, this is the sixth dimension.  It's where Satan and all the angels are. Not only are fallen angels there, but so is Satan. God is not in the dimension, although Glory is a supranatural one. Jesus is not there either. He's with God in glory, a very apt name for Paradise or Heaven, since they are not the names of places, but mere descriptions! Glory is the dimension in which the kingdom of God exists.

It seems that angels of God can freely move from the 7th dimension to the tenth, passing through with no trouble; nothingness and endlessness to Glory! However, dark angels, called "Sons of God" because God created them, albeit they rebelled.; cannot pass into Glory because they are corrupt.

Men are in the natural world, the first five dimensions, but our spirit is in the supernatural. Men dangle between what's real and what is unseen throughout our lives. It's in that dimension that the flesh and spirit are confused. It's as if we dangle by silver cords from the terrestrial hands. Those cords are there, but what's of substance cuts at them:
Matthew 26:41b "... the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."
Let's look at this dimension, seemingly half way between the other two. The flesh is in and part of x, y, z, t and substance, but is controlled by the supernatural.  Hence, the cords between the real and the unseen is a dimension in itself. It is in essence "spiritual gravity" which pulls on the the flesh. Scripture calls that spiritual gravity "temptation" (Matthew 26:41a).

The story of Job teaches a lesson. It is this:
Job 1:6 ""Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them. 7 And the Lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it."
What is described is a meeting in the 7th dimension; the supernatural. God surely spoke from Glory because he is omnipotent. Job was in the natural world, but Satan and his angels were in the unseen dimension. In essence, God allowed the dark angels access to Job. This access port is the cord where the flesh dangles and where principalities pull and tug.   Let's just call this sixth dimension "Spiritual Gravity" for it's the unseen influence of the unseen on the material, very similar to gravitational pull!

We know that angels of God cross between the natural realm and the unseen without effort. Likewise, we can assume that dark angels can as well. Their very existence is mostly in the sixth dimension, caught between the real and the unseen. Perhaps surreal would do if their unseen existence wasn't so real! Not only can the angels cross dimensions, but Satan can as well. God allows him that trespass since he described as "Prince of the Air". He is free to go to and fro within the bounds of earth, but his home is in the unseen. His trespass is in that sixth dimension where is temptation is most effective. It's there that Satan by telepathic power or such instructs his angels in fighting the war on God through us.

Temptation is pull on that cord and the dark angels pull it hard! Satan's war is not to defeat God because he believes in his power even more than we Christians do! His goal is merely to make traitors of God's soldiers in this spiritual war. He doesn't expect victory, but relishes in the battle. His job is to antagonize God because of his own pride and jealousy. We are the collateral damage because of his unjust war!

We see what dark angels do, but angels of God serve us well. They, as messengers, bringing God's will to man, and therefore protection.  When Satan unfairly attacks with his angels, angels of God put up a hedge.
Job 1:9 "Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, Doth Job fear God for nought? 10b Hast not thou made an hedge about him,..."
What is the hedge? It's a band of angels of God. There are archangels which direct them as well. Like all those of the unseen world, archangels can pass across the dimensions, and are the ones who interact with Jesus and the Holy Spirit here in the natural dimensions!

Let's digress for a moment. Jesus' Ghost moves at will between Glory and the world, just because he can. Being God, walls nor other dimensions can contain him. He's free to be all places and anywhere because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father as well.

So angels of God are a hedge as such? Indeed, we know that from experience itself.
 Genesis 3:23 "Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. 24 So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life."
Cherubim are an order of angels. Other orders are seraphim and archangels. They all serve different purposes in their celestial realm. Other angels take on various forms as need be. THE Angel of God is the physical appearance of The Word. Think of THE angel as the Ghost or Spirit of God as he manifests himself to mankind.

Apparently the Holy Ghost protects what's righteous! He protected Job in that he would not allow Satan to kill him! He did that because Job was righteous. Within the Garden of Eden was the most righteous, "The Tree of Life" (Gen 3:24). I capitalize it here because Revelation reveals that Tree as Jesus Christ! He's entirely a righteous being without sin. God put a hedge about the Garden so that evil can't get in. Even a corrupt Adam was without and forbidden to enter without credentials. God placed an angel there to keep evil away from the Tree. There was no backdoor way to enter into this paradise. It was by permission only. Therefore, I believe it the same or similar hedge as around Job and righteous men of all times,  a band of angels protecting us from temptation.

Envision if you will, humans dangling from a silver cord, hanging from nothingness above. However, beyond that there is endlessness and Glory above. We dangle from a cord direct from our Father. Within each of us is a likeness of him. It's different yet the same. Whereas God is Spirit we have a container for a portion of his Spirit. The amount of Spirit we have inside is inversely proportional to what foul exists within.

Adam, when he was created, had a soul filled with Spirit. He and Eve walked in the Garden. There was a cord directly from God to them. It was even a short cord then because God was right there. The Voice who spoke in he Garden was The Word soon to come as Jesus Christ.

God had no need to tug at Adam's cord because they were in unity. However, Satan came in and put a disturbance in the cord. He pulled on it until Adam was under the forbidden tree after first pulling Eve's. They stood there together feeling a titillating disturbance from the dimension of Spiritual Gravity. It was Satan tempting them both. The temptation was the telepathic disturbances from the evil one. He said to them "There is more to be had than what you are having!",  Although they had it all, Satan says there's more. Eve reached out and ate of the fruit and she didn't die as God had said she would, so Adam ate too. There was interaction there between man and his mate. It was interaction between two worlds, and everyone now in existence and before us, have that interaction.

Satan no longer depends entirely on his angels. Now he had two human's on his side. People began to tempt and sin against each other. I call this "world's colliding".

Because forces from a sixth dimension successfully changed what was from the first five, new gods were created. It was gods whom man appeased before God in Glory from where that cord once reached. We were still his, but, there were other gods before him!

God saw the change in Adam and Eve. Not only their natural existence had been transformed, but their countenance had changed as well. Where Jesus was transformed into Glory, Adam and Eve had their Glory removed. The 10th dimension had come to naught and they were on their own. It's five dimensions in which mankind still lives without the 10th and all the other dimensions still toy with us!

Before we had been created in the very image of "them" referring to God.  "Them" was and is still threefold: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three corresponds to mind, body and Spirit. I contend that we were created in the image of who Jesus will become and that he wasn't created in our image. That would be prideful to think so for we are the "other gods" of whom God spoke. He made reference to that:

Satan knew what would become of rebellious people. He said "our eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods". (Genesis 3:5). And the serpent was right!  Their soul was emptied of God's Holy Spirit and they died. They were left alone in a spiritual sense to war against those of other dimensions. Because of grace, God still offered Glory, but it was conditional. That the cord, or should I say "discord" between man and Glory be repaired. Reparation was then and now, belief in shed blood as the atonement for sin.

Because Chaos, the evil counterpart to Glory, affected and effected the cord, mankind did become as gods. Not God, but "as gods", but using their new knowledge, they reasoned they were. Reason is one tool that Satan uses against us to disturb the silver cord which before had been tied to God, but now dangles in nothingness, the 8th dimension; the one our substance was in before it was created!

I'll digress for a moment before we look at world's colliding and think on "nothing". It's not there, so how can we think on it? As I like to point out "nothing is something" because it's the container for everything. It's where God put things and it was always there. Because things can be contained there, it is something. Therefore, "nothingness" is really a zero'th dimension, but since it's something, I assign it the 8th dimension. Something must be somewhere and dimensions aren't in a certain order. They simply exist independent of each other!

Thinking profoundly on the universe, it goes on forever. "Nothingness"  has no boundaries and this lack of an end is the 9th dimension. It could be called "forever", but that's a time dimension, so I chose "endlessness". If there was an end to this dimension it would take forever to approach it, and it still wouldn't be there. Endlessness is as hard to understand as God because only the Creator knows of it and others never will in this life. Because it's a container for something, God made it too!  All dimensions were made in Glory because that's where God resides. What he made was "good" because God made it. Only Satan removed the good from all dimensions by corrupting it besides Glory.

Now back to colliding world's.  Adam and Eve became world's on their own. It's a planet they reside in. Let me explain. The center of gravity (or lack of spirit) is each of them. Spirit was removed from their soul and Satan tapped into that silver cord and blackened it! Thereafter, our forebears each dangled from the partially severed cord alone. They were there in mind and body, but their spirit was in another dimension.

Their world is not just each of them, but their mileau  as well. It's everything with which their mind and body come into contact. Each of these worlds are named "Me". At the center of these worlds lies the flesh. It's made up of x, y, z and substance. It is a god which must be appeased and as such our flesh is our idol. Everyone on Planet ME worships the flesh and at other times, when worlds get too close, one idol "Me" worships other idols also "Me's", but called "Thems".

There are many Me's and subsequently "Them" are plentiful. It's a universe of little worlds, each with their own God hanging from nothingness. It's five real dimensions dangling from the 8th; nothingness!

