Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Strange Wives

This age is the age of diversity. With diversity comes inclusion. As Christians we should love all people, yet hold onto our own heritage. Never should we allow "strange peoples" to dilute our faith!

As Christians we are called to convert others to Christianity. That's "The Great Commission" and as Christians, we are all of the royal priesthood. As such each individual Christian is commanded to propagate the gospel among the heathen. Here in America there were two reasons for settlement: 1) business ventures (capitalism) and 2) the propagation of the gospel. When our forebears came they had business dealings with the aboriginals. Likewise, they preached the gospel to those already here because they were not then children of God.

It's not a good thing in the eyes of progressives, to proselytize those of other religions. It's not acceptable, according to them, to persuade the pagans to be Christians. However, it is acceptable for Christians to be drawn to other religions! This notion only reinforces my own belief that Christianity is the one and only true religion!

I have a fear. My worst nightmare is Islam. Hence, I admit it: I have Islamaphobia! If you don't, then you had better get it. I have commented before that Islam seems to be the religion of the Apocalypse and Sharia Law the government at that time, ruling a world-wide caliphate. I fear that! However, that shall not come upon us suddenly. It is a gradual process. Right now we are in the incubation stage. The end-of-time government is in formation right now and even has a shadow government. It's the progressive political and religious movement of the times. They are those of the present danger!

Inclusion and diversity are the tools of those who undermine our culture and our faith. The thought that the United States, even all the Americas, were established by those of faith, is anathema to the present cultural elite.  As such anything taught by Jesus is an obstacle to the cause. This notion is one of the primary components of Marxism which sees "religion" (read that Christianity) as a roadblock to socialism; and to be truthful Christianity is a major roadblock because socialism and Christlikeness are polar opposites! The former is preoccupied with the dictated "good" of the masses and the former the salvation of the people. The first is for the gain in this world and the last for eternal gain. Both seek Utopia, but the only true paradise can exist in the kingdom of God, not the realm of Marxism!

Marxism is part of the plan! No, it's not necessarily a conspiracy of the left, but the corrupt human nature of mankind. I strongly believe that Islam shall use socialism to establish their caliphate and when that is done, communism must come about to coerce those who will not follow the herd!

Diversity shall lead to the destruction of what we know! Mass immigration is my phobia! It's not the Mexicans who I fear, but those who come in mass of pagan faiths, particularly Muslims. Many of those from the orient have joined the "melting pot". Indeed there are many Christians of oriental descent. Asia is a hotbed of evangelism. "The Great Commission" is flourishing there!

Unfortunately, middle eastern nations are not into inclusion and diversity. Their laws prohibit and punish those who convert to another religion. When they immigrate to the western world, they are the least likely religion to convert. Some even kill family members for what they believe is apostasy!

I just read the Book of Ezra. I shall not attempt to comment on the entire book, but will on intermingling and diversity.
Ezra 10:10 "And Ezra the priest stood up, and said unto them, Ye have transgressed, and have taken strange wives, to increase the trespass of Israel. 11 Now therefore make confession unto the Lord God of your fathers, and do his pleasure: and separate yourselves from the people of the land, and from the strange wives."
The Jewish leaders, even priests, had married "strange wives" because the Jews intermingled with pagans who dwelt in the land to which they returned after their dispersion!

God made a promise to Abraham. "Your seed shall multiply and from your seed shall come the savior." Intermingling wasn't part of the plan and it interfered with the promise which God made with Abraham! As such taking "strange wives" was a grievous transgression!

This wasn't necessarily a racial issue even though the covenant was made with a race or people! It was a religious issue because historically kings of Israel who had married foreign wives worshiped pagan gods in addition to JHVH. Rather than Jews converting pagans, pagans contaminated the Jews with their unclean religions. Islam is an unclean religion, not in ceremony, but in the practice of heretical theology! Muslims are descendants of those who married into "strange peoples" because the "strange wives" were desirable.

God made the Jews put away their "strange wives". Diversity was not encouraged because it diluted the one true religion! The same still goes for today! God is unchanging. What was wrong then is wrong now!

The western world, the so-called Christians, are faced with the same sin that the Jews faced. We are becoming too diverse! Because of watering-down of Christianity, is why Donald Trump may be on the right track. Immigration isn't a bad thing because it gives Christians a chance to propagate Christianity.  Runaway immigration is a problem because there are not enough true Christians for "The Great Commission" to convert that many. Hence, unfettered immigration grows a world-wide caliphate. I know who comes out on top! It's Islam because for a time until Jesus comes, and until then Muslims will rule the world. If you don't understand that, let me make it clear...those alive today shall lose everything we know! It will only be regained at Christ's One-Thousand-Year reign.

Immigration does need to be controlled. Donald Trump, maybe for the wrong reasons, is right on this one! Of course those Christians from the middle east would be welcome for they are persecuted. Likewise, a limited number of non-Christians from the middle east are as well, but in numbers small enough for them to assimilate into our culture and faith! Yes, I'm saying that the United States is included in the promise made to Abraham. We are to be a Christian nation as well!

Diversity isn't a good thing for the sake of mere inclusion. It is a good thing to propagate the faith. However, society has deemed proselytization as intolerant. The enemy which endangers America is not only "them", but most of "us", so it seems! Like Jews neither should Christians have "strange wives" . When one of faith marries one who is not, turmoil is the outcome and paganism may be induced. That is counterproductive to "The Great Commission".

Monday, May 30, 2016

Hate and Love Can't Coexist

I went to church for several years with a person with whom I struggled to love. Why? This person had a problem with me! Regardless of how hard I tried, it just didn't work. I took seriously what scripture says about reconciliation and tried and tried to make things right. I took the attitude that I must have done something wrong and tried to make it right. The person never indicated that I had ever did wrong, but exhibited these characteristics:
  • Aloofness.
  • Avoidance.
  • Apathy with what I said.
  • Ridicule behind my back.
  • Overt criticism to my face.
  • Crankiness.
  • Mean-spiritedness.
  • Unforgiving for whatever it was I did.
You get the idea! The M.O. of this friend was the M.O. of an enemy! This person claimed to be born-again and was active in the church. However, it was obvious that the "old person" still ruled and "the flesh" was still the idol of the person. With that said, how I was treated, and probably many others, was not Christian love! What was it then? Is there some other emotion between love and hate that scripture allows?

Please find it for me if it's there! It's hard sometimes to love even a friend, I admit, but ;look what we are commanded to do:
Matthew 5:43 "Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you..."
Where is the "neutral" feeling we are alleged to be allowed to have? It's not there. We are commanded to love our friends and our enemies! You say "But that person did me wrong; he doesn't deserve my love!" Surely you are right. None of us DESERVE love because we all are inherently evil, albeit some are forgiven. I have been persecuted by that person. See the list of behaviors above. Those are not characteristics of a loving person. However, I am commanded to love that person hard as it may be. The Lord helps make my heart right because I desire to obey his commands!

Surely the person who is at odds with me has a comparable list; things I did which were wrong in their eyes. Regardless of how much wrong I have done to the other person, that person has a responsibility as a Christian to love me. How do I love them and how are they to love me? It's called reconciliation!

Reconciliation is the final result of coming back to the original state of friendship. If one wasn't a friend at the start, then there is another process. It's called "becoming a friend"!

There was another person at work who exhibited these hateful acts toward me. Her mother soon died a sudden death at a young age. I felt badly for her and sent her a sympathy card. It turned out that I was the only person at work who did so. She not only became my friend, but was a strong ally! God did that because he humbled me. He can do that for anyone who despises animosity and covets harmony! Before the Holy Ghost will comfort us as a group of people is if we have accord in our lives. The Holy Ghost stays away from discord.

That brings me to the original person of which I speak. That person would not reconcile. Even in church I was faced with animosity. The Holy Ghost wasn't there to comfort me and my joy went. I came to church, but actually had more joy when communing with God at home. Because the discord continued with that one person, I changed churches. I still have a hole in my spirit because of this one person, but at least I can commune with God again because I took the discord out of my life. The person who failed to reconcile can't possibly be a happy person. Indeed the person is still grumpy others tell me. "Grumpy" is not a state of a true Christian. That's the old person. The new person is supposed to be loving and amicable!

Reconciliation is not easy. To reconcile one has to relinquish the pride to God.
James 4:6 "But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble."
One must ask, "What pride keeps another from reconciliation?" It may be that the person lied or exaggerated. It may be that this person is less holy than what appears. It may be a strategy to avoid estrangement from friends or families. It may because the person is a hypocrite. There may be many reasons, but they all boil to one thing: the person values the appearance of the self over truth and love! In other words, the heart is not right with God!

How can pride be defeated? By sacrificing the self to God.
Romans 12:1 "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service."
 The one who hates is to take that hate and give it to God! It is with contrition that the person submits that pride to God and say "I have a hateful heart God; take it from me!" Try that! You'll be a new person if that unloving person is you!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Not Inspired But Motivated

Usually I sit down to my keyboard with scripture on my mind. I didn't put it there, but since it's holy scripture of which I'm thinking, I credit God for inspiring me!

Inspiration is when things come to mind. It can be people, places, ideas or things. In my case biblical inspiration is when a "person" (God) transmits an idea. My first divine inspiration had a negative connotation: "Because you do wrong you're going to hell," but because God is gracious he added "But there is a way to avoid that!"

I got my concept of hell and salvation from scripture. At that young age Dad read the Bible each evening and credited God for everything.

Those who wrote Holy Scripture did so because they were inspired to write. God planted truth in their minds and they wrote God's truths. They are not the ideas of men, but are the very words of God.
2 Timothy 3:16 "All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,"
God breathed a spiritual breath and those who wrote transferred God-breathed words to papyrus.  The "ideas" which he transmitted were good for teaching, reproof, correction and training in things he desired for us to do.

If you believe that Holy Scripture is the literal ideas from God for directions to his creation, then you are a fundamentalist. If you don't believe scripture are ideas from God, you have no hope for eternal life for you have created in your mind "a liar god"!

This morning it wasn't apparent that I was inspired to write, but I was motivated to learn from his word. With that motivation my thought was that I would present God's ideas in a truthful manner. Then I sat down at the keyboard and allowed God to breath on me. Because I was motivated I became inspired! With that motivation, my inspiration was to comment on "inspiration".  You see we can be inspired by merely being still!
Psalm 37:7 "Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him;"
This morning I was motivated. I had nothing to say about anything. Then as I sat here, I was motivated. My motivation was to "Be still before the Lord'" and with that done, he rewarded my patience. I was inspired and you can be as well if you "be still" and wait for him to breath on you. He will, you know?

I don't like to say "God spoke to me," because he doesn't audibly do so. He did in times past; Jesus was the Voice all along who spoke audibly the Word which became scripture. Now if we are a Christian, it is "the ghost of Jesus" who silently speaks to us. (See the link:  Afraid of Ghosts to learn about the silent presence of Jesus).

The Word still speaks to Christians! He puts notions in our heads. Those ideas are divine inspiration! When I sit be still before the Lord, it's Jesus, the Word, whose Voice my mind "hears".

We can't be apathetic Christians. We must motivate ourselves to "hear" the Voice of Jesus. He may not come to the person who cares less, but is always there for the person who cares most!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Words Mean Things

Bill Clinton, in his deception, said as a rationalization "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is!"  Words do mean things! When scripture uses a word one must look, sometimes deeply, for all that it implies. "Is" is to be used with he/she/it, being the third person singular present tense of "be".  On the other hand "am" is the first person present tense of "be". God's name is "I AM" meaning that his existence is just "BEING!" God just exists, hence "is" has a very deep meaning. The meaning of "is" is that it is existence. It's what is right now. Since "now" changes with time, "is" is infinite. It goes from beginning to end. It's eternal.
Exodus 3:14 And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you."
Do you see now? Words mean things! Clinton tried to narrow down the definition of "is" as a loophole to escape guilt. "Is" is profound! When Bill was truncating the value of "is", he missed the thought that if God is "I AM", the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as individual personalities of God, the Father is, the Son is and the Holy Spirit is because they have always been!

With that said God is referred to as "El" in the Hebrew tongue. At least that's the derivation of the English word "El" which means "God".  It is written as follows in ancient Hebrew:
The Hebrew biliteral root A-L
The Hebrew biliteral root A-L
The Hebrew word (el) is spelled aleph-lamed. The (aleph), the picture of an ox, represents strength and the (lamed) is a picture of a shepherd staff representing "authority." These letters form the Hebrew word meaning the "the strong authority" and is the Hebrew word for God.  (Ancient Hebrew Research Center, "Parent Roots of Hebrew Words")
Hebrew words are written right to left. These symbols are pictographs which early man used to identify God. Time has taken little toll on these early writings. "God" is still transliterated as "EL" in the English language! You see "words mean things!"

An ox (plural oxen) is the draft castrated male cow. It usually is shown with horns and is a sturdy creature. As a beast for burden it has had great value over time. It's value was such that prior to machinery it was as a medium of exchange, and as such it was used as currency... for over 4000 years!

The Hebrew aleph is a pictograph of the ox. It means "strong" as written above. Indeed God is almighty! Early man wanted something to represent "almighty". So what did they do? From gold they made an image of an ox:
Psalm 106:19 (ESV) They made a calf in Horeb  and worshiped a metal image. 20 They exchanged the glory of God for the image of an ox that eats grass. 21 They forgot God, their Savior, who had done great things in Egypt..." 
You can see from above that the golden calf around which the Hebrew people danced was an ox. They made an image of God. All the while they are doing this, God knew their hearts. They forgot all about him! In stone he wrote: " Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image." (Exodus 20:4).  God was denoted by the ox. Why was it so wrong to honor him by making a golden ox? It was because they were worshiping the object of their own hands, not the Almighty God.

Furthermore, it is not God to whom they were bowing; they were frolicking around an idol. God was removed from the equation: ox = God, but it became ox = me for what they were doing was what was right in their own eyes!

Who made the golden ox? Aaron said that they merely took the gold of the people, cast it in the fire and out came a calf! (Exodus 32:24). The golden ox was a lie. Here's what really happened:
Exodus 32:4 "And he received them at their hand, and fashioned it with a graving tool, after he had made it a molten calf: and they said, These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt."
Aaron made them the calf because they asked  of him, "make us gods, which shall go before us," (Exodus 32:1). They knew what they asked for and they all knew what they were getting!

It was no accident that they built an ox of gold. It did represent God. However, they rationalized. This image became their god. They pleasured around it and neglected the One True God. The worship was all about their own selves, not about God. God doesn't need an image. He wants the love of the people.

Back in Egypt there were many gods. Cattle were one form, which represented many gods. The Hebrews had only one God. They wanted to be as the Egyptians who had many. They surely thought of the golden calf because "ox" indicated might. Although they already had an Almighty God, they couldn't see him so they created him. The created created the Creator! How ironic.

