Monday, February 29, 2016


Yes, "whoredom".  I must get your attention. A "whore" is a person who has sexual relations with numerous people. They may do it for pay or for passion. They may hate the act or do it for excitement. It may be often or seldom. It may be with a friend or a stranger.  This type of lifestyle is for those who fornicate with another. That's not where I am going today!

In spiritual terms "whoredom" is worshiping other gods before God. The first sin; the original sin was for a whoring. "The Tree of Life", symbolic of Jesus, was standing there in the midst of the Garden and Eve glanced away from it and stood under "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil". Why? Because the "grass was greener" she thought, under "the other tree". "The Tree of Life" offered two things: sustenance and hope. "The other tree" offered beauty, pleasure and knowledge. Eve fornicated with the "other tree"; the one in which the serpent lived. She bedded down with other gods, in this case, her god was her "self", because she sought to please her "self". Her own "flesh" was her idol because it's her own senses she sought to gratify.

Because she pleasured herself and didn't die, Adam turned away form God and fornicated with "another god"; his own "self". Thereafter, they remained with God, but became whores to their own flesh. "Doing what is right in their own eyes" is whoredom.  Those who mess around with gratification of "the self" ignore the will of God. It's their own flesh to which they bow! Oh, there may be a image of wood, gold, stone or any material there to which they bow, but ultimately they are bowing to their "self". They are "doing what they want to do" without regard to God who says "I am a jealous God". In spite of God's jealousy they go a whoring after other gods!

Consider Molech:
Leviticus 20:5 Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people. Leviticus 18:21 And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the Lord."
Molech was the name of the god of pagan Ammonites.  Even Solomon fornicated with Molech. He went a whoring after that religion of the foreign people.

Figure #1: Molech (Wikipedia)
"But" you say "this is a fake god!" Molech (Moloch) meant "Great King" and his name in the original language was nearly identical to the very name of "The Great King"; God.  The Ammonites were faithful to their god, but the Hebrew people went a whoring after another god even as they still kept Jehovah God. They had no fidelity to their God and went a whoring after the other gods!

While fathers brought forth their sons, the priests of this god played drums so that the fathers could not hear the pleas of the child as he was placed into the fire which burned in the belly of this false god.

Does that sound familiar? It should! For safety and prosperity even Christians in "The Third Reich" heard the trains coming with the wales of Jews going to their death. It has been said by some that "we just sang a little louder"!

When I think of Molech I think of abortion because parents threw their seed into the fire! I think specifically of the burning of saline abortion, but it applies as well to the destruction of the seed of man in the womb in any fashion. I'm sure Hitler smiles as his "Third Reich" still lives in the hearts of the entire world. Even "Christian" America has gone a whoring with Molech as Hitler participates in the tryst. You, the devil and Molech are an unholy trinity in whoredom if the silent scream of the unborn is muffled by the pat pat pat of drums or by singing a little louder! You whore!

Most of the worship of pagan gods is sex centered. They even had male and female temple prostitutes. Homosexuality was rampant because it's an abomination to God and pagan gods relished in the idea at Jehovah vomiting at their lasciviousness. Abortion, passing your own seed through the fire, is an disgusting to the Lord because of the whoredom associated with it!

Whoredom is not always as blatant as Molech. Going a whoring is not always putting your own seed in the fire. Whoredom can be as "benign" as doing things other people do just because it's trivialized. To what am I referring? Astrology, positive thinking, the balance of forces, the marital arts and other borrowed rituals from pagan gods. Let's take Yoga for instance. "The lie" is commonly said "Yoga is okay. It's not a religion." Neither is throwing a baby into the fire "a religion". It's a pagan ritual just as Yoga is a pagan practice. In doing Yoga you respect "other gods" as you disrespect the One True God! You are a whoring with Vishnu or other Hindu gods.
Figure #2: Vishnu (Wikipedia)
You see, the Hindu god Vishnu is much more beautiful than is Molech, but in practice, Vishnu, the "Supreme God" of many eastern religions is where people still burn their seed in opposition to God. It's their own flesh they sacrifice to Vishnu by bowing to his forces in various positions while the music plays serenely so that the whore can't hear the pleas of the Father, "Don't do this! It's disrespectful to my Holy Name! Don't fornicate with other gods!"

The serpent beguiled Eve to eat of the forbidden tree. The serpent deceived even Solomon to go a whoring after Molech and the serpent deceives you into bowing to Vishnu. God sheds tears because he is a jealous God! Why keep your spiritual virginity for God? Because you are the bride of Jesus. As brides of this regal bridegroom we must never go a whoring after other gods, even bowing to them in various postures, which by the way, billions of people made it through life without doing Yoga!

What is it that you should do whether it be any "New Age" activity? Quit being the whore. Keep fidelity to God! God smiles with joy when our fidelity is to him and him alone. We must never make God jealous!

On Apostolic Works

Acts 20:9 "...there sat in a window a certain young man named Eutychus, being fallen into a deep sleep: and as Paul was long preaching, he sunk down with sleep, and fell down from the third loft, and was taken up dead. 10 And Paul went down, and fell on him, and embracing him said, Trouble not yourselves; for his life is in him. 12 And they brought the young man alive, and were not a little comforted."
There are two divergent opinions regarding the Book of Acts: 1) That  there were miracles designed by God to kick-start the newly growing church, or 2) that early church practices were the foundation of what the church was to be forever. Because of two different opinions we have two extreme beliefs: 1) the modern day Apostolic Churches and 2) the traditional churches, some of which are evangelical and others traditional.  Therefore, within the Christian faith there are three faiths in one, sort of a "Holy Affinity" where Christians readily come to each and fight to remain there!

I find no scripture which "proves" either proposition 1 nor 2! Therefore, neither opinion is right and neither is wrong. God is a mystery and he has his reasons. Because this issue is divisive means that what the apostles did was truth, but Satan has distorted our understanding for his own purposes. The safe position, so as not to grieve the Holy Spirit, is to say "That's not for me to know and claiming secret knowledge is prideful."

Those who take the latter position are "Full Gospel Churches". Their contention is that others teach only half the gospel and that the Holy Ghost is ignored. Because even saying the words "Holy Ghost" makes traditionalists fear being called Pentecostals, they use the  name "Holy Spirit", which sounds more scientific and less eerie!  (A video on this topic is forthcoming this week on

Full Gospel churches focus on the Holy Ghost at the expense of Jesus. Traditional churches neglect the Holy Ghost because the focus is rightfully to be on Jesus. However, the focus belongs to God who is both, thus all three! It was Jesus the man who is God who died for us, so it's he who is the Way! His spirit remains with mankind and is the Ghost of Jesus because a ghost belongs only to whom was at one time flesh!  The man Jesus' purpose was the be the atonement for sins and provide salvation to mankind, and the Holy Spirit's role is to "comfort" us in the absence of Jesus!

Immediately after the crucifixion of Jesus doubt arose. God did special things to assure the disciples to continue in their faith. Because Jesus was gone in body and because of extreme ridicule and persecution, it is probable that God did special things to propagate the faith and comfort those in doubt. What he did was to use the Holy Ghost to do miracles. We all agree that the gift of tongues was a miracle as was snake handling and even raising from the dead.

Full Gospel churches teach that "speaking in tongues" is evidence of the Holy Ghost and that traditional churches either aren't of Christ or need something else!  Traditional churches believe that adding something else to grace they already have is heretical. The broad contention is that Christians are filled with the Holy Ghost when they are born-again, and nearly as prevalent is that the Holy Ghost comes with baptism. For me, I won't put God in Herrin's box; he does what he wills to do however he chooses to do it! My God has almighty power and he is not a method nor a process. He is God!

Full Gospel Churches would say that what occurred in the Acts of the Apostles still happen today. The main contention is that men still speak in what they call "unknown tongues". Some believe that faithful Christians are to handle snakes because the apostles proclaimed that great of faith. Using that argument leads to the topic at hand! Where are the Full Gospel preachers who raise men from the dead?

If indeed we use the Acts of the Apostles to fuel the doctrine of modern-day speaking in tongues, to be a valid argument those same Full Gospel preachers must revive people from death!

Obviously, we all agree that the Holy Spirit/Ghost is still with mankind, providing hope and comfort. The difference is in how he works, when he fills, how he fills, and by how much Christians are filled; and even possibly whether the Holy Spirit comes and goes.

All these questions are contentions and contentious. Just as baptism's mode, timing, method, position, depth, and times immersed divided 1500's Christians, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and miracles divide Christians today. Scripture leads me to view the "special case" position for a new church. I can't dictate to anyone that my position is by divine authority, but that's what I'm inspired to believe. On the other hand those of opposite doctrine believe they too are inspired by God and they are the ones who are right. God doesn't inspire different people to opposing faiths, so one or both camps are wrong and just fail to understand what God wills for us to understand.

Believe me when I say "If God has a purpose for my preacher to raise someone from the dead, my preacher will have that ability even if no one else does!"  That's having sincere faith in almighty God!

On the other hand if my preacher raised someone from the dead most would still not believe! The same was true in Paul's time, but enough believed to make the church grow. People are doubters! The official word is "agnostic" because they are skeptical about God and his almighty power. As the rich man was informed by Jesus about his brothers:
Luke 16:31 "And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead."
Especially now, since modern science has the ability to revive those if caught soon enough, it's still a work of God, but it's the doctor who gets the credit! Raising someone from the dead is commonplace within the medical community, but not the church. Hence, the faith is in the doctors, not God! Man's unbelief is so firm that even the raising of the dead is ineffectual! Why don't preachers do that? Because if preachers revived them, it would merely appear to be fraud in the eyes of skeptics!

The lesson here is that faith is not dependent on miracles. Faith is examining the evidence about Jesus and asking the question "Is he who he says he is and did he do for us what he said that he was going to do?" If you believe that you are enlightened and as such, are born again a new creation!  That's by faith!