Not only do these worlds communicate. They love to pleasure each other. But at times world's collide. The mileau of each Me are at odds with each other and Me's break out in war because each perceives his god to be the greatest.

Marriages are when world's merge. Me's endeavor to entangle their cords and become one. Entangled cords hanging from nothingness, hang from nothing and Satan's warriors shake that cord. Because there are disturbances in Spiritual Gravity (6th dimension) those two worlds collide. Satan successfully untwists the unity and each become one again. Divorce is the result because those whose cord is not bound to Glory, have Nothing on which to dangle.

On the other hand if each believe and trust in God, then they know the silver cord is not only strong, but firmly attached. When two entwine as one, the rope becomes twice as strong. God weaved the cords together and what he created no man "nothing" can put asunder (Mark 10:9). Yes, nothing because Satan must use colliding world's to destroy. Loving worlds can't collide. The love of God is the glue which bonds the divergent cords together. It makes two one and when many worlds love, it makes many one under God!

What makes Satan prideful? It's when he disturbs those worlds and makes them alien from each other and God. It's that 6th dimension of from which flows temptation from where poison comes from another realm. That poison is sin and it flows from Chaos to natural through a stained cord.

That silver cord can be repaired. Saving blood can flow through it and wash it clean. It's silver, but transparent and appears as scarlet when that vital red flows through it. It's much like the scarlet cord used by Rahab to save  the two spies for Joshua:
Joshua 2:21b "And she (Rahab) sent them away, and they departed: and she bound the scarlet line in the window."
The scarlet line with which Rahab saved the two spies represents the blood of Jesus; her own blood which was handed down to the savior. When two attach themselves to Glory through the blood of Jesus, corrupt cords are mended. It's all by the blood of Jesus whether it be the future Jesus or the present because he always was. That time dimension for Jesus is without bounds. It is endless even when there was nothing.

Reviewing where we are are, many Me's dangling some now from soiled cords and some from crimson. The latter are the fewest. Those with blackened cords are agitated from dark angels above and are in constant discord. Those dangling freely from the crimson cords are free and stable because of that hedge of angels from God who keeps those going two and from from agitating them from another dimension! Each world at peace gets a new King. He still clings to the other, but the new King is his first love.  Each of these worlds dangling from a crimson cord are planets in God;s kingdom. They are at peace with one another and the worlds of Me are tied together in one accord until Me and Them worlds becomes God's world. Glory is our atmosphere because our soul is again a receptacle for God's Spirit. When these worlds serve no further purpose to Glory, the first five dimensions will no longer be.

When that time comes, those Me's will be made perfect and that soul will be full and stay full of Glory. We will be glorified. The scarlet cord will always be. No one can break it any longer. The sixth dimension will no longer be because Spiritual Gravity will be gone! Me's become full citizens of Glory and will have a place in Paradise!

By the way it's not "nothingness" where those with severed cord will reside. It's their own 10th dimension which is the mirror of Glory. That dimension is Chaos and it's the abode of Satan It's from where he travels to and fro, Chaos is isolation.

Glory and Chaos share the 10th dimension, but nothingness is in between. Scripture calls that barrier a "chasm". It's something which even those in other dimensions cannot cross because it is its own dimension!

Nothingness extends adjacent Chaos. What's more it's endless; with no change ever! Therein this dimension is where hate resides, tempered  by unbearable fire that somehow those tormented must bear anyhow! The endless dimension is still in Chaos, but "nothing" is not there for torment is something and it's always there.

Which dimension is it that you will reside forever; time without end? For me, my cord dangles from Glory and to Glory I will go in time!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Nature of God

The Nature of God Video

I. How people refer to God.
II. We worship without understanding.
III. Importance of understanding who God is.
     A. False gods
     B. Yourself as god
IV. Four gospels
     A. Synopic Gospels (3D Vew of Jesus)
     B. Book of John (4D)
          1. John 1:1   The Word with God in the beginning
          2. John 1:14 The Word made flesh
V. Mystery of Christ - Colossians 1:26-28
     A. What was not revealed before is now
     C. What is the mystery:
          1: The only hope of salvation is only through Jesus Christ (never the Law)
          2. Salvation was not only for the Jews, but for all mankind (Gentiles too)
          3. The "hope of salvation" was always through Jesus
          4. Salvation was never by works, but was always by grace (even in OT times)
VI.  Nature of God in the OT
     A. God "the Father" who created with The Word at his side
     B. Jesus "The Word"
          1. Voice in the Garden
          2. Tree of Life
          3.. Saving Adam and Eve by shed blood
          4. Wrestling with Jacob
          5. Speaking from the burning bush
     C. Holy Ghost was with David and the prophets
     D. And God the Father, The Word and Holy Spirit all appeared to Moses together!
               a. God whose glory cannot be looked at
               b. The Word was the voice from the bush (pre-incanate Jesus)
               c. The fire was the Holy Ghost
VII. The Godhead
     A, Shortest distance between two points (The Way)
     B. Can't get from Point H to Point P by other two ways: Father/Spirit
     C. Explain the triangle
          1. OT God the Father is the focus; Jesus and the Holy Spirit there
               a. Symbolically (The Tree of Life)
               b. As a picture (Abraham and Isaac)
               c. In the shadows (The Angel of the Lord)
          2. Gospels: Jesus is the focus
               a. Holy Spirit conceiving and baptizing John and Jesus (shadows)
               b. Jesus's birth, ministry, death and resurrection and ascension (focus)
               c. God sacrificing his Son (God's grace)
          3. Acts and Letters of the Apostles: Holy Spirit the focus
               a. Ghost of Jesus
               b. Lives in temple of Jesus
               c. Comforts for Jesus


Colossians 1:26 "Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints: 27 To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: 28 Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:"

Acts 7:55 'But he (Stephen), being full of the (Holy Ghost), looked up stedfastly into heaven, and saw the (glory of God), and (Jesus) standing on the right hand of God..."


In this day and age "stoned" means something much differently than it did in yesteryear! In fact those "stoned" never come to grips with reality. Their perception is that they are astute and unencumbered from the things of life, but they fail to grasp the important things for the mere enjoyment of the trivial!

With that said about contemporary "stoning", let's look at another type; one with pertinence and certainly not to be trivialized!
Acts 14:19 "And there came thither certain Jews from Antioch and Iconium, who persuaded the people, and having stoned Paul, drew him out of the city, supposing he had been dead."
Paul was in Lystra of Lycaonia where he performed great miracles even healing the lame, and therein the city was divided. Certain Jews were either jealous of Paul's persuasiveness and gift of the Holy Ghost or were so "in stoned" of their own misunderstanding that they were insecure to anger!

 Ironically, Paul had been the chief persecutor among the Jews before Jesus came along and shattered the stone guarding his mind!

We know from scripture that those who God forgives the most, love him the most! (implied in Luke 7:47).  Paul had been a zealot for persecution, and once he was freed from bondage, he was a zealot for Jesus Christ!  Paul's previous bondage was rigid thinking. By insisting on strict obedience to rules, he missed the point: to love God and others!

That's the exact situation in which Paul found himself in Lystra. The hunter had become the hunted! It wasn't the Jews of Lystra who stalked him, but from cities where Paul had been before. They were instigators! Their mantra was "Christian Lives Don't Matter". They wanted justice and it was their brand of justice which they sought.

These folks who persecuted were from the synagogue. That was were Christians and Jews both preached and worshiped because at the time of the apostles. they had not segregated in their communion. What I'm saying is that these were "church friends" who had a stone to throw. Both Christians and Jews were taught to love, but it wasn't love which they practiced!

Sadly, church members to this day still throw stones at each other. We still totally miss the point with this one:
John 8:7b "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her (the adulteress).
How many of these Jewish "stoners" do you think were without sin? They were heartless for Paul wasn't being stoned for persecuting others, but just for the sake of persecution! When arguments failed them, what did these good Jews do? They turned to violence. People still do that!  Why do you suppose the Jews hated Paul so much? Was it because Paul was trying to take away their belief? No! It was because Paul believed differently. Paul's teachings weren't at odds with Judaism, it's just that the Jews missed the point of their own religion! They rejected the Messiah (Christ) which their own religion prophesied throughout the ages.

 In their own eyes, the Jews were without sin! I bet that being keepers-of-the-law that they didn't work on the Sabbath, ate only kosher food, prayed in public and often, were good parents and husbands, had fidelity to their wives, and all the many rituals and dietary laws were obeyed. They even defended their God! That's a good thing, but they had created an unloving false god in their minds. (See blog on creating a person's own God in link:  Designer God). It was JHVH they thought they worshiped, but he wasn't worshiped in spirit and truth!

What in the world drives one human being to pick up a stone, hurl it at the forehead of a fellow human being and try to kill him? It's hate!
1 John 3:15 "Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him."
The actions of the Jews validated what John the Apostle said in this passage. Their hate drove them to murder! Why was there hate? It goes back to pride. It was for one of the reasons mentioned earlier. "How dare anyone disagree with my doctrine!" they thought!  Does that sound familiar? It should. Haters still do that today! (Disagreeing on doctrine is understandable, but hating for it is sin!).