Egypt represents sin. They looked back with fond memories of the safe, secure and sometimes, even enjoyable times in Egypt. They looked back at the pleasures of sin and the golden calf brought back the "good ole days" just as Lot's wife longed for what "was" years before!

The lamed represented the shepherd's staff and was symbolic of authority. Together the lamed and the aleph are spell out "EL" or "God" in our language.

What was it that Moses showed the Pharoah God's authority?
Exodus 7:10 "And Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharaoh, and they did so as the Lord had commanded: and Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh, and before his servants, and it became a serpent."
Moses' rod was a scepter. They are the same. And guess what else? A shepherd's staff. We see here the significance of the scepter/rod/staff:
Genesis 49:10 The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.  
 The staff is anointed by God to be his authority! It will be so until Shiloh, or a world of peace, comes. Shiloh is when the Messiah Jesus comes. The Father has the authority, represented by the staff, until the Dove takes it's place. It's the difference between obedience and love! It's when man makes peace with God and discipline is no longer the tool.

You can see how ancient Hebrews used pictograms to represent God. The words they chose were lamed and aleph, or "EL". Words mean things! When one sees an ox that person should think "strong" and we do! When a person sees a staff they should think "authority" and we still do! When a person sees the word "EL" we should think of God's strength and authority. We should think "God"!


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Interview from Hell: Hillary

I'm Bill O'Really and caution... this is Factor This! We never allow anyone to spin on this program and as such it is "the Un-spin Zone".

My listeners have encouraged me to do more of my series on Interview from Hell. Today we will travel the chasm down to Hell again where in the past we've interviewed Jimi Hendrix and recently Mohammad. Today we have gained special permission from the Prince of Demons to interview Hillary Clinton. "Well", you say, "She's not there yet!" You may be right, but it looks as if she's been there already!

There. I've landed on the fireproof platform and am ready to give the devil his due. "Mr. Satan. May I call you that?"

Satan: I' not into polite titles. Just call me Belzebub. Naw... that's too formal. Devil will do.

O'Really: Then "Devil" it will be! You look quite handsome as usual, you old Devil.

Devil: People's perceptions are that I'm evil looking. I was a beautiful angel. Perhaps more beautiful than Jesus was before he was transfigured because Isaiah called him "uncomely". That's not very flattering.

O'Really: We didn' come here to this hell to talk about you. I want the scoop on Hillary. Today you can't lie because this is "the Unspin Zone".

Devil: You mean my servant Hillary Rodham Clinton, I presume?

O'Really: Yes, That is she.

Devil: She doesn't live here, but I've met her many times. She's formidable.

O'Really: Why do you say that?

Devil: We made a deal. I traded her wealth and power for her soul! It shall be mine someday.

O'Really: Isn't that the usual deal?

Devil: No. She has been here. She's knows what's coming. Bill, didn't your mother ever say "If you don't change your ways, you're going to hell?"

O'Really: Indeed she did. Most mothers said that.

Devil: Well, Hillary can't change her ways. I promised her she'd be in the White House. Silly woman! She thought I meant as president. I meant as First Lady. The deal has been done. She misunderstood me! Ha! Ha! Ha!

O"Really: Is she here now? Can I speak with her here?

Devil: Her body is in the world, but her hope is here.

O"Really: Why do you say that?

Devil: Because those of her mind are already here: Abortionists. liars, murderers, unrepentant homosexuals,  deal-makers, narcissists, and all of that kind. She comes through mediums and asks for advice. She comes and goes as she pleases. Perhaps she'll be here shortly. The kingdom of Satan is the antithesis of the kingdom of God. The one commonality is that with both, living people have visas to be citizens of one or the other, before their time. It's a promissory note so to speak.

O'Really: You mean that Hillary is an immigrant to your kingdom and has all the same rights and privileges, as say, Mohammad?

Devil: That is correct!

O'Really: Oh, really! I suppose that makes sense since she is so pro-Muslim! Is there anyway that she can avoid Hell, Devil?

Devil: I usually don't provide this information, but she can always back out of the deal we made. There is a loophole which I am unable to close! There is a password which stamps my covenant "null and void".

(Devil leaned over to whisper it to O'Really as if he didn't want to spread the good news):

It's "hope"

(said Devil through clinched teeth.)

It's "hope" in Jesus.

O'Really: But Hillary already professes that she is a Christian!

Devil: That's easy enough to say, but believing means much more.

(As a sickening aroma spewed forth, Devil admitted)

it involves faith and trust.  She doesn't demonstrate that yet.

O'Really: I'll pray that she does!

Devil: Bill, that wasn't part of the deal for this interview. You are supposed to be impartial!

O'Really: If you weren't a deceiver yourself, I would not have deceived you.  I'll work on Hillary now since I know the way to eternal life more fully.

As the Devil fumed and ranted, Bill became fearful:

O'Really: Reel me in FAXNEWS! I must get out of here. It's getting hot in more ways than one!

As Bill emerges from his capsule sweating profusely, he beamed.

O'Really: FOXNEWS fans, there is hope. Even for Hillary. God had revealed this to me before, but the devil just reinforced it. Prayer is the solution.  Pray for Hillary. With God all things are possible and even the sly Devil let that slip. Jesus saves and the one who sins most can love him more!

Bill thought to himself "I've got some problems which I must pray on as well!"

O'Really: Up next is Mygain Philly. She will comment on my "Interview from Hell".

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bored with God

I'm able to track my readership. Sometimes it's excellent and sometimes it's dismal.  Either my writing is poor when that happens or the subject matter is of little interest. Admittedly, I'm not the best writer, so that reason may be quite valid. On the other hand perhaps many are not conducive to the message.  When I started my blog years ago, this statement was put in the header:
"My thoughts about God and His Magnificence!"
In other words what I write is not about me! It's my thoughts on how magnificent God is! I believe that when readership goes down, it's not me that is being rejected, but people find it boring to read about God. Of course they may not want to know the other goal: TRUTH. My stated objective is to write truth. I could write "feel good" stuff, ala Joel Osteen, or biased messages, ala the Church of Christ, but it's God's word which is holy and truthful which I want to expound upon. Perhaps would-be readers don't want to know "The Mystery of God" because to those who are not discerning, his word is a mystery!
Colossians 2:2 "That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; 3 In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge."
What is the mystery? That "all treasures of wisdom and knowledge" are hidden and scripture is where it can be found, yet people don't even read holy scripture, let alone commentary to reveal God's mysteries!

In all honesty, how can a writer expect people to read what is written about Holy Scripture when people won't even read what the Creator himself wrote?

Throughout church history a jealous Roman Catholic Church used the dead Latin language for scripture so only the truth (sic) which they chose to share was knowledge. People clamored for written scripture to read and it was written. After the Gutenberg moveable type printing press was invented written word was available in the language of the readership. Christianity as well as secular truth began to be revealed. The Gutenberg Bible was written and people finally realized that they had been scammed and God's mystery concealed.  The church had hidden the truth for the sake of false doctrine! Now truth came out of the closet so to speak and people longed for more truth.

On the other hand, today truth is boring. People would rather get their doctrine from their own creative and self-serving minds, thinking that myths will get them to heaven. When people rebel against God's decrees all they have to do is to ignore God's will and their Religion of Reason is validated. It's what the Self invents so as to appease it with pleasure! The religion of the self is not boring. It's fun and exciting "doing what you want to do"!  On the other hand "doing what God wills that you do" is boring. Why read about things which make your god uncomfortable or feel guilty? People don't want to go there!

For instance many Christians defend, and I'll take an easy one, piercings and tattoos which are now in vogue again. True if you already have them before you are saved, those tattoos are spiritually erased. God no longer "sees" them because of his grace! But for Christians to do such things after they know better is eating of the forbidden tree:
Leviticus 19:28 "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord."
Even after reading this, Christians will still get tattoos. They ignore God's will. What he asked Christians to do is silly and God is boring (to them). Their own religion of the self thinks "This is not wrong. It's not sinful!" They put their own reason over God's will. I suppose that they believe God's word was just a page filler to make scripture boring!

Let's look at why God says these words. What I say is commentary because of the mystery of God. Only those who read and study scripture are guided by it. In other words, those who bore easily will never find the truth!

"You" are one of "the other gods besides God". God is jealous of "You" because he knows how much you love You. God wants to be praised and adored. Rather than praising and adoring God by following his commands, you praise and adore You. One of those things You do is decorate the forbidden tree. You hang ornaments all over your tree. Some of those ornaments are piercings and markings. You don't hang praise and adoration on The Tree of Life, (Jesus), but you do hang it on the other tree, You. God is a jealous God and is offended when people praise themselves over him!

God says that Leviticus 19:28 is one of his statutes: "Ye shall keep my statutes." (Leviticus 19:19), yet people ignore God. Satan tells them these things are silly and by grace Christians are free to disobey God at their own whim. That's not what God wills. Jesus came to fulfill the Law, not to replace it!  This is still God's statute, but the serpent says to you "You surely won't die!" You may not die, but you WILL disappoint God because obedience is how love is reflected by Christians to God!

Today I have surely accomplished two things: 1) I've made those with piercings and tattoos angry with me, and 2) I've bored quite a few people with the words of God and my own commentary.

You see, if we actually read God's statutes we have two choices: 1) accept and change or 2) reject and go on. Most people choose to reject God's word and having to change for the better is boring. Rather than change or feel guilty for not changing, it's easier to not read the Bible nor commentary about scripture. The serpent is the source of this bored attitude because he does not want you to know God's will because sinful people would change if they read it!

Don't be bored by God's word. Rejoice in his truth! Read a little of it. Read much of it. Read it all!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Here's The Problem

I am firm in my belief that "eating of the fruit" of the forbidden tree wasn't the sin which caused death. Eating is a mere mechanical function and it's not what goes in the mouth which causes the problem:
Matthew 15:11 "Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man."
So it is not what goes in the mouth that matters (forbidden fruit), but what comes out of the mouth. The mouth is a mere opening, but within it's cavity resides many things. The tongue is the colleague of the mouth because the tongue can't annunciate without assistance from the mouth. Look at the ventriloquist. Regardless how hard he tries, the mouth still moves to some degree and with the mouth closed little sound can come forth. Therefore the mouth is the gateway for the tongue.

The tongue is not the villain. It can be used to praise God (Luke 1:64) or it can be used as a weapon to sow deceit (Romans 3:13). So don't blame the tongue! It's merely the enunciator. 

What about the voice box? No help there. It merely vibrates with the aspirations from the lungs. And the lungs are innocent too! They are mere airbags comparable to the force which plays the bagpipe!

What is it that comes out of the mouth which defiles so? It's the thoughts of the organism. From the righteous mind comes right thoughts spoken in truth. From vile minds come deceit spoken to deceive and to dishonor.

Therefore the sin of Adam and Eve was not putting the fruit of "The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" into their mouths, it was what was spilling forth from their mouths as the juices of the fruit flowed. There mouth was full of good fruit, and God had much fruit. Those bites mattered little to God!

Mingled with the juice was a lie. "Surely we will not die!" the mind told the mouth to say. But God said they would die! Adam and Eve dishonored God. Eating of the fruit, which turned out to be pleasurable, wasn't the problem. It was that they did what was right in their own eyes regardless of what God had commanded! Their problem was not the sin, but the disobedience. They dishonored God because honor was not in their hearts. Pride resided there. They would be as gods!

The solution to man's problem is Jesus. He died that all men have the hope of salvation if they so choose. The problem is not that men still sin, but that they will not submit to the will of God. They love their own flesh so much that to submit to God is the roadblock to eternal life!

What I'm saying is that you don't HAVE to quit sinning to be born again, but if you are born again, you'll want to please God by VOLUNTARILY quiting the sinning! If you see a Christian sin, that sin is a measure of how much they honor God.

Never think that you must first clean up your act to be born again. That can't be done! Come to him as you are and he will do the cleaning. It makes your job so much easier!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dear Ann Slanders

Dear Ann:

I'm sick and tired of people judging me. Since I was born with the desire to do sinful things, I don't understand why it's the business of puritanical Christians to try to make me feel bad for just being "me".  I don't see anything wrong with what I do and after all, isn't right and wrong subjective? Who are these judgmental people to tell me what to do with my life?

What do these narrow-minded bigoted right-wing Christians have against same-sex marriage, transsexualism, pedophilia, drug use, promiscuity, divorce, abortion, and things like living together? I hate intolerant people with a passion and for them to disagree with what I want to do is despicable. They are despicable unloving people!

Fed up with Religious Nuts
San Francisco

Dear Fed-up:

I'm not doctor, not a theologian and not even a psychologist, but have many opinions. I don't understand the Christian mind because I'm Jewish, yet I am self-certified to advise you because there is no consequences to bad advice. I'm an important person who writes for many daily newspapers and my opinion has more merit than common people's. I am flattered that you would seek me out, a total stranger, to offer you advise rather than ordinary people. Of course an in-person interview would help, but I can tell from even your typing mistakes that you are flustered. It would be silly for me to let you continue to feel guilty because narrow-minded people disagree with your lifestyle. It is nobody's business!

How dare any of my readers disagree with my opinions because what I say goes. I have selected the best team of advisors who were all from Ivey League schools and of the most progressive thought to validate what I believe. I know that they would never disagree or counter what I say because that hurt my self-esteem and in progressive-land that can't be done!

It is your right to do whatever you want to do. Nobody has any  business to tell you how to live your life. I agree that those people are hateful for disagreeing with that in which you believe. In fact there ought to be a law against unqualified people giving advise, with me as the exception.

Let me advise you that you need more reinforcement. Please contact a qualified certified psychotherapist to validate your beliefs. Please be assured that if any therapist advises you to change your thoughts, that you should report them to the APA for evaluation. We can never ever allow counselors to advise any patient that they need to change for any reason. That would certainly be contrary to sound counseling practices.

My motto is "Do whatever turns you on. It's nobody's business!"  Thank you for valuing my advise and helping to provide for my huge salary with your fun lifestyle.

Ann Slanders

On the other hand we need to look at nouthetic counseling. It's those counselors who use truth and scripture as an only resort to changing twisted lives. It's those who refuse to use the so-called "wisdom of the world" to fix either spiritual, emotional or practical problems. It's using God's word to fix what God created!

First off, we need to examine the concept of guilt. Of course "guilt" is the human response to realizing that a person has done something wrong. Whereas psychology's role is to eliminate the guilt by changing moral and religious standards, God relieves guilt by bringing behaviors in line with his will. Whereas psychologists free a person from guilt by toleration of actions and beliefs, God frees people from guilt by calling for obedience to his standards. Whereas psychologists change moral standards to harmonize the person's actions with the rules, God's will is that the person change behaviors to harmonize with his commands.

Why should Christian counselors use the standards of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) when Holy Scripture are the standards to be used, not only by Christians, but by all who seek truth? Why not use truth to free a person from stress when deception is what causes the stress?
John 8:32  "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free... 34 Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin...36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."