If you demand "proof" as did the Jews, your faith is weak. If it takes raising a person from the dead to convince you that Jesus is the Way, then your faith is weak! If it takes speaking in tongues to convince you that you are saved, then your faith is weak! "Works" are things we do to try to save ourselves. That isn't going to happen because we don't have the power to do that! It's by faith in Jesus that we're saved, and by faith we believe.  The necessity for "proof" means that the person must have doubts. My faith is stronger than that!

Perhaps the question is not "Who is right?", but "Who has the most faith?"

If God raised someone from the dead that's good! For me to believe in Jesus, it's only necessary for me to believe that he rose from the dead. Anyone else to be raised from the dead doesn't assure my own salvation. Likewise, with speaking in tongues.  I don't need that to believe!

Because I don't have this overpowering pride to say "My doctrine is always right and yours if wrong!", I have enough meekness to add "If you need speaking in tongues before you believe, then maybe you speak in tongues!" If God wants you to raise people from the dead or speak in tongues he can do that! However, with the rich man, he said for his family, it's an effort in futility!

This commentary is as objective, I feel, that I can be. Because I don't want to grieve the Holy Ghost nor exhibit excessive pride, I must concede: "Maybe I'm wrong!", but for your own humility you should also admit "Maybe you are wrong!"  Pride gets in our way and discord results.

If God wills that I raise people from the dead or speak in tongues, I'm ready and waiting to do his will. That's what submission is all about.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Out there far far away is nothing -
being a container, it is something.
Nothing is something you will see -
for something in nothing is aplenty.

Something has substance and exists.
If something touches something, it resists.
Nothing when touching nothing, happens nothing.
For nothing is merely a container for something.

Because nothing contains something, it is.
An because nothing is, it is not an abyss.
Nothing becomes something because it has.
Something in nothing, but has mass.

The soul of something is nothing.
Nothing is the spirit of something.
Something has substance and is seen.
Nothing is something that is clean.

Nothing is full of unseen things.
Nothing is the chorus where angels sing!
Nothing contains the God boson -
Nothing is what God has chosen.

Nothing is from which it all came.
Something from nothing by God's name.
Before he spoke nothing was around.
The Word made nothing become profound.

From nothing to something is the Creation.
Something from nothing a manifestation!
But something was there, but unseen.
Nothing was the realm of one Holy being.

Somewhere before when nothing made light -
There was a world unseen with limited sight.
Angels sang and some rebelled -
When nothing was there, the devil fell.

Because something is seen, it is so clear.
Nothing not seen, neither do we hear.
But in nothing something is the leaven.
In nothing was something now called heaven!

Unity in Worship

Acts 20:7 "And upon the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow; and continued his speech until midnight."
The casual reader would think "The disciples came together to eat!" However, when the Bible says something, it means things. Were they merely eating or did this "breaking of bread" have significance?
 Luke 22:19 "And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, 'This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.'"
The disciples were "remembering Jesus". The emphasis is on "the breaking of bread", not the eating of the meal. In fact this memorial is not to stave off hunger, but to show love for Jesus.

Speaking of "the breaking of bread" Paul said this:
1 Corinthians 11:34 "And if any man hunger, let him eat at home; that ye come not together unto condemnation. And the rest will I set in order when I come."
I repeat: What we call "communion", or formal denominations "the Eucharist", is not for satisfying ones own hunger, but to remember Jesus!  Therefore hungry people should eat at home because "the breaking of bread" is not about them!

You see, everything we do is mostly about "us" and less often "others", but communion is for Jesus!
Paul said (1 Corinthians 11:26) "For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes."
There are seven things happening at "the breaking of bread": 1) remembering Jesus, 2) honoring Jesus, 4) putting away the self, 5) demonstrating faith 6) loving Jesus, and 7) celebrating his life!

Yes, communion is Jesus' "celebration of his life" because we do it "until he comes" back!

Nowadays when people die there is no longer a funeral, but "a celebration of life" for the deceased oftentimes followed by a meal. It may be by accident or coincidence, but for Christians a funeral is for "a celebration of life". However, it's not the deceased life which should be celebrated, but the living,  whose name is Jesus. We need to be careful when we celebrate that it doesn't turn into glorifying the deceased, but to remember Jesus himself. When we pattern things after Jesus, the pattern must fit Jesus!

What is it that we are to remember when we break bread? That we can live forever because Jesus died for each of us!  The bread represents "the bread of life" who is Jesus. It's only by Jesus that we can live for eternity. Let's celebrate!

It's Jesus' body which was broken (died) for us. The breaking is in remembrance that he died in our place. Then we are to honor Jesus. He died for us. It's him to whom we are to kneel. We didn't save ourselves; he did it! Give Jesus the credit!

We are to minimize ourselves. Rather than stuff our own idol with good food we are to eat modestly of the bread because the meal is not for us, but for him!  I would venture to say that fasting before taking a small piece of bread would allow us to commune better with God!  Although we eat at the breaking of bread it is to be a sacrifice. How better to offer a sacrifice to God than to offer our own self!

By remembering Jesus with the breaking of bread, it's an act of faith because we are to do it until he comes!   This shows confidence that we believe that he is alive and is coming back! If he cannot do that, then he's not really alive. Breaking of bread is a demonstration that the "hope of salvation' which we have is by true confidence in Jesus: he can do what he says he can do because he died as he said he would... in our place!

Breaking of bread is an act of love. We show love for Jesus in two ways: loving others and loving him directly. The breaking of bread TOGETHER shows that Christians are of one accord, and by focusing this time altogether on Jesus, remembering him as a demonstration of love for him. Doing it together honors him because with togetherness is a pre-condition for his Ghost to be present when we are remembering him!

That's why it's imperative to  reconcile with each other before we break bread together, because we are making a living sacrifice to Jesus!
Matthew 5:23 "Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; 24 Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift."
Whose fault it is of no matter. We are to be reconciled before we commune with Jesus!   What if one breaks bread with other Christians without reconciling with all of them?  They crucify Jesus all over again!
1 Corinthians 11:27 Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.
Those who are "unworthy" are Christians who are at odds with other Christians or have unconfessed sins that have not been repented. Grudges are unconfessed sin, There must be unity restored, forgiveness granted, love shown to others and friendships in order! Then accord is there for the reception of the Holy Ghost.

So you don't "feel" any love or closeness to Jesus when you merely eat the wafer and drink of the cup? It's because Christians are not of one accord. The Holy Ghost doesn't come to his own celebration of life unless it's loving people who are there!

Honestly, during communion I often don't feel the presence of the Holy Ghost! I should because he wants to be there! It's HIS life that we are remembering and he should be there to be honored! I don't feel his presence because of one of two things: 1) Either I have unconfessed sins in my heart, or 2) someone in church holds a grudge against me or others! I can do my part, but others can only do theirs! It would be so refreshing if my enemies would come and say "Larry, let's reconcile so that we aren't crucifying Jesus again while we're supposed to be celebrating his life!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Coatesville: Part 9

"Truth" is time dependent. It's also people dependent! It was said "I heard a new version of the truth and I did all I can to further it!" (Will Rogers, I believe).  Falsehoods, if repeated often enough become a new version of the truth. Two people look at the same things and see differences. This concept is called a "scatoma". Scripture even speaks on it as "eyes to see, but do not see!" (Mark 8:18). 

As an example of a scatoma was when a young 26 years-old teacher was killed on Cascade Road at US40. I saw it, was the first there and pried open the passenger door. I actively participated, but yet I failed to see! An attorney called me to testify on behalf of the defendant. He asked one question "Were there any other cars between you and the accident?" I said "No.". My credibility was eroded right then because other witnesses saw another car in between. My testimony was worthless! What I didn't see was a "scatoma". It's what we fail to see, hear, or experience in clear view.

Why all this explanation on truth and blindness to objectivity? Because it's important to remember that time has blurred truth and objective reality after over forty years! I can only divulge to the reader things as I experienced them and remember what I experienced. History written after years of aging, becomes blended with fantasy. Rather than history, what is written may be false memories. We all do that! Likewise, different people focus on different things and are blind to the other pages.

Because of limited perception I research what I write and pursue different viewpoints. Sometimes I stand corrected and for factuality, that's imperative!

Because someone in our past exhibited a peculiar, but memorable occasion a half-century ago doesn't define that person. There were legions of incidences before that one and as many after. For instance, if a person exhibited let's say "meanness" one time years ago, we may remember and write about that, but one incidence of meanness does not define the person. That person may be truly kind, but had a failure.

With all that said, I'm going to remember the incidences in Coatesville's history of people who made an impression for me to remember. It may be covered with dusty gilt from time, or it may be a different lens from which I see. Because I recount an unfavorable incident should not imply that the person is unsavory. Because I remember a kind act a person did does not define their charity.

Real people may have large slices of good enclosing slivers of bad. Others may have large pieces of bad with only slivers of good. Most people, even the worst, from Coatesville were good people many of whom had slivers of bad.

If when describing a person, it's what I saw at one cross-section in time. It's through my lenses that they're seen and it's my reality they are in! Because of these obstacles the reader may have a different viewpoint on personalities or even events. As you would want others to excuse your perceptions, likewise excuse mine. No one's character is in jeopardy when a funny incidence is represented. It's a treatise in laughing at how we were!

Let's take me first. I stole from a friend at one time. Of that I'm embarrassed, but it's reality. However, because I stole doesn't make me a thief  because there is more to me than what I was when I was eight years old. Likewise, time has changed me. I'm not who I was! Some even still remember me as a teenager from a poor family. I was, but that period does not define me. Considering all that, let's laugh at who we were and how others perceived us to be!