Let's assume that you are one of the stoners: You hear what Paul said and see his miracles. It comes to your sub-conscience "His faith is stronger than mine!" You realize your own weakness and become jealous of Paul. He's doing things you can't do and he's taking away people who side with me. "I'll fix him!" you think, To get even, you bend over, pick up that stone, feel it's smoothness, relish in the delight that you're about to have, look Paul squarely in the eyes, with vengeance draw back and hurl that large stone with speed and accuracy. It's your intent to kill and your prey falls to the grounds much as a downed deer. You're so proud now! Your aim was good. You did a great deed in silencing one with whom you disagree! Then you cheer the others on!

You just became one of the bullies. It wasn't God which you were defending; it's your doctrine. In effect the "god as you understand him" is being attacked. You can't make Paul believe in your false god, so you attempt to rid the world of him! Guess who your false god is? He's Pride. He's you! You just hated and murdered a man who wouldn't bow down to your god!

Paul understood. He was one of those worshipers of self. He had been a hater and persecutor. Jesus softened that stone Paul had thrown so many times: his hatred.

Paul could have thrown stones back if he was able. He didn't! What did he do? He departed and went on to Derbe to preach some more! You would have thought that he would have learned his "lesson" and went home to lick his wounds, but he fought on; not with stones, but with a sword... the word of God. It was Jesus who got up from the ground and went on the Derbe. Paul didn't do it on his own, but it was the Ghost of Jesus residing in him who lifted that frail body and continued on in love!

Paul loved his enemies. Let's examine what would have happened if Paul had thrown stones back:

The message of Jesus would have been diluted. Paul would have violated  the "those without sin cast the first stone " rule. Paul had cast many stones. How could he cast a stone back when he had done the same thing!

Paul knew Jesus' teaching: "love the enemy" (Matthew 5:44). Love isn't encased in granite. Hate is. Paul couldn't cast a stone back because to do so would be to hate. Christians are not to seek retribution, but to forgive. Paul had done the same thing as his attackers and Jesus forgave him! How could he not "do unto others as he would have done unto him" (Luke 6:31 paraphrase).

Those who persecuted Paul did Jesus a service that little did they understand.
Luke 21:12 "But before all these (signs), they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name's sake. 13 And it shall turn to you for a testimony."
In short, persecution reinforces the authenticity of Jesus! By using force against Christianity it reveals the threat of what Christ represents. Men are haters of truth and it's truth which they seek to destroy because truth defames their own god; the one who does what's right in his own eyes!

Even in today's society when Christianity is attacked, Christians who stand firm in their belief and return love for violence, are a testimony to Jesus Christ. By doing as Jesus would do, we are showing the power of Jesus. By loving as Jesus does, we are showing the power of love. We defeat the enemy, not by casting stones, but by love!
 Proverbs 25:21"If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink: 22 For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the Lord shall reward thee."
Paul loved his enemies until the end. He went all over the known world telling them about Jesus. He went as far as Rome then Spain. Some say he even brought Christianity to the heathens in Britannica! Wherever he went, Paul was "stoned" in some fashion, but while he was stoned, People thought "Jesus must be true!". The last "stone" cast at him was death. Nero "stoned" him with the sword. The last stone hurled cost Paul is head.   Rome died. Vengeance was God's! However, Jesus lives on and Paul is at his reward. He is baptized in blood for Jesus' name sake and now it's he who stands tall; right there seated near Jesus!

Stoners! Don't get stoned anymore. Remain sober so that you can seek truth! God loves you and if you find him, it's Jesus who will take away that stone from you, just as he softened Paul's stone, the chief sinner.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On Trump and Cruz

I'm not a libertarian because of God's Law. He gave us Commandments for the protection of self and others; and to show our love for him! Without God's Law anarchy would be the rule (sic). People would all do "what is right in their own eyes":
Judges 21:25 "In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes."
"No king" can be read two ways: no civil rule and no respect for God. As such God created a government. It was the judicial system (judges) whose  Supreme Court is the Holy Trinity. The Chief Justice is God, but The Word has final say. Checks and balances were by the Law and it's Lawyer!

Libertarians are those doing right in their own eyes. Even God, to many, has values at odds with each person. Since people are all different, there are billions of libertarian governments because in each realm "our own self is king". Libertarians war not only with civil and divine authority, but with each other. That's where anarchy comes into play.

There is a big problem with libertarian philosophy. Because sin must be accepted for liberty, ironically it puts its adherents in chains because their "liberty" is a mere perception. Unbridled liberty enslaves to sin and the de facto king is Satan. Of course he only poses as king because scripture calls him "Prince of the Air". His authority is illegitimate because he's a rebel from Authority! Yet sane people profess the insanity of libertarianism!

With all that said, we must have government, but it must be under divine justice. Democracy was instituted among men so that even the downtrodden have a say.  It was our founders' attempt to be fair. It provided fairness, freedom and a future. Wisely, our founders instituted a Supreme Court with judges to mimic what God did, but left too many loopholes for unfair interpretation. Whereas God chose righteous men and women, we have no standard for righteousness. Hence, our Courts are failures!

Our freedom to speak is one of the most important precepts in our Bill of Rights. That's why it's first. It encourages religion (at that time Christianity), but prohibits coercion in religious affairs by the State. We can all speak out from a Constitutional basis and not even the government can legally erode that, but it does so by the erosion of liberty. As we get further from Independence, we move speedily toward slavery. Except for discerning Christians, those seeking to do what is right in their own eyes get closer and closer to bondage. Their desire is to return symbolically to the bondage of Egypt and the slavery by Pharaoh. Just as the Jews had just a small degree of freedom to delude them, Americans today just have enough that they are easily deceived!

Because democracy is inherently unfair, in it's attempt to be fair, our founders made the U.S. a republic. By having controls on unlimited power, those in the minority have some degree of protection. A republic is a check on democracy because the majority would always do what is right in their own eyes!

Now for Mr. Trump and his appeal.

I'm in a dilemma. Our freedom has eroded and with force these two presidential terms. Ungodly laws have been passed and evil court rulings have been issued with no champions who have the power to reverse that trend. Angry voters are angry with the establishment candidates. They have failed to control the impedance on freedom in recent times, so people have no faith that those same politicians have the power to reverse that trend. Therefore, they seek a king! No, not a monarch, but a powerful person who can change things!
1 Samuel 8:5 "And said unto him (Samuel), Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations."
Today the sons of Jefferson, Madison, and Adams no longer walk in his ways! Liberty has become old! We moved to far away from what is righteous. The Jews sought a king who could not only change things, but walk in his ways!  (Yes, we can learn from history!).

As such God anointed Saul as king. He was somewhat godly, having reverence for God and Samuel (The Chief Priest). Saul did change things! He brought order to rebellion and chaos. A kingdom was born by this powerful forceful man. He had the charisma to make things happen and return the people to what once was!

This is where the United States is at this moment! People want a president who is strong enough to reverse chaos and unrighteousness. They know Trump will change things! They want a king! That's not a bad thing at this time; not a dictator by any means, but a person who has the power to actually turn this big ship around and send "the Philistines" back to their island!

We have two leading candidates: Trump and Cruz. Both of them can wield power, both being independent of what has ruined the nation. However, at this point Cruz is more like the boy, David. People just don't believe he has the power to change things and we want things changed!

Trump, more like Saul, will change things. He will do things in preparation for better. That's how people view him. He will set up a nation for righteous change, but it won't be him who actually makes the kingdom great again. It was David who made Israel great, and a David will follow Saul to bring us to a great righteous power. God used "crooked sticks" for his purpose then, and he still does that sort of thing. Trump is the "crooked stick". He has his faults, but much of the nation believe that his strengths far outweigh his faults.

Since the people would never accept just a boy as was David, over a giant of a man, such as was Saul; this nation will probably never accept Cruz over Trump. That's why Trump is ahead.

I see "the David" in Cruz. I believe he can slay Goliath all over again. He can slay this vast powerful gigantic government even though he's just a shepherd boy, so to speak. Who would ever dream that he is budding royalty? Others see "the Saul" in Trump. Are you beginning to understand the dilemma?

Righteous people want Goliath defeated. It was David who did that, but Saul got the credit because he was king. The Jews needed their Saul so God would wield the power through David! That's where we stand right now: people want David, but to get David, they must first take Saul!

Saul did things out of God's will. Trump will too! David did wrong things too, but God was Supreme to him, but not to Saul. Likewise for Trump and Cruz.

I favor Cruz. He is my David. I understand the need that others have for Trump.. They overlook "their David" in favor of "their Saul", and that may be a necessary transition. I'm going with David, but I understand Saul!

We are in anarchy right now. We're enslaved by too much freedom. It may take Saul to restore order right now. I understand that. Order is required so that all can have some liberty. There are things I don't like about Saul. There are things I don't like about Trump. Whatever happens, it is the will of God because only HE is KING!