"Freedom" is freedom from sin. As long as one sins they are in bondage to Satan. He is the one who controls sinful people. The reward for sin is pleasure, but the wages or consequences of sin is death!
Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."
"Freedom" then, is hope. It's the comfort of knowing that the individual will live forever. "Fed-up" in her letter to Ann Slanders, is a spiritually sick person. She's in a latter stage of her illness. Here are the stages:
  • temptation
  • deception
  • acceptance of the falsehood
  • rationalizing the dilemma
  • failure to condemn wrongs
  • doing a few wrong things
  • becoming s strong supporter of wrong things
  • doing many and grievous wrongs
  • wrong thoughts and behaviors becoming a lifestyle
  • becoming reprobate
When one becomes "reprobate" the heart is calloused to such a degree that change is out of reach. In essence, God allows the person to travel the path to destruction because Satan becomes the person's entire slave-master. The terminally ill "patient" has tried to serve two masters, but now hates one. The object of their rebellion is God!
Matthew 6:24 "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (the things of the world)."
"Fed-up" appears to be "reprobate". As such she damns herself to eternal hell because of total rebellion to God. Ann Slanders tells her what she wants to hear. This is called in scripture "tickling the ears". It's falsehoods compared to truth. It further enslaves. If it's not too late, only truth will set her free and restore her to health. It may be too late, but the object of Christian counseling is to put the slavery of a sinful lifestyle into remission before the cancer destroys the patient. Truth is the antidote for sin and the Son, Jesus Christ, is the One who sets the person free from wrong lifestyles. Jesus is the cure for all sin and "Fed-up" must take the cure!

"Truth" is what God says. That's what the counselor must tell her for her to be free. Scripture says that same-sex behavior, fornication, abortion, euthanasia, divorce and all these symptoms are the cause of her reprobation. These thoughts and behaviors are the "old person" who owes allegiance to the slave-master Satan. In order to be "fixed" of her situation, she must be set free of her wrong thinking and beliefs. Jesus is the freedom-giver and when he has the grace to give, the old person gives way to a new person. That is "change". To be fixed Jesus changes the person. They don't do it by themselves nor is it done by a counselor. It is a gift of God!

If there does not evolve a new person from the mire, the person probably is still "sick". It's like any patient, if the cure doesn't create change, there was likely no cure. If the cancerous person still has skin cancer after the radiation treatment, she hasn't been cured. The old person will still be there, burned a little, but still dying! That's the same when the "cured" sinner still lives the life of an uncured person. The fix didn't take because of doubt, rebellion or pleasure.

Ann Slanders has no credentials for fixing any problem. She is not held accountable because there is no system of accountability for her. Only a fool would seek the advise of a fool.

On the other hand a Christian counselor is accountable to God. The cure must be truth, and if it's not they damn themselves. You may want the advice of Ann Slanders, but for me, I'll take the truth anytime!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ego and EGO

I always thought that Freud invented the word 'ego" as the nomenclature for the person's construct which is the "realistic" aspect lf a person. In Latin ego  means "I".  On the other hand the id is Latin for "it", the inborn personality trait which contains the basic needs. The "superego" is Freud's term for the moral referee between the id and the ego. The three constructs make up the psyche which theologians refer to as the "soul".

In truth, I don't care much for Sigmund Freud nor any other therapist because their fields are founded on secular reasoning and/or eastern philosophical thought. As such, most of their theories are at odds with Christianity. As far as I'm concerned, dabbling in psychotherapy is as disgusting to God as astrology, divination, numerology or philosophy because they are all anathema to God. I'll take my chances with truth and the comforting words of the Holy Spirit before the words of mere men!

However, this treatise is not about psychology at all, but the soul! You can call it the psyche all you want, but it's still the soul. Psychology is the "study of the soul". Philosophers for the most part have no credentials for soul study because as atheists, or at least secularlists, they don't credit God with giving mankind the soul. (i.e, they know nothing of which they teach!).

Now for the point to be made!

When I was moving Terri boxed up about 150 boxes or so. She then spoke on the telephone for about an hour while I was carrying the boxes to a central location. When she got off the telephone she asked me "Where is that box?" There were 150 boxes which fitted that description. They were all "that" box because "that" wasn't descriptive enough to discern which specific box she desired.

Now, let's examine the time Jesus walked on water during the turbulent storm. The apostles thought he was a spirit. The apostles were then afraid! You would think that Jesus would say "It's Jesus, don't fear!" He didn't say "that"!  The following is what happened next:
Matthew 14:27 "But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid."
Jesus failed to identify himself... or did he? His response was like Terri's statement. As she said "that box" , Jesus said "It is I!"  "I" is not descriptive enough. It could be anybody. Sure they could recognize his voice, but perhaps in the storm, that would be most difficult. It seems to me that he in a manner did say "It's is Jesus!" Why do I say that? Jesus IS God! Where am I going with this?
Exodus 3:13 "And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them? 14 And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you."
When Moses asked God his name, God just as well have said "I don't have a name because I have always been!" God doesn't need a name because there is only One True God! No distinction needs to be made. Because he was there before the beginning and will be forever, God just "Is"! As such he described himself as "I AM". That's not his name. That's his identity!

Of course we call him Jehovah because the tetragrammaton for "I AM THAT I AM" is JHWH or JHVH pronounced as "Yaweh" or "Jehovah".  Those are what he is called in our limited vocabulary!

Neither was "Jesus" the name of our Savior. Joseph "called him Jesus". (Matthew 1:25). He was also "called the Christ" and "called Emmanuel" (God with us). Why? Because Jesus was "the Word" who was with God in the beginning! (John 1:2). Like God, Jesus is without name. Why? Because he just IS and as such, he is God and is also the flesh aspect of God and is also "I AM"!

If we look at the Greek Matthew 14:27 where Jesus says "it is I" to identify himself, the word used is ego. As such, Jesus was specifically identifying himself! "Ego" means "I AM".  With that said, the apostles knew that he IS God for later they said "Of a truth thou art the Son of God!"  When Jesus said "Ego", he identified himself as God and the apostles then had true faith that Jesus IS God!

Now back to psychology for a moment. Freud recognized that each person has an "ego". It gets jealous, is possessive, is protective and is vain! Each person has a sub-conscious "I am" because everyone seeks to be "as gods" (Genesis 3:5). Indeed, the ego is all about "I"; all about "self".

Any man who was in the storm could rightfully say "I am a self-appointed god!" That would be his "i am" with small letters because he is NOT God! in Greek anyone could say "ego".

Because others are not God even one who called himself "ego" would still not be recognized as Jesus because, as Peter proved, the "other 'I ams'' can't walk on water!

Jesus said he is "I AM" and he proved it by walking on water. Peter could have said he too is "I am", but he certainly was not because he could not walk on water (for long anyway) because his faith was weak! Jesus had the "faith of God"
Romans 3:3 "For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?"
Jesus didn't have "faith in God" he walked on water because he had the "faith of God". It is unfailing faith because it's perfect faith. He could walk on water because he had no doubt at all because the man CALLED Jesus IS God! He is the great "I AM"!

Words means things! Jesus is EGO (I AM), so put your ego (I am) aside and let him be God! Being a Christian is all about sacrificing the ego for the EGO!  Make yourself that living sacrifice.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


I came from a small town where everyone knew your name and everyone appeared to be a Christian. People weren't perfect, but they believed. Faith was a given!

I have a mechanical mind. Things are right/wrong, black/white, good/bad, etc. White lies were still black lies. Life was simple and I was a happy camper! Then I went off to college in a strange land.. I went to Kettering University (at that time GMI) in Flint, Michigan. Attending there were mechanical minded people of the same bias with only different accents in speech. All was well! Soon I was to take some non-engineering electives. One was "American Political Science". It was there that I was astounded; actually befuddled! Yes, I was confused!

The professor said, and I quote "Man is no more than a tree or a frog"! Surely he was jesting because all men know that humans are special. This was his way of saying "I believe in evolution." because evolution makes no distinction between mankind and the animal kingdom, and as far as he was concerned, man arose from the same primordial pond as lily pads. That's evolution. That's what educated people believe because it comes easy. It allows people to be unaccountable for bad behavior because there will be no eternal consequences for evil. Mankind can then do "what is right in his own eyes" without fear of eternal consequences.

When God said "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." (Genesis 1:26) he made a distinction between man and animals!

When God said "let us make man" that defined his body. That was the same as the creation of all the other animals. "In our image" and "after our likeness" are extra ingredients. With all the other animals God made all of them "after their own kind". Their "kind" was not man's kind! Man was not made after his own kind, but "in our image" and "after our likeness". Those specifications are our endowment. Animals didn't get supranatural natures. Man did. We have things inside which are beyond direct measure. Our bodies have mass, the mass can be divided into elements and both the weight and composition can be measured.

Animals have a degree of intelligence. They somehow make decisions and react to communication. They "talk" with each other. In other words, they have a mind which is capable of cognition.  Like us, they have instincts which make them hunters, fear being hunted, able to mate and nourish their offspring. Sometimes I think their behavior and instincts are more noble than ours! Animals sometimes kill their own offspring, but it's not for convenience. Animals do not have same-sex attraction. Because mankind sinned, we have a propensity to do wrong. Animals just do what they need to do to survive. We do things because we have selfish motives and to magnify our own pleasures. There is a difference between men and animals.. Trees cannot even be compared. Prof. Shwartzburg just had it wrong and I was astounded that he believed a lie! Up until then I thought that we all had the same basic beliefs.

In addition, mankind had other aspects. He was created in "our image". Let's look at who "our" refers to. There was evil and dark forces; all angels who had rebelled earlier in another kingdom. They were not part of "our image" because they rebelled. They were "them". We weren't created in the image of "them". We are like "them" now because we too rebelled against God, although we weren't created that way. When mankind sinned, Satan adopted us. We became his illegitimate children.

"Our" can include angels, certainly the Creator himself, God's Holy Spirit and "The Word". As such we not only have "mind" because we have cognition and wisdom; but we have a spirit as well. The "cup" for the spirit is the soul. It was full of the Holy Spirit when Adam was created and because he "died" his cup was emptied. He still had a soul and very quickly evil spirits moved in. That is a result of "original sin" and the soul of everyone born has that sin residing in their soul (Romans 3:23).

When we are "born-again" a new creation, the old person dies, his soul is emptied with divine cleansing and a new person receives a clean and Holy Spirit. Animals can't be born again. They are mortal creatures and can never have eternal life. An ingredient missing from animals is "hope". They fail to even have despair because they aren't afraid of eternal damnation. Man is not like a frog! We are so much more and only a fool would deny the difference. How many frogs teach political science? Apparently only one lost frog: Prof. Swartzburg!

The common thing that man has with animals is a material presence. It's the "body". It can be detected by all of our senses because it is ordinary in a worldly sense, but extraordinary in a divine sense. The bodies of creatures all function basically the same, but man's body is a special edition. Animals were created without a pattern. Adam was created with a pattern. Since all the animal kingdom has substance we are all made essentially from the dust to which the body will return. Animals will eternally remain "dust", but man will again arise from the dust:
1 Thessalonians 4:16 "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:"
This is our "hope" as Christians! Animals aren't included in the "hope" category. We live so that we can die then to live forever. It's imperative that we believe that Jesus was resurrected to have faith that we too can be restored from the dead and have eternal life. Because Jesus did it, we can too! It was in the image of Jesus that our bodies were made. Jesus had the same substance which we have!

Jesus was not made in "our image" we were made in his. When we were made, Jesus was not in our form. He could be and could appear however he wanted to appear, but until the word was made flesh, he was supranatural. With the advent of Jesus incarnate, his form was identical to ours!

Because God has foreknowledge he knew how he was going to create Jesus. He had a plan from day one and in the plan was a divine sketch of Jesus. God drew him in his divine mind. Jesus's image stayed there in that plan until God was ready to build him. At that time, God's Spirit came on Mary and a man with flesh was born who had a "cup" filled with God himself! Jesus was born just like Adam was born only years after. John the Baptist said that "the one who came after me was before me"!   Adam was created after the likeness of Jesus. God used the plan he had "drawn" for Jesus and used it to "draw" man in that same image!

To think that Jesus was created in our image would be prideful! It is essential that we credit Jesus as the pattern for us. Indeed he is to be our pattern for our livs. We are to be Christlike. Jesus was never to be Manlike!

Yes, Prof. Swartzburg, man is more than a tree or a frog! I am proof of that because I have hope! My "cup" is filled with an ingredient trees nor frogs don't have. That is the Holy Spirit and even those who have never been born again have a cup of evil which animals do not have! Maybe it is you who was befuddled! The cure for "befuddledness" is faith. Hold that prideful nose and let it flow in. It's living water which is the anecdote to those confused!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

God is good: All the time

Ann Webster at church says aloud "God is good!" to which the congregation says "All the time!" The preacher will say "All the time..." and the congregation says "God is good!"

God loves the aroma (sic) of hearing praise. The sound of praise smells (sic) so good to his ears! Why the symbolism here? It's because of what God says he likes:
Exodus 30:6 "And thou shalt put it before the vail that is by the ark of the testimony, before the mercy seat that is over the testimony, where I will meet with thee. 7 And Aaron shall burn thereon sweet incense every morning: when he dresseth the lamps, he shall burn incense upon it. 8 And when Aaron lighteth the lamps at even, he shall burn incense upon it, a perpetual incense before the Lord throughout your generations."
The priest no longer offers sacrifices. That has been done once and for all by Jesus, God himself! The only sacrifice we need to offer now is our own living sacrifice. We submit ourselves a servant of God. However, because we no longer have temple worship doesn't mean that we can no longer offer God praise. Now, rather than rituals, we say it with our voices. The sweet smell that Jesus desires is praise. It has a pleasing aroma to him! "God is good... all the time!" is that pleasing aroma that he wants to hear! It's the burning of incense to him.
 James 3:5 ( ESV) "So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire! "
James 3:8 tells us to "tame the tongue". Why? It is likened into a small fire.  An untamed tongue can set a forest ablaze, but a tame tongue can be used to bless (James 3:20).

The tame tongue is a small fire and the blessings are the incense. As such praising God is the burning of incense as they did in temple worship. It's the aroma from a tamed tongue which God wants to hear because it pleases him! Few burn incense for God's pleasure now, but everyone can fire off praises with their tongues.

Why is it that "God is good!" such a desirable aroma?
Matthew 19:17a "And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God..."
Perhaps the chant should be "Only God is good!". 
Malachi 3:6 "For I am the Lord, I change not..."
Here is the rest of the chant: God never changes! Hence, if he is "good", he is "good all the time"!

"Only God is good. He changes not!" or as we say it "God is good... all the time!"

Not only can we praise God with that verbal incense, it's scripture. It's truth! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Interview from Hell: Mohammad

Good evening. This is Bill O'Really. You're with  me tonight on Factor This. This past week I had an interview with Mohammad. It was an "interview from hell" because that's where those reside, according to Christianity, who failed to go the way of Jesus Christ. "Well" you say "Muslims believe in Jesus and their Allah is the same as our God!" We'll examine some of these fallacies with Mohammad himself. He will tell it as is because this is the "Un-Spin Zone"!