I recently remarked that "Truth is the land beyond which pride lies". I wrote this free-form poem about that mysterious land:

There is a land far beyond.
Beyond the fringe infringed by few.
A land of trees with hanging fruits.
Fruits that are real from trees of truth.
Truth is the land beyond which pride lies.
Rivers flow into that land.
A flat land with hills so few.
A land which few paddle beyond.
Beyond is the land which few shall see.
For to see is to believe that land beyond.
There is a savannah where many linger.
Lingering as their own shadow looms large.
It's there that pride ambushes the prideful.
Pride which chains many with delusions.
Delusions because truth is the land beyond!
It's a journey worth the pious way.
It's a way to the land of truth.
But truth is the land beyond which pride lies.
For lies are in pride for those defiant.
Many are those who defile the land where pride lies!
Pride is a liar! Meaning those prideful conceal who they really are. There is a land beyond lies where truth resides. Because I stole from a friend, I must admit it, but my pride wants it concealed. I reside (lie) in that land of pride unless it's truth I present.  My motivation is to present truth to the reader without regard to pride. If pride kept me from writing about me, the pages may be blank. It''s better to write a word of truth than pages of lies.  Therefore, when I write the truth as I see it about some person, it's my and only my perception of the truth, but I don't define them; they are a composite of all our perceptions!

As for me, some would never compliment me if they knew the evil I've done. However, that evil doesn't make me. It's just a small part. Some may see only that evil part, but my desire is to be loving and kind. Sometimes truth interferes with kindness, so we either keep it to ourselves or hope the other person laughs at it's memory. Laugh on because we all did things for which we deserve a laugh!

I've presented Mabel Davidson's frugality. That's not Mabel. That is one aspect of her personality. Mabel was a fine friend to me and many. It's okay to laugh at that now, but for her frugality was serious business because the Great Depression was serious and it was close at hand. If she were alive today, Mabel would laugh at her own frugality. We truly are a victim of our times!

I have told tales on two individuals who went unnamed because the past can hurt present relationships. We can still laugh and only imagine who they may be. There were folks in Coatesville who were the epitome of Peyton Place, the television series. You can imagine who they are and it may be many!  Sometimes it's not the names we need to know, but the story which is told.

One of my best stories NEEDS two names. One is mine and the other belongs to another. Those who knew me know that I was never a drinker, but on a few occasions, I did drink spirits. That does not make me a drunk, nor even evil. It's my past. This incident is my past and it's not something of which I'm proud, but it was me at this cross-section in time. For the other person, it's the same. With that in mind, I must share the name to make this story alive and hope that those close to my friend do not take offense, because the person in 1964 is not the one of 2016.

The tale is about a friend and me. You know me, but not my friend; at least not his name. Bear with me and you will know his as well!

Woodson "Woody" Darnell brings this story to mind. Woody owned Coatesville Elevator. It too was where "everybody knew your name"!  That set of city skyscrapers was Coatesville. They towered above all and could be seen from all directions. If one stood in Amo three miles away, and looked down the tracks, they would see Coatesville Elevator. It was the land of drying corn and wheat, storage for the height of the selling season, and the place where Coatesville's grain when to the world. The world has tasted the fruits of Coatesville. Those fruits your father's grew!

The "Elevator" was the home of nickel cokes in 7 ounce bottles, cigar-smoking Woody's, scattered grain and the hustle and bustle of farmers peddling their wares. It too was home of many memories for most people. It's where dozens of citizens received the income to feed those who they loved and it was the place where many a "round ball" was stuffed. It's where balls flew over rafters to sink home and where kids rode the vertical tram to great heights! Many memories were hatched there which we now look back on in maturity!

The grain silos were our Mt. Everest. We had to climb them because they were there. That's reason enough and climb we did!  Most teenage boys climbed those towers many times, and Woody nor Lewis ever worried. It was the time when friends didn't sue friends and indeed "Mi casa es su casa!" or in this case "My grain elevator is your grain elevator!" Woody allowed us all free reign because we cleaned up after our messes and seldom were we careless and irresponsible. On this occasion my friend and I did a stupid thing, but God watches over those who need his help!

There is a cause and effect in everything. The cause in this case was a pint of mint vodka which somehow two very young boys had procured. There was that persistent "other cause". It was the grain elevator and those "daggum" tall silos standing about the height of the tower of Babylon; at least 150 feet or an half mile so it seems! There was an unguarded ladder of bent reinforcement rod spaced up the towering wall. In those days OSHA was yet to be a nightmare, and there was no ladder guards to keep careless, nor drunk kids, from falling to their deaths.

This fine friend and I drank about half that vodka and started our climb. It was easy to climb without protection because of our false courage and our self-awareness that indeed we as teens are invulnerable!  We made it to the top without incidence, laughing as we climbed. When we were at our lofty perch we looked at the grand view and laughed that others weren't seeing what we were seeing. Our enjoyment was enhanced by each swagger of the mint vodka.

Now, the daring deed was about to happen and you need to know the name of my fellow imbiber; it was Billy Delp!  Hs name needs to be known because Billy is unique. He was everybody's good friend and truly fun to be with all the time. He was a character for many reasons, having a great sense of humor. He is one of whom is called "a little person" today, but Billy was big inside.

There was a bar extending from one skyscraper to the other. Billy, half-full of the devil's brew and feeling quite superhuman, hand walked the bar from one silo to another, hand over hand, 150 feet in the air! And then hand walked back with his legs dangling in the darkness, hid from the prying eyes of the village people!  I was afraid for him, but Billy had no fear. I cringed at every change of hand as he scurried from one silo to another!

Billy made it back safely and we finished off the pint. One pint doesn't seem like much, but Billy and I were just kids and neither of us were accustomed to alcohol. We were "feeling our oats" as adults were than wont to say. After the pint we were two inebriated to climb down. We both were afraid of the trip down that unsafe external ladder, so we slept the night way up there; above the city, until daybreak came!  I believe that I had help with sobriety. I threw up what I had drank and more!

To this day, I don't drink alcohol and won't even eat mint candy!  The thought of mint vodka still makes me cringe even as I gag when brushing with mint toothpaste. You see, we are a product of where we grew up and the time in which we grew.

If only Woody knew about that, there would have been rules! It's too late for that now because Billy and I lived in spite of lacking wisdom. Without looking, I would bet that those silos now have guarded ladders at least. OSHA takes the fun out of kids lives, while taking the danger out of carelessness.

Woodson Darnell lived in the big brownish-red brick home on the corner of Walnut and Milton  Streets. The Arthur Awbrey home was at the intersection on the other side, and when Barbara Awbrey got married they lived to the north of the Darnells on Walnut.

The Darnell home was to us a mansion. It stood stately upon a hill with a meandering stream at its foot. We sledded there at times and some of us younger ones built pushcarts and raced them there. Before I get into the Darnell family, those days brings back memories. We made our own pushcarts! No adults helped us, nor even showed us how! Young boys are born with the innate ability to create things and that we did!

The source of raw material was the city dump for the most part. We did get the lumber from old buildings and left overs, but the essentials came from the open land-fill long ago closed (again OSHA at work to save us from ourselves!). Us youngsters would walk the two miles or so on SR75 north of town near where the Bell family from Indianapolis moved later.  In that dump were the neatest things outside of Coatesville. As we dodged rats and snakes which we imagined, we dug through the waste of many Coatesvillans to find the hidden jewels which they had discarded.

What we were looking for were old tricycles and wagons from which we could strip the axles and wheels for our woodmobiles. We lugged them home from there and somehow found old nails all of the wrong size in our parents cache. We could never find steeples for attaching the axles so we merely drove in hoards of nails on either side of the axle and bent them over as a retainer. When we wrecked our mobiles, it was mostly when our nails stretched out to where they once were.

The base of the pushmobile would be of scavenged plywood or old flooring. to which the rear axle was nailed on the bottom side. We would find a huge nail, or if lucky, a bolt and nut to attach a plank to the front of the base. This plank is what actually held the front axle.

The seat back was nailed on at an angle with a support on either side and we simulated a hood by adding an nailed piece of wood to the front. Steering was a rope extending from both sides of the front axle and long enough to reach back to the passenger. This dangerous contraption was our homemade toy, again something of which OSHA would never approve! We made ours and we were proud of our handiwork!  Believe it or not, the ability to create things on your own when young develops skilled men! I grimace at what exercising the thumbs on an electronic toy will do for our future!

That's from whence our pushmobile came and they were rode downhill at Woody Darnall's!  We had races there, not sanctioned races, but Little Rascal type races, probably those we copied and maybe even learned!

Ah, I digress again! These same skills were used later when I was about fifteen when us young kids would have demolition derbies on the hillside by the shed at Buck Arnold's home out of town. We would make them "safe: by knocking out the glass and welding a row bar behind the backseat. They were our junkmobiles which were driven until they were junk and then drove on. It's just things like this that us young Coatesville boys had to do! My brothers, Charlie and Carroll were who I copied. I wanted to do what they did even at a young age, and Mom let me do them!

Well, Woody Darnall was always in his work clothes when we saw him. They were always brown khaki shirt and pants with a Coatesville Elevator green bibbed hat. He usually had a stogey in his mouth which he tried to light when he paused for conversation. It was usually unlit, but burnt on the end from previous puffs. That was Woody. He was truly a nice man, congenial and apparently a great businessman. His wife, Lillian, was more refined and we saw her little at the "mill". If Lillian had been from the south she would have been a southern belle. She was stately and friendly!

Lillian, when I saw her was always in a dress and had her silver hair neatly done. She wore glasses in vogue at the time and lipstick for everyday. She was always the one who hired Mom, Carroll and me for work: mom domestic, Carroll for heavier and me for the devilish weed-pulling. Although we were mere "help" she was so loving and caring that she became good friends.Whereas, Woody's friendship was casual and fleeting, Lillian's was more than that. She would bring nice drinks and cookies to us while we were working and always inquire about our lives.

We had the freedom to be anywhere we needed to be in her home or buildings. She trusted us and we never disappointed her.  She paid us often in silver dollars. That was her trademark!  Carroll said that she had a whole drawer full in her basement there for petty cash. I believe that because that was our pay currency!

Woodson "Woody" Darnall (aka Darnell as we called him) was born in 1904 and died in 1969. Woody was born in Arkansas, moved to Jackson County, Missouri and grew up in Putnam County, Indiana, probably Bainbridge. He was the son of Dexter Darnall and Oakie Batman. He married Lillian S. Smith who was also born in 1905 and was from Fillmore. Woody was in Coatesville by 1930.  Woody's brother Paul lived with them for a period of time.  Lillian and Woody had one daughter, June D. Darnall who married Lewis E. Hadley, who moved from town toward Reno in the mid-1960s. Lillian died in Coatesville in 2002 after living out her years in Greencastle.