Oxymorons and Redundancies

There are phrases used each day whose words are in contradiction with each other. These phrases are called "oxymorons".  "Oxy" indicates those things 'astute" whereas "moron" are those destitute of astuteness. It's the "sharp" vs. "dull" polarization of ideas. The world is full of oxymorons and the media makes meaningless contradictions take on meaning.

Likewise there are phrases which use synonyms to transmit one idea. Saying something one time is discreet. Saying it again is repetition. The phrase becomes "redundant".

Here are examples of each (you decide which are which):
  • almost a catastrophe
  • patriotic rebel.
  • faithless Christian.
  • Pretty ugly.
  • Two twins
  • Pair of swim trunks
  • Awesome (means both admiration and fear)
  • Happy hooker.
  • Democratic Party.
  • Stench of skunks.
  • Gravity is weight.
  • Success is trying.
  • Trying is the mere admission of failure.
  • Failing is succeeding.
  • Death is when life ceases.
  • Many yesterdays.
  • A gambler who is pragmatic.
  • Doublethink is an oxymoron.
  • An oriental who's cowardly and yellow.
  • Feminism (the one word which is at odds with itself)
  • My new fan really sucks.
  • I like people! My wife and I enjoy conjugal visits.
  • Androgyny makes us all look different.
  • Kissing is so osculating!
  • To get along people must coagulate.
  • My goal was to try to quit smoking.
  • Completed most of what my goal was to finish.
  • Safe abortion.
  • Busy slacker.
  • Clumsy oaf. 
  • Nitpicker who is fair.
  • Hateful sinner.
  • That's literally what's close to what I said.
  • Chinese cowards are yellow.
  • You say opposite things,  but you're both right.
  • He's certainly a tall dwarf.
  • Happy Holiday. (That may not be obvious, but commercialism makes holidays far from happy!)
  • Motivated by antipathy.
  • That's an equine looking horse.
  • That's seriously gravitas of her.
  • He's ambidextrous and can use either hand.
  • He got his head decapitated, or worse yet: his foot was decapitated.
  • I tasted it with my tongue.
  • Kissing sucks!
  • I've told you a million times not to exaggerate.
  • Seriously kidding!
  • You're forgiven, but you're no longer my friend.
  • Although I trust you I'm still jealous.
  • Non-religious yoga.
  • Secular Islam.
  • Government transparency.
  • Government integrity.
  • Breaking gridlock through consensus.
  • I've never gone here before.
  • Sweet sugar.
  • Nice and sassy.
  • Pretty ugly.
  • Islam is a peaceful religion. (Islam teaches violent death to others and terror as a means of evangelism and Sharia Law).
  • It's almost exactly high noon. (almost and exactly are at odds with each other).
  • Hateful Christian.
  • Unfriendly friend.
  • Cautious carelessness.
  • Covert spying. (Anyone know of overt spies? They need to be fired!)
  • Stupid idiot. (Any smart idiots out there? Yes, I know "savant idiots", but they have only limited intelligence).
  • Limited freedom.
  • Liberal Democrat. (The conservatives have been driven out or indoctrinated).
  • Yesterdays past.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


James 5:9 "Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door."
"Grudge" is failing to forget or forgive a perceived wrong someone has done against another.

Some people say "I'll forgive, but I will never forget!" That's oxymoronic because by self-admission, the person who says things like that are holding a grudge.

Let's take a look at where we should look for advice; the Bible.
Luke 7:48 "And he said unto her, Thy sins are forgiven."
A weeping woman washed Jesus' feet with her own tears. She, as has everyone else, had sinned against God and she was remorseful. Jesus, with his grace, forgave all her sins without regard to number nor amplitude!  When he forgave the woman nothing more was said nor thought about it. Jesus made a complete pardon. What had been, passed entirely from his mind!
 Isaiah 43:25 "I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins."
Jesus forgives because he loves us (John 3:16).  Jesus doesn't wait for us to clean up our lives and turn to him before he loves. He loves us just as we are! Because he loves us he is our bff (best friend forever). It is not contingent on what we do, our personalities nor anything else!

When we express sorrow for sinning against God, God wipes the slate clean and doesn't remember the sins anymore ever! Even when we stand before him in judgment, those forgiven sins will not be used as evidence! Jesus does not hold grudges! Because we are to be as Jesus, we are to mimic him:
Luke 17:3 "Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him."
If one person wrongs another and repents, the wronged person is commanded to forgive. And forgiveness means to forget. It means to quit holding a grudge! If a person says he "forgives", but yet holds a grudge, the grudgeful person will be condemned for he is more wrong than the person who sinned first!  (James 5:9 above).

We're not finished yet! Before I was fully discerning, I tried to make wrongs against others right again. I asked for forgiveness and tried to make restitution. That's attempting to restore situations to where they were before by giving back what was taken away. There are always ways to make restitution. For instance an anger episode can be corrected by some physical act of love.

But we must go one step further!
Matthew 5:23 "Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; 24 Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift."
Most often the gift which I am leaving at the altar is ME.  I go there to pledge something of me to the Lord. Normally I turn something in my life over to him. However, God doesn't want me (the Christian) unless my heart is right with the command "love others as I love myself" (Matthew 19:19b).

Oh, what am I to do? Reconcile with my brother" before I leave my things at the altar. To reconcile is not only to forgive, but to seek for another to forgive me for my wrongs and perceived wrongs: "that my brother has something against me"! I may have not wronged another, but if that person holds a grudge, I must attempt reconciliation. That's a command, not an option. Grudges stand in the way of communing with God! "Reconciliation" is defined as "to cause people or groups to become friendly again after an argument or disagreement." (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). In short we are to forgive others out of love, we are to seek their friendship and we are to restore broken friendships!

Those who say that they have forgiven, most often have certainly not forgotten andstill hold grudges: that person who says "I will never be your friend again". James tells us that grudges condemn those who begrudge!

Then what should a grudge bearer do? Reconcile regardless of who did what to whom! You will never be able to commune fully with God until that's done.

What if Jesus forgives you, but is never your friend again? He would be holding a grudge and would be in sin. Jesus doesn't hold grudges, then why do you? Because your god is more precious than Jesus. Think about it and change gods and simply do this:
Ephesians 4:26 "Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:"

Monday, January 25, 2016

Designer God

There are designer jeans. People go crazy about them.

There are designer drugs. People kill for them.

There are designer homes. People with taste live in them!

Then, there has been fabricated a "Designer God"!

A Designer God is "God as you understand him!". He's a fabric of your imagination; a fantasy God.
Step 3 of Alcoholic Anonymous' (AA) Twelve-Step Program is: "Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him."
Get a load of that! "God as a drunk understands him!" I'm not sure a drunk even understands himself, but I'm sure he (or she) can create a quite interesting God because sober people come up with doozy Gods themselves! I really don't want to make fun of alcoholics, but at the notion which AA imposes on a Holy God! These are the same people who teach that sin is literally a "disease".

It seems to me that people can quit sinning and do, but diseases are hard to quit cold turkey. In fact this disease is incurable. What's the disease model of alcoholism have to do with God? Because God as they understand him, is misunderstood!
1 Thessalonians 5:6 "Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober."
Actually, I thought this was meant to be "aware", but the literal translation is right on!  "Sober" (Greek nepho) means to "abstain from wine".  It appears that Christians have a responsibility to not drink alcohol, let alone get drunk. If it was a disease God wouldn't command "Don't get sick!" That would be silly! The warning is so that people can control their BEHAVIOR! They can quit SINNING!

The "God as they understand him" is misunderstood. Their God doesn't know the difference between behaviors and diseases! Their God is a silly confused God!

Now lets get to the core of the matter. This is not about alcoholics. It's about people who choose sin as a lifestyle. The True God would rather men say this as Paul did:
Matthew 26:41b "The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."
This is a reasonable thing to say!  For those who struggle with inner demons, it's the truth. However, rather than that, people say silly things such as this:
"I believe everyone is going to heaven!"
That would be nice, but that's not how a just God judges!
Acts 10:42b "It is he (Jesus) which was ordained of God to be the Judge of quick (living) and dead."
Judges make either one of two decisions: guilty as charged or innocent. Elsewhere scripture says that "all men have sinned" (Romans 5:12).  Therefore, we all our guilty, but for those who sincerely believe in the Judge and repent of his or her sins, the Judge will issue a reprieve. It's signed by the blood of Christ and if anyone doesn't accept that mercy, they stand without remorse. The Judge sentences them to an eternity in hell!
Matthew 25:41 "Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:"
Most people will go to hell. It's a "strait gate with a narrow way and few will find it." (Matthew 7:14). Most people WILL go to hell because they fail to submit to God!

This Judge-God and one the who allows you the freedom to chose your own destiny is not "God as most understand him!"

It's wishful thinking that everybody is going to heaven! In that case Hitler and Stalin will be there. You get to bunk between the two with Ghengis Khan at your feet and Charles Manson at your headboard! Are you beginning to see the fallacy of your thinking? The God which you "design" just doesn't make sense!