First let me present my talking points:
  • Some say that Allah and our God is the same by a different name. In order to be the same their personality has to be identical. Allah is One God in One Person. God is One God in three persons. It is Factor This's contention that it's not the name which has significance, but the character.  Allah is a vengeful god. God is a just God. Justice is more than punishment. Justice is fairness. It is my argument that forcing one to worship Allah is unjust whereas God is just in that worship of him is a choice.
  • It is contended by some that Islam is a peaceful religion. A study of their own holy book reveals that persecution, cruelty and even death are hallmarks of Islam. Whereas the word "Islam" is derived from "Salema" meaning "peace" we see in practice that Islam is anything but peace! Indeed, whereas Christians proselytize through love and logic, Islam gains converts by force. Candidates for conversion are persuaded by threats of great taxes and even death.
  • Because Jesus (sic) is a prophet of Islam doesn't mean that the Christian Savior is that prophet. Muslims don't believe that Jesus died for all mankind on the cross, and indeed, they don't believe he died on the cross at all. Whereas Muslims believe that "Jesus" shall return with a vengeance to punish those who deny Islam, Christianity teaches that he would be an antichrist. Some believe their Jesus who is to return is THE antichrist!
  • It appears, based on current events, that a minority of Muslims are peaceful, but many are vocal while others are silent cheerleaders for terrorism. Few Muslim voices are raised at the terror of the few.
  • Society refers to "Islamic Extremists". The Q'uran indicates that extremism is orthodoxy in Islam and that those who are not extreme are disobedient to their violent faith.
In order to get this rare interview from the man who billions of people accept as a prophet, it was necessary to travel hundreds of miles to the core of the earth where the temperatures are seven times hotter than fire, according to our specialists. In order to withstand these high temperatures I was lowered by the FAX News capsule into the pits of hell. For you Jehovah Witnesses, you may want to tune out right now because the reality of hell may offend your doctrine. We wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings with a little truth, would we?

This capsule is high tensile strength stainless steel cooled inside the shell by liquid nitrogen. The outer shell is the best ceramic tile similar to what crafts use for space exploration. Pure air is delivered via a umbilical tube of flexible steel cooled in the same fashion.  The inside of the capsule is "cooled" to a low of 110 degrees, hot by world standards, but "cooled" by the metrics of hell.

As I was lowered onto a platform erected by principalities of Sheol, there was a hard thump. Satan, standing there with his hateful grimace, shouted epitaphs to be admired even by Hillary. He cursed me as I arrived. "Damn you O'Really!" he cursed, "Where in hell do you think you're going?" Because this is a family program my technicians bleeped out the most vile obscenities, mostly F-words and GD vanities which have become so common now in the world. While most would not be offended by the devil's lexicon, a few good Christians still would be!

Usually I would present the word of the day at the end of the program, but today it will be early. That word is "abomination". When communicating with Factor This do not say words that are an ABOMINATION to God. They may not be disgusting to the devil and his viceroys, but they may still be disgusting to people who seek holiness.

As I lurched forward with the sudden thump and hit the platform, my head banged a little on the capsule wall. "S_n of a B___ch" I spewed forth without thinking. The devil said "So you have met my mother! Haw Haw Haw!" he bellowed at his own attempt at humor.  "You wanna see that heretic Mohammed I hear?" asked Satan, knowing full well that's what this Interview from Hell is all about! He went on to snicker "And you expect 'Non-Spin' from the kingdom devoted to lies? Haw Haw Haw!" he laughed. His humor was as bad as his sulfuric stench!

Satan said one word and Mohammad was brought forth in chains by what looked like bats with horns. The odor became horrendous outside the capsule, but Mr. O'Really's air was carbon filtered. It seemed to him that the rotten smell of sin still penetrated this impervious capsule!

Mohammad let out a curse saying "Off with your head infidel! 'allah 'Akbar!'" Satan cut in quickly, "He means Satan is Great, because I was his god! He hates me now! Haw Haw Haw!" Even the other demons looked sick enough to puke at this angel's disgusting demeanor.

Finally, I, Bill O'Really was able to settle Mohammad down to speak, although he kept cursing at me and demanded my infidel head as his trophy. It seemed that Salome must have been his concubine for rolling heads is what he always demands!

O'Really: How are you today Mohammad?

Mohammad: Deceived! That damn serpent did it to me too! I would say "excuse my language", but this is the language of hate in Hell. That's tame because your sponsors insisted. I will speak with more civility for them.

O'Really; Thank you for that, but we're no longer shocked by you people. What you say comes from the mouth of babes now. There is nothing holy in the world! Did you really get a message from God?

Mohammad: I thought I did, but the devil tricked me too. I thought it was Allah who was speaking, but it was a deceitful lying devil. I made up a religion that pleased him. He wanted to use it to demean God, minimize Jesus and destroy the kingdom of God.

O'Really: You mean that you believe in the real God?

Mohammad: Now I do! Allah is the voice of Satan. Even the demons here believe in God and they fear him, but don't love him. Satan makes them hate just as I made my disciples hate even people of the book. Hate is always from Satan. Killing his hate. Hate is what Islam is all about! I want to return to speak the truth to those who I misled, but Moses and the prophets could not even do that now!

O"Really: Do you worship here in hell?

Mohammad: Yes! Five times a day we are required to face the fiery furnace to the east and praise Satan on our knees and kiss the ground in front of him. It's what we have to do to ease the pain which Satan will provide. If we fail to obey, Satan will decapitate us and since this is eternal death our special bodies will endure decapitation time and time again. We hate the pain, but pain is all that is here.

O'Really: Where are the 72 virgins? Were they just a false promise?

Mohammad: You bet your Alladins Lamp. There are no virgins, just worn out venereal hagues. They smell of camel dung and laugh at me calling me a "false prophet"!

O'Really: That's the truth isn't it? You being a false prophet?

Mohammad: Yeah! I always knew that, but I told my stupid people that I was a true and major prophet. They'll believe anything just so I give them power. They love booze and whores and as long as they do it in secret, I didn't care. Myself, I was a pedophile. I had underage wives. Wrong can become right if it's presented that way enough times.

O'Really: I understand that your people hate homosexuals. Is that true?

Mohammad: We say that we do to deceive, but in secret we love them. Just as we call the west infidels, we do the same. Allah doesn't care as long as it's in secret.

O"Really: Well, it's getting really hot in my capsule. I wish that I could invite you in. My thermocouple has melted, It must be in excess of 150 degrees now.

Mohammad: I wish that I could enjoy that comfort with you for even a minute!

O'Really: Mohammad... just between us guys, would you deceive your people if given a second chance?

Mohammad: I'd trade my soul to do it over again. I might even turn tio Jesus if it would save me from this hell!

O'Really: Christians say that believing in Jesus, that he was crucified and resurrected will save people from hell. Do you believe that?

Mohammad: I wish I had! Tell my deceived followers about Jesus. Tell them not to listen to my Imams. They are antichrists. I know. I made them that!

O'Really: Gotta go now. Getting hot as hell in here!

 Mohammad: I hope that you never know that.

O'Really: Beam me up, FAX. Good-bye Mohammad. Oops! I wasted a "good" because there is no good in hell. Well, then persevere... forever, Mohammad. I wish it would end, but it will never! Audience, thank you for your viewing! FAX News appreaciates that you accompanied me in the Un- Spin Zone.  Stay tune for My-gain Philly for Spanking News.  Be careful not to lust or you may be with Mohammad sooner than you think.  At the top of the book list, thanks to my Interview From Hell is Killing Mohammad subtitled I Wish I Were Dead!