This struck me as funny:
This is a story with a moral. The moral is “Have a sweet-running motor, but stay behind the wheel.” Wednesday, Woodson Darnell and Paul Darnell, brothers of Bainbridge, operators of an elevator at Coatesville drove their Ford truck to Coatesville, but left the machine in front of a store with the motor running. While they were in the store the Ford clutch became engaged and the vehicle started down Main street (without a driver). It reached the Pennsylvania railroad crossing on Main streets at the same time that a fast Pennsylvania train did. The train didn’t stop. Now the Darnell Brothers are advising all their friends to stop their motor when they leave their cars without a driver. (Greencastle Herald, page 8, November 17,1927)
Notoriety sometimes comes at the expense of carelessness!

June Darnell Hadley was born in  1926 in Hendricks County and died the same place in 2015. Lewis E. Hadley was born about 1916 and was the son of Luther and Grace Daugherty Hadley of Clay Township. Lewis died in Coatesville in 1997.

Those families were one. Lewis and June worked at the mill and later owned it. These two families were prominent in the community and they were all good friends.  As I write is when I discover the demise of Lewis and June; good people from a good place.

Arthur S. Awbrey and family lived at the "T" on Milton at the intersection of Walnut. His was a modest home with a small orchard. Many times we've had apples from there as well as grapes and peaches. Almost anyone could walk down Milton and grab an apple and Arthur wouldn't care. His trademark was bibbed overalls like the farmers wear and his wife wore dresses as was the custom for ordinary families not encumbered by what was in vogue at the time. Of course the accessories were half  heels in black and white anklets. Some wore nylons of dark tan with seams up the back, a remnant of the post war era.

Arthur Sherman Awbrey was born in Hendricks County in 1896 and died there in 1964. He was a private in the infantry in WWI. Arthur was from Amo. While we're at it, let's examine all the WWI veterans from Coatesville:
Awbrey, Arthur S. (Amo); Broadstreet, Roscoe E.; Buis, Almon Ray; Cline, Herschell V.;Crews, Charley O. ;  Davidson, Samuel Frank ; Dobbs, Albert L.; Draper,Duncan, Earl;  Frank A.; Eggers, Arthur C.; Ellett, John; Elrod, Wendell ; Gross, Leonard ; Harlan, Elmer E.; Harlan, Verla R.; Harris, Hilden N.; Herdis A.; Harlan, Rollie Philip; Harlan, Virla R; Heavin, Henry M.; Herod, Paul; Hinkle, elbert Ernst; Hope, Charles Franklin; Hubble, Fred T. (Pittsboro); Kelly, Daniel W.; Jones, Philip Leonard; Lewis, Lunie H. ; Lewis, Walter L.;  McCammack, Truman William; Masten, Willis H. ; Miller, Henry Robert ; Montgomery, Al; Newman, Everett; Newman, Arthur B.; Newman, Willliam B.; Phillips, Clay R. ; Prichard, Gilbert Earl; Pritchard, Claude E.;  Sharp, Oscar B.; Stears, Frank; Stephenson, Robert Maynard; Stewart, Atlas; Sullivan, Walter; Terry, Otis William; Walker, Oren S.; Wallace, Nobles Dees Stilesville); West, Kenneth Elbert; Wisehart, Verl D.; Wisehart, Verl D. (World War 1 Veterans - Hendricks County, Indiana).
There are others who moved to Coatesville from other places. Some of them are shown in parentheses. Others from Coatesville had ancestors who served from other places, but their descendants ended up in Coatesville. A list of all Hendricks County Veterans can be found at Plainfield Public Library and elsewhere.

Arthur served in the 140th which was part of the 35th Division of the National guard. This division served in France at various places in trench warfare. We owe much to veterans like Arthur. WWI has since been overshadowed by the atrocities of WWII, but the first world war was the war to end all wars! There were 38 million casualties in WWI and Arthur was not one of them. We knew Art because the Kaisar lost and we owe those doughboys many thank you's.

Arthur married Esther Hadley in 1920 Alabama. Why there? I don't know because Esther was from Indiana. She was born in 1898 and died in 1983. They had two children of which I'm aware. James and Barbara Awbrey. I don't know what happened to James, but Barbara  married and moved to Walnut Street. Her husband was Ronnie Smith.

Figure #13: Arthur S. Awbrey (From Rosetta Murdock personal family photos)

Figure #14-WWI Registration Arthur Awbrey

Figure #15-WWII Draft Registration-Arthur S. Awbey
Before we continue our journey up Milton to the north, let's digress for a moment up Von Tress St. During the '50 this was Broadstreet which turned from N/S and made the turn in the E/W direction. Later on the spur as added to SR-75 and Jim Poff's  house was built on the sled hill there.

Many hours of fun were spent on that sled hill. At the base of the hill was an open stream. Most of these open streams were storm sewers and were contaminated by septic water. Since we didn't know that, we didn't care! In fact some of us went swimming in one after a gully washer in Wendell Winks yard and he said "You boys... Get out of that sewer!"  The one at sled hill was the same and it meandered around in the Awbrey orchard.

Behind Clyde Poff's white barn was the summit of what we thought was a high hill. There surely was no more than eighty feet of rise, but that's a lot for Coatesville. We all gathered there after each snow: Winglers, Jamisons, Johnsons, and many more in that area in addition to the Poffs sledded there. Many of us froze because we didn't have proper clothing for cold weather. I wore socks for gloves and had regular worn shoes which would get filled with icy snow. My hands would hurt and my feet would freeze! There were few things which hurt worse than the thawing of frozen fingers and toes.

I don't know who had the sled, but I borrowed it. We would ride down the slope on drum lids and even cardboard.  Sometimes we would slide on our bellies. Fun can be had whether nice toys are there are not. The imagination provides the toys. Young people need only to enjoy the imagination!

One day I was riding a real sled. It perhaps belonged to Billie Jamison because he always shared what he had with me. I was flying down Poff's hill at supersonic speeds, I thought, when my right foot got in front of the metal steering bar. I hit the stream and my foot was caught in front of the sled and against the opposite bank. It sliced my Achilles tendon partially through along with a skin gash.

Herrins never went to the doctor. That took money which we didn't have. I hopped on one foot for about six months even missing the wedding of my brother Joe to Marlene Kersey, daughter of Theodore Kersey of rural Amo. That was in 1960 and I was one month from being twelve. It took years before I quit limping from that untreated injury.

Regardless, there was so much fun on Poff hill, but that all ended with the marriage of Jim Poff who built his new white home behind Clydes white barn. Jim was born 1942 and married Shirley Ann White, daughter of Clarence White from rural Amo in 1963. This was the end of Poffs sled hill. We all respected their privacy except for those closest to them.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Truth is the Land

There is a land far beyond.
Beyond the fringe infringed by few.
A land of trees with hanging fruits.
Fruits that are real from trees of truth.
Truth is the land beyond which pride lies.

Rivers flow into that land.
A flat land with hills so few.
A land which few paddle beyond.
Beyond is the land which few shall see.
For to see is to believe that land beyond.

There is a savannah where many linger.
Lingering as their own shadow looms large.
It's there that pride ambushes the prideful.
Pride which chains many with delusions.
Delusions because truth is the land beyond!

It's a journey worth the pious way.
It's a way to the land of truth.
But truth is the land beyond which pride lies.
For lies are in pride for those defiant.
Many are those who defile the land where pride lies!

Evil Spirits: Part 1

Acts 19:12 "So that from his (Paul's) body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.
13 Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth.
14 And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so.
15 And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?
16 And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.
17 And this was known to all the Jews and Greeks also dwelling at Ephesus; and fear fell on them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified.
18 And many that believed came, and confessed, and shewed their deeds.
19 Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver.
20 So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed."
 My contention is that the human soul is like a sponge (Imbued With the Spirit). As such it's not like a glass wherein it's empty, then the Holy Spirit fills up the "cup"as Jesus called it. It's more as if the Holy Ghost is a rich stream of holy water who flows toward those who are receptive to him and are in accord with others. From Acts Chapter 2 and other places the "accordance" of the gathering was pre-eminent before the Holy Ghost makes his visitation.

This is not to say that the Holy Ghost is air for he's not. just as he is not fire. When the Holy Ghost came upon the Jews at Jerusalem it was like a storm: The "mighty rushing wind" was a "stream of spirit" and the "cloven tongues as of fire" was "as lightning". It's reasonable that since the comparison to a storm was made, that the symbolism of Spiritual Water is reasonable since water accompanies storms!

Using my sponge analogy, if it's clean it absorbs much water. However, there are material things which attempts to take up the same space. Since sponges are, well made of sponge, it can only contain so much water. The rest is occupied by matter.

In the souls of men resides evil for everyone has sinned (Romans 3:23). So not only can the flesh contain so much water (about 80%), but because of the evil within the soul (things of the flesh), the soul can only absorb so much "spiritual water". Jesus' wasn't like a sponge. He was more a "cup" (Matthew 26:39).  Jesus tells the disciples to "drink from his cup" (Matthew 20:23) it being full of "living water"(John 4:10).

Holy Ghost is pneuma (transliterated from the Greek). It means "breath" as like a gentle wind. It seems that the "breath" is the flow of living water from Jesus' filled "cup". Our drinking of his cup is being imbued or infused (soaked) with his living water!

What keeps people from being saturated? Well, saturation is the ability of a material object to take on as much liquid as it can. Sponges have matter and can take on only so much water. Us human sponges are only capable of so much as well to be saturated!

That's for clean sponges. If a sponge is exposed to a contaminant, such as tarry waters from raw oil, it loses it's ability to absorb. The contaminants block the absorption of water. That contamination for human sponges is evil. It's the dirty grime which resides in the hearts of all people. It's sin which all people have!