How is it that most people design God?

  • He is a lesser God than you (the other god) is.
  • He lies when it's convenient to scare you into submission.
  • He calls himself Creator. Your God can't create anything!
  • Even if he did create it all. It took billions of years. Your God has little power.
  • In the Old Testament your God did cruel things. Your God is evil.
  • Your God lets you do whatever you want; even destructive things. Your God is a tolerant God who is blind to sin!
  • Your God thinks it's fine to shack up and not bother with marriage. Your God is hedonistic!
  • Your God allows men to be lovers of men. Your God is a pervert!
  • Your God entitles you to fine things. Your God is a genie God.
  • Your God allows everybody into heaven. Your God condones evil people.
  • Your God denies hell. Your God doesn't understand what the bottomless pit is for!
  • Your God "saves" you, but since he has no use for hell, your God has no idea what he saves you from.
  • Your God isn't loving enough to keep you from destroying yourself. Your God doesn't care about you!
  • Your God thinks it's fine that you think only of yourself. Your God wants you to worship yourself. Your God is yourself!
  • And I can go on and on because your God is a complex God who changes as it's convenient for you!
My God is different than yours. I don't understand most things about him! It's not meant to be. However, I do know a few things: He's a merciful God full of grace who is the only way to salvation because he loves me so. He's a just God who rewards and punishes. Like a loving Father he gives us thousands of chances to turn to him although he doesn't force us to! I do know that he loves me so much that he died on the cross for my sins. Although I chose pleasure over obedience, he still loves me that as long as I breath I get another chance. There is one condition that God has: It's by faith in the shed blood of Jesus for my own redemption. I understand that most people think too highly of themselves to submit to God and deserve the consequences of their own self worship. That's  my God. He's the scriptural God! Your God is a myth just like Hercules and Venus are.

You see, the "God as I understand him" is the one whose Word is in Holy Scripture. He's not a "Designer God" who serves my every whim. God as you understand him is the idol which you have made in your own likeness! He's the one who will accompany you to hell because, guess what?  Everybody is not going to heaven. In fact most people who have designed their own God are going to hell!

Give Hitler a Seig Heil for me. Tell him that I said "Hell-Oh!"


Last night I experienced it again! It's happened only a few times in my life. The first time was when I was a young child. It can happen only when a person's mind is still. When the thoughts of the world are put on hold and eternity is put in perspective. "Forever", usually only a fleeting thought, becomes ingrained in reality. What's more, secular "forever" even in the best case scenario is without you!

Some people have no hope in an afterlife. For them this is it! That viewpoint is deterministic. That's the philosophy that each person's destiny is predetermined and nothing can change it. Predestination and election is a deterministic doctrine. For no particular reason before a person is ever born they are elected for heaven. Those who aren't elected are predestined for hell! The people elected can't resist it, and those who fail to be selected are doomed. That sense of doom is "fatalism".

With fatalism people cannot change their destiny. It's preordained and final. No act, behavior, belief, emotion nor condition can change the destiny of the person. The major problem with fatalism is that there is no hope and those without hope are doomed; not only to die once, but to be dead forever!

That brings me back to my dreadful thoughts! Last night I imagined an eternity without me. It's as if when I die I just "cease to exist" as if I never was. Sure, those I leave behind would think of me; some with fond memories, but some with scorn. The former are the few who love me and the latter are those who begrudge even a dead man!  However, without hope, and if what hopeless people believe is true, this life is it; eternity is forever and forever exists without me! It's such a lonesome feeling even to think that it's about over for me,,,, FOREVER!  It's this profound thinking, even when I was a child, which pulled me toward belief is something else!

Those who read my commentary regularly understand that I'm convinced that "the other god besides me" from the First Commandment is ME. As such, my god, the one to which I'm always true, is in jeopardy. He will cease to exist! My idol, my own flesh, if fatalists are right, are destined to die very shortly and my god will be no more. He will just wander off in darkness and be as cosmic dust in the expanse. A dust with no thoughts nor feelings, with no love and not loved, and isolation from existence. I don't truly believe this, but it crosses my mind! I don't know if those thoughts are from God because they pulled me toward him; or from Satan who tries to pull my hope away. Either way, thoughts as these are profound. I'm not "scared to death" as the expression is, but "scared of death". There is a grain of doubt which is troubling, to say the least!

Thoughts like these are how atheists think. It's a wonder they can live, if hopelessness is actually living. For them their doctrine is that in a few cosmic moments it will be all over... FOREVER! I'm not an atheist, but those rare doubts really depress me! What if my faith is in vain?

When I was young, this thinking is what drew me to my faith. Life is not worth the living if not fed by hope. While even thoughts of "nothingness" is what drew me to God, the thoughts of hell were even more fatalistic. "What if DEATH lasts FOREVER?" I thought! What if after my breath ceases, my heart stops, but my mind goes on, that I will be alone FOREVER. Not only in total isolation, but in torment all the while! What if the hottest fire with nothing to ever quench my thirst is my eternal destiny? That thought brought me to my knees seeking to save ME! It wasn't because I loved Jesus that I sought him, but because I loved my own god that I wanted ME to live forever.

Truthfully, salvation was all about ME. However, because Jesus died for my sins in my place and it was painful, both physically and spiritually, I owe him a debt! I can repay him! The only thing in return that he wants is my god. He wants me to freely sacrifice ME! Because he offered me hope is why I am to love him! How can I do that? By doing his will and obeying his commands! It's an obligation to quit sinning, not that perfection is possible, but the willingness to try is a show of love!

Let's look at what Jesus did for ME! He didn't bow to my god nor even cater to it. He demanded that I give him my god. He didn't have to offer himself as a sacrifice, but because I was made in his image, he wanted to give me a chance. He was tempted, was persecuted, cried, ate, drank and loved; just as I, but unlike me, he never hated his creation nor did he ever sin! He was the perfect sacrifice for my imperfect god. My god had no power to save, but God is the Way to salvation!

Last night I had this vision. It is a vision of hope! In my mind's eye I saw and empty cross. Blood still dripped from it's branches. The blood flowed in a narrow stream and went off into the yonder beyond what I can see. It was a straight stream and flowed abundantly. I assumed that way out there over the horizon was the end of a rainbow. It arched over a bright kingdom. Light glowed at the end of that path and life was there. I could tell by the joy of what  I was thinking that it was a glorious place!

Between that rainbow and me stood that empty tree. No one hung from it because it's use was seerved. The blood had been shed there, but the Man who the mob lynched was long ago buried. Now he, as The Tree of Life stands beyond that rainbow. He is the Tree who bestows life!

That tree being empty has significance. It's not the "old rugged cross". It's what remains of a terrible day. It was a weak cross which merely stood there while a rugged man died for nothing he did, but what I did. It was my god who wronged him, but he sacrificed for my god! That tree represents an event which happened one time long ago and will never happen again! God died there one time for all my sins and everybody's. He died for the sins of all! That will never happen again! Jesus can only be crucified once no matter how many times other gods try!

The cross stood upright. It was a door to that path of blood along which is a trail of tears shed for ME and YOU! It's not us who taps on the tree, but the Ghost of Jesus stands there and knocks on that wood. We figurative answer that knock by bowing to whom we no longer see. It's not the cross we bow to; it's the emptiness there! We still see the blood and have a desire to follow that path to eternal life.

We look at the tree. It is empty, but one time God died there for ME! It stands straight. That towering piece of wood is the Way! No, the wood is just symbolic, but what happened there is real. It's what it symbolizes which is the Way!
John 14:6 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."
This cross represents the gate to the kingdom of the Father. It's where God IS and this is a NEVERENDING Kingdom because the king IS, has always BEEN and always will BE there. That's who he IS! Because he suffered death for us and yet lives forever means that because of his mercy (because he understands us), we too can always BE. That's why I'm not fatalistic! It's because Jesus died for me, that I have hope!  Even eternity is all about ME, but it's by HIS mercy that it's more about Him!

This straightness of this upright tree represents the Way and it's being strait:
Matthew 7:14 "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."
"Life" to which the way leads is eternal life. It's never having to die a second death. Just as God already does, we will live forever too, IF... IF we enter the strait gate! "Strait" is an archaic word meaning "a narrow passage". That passage is to believe in Jesus: who he is, why he is, what he did, who he did it for, why he did what he did, that he is the only one to provide hope, and that he still lives. It's not enough to believe that Jesus lived at one time; it is a profound belief that he is Truth! Jesus is the narrow passage. He is the strait gate and the straight cross is a reminder of what one must truly believe!

From there we look again at that trail of blood disappearing out of sight. That is the "way" which leads to eternal life. It's a narrow path, one of blood, but it's the only path which leads to that kingdom just over the hill and out of sight!  To get to the kingdom, which is what we hope to do, we must follow that narrow path. We can fall off if we're not careful because principalities battle us on our pilgrim journey to that kingdom. There are guardrails which hold us firm. They are firmly plqntd along the path in the cement of love.