Truisms About Life

Newer truisms will be added to the top coming first (I call these "Herrinisms").
  1. It's you who is the other  god and your flesh is the idol you adore.
  2. If you describe yourself as "spiritual, but not religious" you fool only yourself. Your religion is "you" and the spirit you feel may just be from your unknown god who deceives you at every turn.
  3. Blaming Satan for your sins is cowardly. He merely puts the pleasures out there, and like a glutton, you grab because your god demands satisfaction.
  4. Fasting assists in praying because you are not only demonstrating sincerity, but your mind is more focused on God than on yourself.
  5. People dress and do things to look cool, but there is a fine line between cool and stupid!
  6. Inquiring minds the truth seek...Without the truth it is a farce. Those with knowledge are the meek...Some know not mind from the arse!
  7. For the smart Alec's who propose that everything came from the Big Bang, where did the space to put it in come from?
  8. If the prayers you pray always benefit yourself, it may be to your self to whom you're praying.
  9. When thinking think hard thought. Brains when blinking blink bright. Thinking not time wasted for naught. Thinking scared things brings fright.
  10. America worries on things that the rest of the world would pleasure in!
  11. Things are really bad when there is joy in the thought of dying.
  12. Herrin's Law makes a sissy of Murphy's.
  13. Worry is hungry enough to eat your stomach.
  14. Are you gullible and stupid? Embrace it. Others have!
  15. Calling a person "a bigot" without valid reasons is the ultimate bigotry.
  16. It's great if you love your enemies, but for your own safety you can love them from afar.
  17. Young people are not scientists. They don't "experiment" with drugs. If they use them they are weak people who are substance abusers. Doing insane things leads to insanity.
  18. As a non-recovered right wing Christian, I'm accused of having so many phobias that those loving tolerant liberal people hate my guts.
  19. Those who provoke to violence are more guilty than those who strike because it's a premeditated plan.
  20. If programmers can make life-like images out of ones and zeros, why can't an Almighty God recreate in his image using just zero?
  21. Apparently truth resides in only those who lie the best and have the capacity to lead the herd over the cliff; they not even fearing the plunge which soon shall kill them.
  22. I delivered my old person to God and have joy in my post-partem accession!
  23. If we are deceived by what goes wrong, we fail to appreciate what goes right. When we are in despair, a light does shine, but for it to be seen, we must gaze in that direction.
  24. Problems are not challenges. Problems are chaos trying to allude order.
  25. Trying is failing, doing is accomplishing and obtaining is succeeding!
  26. Why does the term "Holy Ghost" scare people? Is it because they are afraid of ghosts... or is it because they fear Jesus?
  27. The degree of confidence (C) one has is Faith (F) minus Doubt (D) Divided by Faith (F) ; C=(F-D) /F
  28. "I think therefore I am" means many who vote are not!
  29. If marriages were taken as seriously as weddings, there would be no divorces. If marriages were taken as seriously as funerals, marriages would never die.
  30. There is nothing which feels better than sex you think until the shoes come off and those athlete feet are scratched. Don't get married, just wear patent leather shoes.
  31. When wrought in despair it's hope which repairs.
  32. When it's all said and done then it has just all started. Saying and doing is just a prelude to the eternal things to come.
  33. Don't understand inertia and momentum? Hit a tree at 100 mph. You'll understand in a nanosecond! Don't know what a nanosecond is? Hit a tree and find out! It's the interval of time between when your face hits the tree and your face becomes the tree! You'll have that new learned knowledge for eternity. Want to know how long eternity is? Hit that tree at 100 mph and find out.
  34. The confused are those who practice loathing when the command was to be loving. Is it because of the hard of hearing or the hard of living?
  35. To rid your throat of that tickle quit swallowing what the jesters spew.
  36. Thinking I'm right, I'm right, I'm right is three cheers for your own wrongness!
  37. Secret to a long life: Don't do things which will kill you. Secret to eternal life: Follow the One who will save you from him who will kill you!
  38. On special investigation of the facts I find that with time they can be twisted until truth can no longer be recognized.
  39. "Danger" is politicians who actually believe what they say! 
  40. When you find yourself at the end of your rope, grab hold of the knotted end because sometimes there is safety in what appears to be obstacles.
  41. It's charity when people give of their own volition. It's taxes when force is used and it's selfish socialism when others legislate that you be charitable for them!
  42. Many claim faith in God, but deny the ultimate test of faith: The first words God said Is "It's all my doing!", and people respond "God, you couldn't have done that; Chance did!" With that faith in Chance other gods were born!"
  43. Those who self assess of their innocence easily overlook their own guilt.
  44. Wanting to keep my family safe is not hatred. Hatred is when others detest that I want to keep my family safe!
  45. If I'm going to have a religion it will be the best. It's one with the greatest claims!  How about this one: "I created everything and I can save everyone... and it's all for free. No work required!" What other god can match that?
  46. You by yourself has the value of a small stack of firewood, but you   empowered by God can be a lightning bolt!
  47. Grudges are the smudges you hold against another which they can't clean because of your silence.
  48. It's not Muslims that are the problem; it's Islam. Christianity grew because Christians were persecuted. Islam grew by persecution. Christianity is a choice; Islam is a demand. Christians are to serve. Muslims seek to rule. Christians goal is to love everyone; Islams is to love 72 virgins. And why do they not fit in?
  49. What scripture says that "hatred" of another is a legitimate consequence of the sin which you said that you have forgiven?
  50. Pretty people who say dirty words reveal their ugly inside.
  51. Jesus' purpose was not to remove hunger from the stomach, but destitution from the soul!
  52. So that the color black is not an issue, blacks should quit pointing out their differences and focus on their sameness!
  53. For those who commit the crimes, the glove always fits. 
  54. Never be anxious because the end is near. You're dead center between what has been and what is to come.
  55. The putrid air surrounding those who never stink is their own sweet smell of pride.
  56. Don't be fooled by the term "for medical reasons" because millions of babies have died "for the health of the mother". It's not mean-spirited because the courts have never defined what are valid "medical reasons", and "for the health of the mother" has been misconstrued as to be "the convenience of the mother". In California "health reasons" are "to satisfy the self". Words mean things, but words, like children, can be abused!
  57. You can't be against "thought crimes" and be thin skinned. That's "doublethink". Many people are great with criticism of others, but when something is about them is ridiculed, they go spastic.
  58. Those with experience don't need to click on the partially obscured picture to see the rest of the photo where nothing amazing ever exists!
  59. Drug users need released from the prison in which they have self incarcerated.
  60. "Be your way" and "Walk God's way" are the dichotomies of life.
  61. Snow is merely a way to transport sunshine through the clouds. Just depends on how you look at it.
  62. God doesn't measure stature by how tall you stand; it's how upright you are! He doesn't measure size by your girth; it's how wide is your heart. He doesn't measure love in how great are your feelings; it's how you live for him!
  63. Because you wish something is true makes you no more than a child who believes in Santa. People argue against facts in favor of their own myth. They are either children or fools.
  64. Those who side with ignorance are killed by bliss. Those who face truth are saved by wisdom.
  65. Selfish people twist facts to suit their irrational thought.
  66. The only grudge that I have is against people who hold grudges. Grudges are a vicious way of destroying ones livelihood.
  67. That feeling you have inside when others don't cater to you, you don't get your way or when you perceive that you have been wronged: that's others failing to worship your idol and then your Self feels hate! Without forgiveness love cannot be and without love you can't be with God.
  68. Grudges are the stones which break the wings of a dove, forgiveness is the splint that starts the healing, but love is the nourishment which restores the peace which the dove represents.
  69. Realistic goals when met is accomplishment. Stopping one step short of the finish line is failing. Trying to finish is the admission of failure. Only by crossing the finish line is success!
  70. When a person is threatened by another, their own self is in jeopardy. Rather than be removed from their pedestal, they destroy the threat. Hate is the chosen weapon of mass destruction.
  71. Standing on holy ground shooting flames of discord may burn the person whose shooting.
  72. When one enunciates the word "passion" without saying it with passion seems incompassionate!
  73. Good will prevail. Evil will fail.
  74. Applicable to everyone, the list of people who you love is endless, but the list of those who love you is really short; and life is supposed to be fair! Even the mathematics don't add up.
  75. Snow is little more than rain with the love removed.
  76. You become what you dwell upon, not in  a physical sense, but it becomes your reality.
  77. Endeavoring to win an argument by shouting epithets is no more than a hissy fit. It may work for children, but adults can do better than that!
  78. People who continue conversations with the expression "having said that..." need to get a life! Having said that... I'm going to get on with my life!
  79. It's a sorry thing when the preacher is as bad as the flock.
  80. Crawling through the birth canal does not perform a magical transformation. It's a child within and still is as it emerges.
  81. Those who are in sin most often hurl the biggest stone.
  82. It's OK to be an atheist. Someone has to be fuel for the fire. Or do they?
  83. If you don't learn from history then you deserve your future!
  84. Christians sometimes doubt that there is a God. Atheists sometimes fear that God is! Christians are safe in their doubt, but atheists are damned by not heeding their fear.
  85. Sunday and church; a decision to make: Shall I acclimate myself for eternity or remain in tune with the temporal? Church is training for an eternity of worship.
  86. Understanding is comprehension of the words. Discernment is understanding the motives behind what's written.
  87. I missed the part in the Bible which says "Jesus is all about you."Fill me in! Where do people get that notion?
  88. If we all lived like all the words we post the world would be a better place and Satan would be jobless!
  89. Once the downhill slide starts there remains one way to stop it. Get the will power out of the garage, tie it to your waist and let it pull you back up hill. There is no easy way of sliding uphill so forget it and do what you need to do.
  90. Biggest differences between Christianity, Communism and Islam: Christians baptize with water at your rebirth. The others baptize with blood at your death!
  91. People saying bad things have little effect on those who can't hear. Therefore, those who hear should not listen!
  92. You actually can fit a square peg in a round hole. It just takes a little more work or using intelligence to select the right sizes.
  93. When in doubt what to do? Just sit there in doubt. It's not fulfilling, but it's actually quite comfortable!
  94. The "freedom to bear arms" implies that there exists a "freedom not to bear arms". However, the arms we are free to bear protects those whose freedom is not to bear. Those who are free to bear arms don't have a way of protecting their own freedom not to bear arms!
  95. Those prideful men who think they understand God can't, because God is beyond human understanding!
  96. He's NOT "God as you understand him"; he's "God as you stand under him!"
  97. Just because we refrain from speaking words which offend, doesn't mean that the easily offended won't take offense.
  98. The absence of "anything" is "nothing". "Nothing" is what contains "everything" in the universe. Therefore, "nothing" is "something" because it's there and it's real! Explaining where "something" comes from lies in two choices: God or Chance.  After we argue where "everything" comes from then we can tackle from whence "nothing" came!
  99. It has been said "I think, therefore I am". If that's what you think, try questioning yourself. If you answer, you're not. You're just crazy.
  100. That voice you hear in your mind... no one's there! Quit sharing what he says with others.
  101. If "love conquers all" we're about to lose the earth to alien life!
  102. Those with the least credentials always have the strongest opinion, the most to say and say it without invitation.
  103. God gave old people health problems so we have something to talk about. Some must have severe health problems because their mouth is terminal!
  104. A corrupt church is as bad as a renegade government!
  105. The terms "hope and pray" seems odd! Hope is having confidence in what one believes and if the confidence is there, praying for the desired outcome seems to show doubt.
  106. Heroes are determined by who wins the war.
  107. Although those who kill abortion providers are misguided, their crime pales in comparison to those who're abortion zealots!
  108. We're in a new era. Each word uttered without deep thought may be the one which deeply buries a person. People can be offended by the benign. "I see!" as a rhetorical response can offend even the blind.
  109. Fighting crime with up-raised arms is suicidal unless it's God to whom they're raised.
  110. Gossip is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.
  111. One lacking it and the other having it is the recipe for failure. It's commitment.
  112. It's a true leader who can destroy the enemy who has yet to be defined by those who govern in weakness!
  113. Islamic church growth is a simple program.  No need to have altar calls or go door to door and pass out Bibles. Simply present the options: It's not heaven or hell! It's merely convert, be taxed outrageously or die. Their concept of grace is the outrageous.
  114. People measure love by emotional attraction. For shallow people it's merely a feeling. True love is climbing the mountain of dissension, but holding firm to solid ground. Love is not a feeling... it's an obligation. Like climbing a mountain, love is hard work!
  115. Those who paint themselves into the corner with the shades of iniquity may have a locked door behind them. There are two ways out: The obvious is to knock on the door and tell the one who answers of the color of your paint whereof you're soiled. He'll wipe that spot clean and let you in! The route most taken is to walk through the paint, but on the backs of others, leaving black footprints on the clean shirts of your stepping stones. However, choosing the latter route opens one up to falling on his face. Those who choose the route most taken will suffer the further fate of smearing the paint until one is blackened all over.
  116. Psychology is the assignment of compound words to mental, emotional and spiritual shortcomings, the facade of being able to help irrational and crazy people, and frankly, a modern religion under the guise of science.By their own admission there is no proof that it has ever helped anyone and that it is a religion. Those who place their trust in the priests of psychology are destined for disappointment because those who "study the soul" can never fill what ails the soul: spiritual emptiness. 
  117. The millennial generation expects the rewards of hard work without the effort it takes to make it happen. They want things now and plastic money is the synthetic genie who provides every wish!
  118. Those with the least experience and education always seem to have the strongest opinion be cause their knowledge base is too limited to dispute their own fictions.
  119. Don't blame irrational people for their irrational thinking. They would interpret the blame as praise.
  120. On the Day of Pentecost everyone was listening to the band. slurping dry wine and dancing merrily. When they all were primed by the music, inebriated by the wine and dancing together, there came a roar as a mighty wind and as with fire. They all were filled with smoke and spoke with cursing tongues. Well not quite the way it happened, but that seems to be the direction which churches are heading, and rather than the Holy Spirit, they just may get the church destroyed with the winds of change and the fires of pleasure!
  121. Christians were in one accord when the Holy Spirit came on them. Why are churches dead? Because people are not in harmony with one another. Spiteful and hateful people are out of harmony with the faithful, preventing the Holy Spirit from visiting.
  122. Pigs are faithful friends! They eat whatever you hold out right from your hand. If you poke them too hard though, too many times, they're hurt and begin to squeal. The best thing to do with a pig is to be friendly! They like that.
  123. You can't rely on anyone, but yourself, and sometimes your self screws you.
  124. If you think everything goes wrong, you've never been more wrong.
  125. Rather than which candidate will give the most freebies, you'd better vote for the one who will keep us the most free! The biggest threat to freedom is ISIS. Their god requires blood to appease.
  126. I have noticed that even some who claim sanity are enthralled by Bernie Sanders. Socialism is utopia for those so enthralled, until they serve no purpose. For those who have no use for it, it's tyranny because there are two roads for socialism: One is walking voluntarily to what will become their death; the other being dragged to it if you disagree with the evil that it is! Only fools submit voluntarily and it's deception which is their insanity!
  127. Good motto: "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see." Good people and your own eyes will lie to you.
  128. In choosing sides for a civil nation, is it order and regulation enforced with police, or is it anarchy from those with a selfish and criminal motives? Cops Lives Matter!
  129. Capitalism bakes the pie, socialism sneaks the pie from the baker, and communism takes the house and the pie and kills the baker if he resists.
  130. For those who seek truth it cannot be had from the mouth of newscasters, psychologists, politicians, the government, astrologists, rock stars, actors or other liars. Truth comes from one place; where most fail to seek it!
  131. "Hard worker" describes both those who use their brawn and those who brain to accomplish difficult objectives.
  132. Some have seen Lilith. Her trills yet scream in one's ears. The Queen of Heaven sits on the branches of the forbidden tree. Beware her austere eyes which encumber those who gaze into them. The screech owl  slowly bats it's mesmerizing eyes to stun those who would look into them. 
  133. Using the word "trust" in reference to Jesus and Hillary is just incomprehensible!
  134. Since I "am", I thought I would think, but thought better of it!
  135. Those who feel badly because of what they've done, cover it by making others feel badly in their place.
  136. It's not a lie if Hillary says it.
  137. Funsters, when the parade is over, become gonesters.
  138. Sometimes the prettiest fruit is so disappointing when the meat around the heart is so full of seeds. On the other hand the ugliest tomato is an Epicurean delight!
  139. As the crippled  man was walking alone he was grateful that he could walk and knew he was not truly alone.
  140. Some wear a "Sunday face" because it's Sunday they are happy to face.
  141. Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God..." And I thought I was the only one, as others believe they're not one!
  142. Blaming others for one's own shortcomings neither lessens the guilt nor absolves one from responsibility.
  143. When dancing it takes two to tango. If the footwork gets entangled, it could be both who miss-stepped, but usually one blames the other. It's wisest never to tango with those with large feet nor tango yourself if you lack any rhythm.
  144. Where did the water come from and dissipated to when the world was flooded? Since the hydrologic cycle is a closed system, the water came from hidden places and returned to the same. That reservoir is beneath the surface.
  145. The only proof in the cosmos is that "it" just "is". Any theory beyond that is a religion requiring great faith. "Being" is God's existence because he calls himself "I Am"! Therefore, since the universe "Is" it is a creation of "I Am"!
  146. Those who feel guilty for what they've done mask their stress by pinning it on others.
  147. Cordial means friendly. Can one be cordial and not be friends? It seems to me that mere cordiality is a friendly facade.
  148. If anyone believes they are always right read this: After my Dad died I was gong through his papers. I was reading a essay which I thought Dad had written. What was there made me ashamed of him! I felt terrible as I continued to read. I couldn't believe my Dad had such bad ideas! After reading it to the end I saw that it was my essay from my college years. I had signed it. Now it's in the garbage where where most ideas from young people belong! Intelligence must be tempered by charity. Policies must be based on reality. We all must be fair because, yes, it's possible that just maybe we too are subject to delusion.
  149. Nothing is free! "Freedom" is self-sufficiency. "Receiving" is slavery because the cost of things is your liberty. The best gift a government can give is its absence.
  150. Women who show their cleavage only do it to titillate.
  151. What God has diligently worked so patiently to grow, man, as a pawn of Satan, can wreak havoc on the crop. Be charitable in your relations with others because he may be the one who would stand beside you at any cost!
  152. Chomping food isn't aerobic enough exercise to strengthen the heart. One must be active enough to feel the heart pounding. Of course the guilt of overeating may make it pound, but it must pound in unison with your feet! God wants his Spirit to have a proper temple. Building a temple requires not only spiritual work, but burning off the flesh as well.
  153. GODISNOWHERE. Which is it?
  154. If you're my friend, then God expects me to lay down my life for you. If an ISIS sniper was aimed toward you, and you're my friend, I believe that I would step in an take your bullet. I would win either way. Either heaven would be my new home or God would save my life. Either way, that's better than my friend taking the bullet. Friend... "I've got your back!"
  155. You can't be happy. God knows your heart. A heart without compassion is ashen. Having a hard heart without obeying God is hard to part. If there is little joy the path to compassion is to love with a passion!
  156. In the Old Testament The Word who was to become incarnate Jesus was referred to as "the angel of God". That's who rolled back the stone at the tomb! Jesus just "appeared" to the eleven apostles in a room whose door was locked. Walls could not contain him! Jesus merely got up from where he laid dead before, walked out of the tomb as if it wasn't there, and rolled back his own stone; not that he could get out, but to show us the tomb was empty! No... he didn't need Angels to free him, and neither do we! Jesus frees and Jesus saves because he still lives!
  157. I always liked Paul Harvey: When telling his story, there was always "page 2", his signature statement. In every story there is a "page 2" and the interesting part is that "page 2" is a more interesting and provocative story than is "page 1". Always anxiously await for the climax. 
  158. It's time to go to church and rejoice! Why should we? It's a sanctuary from hate, anger, revenge, animosity, and grudges. I love church because it's "Holy Ground" and that's where all things holy should be. If we don't fit the model, then perhaps the Model we should do better to emulate. My prayer is that we all should be what Jesus wants us to be!
  159. Happy Christian: Those who love. Unhappy Christian: Those who loathe. The difference between the two is mostly the "th"; "the hate"!
  160. I always liked Paul Harvey: When telling his story, there was always "page 2", his signature statement. In every story there is a "page 2" and the interesting part is that "page 2" is a more interesting and provocative story than is "page 1". Always anxiously await for the climax. Page 2 is it!
  161. In the Old Testament The Word who was to become incarnate Jesus was referred to as "the angel of God". That's who rolled back the stone at the tomb! Jesus just "appeared" to the eleven apostles in a room whose door was locked. Walls could not contain him! Jesus merely got up from where he laid dead before, walked out of the tomb as if it wasn't there, and rolled back his own stone; not that he could get out, but to show us the tomb was empty!
    No... he didn't need Angels to save him, and neither do we! Jesus saves and Jesus lives!