Paul cleaned up the "sponges" in Asia (present day Turkey), by the use of spiritual aprons and handkerchiefs resulting in the "evil spirits went out of them" (verse 12) . Their "sponges" were cleansed of the evil that resided in them. They believed what Paul said about Jesus and the "wiping" away of sins was symbolic with the handkerchiefs and aprons, but was real with the cleansing of the Spirit!

What Paul did through Jesus' since the Holy Spirit is the Ghost of Jesus, is to wring the dirt from the soul. It would seem that the soul is the "sponge" in each individual which is the temple which the Spirit of God lives. If it isn't wet with living water, it's full of greasy grimy dirty water which they drink of the serpent's cup! That soul is filled with liquid called "the flesh". It's pleasure, power, greed, pride, lasciviousness, and hate which has been absorbed by the flesh's sponge!

When the soul is wrung out, it can then be infused with living waters! When salvation occurs all sins past are forgiven (Romans 3:25) and it's the blood of Jesus which is the "handkerchief" which cleanses the sponge!

Since the sponge is now clean it can be imbued with living water. That water comes from Jesus' cup. He left us physically, but he left his "Ghost" behind. It's the Holy Ghost which is the living waters which flows like a gentle wind!  When a clean sponge is exposed to living waters it absorbs more opitmally and becomes imbued (filled) with it. Satan then starts his storm again!

After a Christian endures the storm of being imbued with living water, Satan darkens the skies and attacks with hurricane force. He gushes every temptation on the person that he can dream up! It's the cloud of despair, the wind of desire, the thunder of power, the rumbling of wealth and the turbulence of doubt which is the tsunami which floods the sponge. Christians do absorb some of that turbulent water. As we get contaminated again and our flesh gets contaminated, we must seek Paul's handkerchief again! We must continually repent! If we don't, we take on more of Satan's storm water, and even more if we keep falling for the seasonal storms of Satan!

If we aren't wiped clean with the symbolic handkerchief which Paul used, we become "water-logged" with dirty water and the sponge us ruined. It no longer has the capacity to absorb living waters because it's hardened! That sponge is through. It's reprobate.

It wasn't God who contaminated the sponge and ruined it. It was Satan. Prayer and repentance could have renewed it's capacity to hold living waters, but sponges make bad choices. They take on what looks good, tastes good, feels good; but will ultimately dry them out spiritually. In effect ruined sponges choose ruination by taking on the destructive fluids of sin! A ruined sponge is in apostasy. It becomes filled again with the dirty waters which was there before. It refuses to accept that handkerchief which cleans, or Satan takes a dirty handkerchief and defiles the sponge as he wipes!

Tomorrow we will look at those who wipe with dirty handkerchiefs!

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Coatesville: Part 8

Young people can't have long memories. Old people fail to have long memories. As I think on those who lived along each street, the neurons in my brain go to fetch the memories from their dusty shelves, but alas, the tab on each memory is worn to the extent that only confusion is filed away.

A memory from long ago availed itself to me when prompted by June King, a name I remember coming from the lips of my mother so often. But beyond that memory resides merely blank pages. She was important to my mom and a good friend, but my mind's eye is blinded by time.

I do remember that she lived  near the Davidsons, across the street and that she had a daughter, Julie. Their house would have been white board at that time, but was finished off in masonry at that later. I remember that some of that family, perhaps the previous occupants, the Mastens, along with the Davidsons were sitting on the front porch. Then this fool made a fool of himself!

I was riding south on Milton and trying to look "cool", peddling nonchalantly along. Joe normally parked his '49 green Chevy (I believe that was the year) in the drive, but this day it was on the curb out front. Looking cool as I peddled with my audience, I ran right into the rear of Joe's Chevy. Even more embarrassing was that I went flying over the handlebars and landed on top of the trunk lid of his car! Any degree of suaveness which I ever had was spilled right there. I never was a "cool" guy.

I could see their alarm at first, then a group laugh. Camaraderie is so easy when it's at the misfortune of others. I know that Joe had to be concerned about their car, but no one ever said a thing!

About Don and June King's family she writes:
"Well, I can answer the question as to who lived in the house on the corner of Milton and across from Joe & Mabel. The name is King... We bought the Masten house that Vivian Hadley owned, in 1963. We lived there for 20 years. I think most of the boys in Coatesville played football in our back yard, including the Winglers, Coffeys, Briones, & Steve Trump & many more. My husband Don played with them along with our sons Steve & Mark. And yes I was the Den Mother for several years. Don was the Little League baseball coach for several years with most of the boys on his team that played football in our yard. Jimmy Ellett was also on his team. Steve played football & wrestled at Cascade and graduated in 1972. He then joined the USAF where he was when he passed away from drowning. I remember the out pouring of love from our friends & neighbors & enough food being brought in to feed us for months. Mark joined the Army when he was 17 and was stationed in Korea. Both my girls Joy & Julie were cheerleaders at Cascade. They were both gymnasts & dancers. Joe & Mable & Mr. & Mrs. Bottorff loved to watch the cheerleaders practice in our yard and watch Julie do her flips when she did gymnastics in the front yard. I remember Joe helping our kids and most of the kids in town collect & identify leaves for. School project. I remember him coming across the street to help me when our crooked CHRISTMAS tree started falling and Julie who was only 4-5 and never crossed the street by herself had to run across the street & get Joe while I kept it from falling. So many good memories, too many to list. In fact I think I've written my own chapter of a book. "
Donald A. King and June M. King were the parents of Steve, Mark, Julie and Joy. Julie and Joy went to Cascade at the same time as did my niece Sharril D. Weatherman.

Before Kings moved there Ida (nee Bowen) and Ira Masten lived there. Ira had died years before (1949).  I remember  Ida's silver hair well!  She was born in 1883 and died in 1961. She was Vivian Hadley's mother. Vivian ended up with the estate at her death.

Harold and Inez Powell lived on the west side of Milton on top of the hill. This is the same house which later Chuck Coffy purchased after moving from the south Amo Road.

Halloween in 1950s Coatesville wasn't for one night. It was a must that we trick-or-treat the entire town. That means three or more nights of hitting the streets! No one ever had costumes, not even the rich kids. We played dress up and went door to door. Each night we would dress differently so we could hit the "good" places twice. Costumes were often ghosts or cowboys or anything of the imagination.

One night I put on Mom's clothes and a little rouge and lipstick. I did pretty well not being recognized because we didn't identify ourselves in those days. People guessed. Powell's were one of the "good" houses along with the Darnells. When I knocked on the door (few homes at doorbells then), Inez came to answer carrying the candy dish. Inez, surprised, said "Agnes is that you?" She thought I was my Mom! That was embarrassing for both of us. Billie Jamison who was with me laughed at me. She gave good candy and was generous. Knowing that we had little, she gave more than one!

"Good" stuff was Snickers bars, packages of hard candies, etc. "Bad" stuff were homemade popcorn balls and apples.  They've been gone along time, but the Powells were good people, not the bad apples!

Inez hired mom as a domestic cleaning her house. They also owned the furniture store on Main Street by the bank. Any money which mom made from Mabel Davidson, Inez Powell or Lillian Darnell went toward furniture from Powell's store. They, as did Pyles Grocery" extended a personal line of credit. (This was before plastic money). Credit was secured by one thing: trust. If a person failed to pay, the only alternative was to stop credit. Lawsuits were nearly unheard of at that time!

In fact one could mushroom and hunt for animals without regard to property lines because we all knew each other and no one sued at least seldomly so!

Dad had no  interest in new furniture. Anything he bought came from the "sale barn" (auction). If mom wanted anything new she worked hard for it. She bought new living room furniture and dinettes sets by working hard to raise seven kids and for others. Our own home was never dirty inside, but sometimes the boys would make a junkyard of the out-of-doors!

Mom and Dad never ever defaulted on credit. Sometimes even the grocery bill got up to $300 ($3000 in modern dollars), but everyone always trusted my parents. I'm sure many other families had that same degree of trust. That was the way people did business then because there were few potheads and drug-users standing by to get innocent people to finance their habits!

However, drinking was a problem. We all  knew those who drank too much. This is not a Coatesville story, but Stilesville was the town where booze was procured. When I worked at the DX there. every other Friday the cash register was short $15. By coincidence (sic) every other Friday night those who were known for heavy drinking gathered at the DX  before they went to Cherry Street in Terre Haute. There was a house of prostitution there and the price was guess how much? $15!

Bob Hostetler, my former neighbor on Jackstown Road, showed me why I was missing $15 regularly. He hit the register with his fist and the drawer popped open. He said that David Vinson had been banging Jim's register to pay for banging some prostitute in Terre Haute. I had been paying for David's action and the only action which I was getting was pumping gas. Bumgardner had the register fixed and my paycheck stabilized!

Harold Powell was born in 1902 and Married Inez Hulze in Marion County, Indiana in 1925. He died in 1985 in Franklin, Indiana. Inez was born in 1901 and died in 1975 in Franklin. They moved away around 1965 or so because that's when the Coffy's moved in.

Harold was a nice accountant type businessman with wire-rimmed glasses and always favored fadoras which many businessmen did. In a small town few in business wore ties except at the bank, but the fedora was the symbol of success then. Many less prosperous emulated the successful by proudly wearing their own. Dad too wore his fedora until his death. Baseball caps weren't in vogue so much except among the younger men like Web Jones.  (I still have Dad's fedora and wear it on rare occasions).

Chuck Coffey was fortunate. He worked his way up to supervisor at Allison and then was promoted to General Foreman at a young age. Dad was happy for him. They had previously rode to work together when Dad worked at Allisons.  The pay for an hourly worker at that time was $4000. There were few benefits then. Also, Allison depended on getting a military contract to make war things. War was good for Allisons, us and the Coffeys! With the threat of war winding down Allison laid off for six months at a time.Dad got $50 a week when laid off! Times were hard then and that's when we picked tomatoes for Herschel Knetzer and Oakley Carlton (in Fillmore). That's when Clyde Poff used us for make plaster figures. (Clyde always wore white shirt and tie with no fedora).