Those guardrails are obedience. We follow the path, but are ever aware of what those ten posts mean. They are the method of demonstrating our love as we walk along the path. Jesus made the path we walk, but he's still there as well. To assist us on our journey, his Ghost walks with us. His job is to keep us on that path. His method are the guard rails each having warning signs. If we heed the warnings posted thereon, we maintain the path. Sometimes we ignore the warning and swerve some, but we do get credit for trying! We hit that rail hard, but the Ghost of Jesus takes our hand and pull us back onto the narrow path. He will never push us off the precipice, but we can fall if we aren't beware of invisible obstacles.

The only thing which matters to this pilgrim, walking that narrow path, is to get there. Trivial things aren't going to knock me off. Getting there is my hope. It's what keeps me joyful! It's what sheds light on the gloom.

I'm just not going to jeopardize my hope by hating, lying stealing, jealousy, irreverence or any of those Laws put there to keep me safe. In fact because I choose to follow the path with it's sign posts, is how I let God know that I love him! God's Laws are not chains which bind me, but  silver cords of love binding me to him!

As I sit here and write my thoughts in the early morning hours, it's hope that fuels my day! The fatal thinking of the night before is brightened now by the Light of hope. I can exist through the day because of Jesus. He is my hope. His Spirit still guides me along that trail of blood to eternal life where by his grace, I will never die! What I leave behind is a dead god. It's "the flesh" of me which died on the cross and my god died that day WHEN I sacrificed him to the one who was on the cross.

That god won't be with me in Paradise. He's not welcome! However, I will be glorified as I walk under that rainbow. Just as Noah got a new world promised by that symbol, I will get a new chance and new indestructible flesh. Just as the world would never die again by water, by water I will never die, because the old creation is destroyed in favor of a new creation which will never  taste death!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Always Another Reason

Acts 14:8 "And there sat a certain man at Lystra, impotent in his feet, being a cripple from his mother's womb, who never had walked:
9 The same heard Paul speak: who stedfastly beholding him, and perceiving that he had faith to be healed,
10 Said with a loud voice, Stand upright on thy feet. And he leaped and walked.
11 And when the people saw what Paul had done, they lifted up their voices, saying in the speech of Lycaonia, The gods are come down to us in the likeness of men.
12 And they called Barnabas, Jupiter; and Paul, Mercurius, because he was the chief speaker.
13 Then the priest of Jupiter, which was before their city, brought oxen and garlands unto the gates, and would have done sacrifice with the people.
14 Which when the apostles, Barnabas and Paul, heard of, they rent their clothes, and ran in among the people, crying out,
15 And saying, Sirs, why do ye these things? We also are men of like passions with you, and preach unto you that ye should turn from these vanities unto the living God, which made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and all things that are therein:
16 Who in times past suffered all nations to walk in their own ways...
18 And with these sayings scarce restrained they the people, that they had not done sacrifice unto them."
In the city of Lystra Paul and Barnabas had conflicting welcomes. Neither was what they were after! To summarize, a deformed man had faith great enough to be healed, Paul commanded him to stand, but the man did even more! He leaped and walked! Perhaps that is where the expression "leap of faith" originates!

Paul was there to spread the gospel of Jesus.  As such, it was faith in Jesus which was the power to heal. In this case, as always, those with that great faith, are made whole. Not only did this man walk, but he became a new person because of faith in Jesus! Imagine if you will, this pitiful person whose legs were likely quite deformed and atrophied. He would seem to have little happiness in life. Because people are mean-spirited, it's likely that this man was ridiculed throughout life. He was likely a well-known beggar totally dependent on the generosity of others!

When this poor man leaped up and walked, the Gentiles around were astounded! Gentiles are people of reason, but Jews of miracles. Two races of people responded two totally different ways!
1 Corinthians 1:22 "For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom..."
But here we have the Gentiles who believed in "a sign" (miracle), but in later verses,  (read the rest of the chapter), it was the Jews who, even with this great sign, still failed to believe!

The Gentiles, although recognizing the miracle, failed to recognize the source of the miracle. They looked for somebody of "flesh and blood" who could get the credit. Their gods were those of the Romans. They were merely powerful, but imaginary humans.

Mercury was the god of commerce whose function was to guide souls to the underworld, a place beneath the surface of the earth where the dead reside. And Barnabas was thought to be Jupiter, the god of the skies and the symbol of power. He was the chief Roman god. Those are gods of mythology. However, for the Gentiles, they were real, but false gods. People always look to the sky or to the earth for a reason for everything. They fail to consider God of everything and look to a pantheon of gods, each having their own purpose.

Most people today deny the gods of myth. However, at one time, they were worshiped instead of God. The Gentiles had "other gods before" God; or "in his face" if you prefer. Theirs were gods of flesh who they believed had great power. In this case, the power of regeneration. The Gentiles saw that the body was regenerated, but apparently missed the point of the miracle:

Just as the woman whose faith was great and touched Jesus robe, he said " thy faith hath made thee whole", this deformed man was re-formed, but his soul was regenerated. Wholeness is regeneration and that is salvation! The old creature depended on the earth on which he sat, but the new person, in a leap of faith saw regeneration in the sky!

Look at the difference. The Gentiles saw Mercury and looked toward the earth, and saw Jupiter and looked toward the sky, but the truth was in heaven, the kingdom of God! It was Mercury from whom the man leaped, but not to Jupiter as he leaped. It was to his Father in heaven!

Mythological gods were gods of the flesh. They're not unlike the gods most still worship today. The government is the economic God. Weak people depend on it to satisfy themselves! Mercury is the military god.  Again, it's the government on whose military might we depend to keep us safe. The armed forces are our Jupiter. These two government gods provide for us and protect us. We believe in the myth just as the Romans did! It's God who provides and protects! It's our own flesh that we beg for these things!
Romans 8:11 "But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you. 12 Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. 13 For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live."
By faith the crippled man looked to the spirit for healing. As such he was "raised up" not only from the ground, but from death as well, in congruence with Jesus' resurrection. The man's virtually dead body was restored and at the same time he became a new creation! This is symbolic of Jesus Christ when he was resurrected and glorified!   The Gentiles looked to the flesh (gods) for an explanation and there they stood: Barnabas and Paul, but the healed man looked well beyond that; he looked to the One True God. His faith was in Jesus!

You see it was "wisdom" the Gentiles used even when looking at the sign. They saw the miracle, but looked for an explanation that they understood. They turned to Barnabas and Paul who stood there. That made sense, but to heal, they must be gods!  It was the flesh toward which the Gentiles looked. Only that made sense to them in their wisdom. They still failed to understand what Jesus is all about. It's not the things of the flesh, but of the Spirit.

People still turn to the flesh for regeneration. Some believe that their self can save them, science will someday prevent death, or that somehow those in power can save. In the meantime, people turn to the government for answers and to provide: Mercury and Jupiter. They look to the flesh, but the meek turn to God! It is vanity to have faith in the flesh. It has no power to save us from anything! The truly wise will humble themselves by laying flat on their face in the presence of even the powerful and let God lift them up just as the crippled man did!
James 4:10 "Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up."
The crippled man was born that way. We are born that way too! He was born a cripple and a sinner. That's who he was. We are born crippled as well. We are all born in sin! It was meekness through faith which restored him and made him a new person. If we humble our "self" we can be restored just as he was!

What was the deformed man? Humble! Who lifted him up? The Lord! So simple yet the wise entirely missed the point. When people are healed, they thank the doctor, but in actuality, it's the power is in the Lord! You see, we still look for healing from the world and hope from the sky, but Jesus is our only hope! To understand that is wisdom because the flesh has not the power to save!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Social Values

It's election time. That's important! While no government is ideal, some are better than others. What distinguishes the difference is our ability to worship or not to worship. Yes, even the freedom "not to worship" is imperative because tyrannical governments require worship. A noted example is the end-of-time one world government, wherein the leader proclaims himself "God" and demands worship. Therefore, there is a distinct link between government and religion, and it's the government which infringes!

Is democracy the best? To be honest, it works well where the government is based on Natural Law, but fails to work at all under some religions. In America it has worked fairly well because of Judeo-Christian values. Liberals, in years past, founded a government based upon those values, but now they are the ones who frown upon what they created. In other words, liberalism itself has changed! When this nation was founded liberalism was in opposition to the strict adherence to repressive religious institutions wherein the citizens were not only required to worship, but were told in which church to worship. What I'm referring to is the church of the Holy Roman Empire, and in America, the state sponsored established churches in nearly all the colonies.

Islam and democracy is a recipe for failure, for instance, because Islam has its own Sharia Law, in opposition to democracy. It reverts back to what most people had in repressive times under dictatorial monarchies. As such Islam does work in kingdoms. Monarchs can maintain order through the power of coerced religious practices and the inherent abuses. In those societies where people are forced to obey through threats of death, Islam fits into that scheme. Strangely, the very ideology that freed western society from the abuses of established religion, the liberals, are the very ones who have connected with those of the Islam faith. It's assisted by the Roman Catholic Church doctrine of "liberation theology" which has been copied in the mainstream progressive "protestant" churches which at one time were liberal in their freedom to worship.