  162. Superhero Story: Everybody has their kryptonite, but their element is a secret. The devil knows where it's stored and how to use it, but God has it surrounded by Seraphim.
  163. For people who start statements with "to be honest", are what they say normally not?
  164. People won't "go to hell" because that implies a possible return trip. They pack their baggage and reside there as their permanent home! That's scarier than a Muslim with a machete!It's necessary to enjoy friendship because the greatest part of "en-joy" is "joy". Without friends to befriend you, it's as wood stacked without a match. Sitting around a cold campfire is much the same as being around people without joy.
  165. Being "born-again" is the moment in time that we've had enough of doing what pleasures us, and decide to do what pleases God!
  166. When I look into the eyes of a beautiful woman who's eyes are shuttered by fluttering lashes, what lies within the depths of her heart only she knows, but the gamble that more good is there than evil, is high odds.
  167. I always look forward to church... It's a sanctuary from dissension!!!
  168. Blended families are a horrible consequence of people failing. Not that they aren't loved, but because evil turns on the blender.
  169. Temptation is not sin. It's a monkey wrench from the devil's tool box. He used it on Jesus and Jesus made him the monkey! If we blame others for being tempted, we are throwing the monkey wrench back at Jesus. 
  170. O'Reilly just said that he'd vote for a "secular Muslim". That's an oxymoron! No one can be religious and not religious at the same time. A Muslim who is secular is a no more than a middle easterner who is not religious. I couldn't vote for an atheist of any nationally nor any Muslim. Happy to be politically incorrect!
  171. Sometimes the best way to put out a fire is just to let the embers glow until they're out of fuel.
  172. For God so loved the world that he ignores all our bad attitudes, our pompous behaviors, our dislike for others, our hard hearts, our mean spirit, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him in spite of their lack of love, may have everlasting life. (Now that would be more than grace, but he does require love!)
  173. There are no such things as Newton's Laws, Boyle's Law, and the many others. They are all God's Laws in place before deficient humans ever explained them!
  174. The more a person tries to resolve conflict Murphy's Law is that there will be more conflict. God's Law is that's a chance you have to take!
  175. What's wrong with our nation is that some think they're entitled to the things they're not, and others would have the struggling few pay for the slothfulness for the masses. The umbrella should cover those incapable, but because people are poor doesn't make them incapable.
  176. Why can't we all just get along? Isn't that what God wants most for us? What stands in the way? Pride. That's the devil's wares.
  177. The most frightening feeling is thinking you can only depend on yourself, but knowing that you alone can't make it!
  178. What's wrong with our nation is that some think they're entitled to the things they're not, and others would have the struggling few pay for the slothfulness for the masses.
  179. Beauty can't be measured. Saying a woman "is beautiful" is much like saying "this water is good". Both depend on how thirsty you are!
  180. Going to church without loving is like eating dry cereal without milk! Sitting in a pew without forgiving is like using the restroom without toilet paper. You clear your bowels, but some filth remains.
  181. Truth is harder to face than lies because Satan's standards of performance are easier.
  182. My thoughts sometimes outrun my mind causing me to err as my synapses misfire.
  183. A fool is a person who worships things that cannot make him eternal.
  184. Because we don't accept Jesus doesn't mean that it's not him that knocks.
  185. There is no ulcer more painful than a thorn wound from a friend.
  186. Friends, like love, is forever because to be a friend requires love!
  187. Balanced people are the same when they are alone as when they have company.
  188. When I'm down, the Lord lifts me up! James 4:9 "Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. 10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up."
  189. I've found that people try to communicate through messaging and utterly fail to do so effectively. People's livelihoods depend on being able to ask and respond with ample time, inflection, facts, explanations and comprehension. In person is the only way to avoid misconceived notions.
  190. The Pope has no authority to annul a marriage, according to the Bible: Matthew 19:6 "Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder".Churches are to stay out of the ending of marriages because their role is to ordain God's institutions and protect them.
  191. If one can't depend on friends for friendship, who can they count on? A friend never assumes. A friend is fair. A friend gives the benefit of the doubt. A friend is friendly!
  192. Know-it-alls seem to have the least education and experience. Learning must come from their  intuition.
  193. Ignorance is a condition unknown only to those who have it. 
  194. I don't have the time nor desire to argue with ignorant people and they need to focus on asking questions of those who know so that they can become more than part of the zombie herd!
  195. "Friends are forever." is true, but if forever ends, maybe that's not friends.
  196. For the one or two who still love me until the end, those obnoxious idiosyncrasies which you hate so bad, will be sorely missed! My Mom talked really really loud to the point of embarrassment in public. What I wouldn't give to hear her speak now!
  197. The things NASA spent billions to see on Mars, when one squints just right, the clouds overhead manifest so much more!
  198. If you have everything, you don't need anything because you've got it all!
  199. It's strange that the Holy Spirit comes when the music becomes reverent. Being holy is not rubbing a bottle. The Spirit is always there waiting on Christians to be loving and humble.
  200. Your not an atheist because you fail to believe; you are a potential Christian waiting for truth to reveal itself!
  201. When all is said and done, there is nothing more to say or do.Leaving some things unsaid, and other things not done, leaves something later to say and things later to do!
  202. God answers prayer if those who seek divine assistance are not frivolous in their bequests.
  203. Those who condemn Christians for being tempted, how would they have treated Jesus after 40 days of it?
  204. Temptation is not sin, but the biggest stone is the one people throw at Christians who are tempted. 
  205. My fidelity is a covenant with God and I don't need a anyone else to police it.
  206. Engineering is "thinking outside the box". Philosophy is thinking about what's "in the box", and those confused are still trying to find the box!
  207. A dying rodent should have known: gullible rats are those who fail to realize that poison can come in pretty bottles.
  208. Christ forgives those who fail him. Those who are Christians are called to be Christlike, but somewhere the circuit gets a short and the mercy light turns off.
  209. When two are at odds it's worlds colliding. When two make peace the odds are that the blow will be cushioned by love.
  210. The only thing standing in the way of peace is the inability to reconcile.
  211. Everybody is not college material. Rather than teaching those who can't be taught, perhaps the money could be better spent growing them some more gray matter in petri dishes.
  212. Those who ask "What's in it for me?" are those whose help we don't need.
  213. The best desire is that our desire be lessened.
  214. Having mud thrown at you isn't so bad if it improves anything about you.
  215. For those who seek glory in the church what they seek is what they get and nothing more.
  216. If we praise in privacy our prayer will resonate through the heavens.
  217. It's better to be a significant friend of one than have many friends to whom you're insignificant.
  218. The Boy Scouts is now an organization where men are the scouts and the boys become the prey.
  219. Bad is in all men, but the baddest men are the boldest in showing their badness.
  220. If tomorrow is like yesterday, I'll do today again!
  221. Mistakes make people human. Correction makes things right. Sorrow makes things pardonable.
  222. What others spew is poison, but when we speak the same with a placebo, we expect the hearer to relish it all as they slowly succumb.
  223. A flea is a flaw on a dog I saw, but the same flea on me isn't much at all.
  224. As humble men do, Jefferson Davis allowed the sins of the south to be placed squarely on his shoulders. 
  225. A flutter of the eyelashes can fell the strongest gladiator.
  226. Those whose dogs are their best friend need a pit bull to expand their world.
  227. I love dogs; we're just not having a romance.
  228. The one who sits with his legs crossed are hiding that he's nuts.
  229. When tempers flare there are no winners.
  230. Victory can be in  losing if the fewest suffer the least loss.
  231. If it wasn't for my memories who would be my friends?
  232. When facing peril up close, past memories are at one-hundred speed. Then when danger is past, it slams on it's brakes and time stops just for a second.
  233. Past friends are thieves. They steal the good memories and turn them into nightmares.
  234. Good memories, when tempered by bad feelings, are memories of regret.
  235. The minute we're born we start to die. No one needs to help us, especially monsters disguised as doctors.
  236. The Doomsday Book was about dreaded taxes.  Life is about dreaded death!
  237. When getting married two of the "Do you? questions should be "Do you realize how long 'for death do you part" is and "Do you understand how many more 'worse's there are than better's'"?
  238. When people come of age to avoid the plague of damnation, all need to be given a shot which instills in them just how long "forever" is!
  239. It takes two to tango, but one can dance around truth with the grace of a swan.
  240. Because you're defeated, doesn't make you wrong. It just means the enemy mistakenly believes you'll never rise again.
  241. To enter this world one must be submersed for nine months, escape those who may be trying to filet you and then squeeze through a tunnel much too small. To leave this world one merely has to meet a stranger in a dark alley. It's much easier to die than to be born!
  242. Empathy is understanding how those feel who don't have the attributes that you have.
  243. If you're the stereotypical American and complain how bad it is, just think how you would feel if you are handicapped or short-changed in size or appearance.
  244. Loneliness is having the same number of friends at your funeral as you had at your birth.
  245. You can always tell when you've been unfriended. Communication becomes non-existent yet people claim they're "just too busy". One can never be too busy to be friends!
  246. There is a difference between "redneck" and "country".Southern gentlemen are "country". Country is southern charm.Redneck is the absence of any charm. Think "trash in your yard". That's redneck. Think "drunkenness and brawling". That's redneck. Think about those who "shout obscenities at 60 mph as they pass you by!" That's redneck "Country" is the absence of all the faults of "rednecks"!
  247. The truth about science is that science is at as much of a loss as we are in knowing what truth is.
  248. After a person believes lies long enough, truth will certainly anger them.
  249. Liberals believe in magic; that some alien creature they call "the fetus" miraculously turns into a baby after a few minutes doing "the birth canal crawl"!
  250. Science always has a new theory on how it came to be. God doesn't need a theory because he did it!
  251. Nothing is something. It's the space where things were put. Where did nothing originate because it too is something?
  252. Those wily women who flutter their eyelashes at the passing man destroy more marriages than does a prostitute.
  253. People who seek attention are always at the forefront of conversations.
  254. If one could read the minds of others, they would scream in fear of what others are capable of doing, but ignore the evil in their own mind.
  255. Nothing can be proved. It can only fail to be disproved. Therefore, all things unproven are accepted by faith.
  256. People who have no fault in their own eyes never recognize that they fail. When things go awry, they simply blame.
  257. It takes two to tango, but one can always slow dance alone.
  258. Altercations involve two people. When one provokes and the other responds, then the provocative person is as guilty as the person who defends himself.
  259. When Christians get to heaven doctrinal disputes will be settled by God. It will be peaceable because in heaven all things will be obvious.
  260. Two people test with the same proof and have different conclusions. There has to be bias on the part of one or both because there are not two truths.
  261. When professing a belief that cannot be proven, failing to consider that you may be wrong, is pride.
  262. Reason says "If it's there take it!" Conscience demands that reason have some consideration of right.
  263. Libertarian ideology was demonstrated by rioters in Ferguson. What you saw was total liberty without the enforcement of regulation.
  264. If a person doesn't like America with God, try it without him!
  265. People fail to show God love, not by disobedience, but by standing so close to Satan that he can easily deceive.
  266. There's no mistake about it. I screwed up intentionally!
  267. It's easy for people to criticize because they can see their own faults in another.
  268. When two are to blame and one blames the other, is when things begin to break
  269. People who are the prettiest often have ugly tumors on their personalities.
  270. People who are so enthralled with what they say care little if those who pretend to listen aren't listening.
  271. When we encounter a person with a fake smile that hurts worse than a real frown.
  272. It's true that we can't change others, therefore we must take those who hurt us and minimize their ability to hurt.
  273. When the PC Police make the arrest just admit that you are just as intolerant as they are.
  274. Being called "intolerant" by those most hateful is the ultimate compliment!
  275. Those who pee against the wind are stupid enough to keep voting for those who are the windiest.
  276. Some people aren't able to think contiguously. One friend of mine who happens to be black said "War is not right ever!". I asked "How about the Civil War?" He replied "That's different." He just couldn't think it through!
  277. Silence in the face of a firing squad is suicide. Complacency in the face of tyranny only leads to death.
  278. Normalcy is changed by a major part of the population's deviancy.
  279. If you want to get high go live in the Mile High City.
  280. Homosexuality is the standard deviation in cities like San Francisco.
  281. The biggest difference between men and women are that they are totally different.
  282. The victor writes history is why history is not factual.
  283. Now with twelve in the Republican presidential race, we have the makings of a good Supreme Court.
  284. The Civil War will never be over because it has yet to be fought. A Civil War is between two peoples of the same nation. The "Civil War" was a war between two independent nations. Even the name of the war is a lie. The Civil War is coming.
  285. Obama took only six years in destroying the U.S. He wasn't as efficient as Lincoln who destroyed the confederacy in only 5 years. Lincoln destroyed the principles of a great nation the first year in office by provoking a war which cost the lives of 700,000 Americans, yet he is the most honored president. Ironic it seems!
  286. Reading modern history is a mystery. The challenge is to find any truth therein. If one wants truth primary sources must be read. Those secondary sources are what writers wished had happened.
  287. My favorite sister is great. My least favorite is my nemesis. My favorite sister is the youngest girl in the family. My least favorite is the oldest! My favorite is my smartest sister. My dumbest sister is also loved. Who are my sisters? She is my only sister!
  288. America is being destroyed from "within" as some of our protagonists often said. We now must understand that "Obama" in Arabic must mean "within"! (Obama is from the Kenyan word "Obam" and means "to bend". Obama is bending what once was to what he would have it to be. He's defeating us from within by bending laws to what he wants them to be!)
  289. While making excuses we continue to dig deeper wells. Why not just give a valid reason and drill quickly right to the bottom?
  290. If you continue to say the wrong things why keep saying them? Sometimes the best explanation is remaining quiet.
  291. Music isn't meant to be purchased. Those who sing well have a talent from God and their tunes are beyond copywrite laws.
  292. Sometimes we fail to see the stars which are the closest because we're gazing too far away. Why look to Hollywood when the true star may live within your own home!?
  293. Hitler is alive and well. Yes, his mustache is shaved and his uniform changed, but his DNA is in those who abort babies, terrorize the nation and twist truth. It's ironic that the ACLU is more Nazi than it is American. It's ironic that Planned Parenthood plans death and not parenthood.
  294. That person didn't do that and people do what they want to do. 
  295. The things people love are the things which please them.
  296. When one's knowledge surpasses one's wisdom, one is in trouble.
  297. Not believing in an infinite, perpetual everlasting Jesus is unbelief.
  298. Those who fail to understand that Jesus always was, was God at birth and still is God; miss out on who God IS!
  299. Hurting others is easy when it means preserving the self.
  300. Because we disagree doesn't mean that we have to hate each other.
  301. Wishing things were different is weak magic. To make things different there are some tricks: change that animosity into love. It takes only effort and, poof, it's done!
  302. If Jesus was with us since the creation he had to be somewhere. That somewhere was with us!
  303. Because we don't understand God doesn't make him less than what he is!
  304. If a voice inside gives you a warning and you fail to listen, that little man inside has more brains than you!
  305. There is a magnetic attraction between standing water and iphones. The more expensive the iphone the greater the magnetic field.
  306. Beware of flags that make insane people killers and guns which point themselves at victims. 