Chuck's name was Charles Leonard Coffey and his wife was Mary Ann O'Neal. He was born in Marion County in 1930 and died in 2004 in Clayton.  Mary Ann was born circa 1933 in Clay Township. She grew up between  Coatesville and Amo; since I believe her father was Frank O'Neal.

The Coffey's are parents of exemplary children: Linda who married  Ralph Mantooth, Diana Bates, Bill, Bob and Dennis Coffey. All the boys were athletes who excelled at Cascade High School. Linda was my friend and the best friend of Bobbi Runnells since grade school.

No one... none in the Coffey family ever uttered a negative word about anyone in my presence! Linda was the most poised refined young woman around at that time. Diana was as well. Those characteristics weren't by chance, but because of fine parents!

Figure #10: Charles L. and Maryan Coffey (
Because of years gone by, my memory required an airing out! Names, families and homes became vague. There is so much out there which is lost to the general public that if the right rock is overturned the ground underneath might be exposed. Of course to ask the question "Who lived in Coatesville in 1955?" may find that stone. Hendricks County has done an excellent job of preserving and digitizing their documents and I found exactly what I needed! It was a 1955 County Census of all males over 21.  I have identified some of those on this document which I transcribed from the original hand written copy, and Don Wood provided more.
Enumeration of Males 1955 - Index-Clay Township - Males over 21  ("*" indicates likely Coatesville/Reno. Others not  certain)
*Thankie Albertson 50 W
Bobby Arnold 29
*John W. Albertson 38
*Delbert W. Allie 42
Carl Arbuckle 31
*Warren E. Archer 33
Ralph Arnold 30
*Arthur Awbrey 58
Robert E. Boswell 22
James Bowman 26
Waldo P. Brown 26
Frank L. Brown 78
William J. Belford 40
*Forest L.Bowen 40
Cecil C. Brewer 54
*Herbert L. Brown 51
*John H. Bombei 46
Siegried Brueggeman 39
Gerhard Brueggeman 70
J. N. Bartee 49
Willard Bartley 36
*Clifford G. Bryant 36
William L. Baldwin 76
Thomas E. Barker 33
Gilbert Berry 26
George E. Berry 58
Marion Bartley 37
Loren Bayliff 43
*Willard L. Beaman 41
*Henry Lee Beaman __
*Irvine A. Bennett 40
*A. M. Biehl 52
*William H. Biehl 58
*J. F. Biehl 85
*Albert Boffo 53
*George W. Boffo 47
*Robert W. Bombei 21
Oscar J. Boswell 27
*James A. Bottorff 71
Irvin Boulware 40
A. H. Bowen 67
*Noble L. Bowen 25
J.B. J. Boyd 65
A. C. Boyd 70
Howard W. Braden 27
Fred C. Brandt 55
Carmen C. Branson 85
Herschel Bray 56
Harold E. Bray 28
Wendell Brewer 43
Edward Brinegar 38
Wiley M. Broadstreet 67
George A. Broadstreet 29
James Brock 50
Maurice G. Bryant 27
Luther Buchanan 48
Lester Buchanan 43
James M. Buis 45
James E. Buis 25
*Artie Bunton 63
*Albert Bunton 29
Charles Burch 39
Hubert A. Burch 31
Tole Burnett 42
Clarence A. Burnett 35
*Garrett Campbell 36
Elmer Capps 50
Bert C. Carter 79
William J. Came 37
*Max Casady 51
*Manual Casady 77
*John M. Casady 47
Carl Castell 23
Mose Childress 42
Elmer E. Christie 61
Omar Clark 73
*Lawrence D. Cline Sr. 66
*Herschel V. Cline 63
*Clinton J. Cline 34
*Charles H. Cline 70
Harry D. Coakley 33
Jack Cochran 27
*Charles L. Coffey 24
*William A. Coffey 43
Guy Coffin 39
Jesse D. Coffin 68
Henry Comer 65
James D. Comer 39
Waynard W. Comer 42
Freeman Cooper 51
Neal Cooprider 74
Edmund Norris Cooprider 46
Sam Cooprider 67
Leo Courtney 67
Arthur M. Cox  41
Eddie C. Cox 21
Lory A. Cox 43
Burk D. Craig 51
Thomas Cress 51
Clarence A. Crews 56
Thomas L. Crews 24
Carl Crews 30
Charlie Crews 66
Paul A. Crews 26
*Lindol Creech 40
Andrew Cunningham 31
*Lee Curtis 36
*Glen Curtis 39
John O. Danberry 25
Randolph C. Daniel 41
*Woodson Darnell 50
Walter J. Davis Jr. 34
Leorn J. Davis 26
John A. Davis 22
*Joe H. Davidson 69
Jerd Dawson 69
*Lawrence Dean Sr. 54
*Lawrence Dean Jr. 34
*Max E. Dillon 46
Edward S. Dugan 67
*Harold D. Duncan 32
*Glen W. Duncan 64
Marvin Edgar 42
James Edwards 81
Kenneth J. Edwards 41
Fayte F. Edwards 53
O. A. Eggers 47
Jackie Eggers 21
*John Ellett Sr. 55
*John Ellett Jr. M.D. 32
*Oril Bruce Ellett 29
*W. J. Elliott 75
*Carl Elliott 60
Albert V. Ellis 53
Burk E. Elmore 32
*Wendell B. Elrod 59
*James F. Elrod 28
Leon English 21
Willard English 46
Willie E. Faulkner 56
Charles E. Fellers 51
Finis Firkins 38
Paul E. Fischer 42
Elmer Fisher 59
Cecil Fisher 54
Clyde A. Fisher 23
Clyde J. Fisher 56
Andrew Fisher 80
Neil K. Flietz 21
Theodore J. Flietz 50
Elmer Foltz 80
*Bud Finley 43
Elso Fritsche 61
*John J. Gambold Sr. 58
*John J. Gambold Jr. 31
Ernest Games 68
Charles W. Garret 27
James Ray Garrison 37
John George 69
William W. Goins 30
Opal Good 65
Charles Goss 35
Joe J. Goss 38
* Keith Greenlee 24
Joseph Greenlee 31
George H. Greenlee 56
Robert A. Greenlee 29
*Murray Greenlee 53
Wallace Greeson 37
Herbert Lee Greeson25
Earl Greeson 72
Wayne Eugene Greeson 28
Robert Greeson 32
James E. Greeson 21
Earl D. Greeson 49
Clyde N. Gregson 73
Forrest D. Guthrie 48
*Garth Guthridge 36
Amos E. Hackleman 63
Stanley M. Hadley 68
Clifford M. Hadley 49
*Lewis E. Hadley 34
*Mark Hadley 48
Eriel G. Hadley 44
Harry C. Hall 27
Eugene Haltom 53
Floyd Haltom 21
Lester A. Hayne 36
Lee Hanlon 50
*Glen Hanlon 53
Stanley D. Hanlon 25
*Clifford E. Hanlon 31
*Otho S. Hapner 42
Albert Harlan 80
George Harlan 75
Richard Harlan 69
Henry Harlan 69
Ira Halan (Harlan) 73
Joe M. Harper 31
Herbert S. Harvey 77
*Herbert R. Hathaway 36
*Harman H. Hathaway 57
Keith Heartwell 38
*Harold W. Heavin 26
*James Heavin 29
*Ralph Heavin 56
*Milus D. Heavin 32
*Bennie G. Heavin 30
*Howard C. Heavin 38
*Paul Herod 61
*Goldman Hill 35
John J. Hinesby 31
Chales (Charles) Hodson 51
Roy Hodson 71
Walter D. Hogue 36
Elmer Horner 33
*Fred Hubble 68
Gilbert Hubble 42
Jessie M. Hubble 36
John A. Hubble 22
*Albert Hubble 46
Ora Hunt 82
George W. Huckleberry 47
*Maynard B. Hunter 49
Virgil G. Irban  32
Harold E. Jackson 45
Willis M. Jackson 72
*William H. Jamison Jr. 30
*Kenneth L. Jenkins 32
Glen E. Johnson 41
*Roy E. Johnson 49
*L. J. Johnson 24
Robert H. Johnson 36
James H. Johnson 47
*Wilbur E. Jones 35
William E. Keith 22
Robert E. Keller 33
James M. Keller 27
D.L. Kersey 84
*Clarence Kersey 79
Raymiond C. Kersey 43
Theodore Kersey 53
Virgil Kersey 51
Thomas King 87
Thomas F. Kimberling 48
*Charles R. Kirts
*Wayne Kivitt 37
Herschel C. Knetzer 30
*Roscoe C. Knight 78
*C. D. Knight 77
Lester Kenworthy 70
Freeman V. Lambert 23
Harry Lambert 46
Royce Lambert 21
*Roscoe E. Lasley 62
Fred W. Lawrence 52
J. T. Lawrence 62
Charlie Lawson 43
*Clyde K. Layman 36
*Charles F. Lee 38
Etna Lefforge 71
Jessie E. Lewis 73
Floris G. Lewis 62
*Roy D. Lee 58
Burl Leisure 66
Ross Lennington 44
*____ Lineberry  __  (Anthony Lineberry)
William Lawrence Linder 58
Charles Limburg 39
W. R. Lisby 79
Carl E. Logan 67
Charles Logue 63
James Lones 35
Archie Ludlow 60
Homer Luttrell 44
*Willard Lydick 27
*Billie E. Lydick 21
*Roy Lydick 48
Harold Lynch 42
Ray Maden 66
Glen Maden 49
*Earl Malicoat 53
*Carl Malicoat 49
*Elza R. Marley 47
*C.A. Masten Dr. 71 (Veterinarian)
*George Masten 50
*Merle L. Masten 70
*Roy E. Masten 43
*Sanders Masten 43
*Oscar Masten 66
George J. Mayo 36
James Mayo 67
Ellis d. Mayo 28
Robert L. Miles 46
William Miller 38
Harry Miller 40
Kenneth William Miller 47
J. C. Miller 30
*Van Montgomery 56
Ernest F. Miller 49
Everett Miller Jr. 25
Paul E. Miller 26
James G. Morelock 26
*Junior Mullins 28
Fred Mynat Jr. 35
* Oral McCammack 55
*Dennis McCammack 55
*Carl McCloud 63
*Ollie McCloud 74
*Alden McCloud 45
Glen E. McGowen 39
Frank McMillin 34
John S. McWethy 59
*Will Neibold 56
*Malcolm Neier 29
*Elvin E. Newby 55
*Maurice Newby 27
*J. R. Newman 64
William H. Nye 39
Frank O'Neal 67
Rome Osborn 49
Orrin S. Osborn 75
Roy Parker 44
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*Albert F. Pfister 60
*Albert E. Pfister 27
Aldus W. Phillips 80
Frank Phillips 36
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Virgil Phillips 38
Holiday Phillips 61
*Carol W. Philpot 38
Harry Pittman 70
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*Harold A. Powell 52
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Thomas Pringle 39
Roy H. Pritchard 51
Clarence M. Puckett 27
Alton L. Pugh 34
P. F. Quick 70
*Russell C. Ratcliff 40
Marschel Reed 54
Ray Rees 59
*Morris Reeves 44
Kenneth Rhea 32
C. H. Rhoades 51
Terry Rhoades 24
Frank L. Rhodes 53
Paul E. Richardson 2
Robert L. Risley 30
*A. P. Robinson 82
* Fay Robinson 60
*Marvin Robinson 40
*Donovan D. Robinson 34
*G.C. Robinson 67
*John R. Robinson 36
Clay H. Rogers 79
Thomas Rogers 60
*Ward Rollings 48
*James Rollings 24
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James Ross 28
*Ed Rumley 65
Perry Rushton 59
Cecil F. Rushton 52
Walter O. Rushton 74
Glen Rushton 41
James A. Russell 80
George W. Russell 82
Robert A. Russell 23
*Wendell Salsman 21
*Vasil Salsman 57
*John Sanders 32
* De Vee Sanders 47
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*George Schilling Sr. 33
James Chester Scott 68
Everitt Scott 62
*Orval R. Scotten 64
*Marion Sechman 43
*Ralph Sechman 61
*Jessie L. Sechman 70
*A. B. Sechman 74
De Loss Sharp 27
*Robert Shaw 29
Wendell A. Shirley 55
*Russell Siddons 39
*Russell Franklin Siddons 21
Bassie Singleton 44
Gifford G. Smith 42
John P. Smith 67
Charles V. Smith 27
Wendell W. Smitherman 43
Robert Smock 33
*Herschel W. Smyth 37
Hoyt Spencer 57
John J. Springer 31
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*Cyrus Stanley 57
*William R. Stanton 27
*Tracy L. Stanton 33
Ray Star 57
Oliver Z. Stayton 82
Willard L. Steagall 37
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Maynard Stephenson 56
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*Herman A. Stewart 52
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Darrel Jean Storm 21
Joe Storts Sr.
Joe Storts Jr. 30
Milbur Stuart 49
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Wendell Stuart 55
Joe Sullivan 65
Robert M. Sullivan 68
Luther L. Summers 73
Richard Y. Sutton 39
Clyde Terry 69
Courtland W. Tharp 38
James Irvin Thompson 55
Alden Thornberry 26
Otto Thornberry 77
Ruck Thornberry 53
*Arthur W. Tincher 50
Hoy B. Travelstead 35
Roy G. Travelstead 28
*Millard N. Trout 59
*Richard Trump 23
*Don Trump 43
Jodie Tumblin 34
*Andrew Underwood 50
*Wolfrom L. Underwood 44
Delbert Unversaw 41
Carl Vanice 60
Aubrey Viles 62
*Glen Von Tress 34
Theodore Waggoner 48
Ransdell A. Waggoner 39
Ora Wagle 43
Horace E. Wainwright 50
James Arnold Walker 22
*Earl F. Wallace 52
*Randall Wallace 28
*Noble Wallace 57
*Burt Wallace 34
*Earl M. Wallace 66
Evain Wallen 34
Andy Wallen 36
Carmie Wallen 38
*John Walters 72
James R. Walters 45
*Harry D. Walton 38
*James R, Walton 21
*Vern R. Walton 64
*Donald E. Walton 30
*Harold Walton 21
*Ray Walton 21
*Leonard Walton 52
*Keith Walton 28
*Lester Walton 57
*Charles Walton 84
Duglas Ward 32
Cecil William Ward 44
Wayne Wills 35
Merold Weatherman 22
*Glenn Wellman 32
Robert Lee Welty 31
Loren A. Welty 74
H. R. Weekley 56
*Raymond Wesst Jr. 31
*Roy West 59
*Noel West 51
*Howard West 33
*Leland West 59
Otto Whicker 70
W. R. Whicker 49
Charles Whicker 36
J. P. Whitecotton 41
Clarence White 43
Raymond White 49
Morris L. Wilcox 21
Ottis Williams 52
Karl F. Williams 25
Lloyd E. Williams 33
James L. Williams 32
Wm J. Williamson 43
Ralph J. Willis 30
Lee Wilson 47
Earl Wilson 42
Jack L. Wilson 21
*Maurice Wingler 29
*Wendell E. Winks 29
Hurley G. Winter 28
H. L. Winton 51
Paul Wise 38
*William R. Woods 32
Raymond T. Worrell 41
Clarence Wycoff 53
Charles Otho Wright 70
Royce L. Yeager 42
Grafton Yeager 68
The Philpotts (South Amo Rd.)and Creeches moved from Heavin Street to Putnam County in the late 1950s as did Johnny Sechman of Milton Street where Charlie Thomas family later lived.