Liberalism has imposed upon civil institutions political thoughts, one called "economic" issues and the other "social issues". Strangely enough liberation theology is propagated under the economic because it is tied to "income redistribution". It rightfully belongs under "social issues" because it's concepts are how humans treat other humans.

"Liberation Theology" is based on the tenet of "social justice". It's focus is on lifting the poor out of poverty as a manifestation of love taught in the New Testament. Of c ourse charity is a Christian concept, but the word itself implies love and sacrifice. The problem with liberation theology is that rather than a personal choice it becomes a government mandate. Hence, religion is in league with godless Marxism.

Liberation theology was developed in poor Latin American countries where dictatorial regimes were unfair in their treatment of mankind; one more reason to have this under "social issues" rather than economic. Liberation theology is not a good fit for democracies. Poverty is a "social issue" and democracies should have an umbrella to cover those who have legitimate causes of failure. The aged, infirmed, widows and orphans fit well into those who deserve economic assistance.

With that background, let me say one thing: Americans are being deceived. Those non-economic issues are not "social issues" they are "moral issues"! Morality implies that there are standards for right and wrong and in the west, those standards are from Natural Law. That's the laws of civilized nations originating throughout the ages by civilized people. Although, Greek philosophy, Roman republicanism and the Magna Charta had a large input into Natural Law, so did Judeo-Christian religions, and to be honest, even Zoroastrianism, which was at least, "a fair religion"!

Liberals who once were proponents of Natural Law, are now the prime opponents of it because of the degree to which Judeo-Christian values are entwined with Natural Law, specifically, the Ten Commandments. Much of what regulates our society is based on the influence of who are founders referred to as "Providence", or God. Liberals don't like that link between government and religion, and as such, they have developed a new state religion! I know what you're thinking: "Tell me! I'm not aware of any state religion." That's part of the deception!

"Atheism" is a religion. The difference is that it has no supreme deity. Each person is their own god. These gods aren't bad in  their belief because it's good that they help one another. They just help because of their responsibility because their human. God has no part in their charity. Most belief that government should be the benefactor. Hence, the established religion in the United States, and indeed western society, is "secular humanism". It's the concept of being"good" without recognizing the "goodness" of God. As such liberation theology practices are atheistic in the guise of Christianity!

Poverty is a bad thing! It's a result of man's disobedience to God. It's not of God, but is of Satan. (Genesis 3:17-19). Although Jesus taught charity as an activity of love, he didn't come to save mankind from poverty! His miracles were few which addressed poverty, but most made men "whole". He healed those who were physically sick and spiritually ill. His purpose was not to remove hunger from the stomach, but destitution from the soul! His own words were "For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always." (Matthew 26:11). Jesus could have wiped out poverty with one more miracle, but poverty is divine justice due to disobedience. It's not a "good" thing,  but it is just!

Therefore, "social justice" is not to be the primary tenet of the church. The church's role is to have souls redeemed. The focus is on the spirit, not the flesh. As such it's not "social values" which are preeminent, but "moral issues". For Christians and Jews, moral issues are "rights and wrongs" which are part of Natural Law handed down to Americans through divine Providence. God's role in American values are a problem for liberals. To remove the focus from the divine dictated "moral values"; so they call them "social values".

It didn't start with Bill Clinton, but he campaigned on "It's the economy, stupid!" The implication is that nothing else matters, but the wealth of the nation; the reduction of poverty. Americans were acclimated to this notion by previous progressives such as Franklin Roosevelt. However, the very notion of economy over morality is a concept as old as mankind! I'm not going to elaborate, but what Adam and Eve did back in the Garden (Genesis 3), which caused poverty, was placing economy over morality. You need to think about this yourself, but God gave one commandment: it was the establishment of right and wrong (morality), but Adam and Eve chose economy. Rather than going with God, they sought to meet their own needs (and wants).

Much later God made a deal with Abraham. This deal was this: "Honor me by doing my will and I will make you prosper!" (Genesis 15). (Because Abraham was righteous, God made him prosperous). The righteousness came before prosperity. Prosperity before obedience leads to neglect of God. What I'm saying is "It's not the economy, stupid! It's placing God first and foremost!"

Liberals have taken poverty from the "social issues" column and placed it under "economic issues". Of course it doesn't belong there, but making "equality of outcomes" a "constitutional right", that's where liberals have misplaced it. In that manner people can vote for candidates who have conservative economic values and not worry about social issues. (However, we all know that there is a liberal cost to liberal socials issues!) Now, let's call a "spade" a "spade". There are "moral issues" which have the misnomer "social issues" and I have established that these "moral issues" are based on God's values! What are some of them?

  • The sanctity of all human life.
  • The sanctity of holy matrimony between one man and one woman.
  • The freedom to worship anywhere however one wants.
  • Allegiance to God over government.
  • To do the dictates of the heart.
  • The freedom to speak anywhere about spiritual values.
  • The freedom to privacy in worship.
  • For the government to not establish a religion (secular humanism for instance).
  • The expectation of a civil society without hedonism, drug abuse and lasciviousness (pornography for instance).
  • The right to honor God in all aspects of life including furthering Judeo-Christian morality as a means to a civilized society.
These ideals are being "righteous". Citizens have a reasonable expectation that our society be civilized. Natural Law is a long-established good model and it does include Judeo-Christian principles. Where society is now belongs to the ideology of "socialism". That's the doctrine of liberals, now referred to as "progressives', but in reality are "socialists", even Marxists. Saying "Christian Socialism" or "Democratic Socialism" are both oxymorons because that cannot be! Any Christianity that ever was in socialism was long ago minimized, as indicated by Karl Marx himself!

Christianity is all about "freedom". That's why there is a great, but imperfect match, with this democratic republic! God never "forces" faith. It's always a choice. One of our rights is that same freedom. It's constitutionally protected. Liberalism has eroded our religious freedoms and it's all done by deception. Part of that deception is demagoguery. Lemons are called lemonade. "Moral Issues" are called "Social Issues",  and as such "It's the economy, stupid!" and any morality is beside the point!

Has that happened before? Who promised a chicken in every pot and delivered on his promise. Who was it that had horrible "moral issues", but great "economic issues"? Who was the first to espouse "It's the economy, stupid!" and the people fell for it? Roosevelt? No, it was Adolph Hitler under socialism, which liberals deny he was! Well, how about their "for sure liberal", Joseph Stalin, who was a Soviet Socialist. You can't clean up evil enough for it to cease being evil. It's only that evil becomes acceptable as the new norm!

The end-of-times is near when people accept evil as the norm. Liberalism fosters that notion. Not on purpose, but because they are deceived. They are "good" people in a humanistic sense with good motives, but without Christ in whom only "good" resides, they are mere pawns of evil!

Friday, January 22, 2016

A Dying Church

Note: For the video version see link The Dying Church

I've have a real burden: churches are dying because Christians can't get along! It's because a war is being waged. Rather than being Christlike, Christians are being just like their former selves!

It's not the fault of sinners. It's our fault! We set the example for the unsaved in church, but why in the world would a sinner want to be like us? We can't even get along and love each other with the love of Jesus. How could sinners expect that we could even love them?

I had a Christian friend who had at one time been in the mafia. He was a former drug pusher and user. This new Christian told me the sad truth: his mafia family treated him better than his church family! That's despicable, but that's why the church is dying!

Sinners SHOULD ask "What can Jesus do for me?' and be on solid ground. However, Christians who ask that are selfish!  Ask yourself "What can I do for Jesus?' What is the answer? You can try serving him. You can trying respecting him. You can try being obedient to him and you can even try loving him! While you're at it you can just maybe try out that new suit you have been given! Try loving others!

The church is dying because Christians are not in one accord! We are in discord! Sound out those two words: DIIIIIIISSSSSSCOOOOOORD. It even sounds mean! Then try ACCOOOOOOOOORD. See the difference? Accord is positive sounding and being cordial is positive. Watch out though; there is more to love than being cordial.

Europe was at one time the hotbed for Christianity. Now it's about 20% in England who even claim to be Christians and it's possible many of those are mistaken. Are we mistaken too? Would sinners in the world buy into our claim that we are Christians? Do you hurt for them as Jesus hurt for you?

You're killing the church. The grounds around the church building are killing fields. Why? The Holy Spirit is dead! Not dead himself, but he's not saying much. It's happened before... it can happen again!

Let me explain. The Holy Ghost got tired of messing around with unloving people. (The Jews). This is how it happened:
Malachi 4:5 "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes. 6a And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers..."
Things will change when Elijah comes. In other words, the Holy Spirit will be silent until the right time comes!

Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament. This was the last inspired word which God gave to the Jews. It was 400 years before God spoke again! The "Elijah" of whom Malachi spoke was John the Baptist. Now let's look at John the Baptist:
Luke 1:13 "But the angel said unto him, Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John. 14 And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth. 15 For he shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink; and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost, even from his mother's womb."
You can see here that the Holy Ghost awoke from his silence. He was with John the Baptist in the womb of his mother.