  307. Those who step on grass takes time for the grass to stand upright. Those who step on people takes time to restore their stature.
  308. The light at the end of a tunnel is no more than mere photons reflecting from what's in the air.
  309. If you want it done wait for another with more ambition to do it for you. Then be ashamed!
  310. The Bible is the Viewmaster who people use to view the Master.
  311. Those who abuse their bodies take time off their lives. Most people don't worry about that now because who cares about the end? The answer is that those near the end of life care the most!
  312. If we wait until the end of time, there will be no time left to do it.
  313. Work is an activity which converts human energy into things needed and desired. Most people desire things they haven't worked for and feel they deserve that others should meet their needs.
  314. Narcissists think "What better idol could I have?"
  315. Being blamed for things by guilty people is a tremendous compliment.
  316. I'm a powerful person! People like me get blamed for all the ills of society.
  317. Truth often huddles around everybody just waiting fruitlessly to be included!
  318. Friends are forever? It all is about to end right now!
  319. Phone messaging is a covert way of limiting the duration and frequency of conversations of those to whom people don't want to converse.
  320. A preacher is a person who delivers a sermon about God. A Minister is a person who assists with the spiritual needs of Christians. A preacher tells others how God would have them to minister and a minister sets the example for others to follow. Those called to "preach" should question "Am I called to minister?" There is a big difference and few do both them well. The former should be an visiting evangelist; the latter a church manager.
  321. Those who sing "Amazing Grace" and favor abortion miss the entire point of the concept of grace!
  322. Tawdry women look the best when artful ink is applied to their human vellum.
  323. The longest word in the English language can be found in the dentist's office: "Drill". The shortest word can be found in time: "eon".
  324. The scapegoat ate the evidence.
  325. If you can never have something, that's what you want the most.
  326. Ironically, the nicest people are the ones who want something from you.
  327. Those truly innocent can hug a boogie man without fear.
  328. Blood of our own when outside its vessel emits fear, but contained within it's vessels, it is comforting.
  329. Being courageous may be as simple as facing fear.
  330. You do wrong if you think wrong. Many fail to think and just do what others do. That too is wrong!
  331. Let deceived Christians all hold hands as they collectively jump over the cliff along with the swine.
  332. Murderers who repent are more holy than the doers of good who are proud of their deeds!
  333. The greatest cancer on Christianity are the elected who believe lies.
  334. Freedom is an illusion for those that are too preoccupied to know that they are enslaved.
  335. There is nothing wrong with being "wrong"! It's an opportunity for improvement!
  336. Ironically, when we desire to float down the river and need water the most, is when it storms so bad it's too dangerous to float.
  337. Expecting democracy to cure Islamic insanity would surely require a miracle.
  338. We all become slaves to what pleasures us most. If we cherish freedom to the extent that we're zealots. we become slaves to freedom.
  339. Regardless of how many good deeds bad people do, they're still evil. 
  340. If one wants to see where we've gone wrong, it's only necessary to look at history to see the same wrongs long before us.
  341. Ignorance is caused by the fear of teaching. If a person is not told they're wrong, how would they know? 
  342. Love is more than caring about hurting a sinner's feelings now, it's about preserving their soul forever!
  343. Any falsehood society disseminates becomes truth with repetition.
  344. Those most gullible listen to those most smooth. Suave preachers and teachers sell defective wares to unsuspecting buyers.
  345. Given two choices most people will look for a third. Given three choices the rest will pick the wrong one.
  346. All should be thankful that we have God whom we can turn because if not for him, who would we have?
  347. Satan only smiles when he's winning, but if he sees he's losing, he puts on his nefarious Nike's and jumps on you harder.
  348. When down and out a faithless friend will show how fast they can run the other way.
  349. When given the opportunity even those you've helped will hang you with your own rope.
  350. Foul language is as second-hand smoke: It is to the ears what smoke is to the eyes.
  351. People who run out of arguments run to foul language. If they can't win the argument, at least they can destroy the relationship.
  352. Mom used to say "You talk just to hear your head rattle!" I say "You agitate just to rattle those with a calmer head!"
  353. Some people hear whatever they want to hear in spite of what was said, then attack with falsehoods... and these people claim to be normal! Something is wrong in the head!
  354. Once given it's hard to take away. Once taken away it's hard to get back. What is? Friendship!
  355. People with mean streaks who try to be nice are like a cake with iced too hot. They don't even look good.
  356. Nice people aren't selectively nice, it's part of their nature and is always there!
  357. People who walk through the forest and don't even notice the trees are blind to life.
  358. A smile can cure a broken heart. Love can cure a broken spirit.
  359. I'll forgive what you did, but never forget it, is forged grace. What if God did that?
  360. True Christianity is forgiving and resuming, not forgiving and avoiding!
  361. Love is "always having to say your sorry when you should be". Stroking egos is just saying "I'm sorry" to please.
  362. It's not what happens which hurts people, but what they perceive as how they are being wronged.
  363. Love can turn to hate with a mere sprinkle of irrationality.
  364. Whenever there is a mess on the step, even if it's cleaned. the careful person still treads with caution.
  365. Herrin's Law is so effective that Murphy becomes a mere sissy!
  366. I'm flexible. I'll give you another chance to change.
  367. Emotional pain can subside if the wound is doused in a good dose of love.
  368. It's impossible to un-hurt someone.
  369. If things can go wrong it they will. Given the chance to do them over things will still go wrong.
  370. "Wow" and "Mom"! The difference is how you look at her, but some are the same from either direction.
  371. Words do mean things. Try erasing an insult and see if the pain subsides for the other person.
  372. Those we love are often the ones who we hurt the most because they care.
  373. If you're going to paint yourself into a corner at least use quick drying paint!
  374. When someone pains the heart the only recourse is to make it right. No matter who is at fault, both will be blessed!
  375. As sure as one does something on the spur of the moment is exactly the wrong time it should be done.
  376. The fastest kid in school could run circles around me, but those who run that way on the job merely run in circles.
  377. Sharing is not about getting your part, but ensuring that those who are defenseless have a chance at the trough.
  378. Blaming God for mistakes we make is silly because God never messes up!
  379. Liberals don't believe the Bible yet they do everything in their power to fulfill prophecies of our utter destruction.
  380. When things keep sliding downhill remember change is coming! It'll probably get worse before it gets better.
  381. The best way to iron clothes is with an iron. With people the best way to iron things out is not with irons.
  382. People have glee over their success in bringing you down to their level.
  383. Never seek advice from those who are troubled in all walks of life.
  384. Insecure people seek out those who will comply with their irrational thinking. People actually believe that the person smiling listlessly can provide solutions to life's problems.
  385. Unbiased mediators are those who are swayed by intimidation or charm to provide the most fair decision to himself.
  386. I'm a rebel by not following the dictates of progressives who rule society because "political correctness" is reveling against truth.
  387. When our heart beats in excitement it is much like an aerobic heart at work. Then, is it possible that work is exciting, but most don't realize it?
  388. With "messaging" we speak without making sounds in the electronic age. Babies make sounds, but don't speak. Who is the most advanced?
  389. Definition of a "non-value": Praying to God for blessings when you have something between you and a neighbor.
  390. People with hard hearts expect God to bless them and then him because he doesn't.
  391. Poverty and the absence of abundance are blessings bestowed by God to mature us in our appreciation for things we'll earn with hard work!
  392. Wishing for things to happen consumes valuable time that could be used in making things happen.
  393. The minute the one you want to please asks you to do something for them, your time is already taken, and for only this time!
  394. Mankind only has one flaw: we suck at giving credit where it's due... to God.
  395. Two people become one when both commit to unity of purpose sealed with commitment.
  396. Something is awry when two people are together, but each feel so alone.
  397. Feeling alone in a crowd can be rectified when the crowd quits leaving you alone.
  398. Our mind has a purpose. It's to think on the things of God. Our heart has a purpose. It's so God will know that we think on his things!
  399. Gradually the heart becomes acclimated. It responds to a stimulus and when not exercised, it becomes atrophied.
  400. There are two kinds of love: negative and positive. We either hate or we cherish!
  401. Love is having to say that "I love you!" because love is reinforcing to another how much you care for them.
  402. Love isn't an emotion  It's a work. Something God commands us to do is much more than than having a racing heart!
  403. It's time to go when you sense that others are ready for you to leave. It's time to remain quiet when you sense that others are ready for you to shut up. It's time to die when you've outlived your usefulness.
  404. When speaking, my mind thinks. When writing, my pen gets the credit; but when typing all the blame goes on the keyboard. My mind merely follows my fingers. If you doubt that ask your fingers to type a phone number you can't remember. They know!
  405. If all the world shared their most stupid thoughts then the world would be just as it is!
  406. There are so many things to say, but someone somewhere has already said what just popped into your late-blooming mind!
  407. The most desirable things are those most rare in the world. That's why people want tons of love, but get only milligrams, even though the potential supply is endless.
  408. Tell an amputee that two shoes are better than one and you may get an argument.
  409. Those who claim they are the most "tolerant" display the most blatant hate with those who differ.
  410. What can be the harm in aborting a potential human being? Which one was it that was to find a cure for cancer or would be the mate of a famous person? Which one would have done things to make the world a better place? It's not a "potential" person being destroyed, but maybe society itself. Careless people potentially destroy things they hold dear!
  411. We can whiten our teeth with Crest strips, but the only hygiene for the soul is confession.
  412. "Wishing things were different" is about as effective as administering a placebo for cancer.
  413. People die everyday because others are either ignorant, easily deceived, selfish or evil.
  414. As for the excuse "They know not what they do!" is a flimsy pretense for continually doing wrong because after a time it should appear that all those dire consequences would have been a good teaching tool.
  415. For the harm I did you yesterday, please forgive me. For the hurt I do tomorrow, forgive me for what I'm about to do.
  416. If it's a starlette you desire, close your eyes and open your mind. Just as the make-up men can make plain girls stars, your imagination can transform your own woman into a luscious girl.
  417. A friend peeved is a friend you don't need!
  418. The last thoughts of one lowered into the grave is "Little has changed! These weren't true friends. Look how fast they abandon me!"
  419. Losing a friend is worse than dying because after one is dead, it's expected that we are to be alone.
  420. If we had to understand why a bicycle can be balanced as we ride it, then few would ever attempt to ride! The lesson here is do what can be done and question "why?" later, if it even needs to be answered at all!
  421. It's harder to balance on a bicycle when it isn't moving than when it is?  Likewise, it's harder to do things when stationary than when already active.
  422. Calling one "courageous" for doing stupid things is a travesty. There is a difference between doing silly things and bravery in the face of calamity.
  423. Small people have large egos and big people have small egos. Average people don't worry much about their ego because theirs is just the right size.
  424. If it takes death to motivate, then be the busiest dead person in the graveyard.
  425. People with small personal spaces spend much time alone even when people are all around.
  426. It takes great faith to believe in God, but even more to believe that there is no God.
  427. Atheists think they won't be greeted on the other side of death, and they're right! Souls afire aren't the most friendly embers which spark the soul!
  428. Dead friendships are much as death. Few will be resurrected.
  429. If some people didn't do wrong things then they would not even accomplish deterioration.
  430. Kayaking dangerously down the river of life takes us all through many class 6 waters.
  431. Meditating without cognition is blindly accepting into your mind whatever is out there that wants to put in, and it's a good guess that evil is ready to lunge.
  432. All ideologies seek to gain or retain power.  Christianity, with it's power, stands in the way of control-seeking ideologies. Therefore, all ideologies which seek to control are against Christ.
  433. Any "ism" without God is enslavement. No "ism" has a belief in Jesus. Therefore, all "isms" enslave and only God sets men free!
  434. Capitalism without charity is as evil as socialism because capital is necessary to prey on vulnerable people; those who believe that the government is there to help, when it's for those with money who are to retain power.
  435. Imagine your distress if an evil person carried off your child to put in isolation and torture forever.  Why then are we not distressed when the devil does the same?
  436. Those content in the Lord are the most sorrowful of people because those they love have yet to find happiness.
  437. Sunday smiles are turned into frowns of sorrow when meek heads are bowed low at the altar of God.
  438. Imagine the evil of those who imagine that Jesus is the bad-guy in our society.
  439. Always put off  evil-doing until tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.
  440. To accomplish, the first thing to do, is to push worry aside and embrace the joy of doing.
  441. "Worry" is the wet wood which smothers the "fire" in life from spreading.
  442. People who are angry at the way things are can convert that lost energy into making things happen.
  443. Listening to music can impede productive thinking because a mood of satisfaction is already instilled in one's mind.
  444. Fleeting thoughts crossing one's mind can be pursued if one stops to contemplate without external interference.
  445. Those who are empathetic to those doing wrong, are hateful to those who do right.
  446. The most evil men are those with hearts tenderized by the mallet of ignorance.
  447. Men of many words write much of their great faith, but God only scoffs at the small seed which has taken root in themselves!
  448. There are two things that matter: studying what matters and enough gray matter to understand what's studied.. 
  449. If you love "race jokes" you'll appreciate the spry turtle who almost out ran the crippled rabbit who won by a hare.
  450. The decapitated African woman wished she had never been axed out.
  451. Never ask a near deaf iron man for "advise" because it may be "a vise" he gives.
  452. Teamwork in business is different than on the ball court. On the court all excel at what they do, but on a business team the mast in the wind is slowed by the anchor sedentary in the chair.
  453. Standing outside the box is a good place to be when the crusher comes down.
  454. Achievement is possible if a person performs rather than conforms.
  455. Those who try hardest may never succeed, but they excel at giving it their best!
  456. People who spend the most time staying busy are the ones too busy for friendships.
  457. True friends have time to be friends, but insincere friends have a select few for which there is time.
  458. People who look over your shoulder for others as they speak to you may as well be announcing how shallow they are.
  459. Time is without end, but it's not a circle. It's linear, forever and non-repetitive.
  460. "Tomorrow" is not on the continuum of time. It's a goal that we know that we can never achieve.
  461. "Yesterday" is "history" which most people hate, but so many dwell upon.
  462. Wheels are designed to travel over the bumps in the road, and the bumps certainly effect the wheel. True circular wheels are ones which are durable enough to withstand the bumps without bending to them. Why then do strong people bend to the road on which they travel?
  463. An earthquake is God's warning that it is going to get worse. An aftershock is his mercy so that we can prepare for the big one soon coming.
  464. Sacrifice is giving without reward even when no one's looking. That's what God wants of us!
  465. People visiting Rome do what the Romans do, but those visiting God's house never worry about doing what God does.
  466. Being unable to stop a recurring thought is like having your feet stuck in mud with the alligator slithering closer and closer.
  467. When an idle mind is free to roam it's on pastures sporting the the best of game.
  468. Bad anxiety occurs when one continually flirts with temptation without ever consummating the the act. It's like licking a lollipop without ever getting to suck on it.
  469. Some people when given "two wrongs", select the most wrong of the two, rationalizing that if they're going to "go all the way" rather than stop with foreplay.
  470. Given two "wrongs" most people will do the "less wrong" to rationalize that they could have done worse. 