Don Wood comments with the following on some of those of whom I less familiar:
 "Bud Finley lived in the first house west of the elevator next to Rollins and Kieth Greenlee lived next door to Don trump  and i believe his dad was Murray.  Garth Guthridge lived in Reno in the new house next to the RR I believe the Edgar Family moved into it .  Fred Hubble lived on the corner across from the church.   Maynerd ( red ) Hunter lived in the house that Delibert Allie bought before moving down to what is now colliers lake. Clarance Kersy lived in the house just west of Woodie Hadly.  John Springer lived on the across the street from me about 2 houses west and on the north side. ... "
Figure #11: Doc Masten-Skipper (grandson)-Linda Shaw (Courtesy of Linda Schoolcraft)

Doc Masten lived on South Milton St. He bought an acre of ground from Manual and Callie Casidy . He was Robert Shaw's  neighbor till he died. He built the stone house there around the same time as the Shaw's did, according to Linda Schoolcraft.
It's time for a recess from all this information. Some census in other locales list entire families, including children. Children are important and Art Linkletter in our day had a television program called Kids Say the Darndest Things.  Out of privacy I want to relate what one Milton Street kid said years ago. I wish that I could divulge who it was for it fits that now grown person so well. Here is my memory of one mystery kid (And please accept this as not vulgar, but merely the innocence of young boys):

Billie Jamison and I traveled the same path quite often. Sometimes we admired the same girls. Oftentimes when we were bored we walked by the home of some of them hoping to be noticed. It never happened! One day in our travels we met a  boy which we knew well. We were around twelve and he was much younger. I had learned about sex from Colby Johnson so I was so informed! I was inclined to teach this youngster all my knowledge. He told me that he knew he'd seen a girl  "nekkid". He knew all about it!

When pressed for details, this six or seven year old said to the effect "I saw her and looked." "What did you see? I asked. He said "... inside their was a playground." I laughed! "There was a swing set and slide in there and a lot of toys."  Billie and I had a great laugh at that,  but we knew very little more than he did! That's not meant to be off-color, just the darndest things kids say! I had to share it because I remember it so well, and nowadays there always seems to be sexual overtones to everything to attract the reader.

Face it! Coatesville was a hotbed of provocative activity. It seems that when boys get to about fifteen, someone sneaks into the bedroom and implants a controller in the gray matter of the brain. From that time on they're programmed for life, or at least until the processor short-circuits sometime in their 90's! More about some of those later.

Recess is over! Now we'll look at a map. There were Coatesvillans outside the city limits. The map below shows the names of those of this period (1965) and where the property owned by them (Figure #12 below):

Figure #12: 1965 Clay Twp. Landowners
Many of the Clay Township names from the 1955 list are on this map. Some like Malcolm Neier and the Williamsons lived half way between Coatesville and Amo. It becomes difficult to assign exactly who are Coatesvillans. Without a post office listing, some are not know for sure, so the 1955 list may need some adjusting for residency as time goes on.