John wasn't Elijah (John 1:19-21), but he was a type of Elijah, having the same spirit as Elijah:
Matthew 11:13 “For all the prophets and the Law prophesied until John. 14 And if you are willing to accept it, John himself is Elijah who was to come."
Prophecy was the word of God delivered by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. All prophecy was inspired. After Malachi there was no inspiration for prophecy until John came.

Between Malachi and Matthew's writings the Holy Spirit remained silent. When John came in the same Spirit as Elijah, the Holy Spirit began to work again; and when Jesus was born, he came with fire!

The Holy Spirit is alive today in some churches. They are few! The Holy Spirit remains silent in most churches for two reasons: 1) Either the church is a false church, or 2) the people are not in one accord!

First let's look at false churches. They don't even know that they're false!

There are many which don't really believe in Jesus because their faith is NOT in him! They are mere socials clubs. I once wrote this in Facebook about churches:
The church is a place of love; not a meeting place for lunch, not a runway for modeling, not a consortium for gossipers, not a trestle to harbor ill feelings, not a pedestal to snub, not a concert to rock, and not a bench to judge! It's a sanctuary from all those things. It's where fellowship should be. It's where love blossoms for God and others! It's where God is magnified and we do that by loving. Thank you Lord for at least some peace in your house! (Larry Herrin, Facebook; Sep 21, 2015).
True churches are a house for love! It's where disciples come to love Jesus! I only know of one way to do that! Since we can't seem to get our arms around Jesus, although he IS here in Spirit, we can, so to speak, get our arms around others! The true church loves Jesus! It never undermines what Jesus says or distort his word. Some modern churches don't believe Jesus lives, they don't believe the Bible is the word of God and they don't even believe in hell!  What then is it that Jesus saves us from? Without hell, Jesus' death served no purpose because he didn't save us from anything!

In many churches God's will is a menu where we select behaviors. Christians can "order" their belief just like in a fast food restaurant! You don't want to get married? Well then just live together; God is a tolerant God. Anger is okay! God will turn his head from anger; he'll forgive you! Guess what? You can't be serious when you pray this way: "God forgive me for what I'm about to do!" It's silly to ask God to forgive you for being unwilling to give up what you love to do!

There's a mantra which is popular today: "I will never change for anybody!" That's a snub to God. What is it that God wants you to do most? CHANGE for him! But you... you hang on to you! You are "true to self" as they say. You DO what YOU WANT TO DO! Christians have that attitude too! That new creation they're supposed to be is sometimes there on Sunday, but disappears when the fun starts!

God "as you understand him" is half blind and stupid. Your God is one who fails to see what you do when you're away from others. Silly sinners keep sin secrets from God! How silly!
Luke 8:17 "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad."
What you do in secret is displayed on a wide screen TV screen right in front of God. Our Daddy up above sees everything in high definition and his reception is good!   We all know what secrets we have, but somehow delude ourselves that it's manifested. Even our thoughts are displayed on wide screen. Face it: what goes through our minds would make people SCREAM, but God sees it!

What is it that we do which is such a horror show? We hate! At times we all hate people for some reason! Not all people, but some!

Now look at what I see in churches! It's a house of SELF worship. Let me comment from my Facebook post:

  • Church becomes a social club where we meet to chat and meet for lunch. Rather than the sermon about Jesus, we plan where we're going to eat to satisfy ourselves! Not only that, but we decide who we're going to eat with! It's people we like, and people who we want to like us! 
  • Some folks dress for church like their going to a fancy Broadway play. When overly concerned about apparel, it takes the focus off Jesus and puts it on YOU. Church becomes all about YOU. It's YOU that you're worshiping! What's more your flesh is YOUR idol. You paint it, hang gold from it, tattoo and pierce it, and make it smell good. You can't have a plain old idol. Yours must be beautiful and have a good smell so people will affirm it! Dressing fit to kill is immodesty. Being extravagant is being vain. It's SELF-centered and God wants us to be Jesus centered!
  • We gossip about others! So you don't think so? I hear you and God does too. What you say and think about your fellow Christians, is good soap opera stuff. It also appears on God's TV! We gossip because we're jealous of other people. Their god gets more recognition than ours! We must belittle it!
  • Church is a place whereGRUDGES are held. You remember every snub and comment about those from years back. Those folks you are to LOVE? Well, you resent some of them and you know it! Even though Jesus FORGETS what you do, heaven forbid if you FORGET what others do!
  • Grudges are caused by something. True, some Christians have wronged you as you have wronged others. You condemn them for the very things you have DONE yourself, but your god, yourself, can't smell it's own foul smell. You expected Jesus to forgive you, but then you won't forgive others! I know... you say you do, but your attitude reveals that you lie! If you forgive, then you are to love them. If you still hold a grudge, you haven't really forgiven! In fact you don't love someone, what is it you have? Is it HATE? What does God say about hate?
1 John 3:15 "Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him."
You hate me? Yes, some of you do! I can tell by your attitude. If not me, there are people you hate. If you do, then you are a murderer! It's as bad as killing, yet you are a killer and don't even feel bad about it! Someday, you will be judged! There will be no reward! Don't try hiding behind eternal security. That's a gamble! We are to love others because God commands it! If we don't want to follow Jesus, who is it we're following? Your own SELF! You're doing what YOU want to do!

Now onto the second point as to why your church is dead. Your church is dead because of YOU! It's dead because of others! You all make it a dying church. Why? Because you are not of one accord!!!!
 Acts 2:1 "And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. 2 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. 3 And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. 4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost,"
Those folks were having church! Unlike our fashion shows and social clubs, they were there for a reason. It was to get a little Jesus!  They weren't gossiping, holding grudges, hating and feeling hate and resentment. They were focused! They loved each other! They put differences aside because things we don't like about other people are silly diversions to keep our eyes off Jesus. The devil laughs at us when we hold grudges or even think that we're better or smarter than other people. Heaven forbid if we had a meal with a lower social class person, let alone an ugly person!

You see your standard of comparison is the standards of your own god.  Who's your god? YOU! If others aren't just like you, then something is wrong with them. Critical Christians look at the outside and at possessions. Those other gods aren't attractive as ME and aren't dressed as well either. In fact those rival gods are just people... ugly people, but well... I'm ME! James made the playing field level! God is not a respecter of persons yet we are!
James 2:1 "My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons. 2 For if there come unto your assembly a man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment; 3 And ye have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool: 4 Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?"
You're NOT special. The popular people areNOT special. The beautiful people are NOT special! Yet I watch some who strut the aisles at church as if they are royalty! They worship their own SELF and they want you to do that too!

The key to being of one accord is LOVE. Without love the Holy Spirit remains silent in your church! When people are at odds in God's house I can literally sense the discord! Guess what" The Holy Ghost stays silent that day! I know when there is discord. I don't listen to rumors or gossip; I just look at the empty pews and empty altars. No one wants to attend church where hate exists!

Church is a sanctuary where we should be safe from hate! Yes, hate kills! Sometimes when I'm with a brother who hates me, I'm spiritually dead. There is no joy! The Holy Ghost remains silent and we all go home feeling that something is amiss. He was! The Spirit if Jesus stayed away. If he was inside anyone, he was napping. Likely other little gods were blocking his view or maybe he didn't want to be where people were resentful, unforgiving and unloving. If I was Jesus I'd stay away from that chaos. Sometimes even I want to hide out away from all the discord!

Anywhere in Acts before the Holy Ghost came, there was always unity. It is said "They were all of one accord!" If one of you is out of harmony with others, you're out of God's will. The Holy Ghost sees fit to just stay silent and it's because if YOU! You are SELF-centered and Jesus is jealous of your god. Those out of accord are just a bunch of egomaniacs each worshiping their own little god!

What is it we must do? I need to change! YOU need to change! If we're a new creation, why don't we do NEW things? The old creature did whatever it was that he wanted to do. The new creation does what God wants him to do. It's not "God as we understand him." It's "God as we stand under him!"

Loving each other is NOT optional. We're commanded to love one another. We do that because we SAY that we love Jesus. When I hear the gossip, it's not love I feel. When people bear grudges, it's not love I feel. When people don't truly forgive, it's not love I feel! It's DISCORD! We are too busy being our own gods to love people. It's all about US! It's all about YOU! It's all about ME! New persons are all about God! If you're a new person, why can't others sense it?

The church numbers dwindle, but you don't care! It's easier to be of one accord when enemies are gone! It's easier to love those you don't hate. How disgusting we must be to God! We can't even get along for an hour with those we expect to spend ETERNITY with. Jesus weeps! His creation is pitiful. He showed his love by dying for WORMS like us, but then we act as if we are the ones who DESERVE everything! We can't offend our little god, can we?

What do we need to do? One word will suffice: CHANGE! We topple the god of SELF!