Before we continue on our journey north on Milton Street, my neighbor, Jack Poff, provided some useful information on the character of our neighbors and my own family. It's good to have a perspective of "us" from another source. Rather than gathering names, dates and places for people, the goal here is to provide character to the inhabitants of this small town. Jack says (abridged):
"... Larry's (Herrin's) family lived across the street from us and the Poff kids and Herrin kids grew up together and shared many a morning waiting for Francis Jones to pull up to the school bus stop that we shared for years. Larry was three years my senior and Dale was a year older. I remember many times sitting in their old 40's vintage Nash pretending we were driving a "get-away car" while Dale told me stories about Jessie James, Bonnie and Clyde and The Buck and Blanche Barrow Gang. We didn't hear many of those stories around my house but Dale really made them come to life.
My family moved back to Coatesville over 60 years ago when I was 3 years old. From 1955 until I graduated from Cascade in 1970, we lived in what had been Doc Ellett's house. I say moved back to Coatesville because although my Dad was borne in Groveland in 1920 he grew up in the Coatesville area on the Oscar Mann farm which was the first farm East of State Road 75 on the North side of the North Amo road. Many years later when we moved back to Coatesville, it was because my dad, along with his brother in-law Earl Toney and his father, Howard Poff had started a business which was coincidently located on SR75 on the back of the old Oscar Mann farm where he had grown up.
The business concern was originally called Poff & Toney, Inc. but in 1965 Dad bought out Earl Toney and my brother, Jim Poff bought out granddad. They then merged with Bryant Engineering from Port Huron, Michigan. The company became Bryant-Poff, Incorporated and they continued in the grain and feed mill machinery manufacturing business until 1987 when Dad retired and they sold the facility to Red Hayden.
...I especially enjoyed your stroll down South Milton and renaming all the folks who lived in the houses. You missed the Smith's. They were an older retired couple who lived in the house between the Hadley's and Jamison's. Didn't the Wink's live between the Jamison's and McCloud's? South of the Shaw's (yes they did) place was a small creek and south of that before you got to the sale barn was a house and a family with a son my age by the name of John Paul and maybe a last name of Albertson (That is where Paul Chambers lived later on). I was only 3 when we moved to Coatesville in 1955 and our mom's used to visit periodically so that we could play together. I think his family moved away maybe to Plainfield before we started first grade.
You also mentioned the house on the corner across from Shaw's. For as long as I remember the house stood vacant and we all stopped short of it on Halloween Night. There just weren't that many houses south of it, so why take the chance?
Eventually the house was torn down and it was a vacant lot for several years. Was that where you said Pud Lineberry once lived? (yes).  Turning on that corner and going East to where it crosses SR75 and turns into the South Amo road was a small house on the corner where I think Barbara Aubrey lived (actually the Allee's). I can't remember any other houses or families on the north side of that road between Milton and SR75 though I think there were some. On the south side of the road was a family with a boy the same age as Dale I think. His mom was a Den Mother for Cub Scouts for a while. Can't recall their names right now but I'm sure it's stored back there somewhere.
I thought you were a little rough on Joe and Mable Davidson. I mowed their yard for a few years and don't recall being that disappointed in my pay. What I do remember was that when I finished, most of the time Joe would take me into his study in the NW corner of the house. Mable would bring in my pay and something cool to drink while Joe would tell me about some scholarly endeavor he was working on. One time he showed me his cowry shells. He had amassed quite a complete collection which I think he planned to donate to DePauw or Indiana University.
Joe was quite a botanist. He was especially fond of Day Lilies and Hybrid Tea Roses. He spent many years cross pollinating them to come up with just the right color or characteristic and they were all very unique. I seem to recall him telling me that he had developed either a lily or rose that was blue. I believe that Jackson & Perkins may have acquired the rights and sold it nationally. It was named after Joe. I don't recall the entire scientific name, but of course it was very Latin sounding and ended with Davidson.
Back to your disputed pay issue with Mable. Anyone who remembers my dad, Clyde Poff, knows he was quite the entrepreneur and as Archie Bunker said "heavy on the manure." 
Dad used to tell a story about raising hot house tomato plants when he was a kid. As the story goes, he would raise them in late winter and early spring under glass frames on the south side of the farm house. When they reached the appropriate size, he would dig them and wrap them five to a pack in wet newspaper. On Saturday morning he would take them to Coatesville and sell them on the street corner for people to plant in their gardens. He always claimed that when someone would ask him how much they cost, he would respond "Oh, whatever you think they're worth."
According to him most people would pay him more than he would have charged them. If anyone was too cheap, he would remember them the next year and respond with a more appropriate price instead of letting them decide on their own. Everyone else paid "whatever they thought they were worth."
Well, as I said earlier, I mowed yards for a few summers while growing up and I remembered dad's story. For a while he was right, a lot of them would pay as much or more than I would have charged. One day I was mowing a lawn over on Broadway (maybe Red Banks). I finished and collected for the job and started pushing the mower back home when Olive Bourne stopped me and asked me if I would mow her yard. Olive was the town librarian and I spent a large part of my spare time in the library as a kid so I knew Olive pretty well, or so I thought. I said sure I would, then cranked the mower back up and made pretty quick work of it because it was a small yard.
When I finished, she came out and asked what she owed me. Well, I said "Gosh Mrs. Bourne whatever you think its worth." I don't remember what she paid me but I do remember that whatever she paid me wasn't near half enough. She then proceeded to take me on an inspection tour to see if I had done the job right. I kid you not, she got out a hoe and made me hoe and weed her flower beds and trim some shrubs. After I finished she reckoned it was an acceptable job and I should just plan on doing it "like that" every week. I've never seen anyone turn heal and go in the house quite so quickly and she never offered me a penny more for my additional efforts.
Well, I headed back to the house and when Dad got home that night I related the story to him. He said "Well, I used to sell her tomato plants and I could have told you that she was one that I had to suggest a price to." When I told him that I wasn't going to mow her yard any more he said "Oh yes you are, and then you can do like I did and tell HER the price NEXT year. Now let that be a lesson to ya!" It was a lesson I never forgot and it might be the reason that I was OK with what Joe paid me. I probably told him what he owed me. I did have a few yards I only mowed once because someone thought my price was too high but Joe's wasn't one of them..." (parentheses mine).

Fully Understanding: Imbued With the Spirit

Acts 18:24 "And a certain Jew named Apollos, born at Alexandria, an eloquent man, and mighty in the scriptures, came to Ephesus. 25 This man was instructed in the way of the Lord; and being fervent in the spirit, he spake and taught diligently the things of the Lord, knowing only the baptism of John. 26 And he began to speak boldly in the synagogue: whom when Aquila and Priscilla had heard, they took him unto them, and expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly. 27 And when he was disposed to pass into Achaia, the brethren wrote, exhorting the disciples to receive him: who, when he was come, helped them much which had believed through grace: 28 For he mightily convinced the Jews, and that publicly, shewing by the scriptures that Jesus was Christ."
Apollos was an Alexandrian (Egypt) Jew. Since he had been baptized by John, he was a Christian disciple of Jesus Christ whom Paul preached. His spiritual condition would have been somewhat like Abraham's. He believed on Jesus' sacrifice, but his belief was baptized before Jesus was crucified. Because he wasn't baptized "in Jesus' name" does not mean that he was not a Christian; it's just that he was not a spirit-filled Christian.  However, he was excited in the Lord and began to preach to the Jews.

Apollos was surely baptized again with the Baptism of Jesus and received the Holy Ghost because "he mightily convinced the Jews"! He didn't teach John's Baptism; it was the Baptism of Jesus, so called, not because Jesus baptized, but because the apostles baptized in Jesus' name.

The focus today is on the phrase "expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly". That's a key point in Christianity, then and now. John the Baptist told those he baptized "It's not for me, but Jesus who is to come!" Then those he baptized did so because they had faith that Jesus would die for their sins. After his crucifixion "grace" was efficacious. Now there was more to the story. There was more to Christianity. Apollos was taught what he knew, but since he didn't have the Holy Spirit yet (not because of the water, but because of Jesus death), he had more to learn!

Picture yourself as Aquila or Priscilla. What would you teach? It would be based on what you knew about Apollos and what he taught to others. Surely he taught prophecy from Old Testament scripture and taught about Jesus, the minister, but he didn't turn to page 2. It was no longer the Law. nor even the water, it was grace!

Apollos would say "It was never about following rules. It was always about love. It was never about earning. It was all about grace! It wasn't by the blood of slain animals; it was always about the blood of Jesus. It was never the sacrificed lamb; it was the Lamb who sacrificed himself!"

Apollos after being taught by Aquila and Priscilla saw Jesus through different glasses. It was not about Jesus who would die, but Jesus who had followed through with his self-sacrifice. That's grace!

Many people teach Christianity now. However, when the significance of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his only son became my epiphany years ago as a picture of God's sacrifice of his son, I became more Apollo-like! It was then that I realized what the Old Testament is all about! It was all about grace and all about Jesus! I was angry because preacher's had never taught me "perfectly". It seems that they all had missed the point with regard to the Old Testament. Apollos was missing the point and he was taught "more perfectly"!

Even today preachers don't preach the full gospel. I'm not referring to charismatic teaching, but that there is a life after when one "first believed". There is a race to run and righteousness to live. It's living a spirit-filled life under sanctification which too is a gift of God!

When we're "born again" we are "filled with the Holy Spirit" (Ephesians 5:18). The best transliteration may be "imbued" rather than "filled". That's to be inspired or permeated. The latter is much as soaking a sponge in water. It soaks up the water around it. The sponge becomes "imbued" with water.

Much like that, God's Holy Spirit is everywhere. When we are imbued with the Spirit, we soak it up. My contention is that we have things inside already taking up space in our sponge (sic). When we imbue the Spirit we each soak up different  amounts. If we didn't we all would want to spend full time telling others about Jesus. We still have that corrupt nature in there dirtying up the sponge.

Our role is, with the assistance of the Spirit, that we have to become more righteous in order that more of the Spirit is imbued. We will never be fully righteous, but that's our goal in being Christlike!

Some will say "But the Holy Spirit doesn't come and go! It's always with us." It's true that we are all imbued with the Spirit, but he comes in his fullness when Christians are in one accord with him and each other (Acts 2). Not intending to trivialize the Holy Ghost, but to symbolize his work, God's Spirit comes to those in a mindset to soak up more of what he has!  When the Holy Ghost comes, Christians have an opportunity to be imbued with more Spirit.

The Holy Spirit doesn't depart and come back. His direction is additive. When he's there those who love him will be more filled than before!

Of course sponges can be squeezed out! When we fill our minds with other things, the Holy Spirit feels unwelcome and relinquishes some of his temple, being squeezed out, but he never leaves. The Christian, having little room for him, is just imbued with less. This can be seen in practice with our ups and downs; with joy and despair.

Apollos, after he learned more about grace, became imbued with the Spirit. He preached more perfectly!

The problem with many preachers are that they either have only "repented", but but not accepted and are symbolic of having only the Baptism of John, or they are imbued with little spirit!

I hear preachers preach about love, but are unloving themselves. I hear them preach against adultery, but fornicate with their food god every day! I hear them preach about jealousy, but they are jealous. I hear them talk about faith, but see them prioritize sports and things. I even hear them talk about being spirit-filled, but their sponge is pretty wrung out!

Before Apollos got imbued, his preaching was lacking. When he was imbued of the Spirit, it was a more perfect gospel he preached! Why? He was preaching what he had experienced. He was preaching what he was practicing!

What do preachers need to do today? Get a little more imbued with the Spirit. That may take fasting with prayer to defeat that demon who tries to share the sponge with Jesus!