  471. Birth is the gift of life from your parents, but rebirth is your gift from God. People value what will soon end over what can last forever. Birth is wrapped in tissues of strife, but rebirth is in the gold-foil of hope.
  472. People have only one birthday, but clever merchandisers have convinced them that they are born every year.
  473. I'm too old to do what? I can't hear you and if I could, I can't do that or remember what you said, so just forget answering this question.
  474. What little good that I do is as filthy rags to God, but my laundry is cleaned by the blood of his Son!
  475. Any goodness buried deeply within me is cloaked by enough evil to make grown men scream.
  476. Think on these things, but things most profound may be incubating in your own impressionable mind.
  477. At the end of the day the day merely ends, but at the end of your life, you'll live forever. Choose wisely because one choice may be bliss, but the other calamity, and for eternity!
  478. How would a pot smoker know that it's bad for them when their minds have already went up in smoke?
  479. A true follower is one who believes that the leader is not a follower too.
  480. If the majority of the people accept something is true, stand out from the crowd.
  481. "Judge not" doesn't have the focus on "not" and what it means. It's whether "judging" is "holding an opinion" or "condemning". We MUST have an "opinion" that a person has sin before we can convince them they need salvation, but it's not our job to damn them. We are to love them and if a harsh judgment is to be meted out, then God will be the one who heaps the ashes upon them.
  482. Good wives don't treat husbands like a king. Good wives believe their husbands ARE kings. Husbands with such wives HAVE wives who ARE queens.
  483. Apathetic people spend too much time worrying about what other people do. Apathy is manifested by antipathy.
  484. Those who need THC to get through life may need a little "Tough & Hard Confrontation" to change what is destroying them.
  485. Too much liberty is anarchy. Anarchy is chaos. Chaos enslaves people with fear. Therefore, too much liberty leads to fear. Just ask a toddler who is left alone in a department store!
  486. Those who get anxiety before they take a test out of fear of not getting an "A" may actually need a "B" so they can be healthy.
  487. Losing is part of life. Those shielded from losing while they're young can't handle loss when the world becomes real as an adult. "Losing" now is good practice for coping later in life.
  488. Ruling a nation without God is much like driving backwards in a foreign country without a map and on the wrong side of the road to boot!
  489. Liberterianism is the ancient failed ideology that "everyone doing what's right in his own eyes" is something other than anarchy.
  490. Democracy is not the method of rule preferred to God in spite of what we believe. A monarchy administered by fair judges under a supreme judge is the government instituted by God.
  491. There is a revolution going on. All nations are fighting the King to overthrow His Kingdom and supplant it with a anarchy ruled by a hedonistic prince.
  492. Voting is a feeble attempt to make our own impression on life, and is certainly better than one person getting his demands met.
  493. Those who complain without voting are as those who get indigestion without eating.
  494. If you don't want to be found, don't get lost. If you don't want to be found out, don't be a loser..
  495. "Ask not what your God expects of you, but what you expect of God!" says about everybody.
  496. "Sin" in today's lexicon, is the righteous behavior society refuses to tolerate because they know better than God.
  497. "Thou shalt not's" in the age of relativism have become "Thou shout downs!"
  498. The buck stops here... if someone can find the well-hidden buck!
  499. Posterity assigns blame to those who happen to be in authority at the time of calamity whether they be responsible or not. In essence those in charge are expected to miraculously fix right now what their predecessors caused over time.
  500. Dead men tell no tales and dead men don't do much of anything.
  501. Men have surely become apathetic when soul's are not worth the trouble of recommending Jesus.
  502. When some drivers look beyond the hood they see a beautiful horizon. When others look beyond the hood they see bugs coming at them fast. What they see when looking at the same thing depends on what they want to see.
  503. People were slaves of Democrats before the Civil War by law, and now serve the same party through petty bribes.
  504. There is nothing "democratic" in the "Democrat Party" just as there is nothing "dairy" in coffee "creamer"! 
  505. So many people now get 4.0's in high school it would seem that teachers are no longer needed.
  506. "I'm pleased to announce that everyone thinks I'm average!" said the average person!
  507. Shallow people dig shallow graves just because they're too shallow to dig any deeper!
  508. Economic calamity is caused by the notion that "desire" and "deserve" mean the same thing!
  509. Losers fail. To fail people must do things. People who do nothing can't be losers. Sluggards are losers. Hence, people who do nothing are winners. Then losers are winners!
  510. True narcissists glory in the success of others by believing that they are the one who was the motivation to do those things.
  511. People reward themselves by doing things for the person they love the most.
  512. Two leaders in two Bushes is better than three leaders in three Bushes.
  513. If one believes that "there is nothing new under the sun" they merely have to listen to politicians daily "spin" to dispel that thought.
  514. A masochist is one who ruminates when he could be demanding reasons. A sadist is one who gets joy out of not giving those reasons.
  515. The fear of things are called "phobias". What is the fear of those who accuse you of fearing called?
  516. Giving each a reward for doing the same is rewarding most for being below average.
  517. People do more than "feel like I failed"! People do fail!
  518. We'll forget our feelings are hurt if we do things to make other people feel better.
  519. The best cure for a common malady is to occupy it away.
  520. Multiple excuses do not make one good reason.
  521. Motherhood is the incubation of beings whose main role in life is to multiply.. Modern math isn't necessary to understand that 1 + 1 = 3!
  522. Two people have conversations. When only one can speak, only a fool would  listen.
  523. Commitment isn't a deciding the right path, but walking that path in a lifelong adventure.
  524. The angel of God, Jesus, merely walked through his tomb wall and rolled back his own stone. It wasn't so that he could get out, but that we could see the tomb was empty.
  525. It would seem to me that since The Word there was in the beginning and that He was Jesus, then it follows that Christianity precedes Judaism and is a sect of Christianity.
  526. Those who believe Jesus was made like man have pride indeed. God with his foreknowledge made man in their own image. Jesus wasn't modeled after man, but man after Jesus.
  527. Free will has continuity. It doesn't end the moment the decision is made, but goes on thereafter.
  528. Growth can be measured by keeping a journal of one's opinions. As time goes by the wise man will realize "What a fool was I!"
  529. I read unpleasant things I found in my father's files from his estate and was ashamed. Reading further I found that he had saved my own opinions from years ago.  As Dad was exonerated, I shamed myself.
  530. Cowardice goes unanswered in China. Saying "You're yellow!" isn't about to stir up strong emotions.
  531. "Thanks for interrupting me in time with your tripe. I was just about to say something interesting and profound."
  532. With young people they feel qualified to expound upon things it took their elders years to figure out.
  533. People with the most opinions have the least credentials for having opinions.
  534. Women, as they age, camouflage aging and obesity by using gallons of rare Walmart perfume. The aroma is so potent that their appearance is never even noticed!
  535. A loving wife ignores the paunch, frog butt, over-sized ears, bulbous nose, ill manners, and sulfuric aroma of the man to whom she pledged "for better or worse". Then the man starts the descent into real grotesqueness.
  536. Watching the "news" each night reminds one "There is nothing new under the sun!" It should be termed "old stuff again and again".
  537. Fast women are like fast cars. They are fueled by the expensive, squeal in delight as they rush from place to place, like to be polished to be more beautiful and emit the smell of money burning as they roll over those around them.
  538. "If I had to do it over again I would do it all over again!" said the man who pays little heed to failure.
  539. Give a man a fish wrapped in newspaper and feed him for a day. Read the paper in which the fish is wrapped and what's written thereon stinks worse than the fish!
  540. It's not that I'm a Republican that I have antipathy for the Democrats; it's that the feces is merely knee high on the Republicans, but Democrats don't mind swimming in the crap.
  541. Insanity: Voting Democrat time after time even after failing each time to get any beneficial results.
  542. Only in America does the majority fight violence by aiding the violent! 
  543. There are three degrees of Islam: Those who are faithful to Muhammed. We call them "Islamic terrorists".  Those who are moderate. They are cheerleaders for the former, and those who have brains and reject violence. I would like to compliment the few thousand who have brains because if they're found out their brains will be fifty feet from their bodies.
  544. My excuse for apathy is that I'm lazy, but you don't care enough  to think of your own excuse!
  545. I shined my shoes until I could see my reflection, but scuffed them when I saw that it was an unpleasant sight to see.
  546. When Christ died saints arose from their graves. Imagine a beheaded John visiting the children of Herod.  
  547. If we were crucified inside out, it would be an ugly sight to behold;  not because of our hideous substrate, but the evil within would be exposed for all to see.
  548. The more that they hate me for loving you, convinces me more that you are God!
  549. I can only reflect on yesterday, but I can make tomorrow.
  550. Being cheerleaders for Christ gets easier as the end of the game nears!
  551. It's okay to be a fanatic! It's great that sports fans are sports fanatics. It's great that "God fans" are fanatical for God!
  552. Friends are people who are just there! They come from everywhere and are there when needed. Friends unseen are mere acquaintances indeed!
  553. If people cared as much about the good looks of their insides as they do their outsides, the world would be more loving. A "shame" is when some people care little about the inside nor outside because the outside is often a reflection of what's inside.
  554. The time for all to start new things is the starting time. Without "starting" new things shall never be!
  555. As a Christian you are to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, not a food processor. Gluttony fills the temple with what becomes mere garbage.
  556. "The War on Women" is a small portion of the battlefield. "The War on God" is the battle. 
  557. Narcissistic people dress in expensive raiment so that other people know there place.
  558. Ask not what your friends can do for you, but what you  can do for your friends!
  559. Shallow people are there in times of joy, but people who share your pain are those who're friends.
  560. I'm so busy trying to do nothing that I don't have time for anything!
  561. Friends are those who'll do things they don't enjoy doing to please the one they call "friend".
  562. Those who like steak burgers never question what baby burgers are!
  563. A good cleaning and a band-aid will thwart physical pain, but a good soul-cleansing precludes the need for a spiritual band-aid.
  564. Progressive solutions to social problems are akin to adding wood to an already burning fire.
  565. Those who favor "social justice" instigate injustice because if justice prevails, their power wanes.
  566. Why is it that those who know the "cure" for social unrest are the very ones who fail to end it, but are generally those who're in power? 
  567. When a guy rejects a girl it's a duty to tell her why because endless speculation can be devastating. The same applies to women.
  568. A true measure of friendship is when one tells another not only truth, but what's bothering them.
  569. That empty hole inside is the perfect place to store love for others.
  570. Death is relative. It's sad in our eyes, but joyous for either God or the devil because one or the other will get a servant.
  571. Circles are never ending. Neither are ellipses, but they are merely squashed circles which refused to end.
  572. The tea which comforts is spice tea. That "tea" that teases life is "feisty".
  573. I'll admit failure when I actually fail. You admit failure just thinking about doing.
  574. What tools are required to "try" something? A "try bar"? Sort of like a "pry bar" with a broken end.! Try bars are ineffective. It takes a "do bar" to force things to happen.
  575. "And the beat goes on!" is true. Most people at rest have a heartbeat of about 80 bpm.  Those who are active have at rest beats between 40 and 60 bpm. Ironically, the "beat goes on" longest for people with lower heartbeats!
  576. About the time you wished you said something, it's too late, but when you do say something it it was better left to fate.
  577. It's more likely that transgenders are more confused about their sexual identity than God was when they were formed in the womb.
  578. My desire is to be so healthy at my death that I could be one of my own pall bearers!
  579. I've discovered that people can extend their life! When the reaper comes for you, just ask the dentist for root canals in all your remaining teeth.
  580. Jesus knocks on your door. Will you let him in now? He doesn't knock on casket lids because the inhabitant never answers. I  guess that means most people are living cadavers for few answer his knock!
  581. Since Eve assumed the dominant role of man and talked to the serpent when that was Adam's job, she was the first feminist. That being said Adam was the first woos.
  582. If women judged men as men judge women, the human race would be extinct. Women accept beer bellies, frog butts, scraggly hair, unshaven faces and strong odors. Men can't even buy into the wrong shade of hair tint nor hair to short even if the woman is perfect in every way!
  583. For some people only death brings out their humanity. All of a sudden after all those years they care!
  584. Given the choice between "doing" and "relaxation" one must remember that eternity may provide a long relaxation time and then it's too late to "do".
  585. Shallow people use lame excuses to avoid anything they just don't feel like doing. Happy people step out and do things in spite of apathy and find a whole new world awaiting.
  586. After describing the perfect mate I was seeking, I found out she had already been married, had a child people adore and is venerated by many.
  587. Most normal people don't deserve the godlike qualities they look for in a mate.
  588. IQ can be calculated by subtracting the number of times you have voted for a Democrat President plus Democrat Congressmen, and then subtract from 100. Insanity is when that number falls below 50 because the same mistakes are made repeatedly by voting the same.
  589. Crying in pity for oneself is ironic because it is self worship.
  590. "I'll give you one more chance, again!" said the frustrated mother who naively expects her child to obey.
  591. "Chance" is to existence as "evil" is to charity.
  592. Savor and Savior both be in good taste, but the Savior added "I" to his sweetness.
  593. If the gravedigger is not paid he may "dig" you.
  594. Narcissists are so shallow that pizza pans can double as caskets.
  595. When having a choice between "saving hurt feelings" and "being honest" most people would prefer to avoid the pain.
  596. The socialist Karl Marx says that "religion is the opiate of the people". He may be right because when I think on the things of God, Marxism is mere idiocy!
  597. If at first you don't succeed keep on  failing. At some point you might get lucky.
  598. Lust is to love as injury is to pain.
  599. The greatest reason people get married: lust. The greatest reason people don't stay married: is lust.
  600. Divorce can end the family, but "hurt" can't be divorced, living on in the lives of both.
  601. Divorce is a legal facade to escape the reality of failure.
  602. "Rationalizing" is stretching justice until we are free  of guilt in the face of wrong..
  603. Bad things happen so often in my life that Murphy must have been a sissy.
  604. "It's time for a change!" is the mantra, but the wise man says "There is nothing new under the sun!"
  605. With salvation all your sins are forgotten by God, but men seem to have permanent memories. Perhaps the ability to forget requires more power than does a lasting memory!
  606. Just as snow covers an unclean ground, grace does the same to sin. Snow soon melts and exposes what was there before, but grace always remains there covering.
  607. With time the twinkle in your girlfriend's eyes may be revealed to really be sharp daggers of disdain from your  unhappy wife. 
  608. "I'm always punctual! I arrived almost exactly near 3 o'clock."
  609. "Son, I've told you a million times not to exaggerate!"
  610. Knowledge is written in book, but so is opinion. All the reader has to do is know the difference. Wisdom is used to discern which is truth. Wisdom comes only from God. God's agenda is written in a book of truth. Other writer's may have a hidden agenda. Choose wisely.
  611. The short pastor standing behind the pulpit with the bass voice indeed convinced me it was God I was hearing. I could not see him, but his truth convinced me he was there.
  612. If one is to be mistaken about eternity, it's best to err on the side of hope!
  613. Because all sins were forgiven 2000 years ago isn't a ticket to sin today!
  614. When God says "I saw what you did!" fear should drive a person to hide in the safety of God's shadow.
  615. Saw a board in half and there remain two boards. However, slicing the marriage in half doesn't create two families. It eliminates the one that was!
  616. If society's morals were feces, and they are, the world will have to wear a diaper. 
  617. Horror is defined as an old man on the beach strutting along in nothing more than a  knitted tube sock. It's real, not fiction and I know the horror of it!
  618. Yesterday, today and tomorrow all occur within slightly over 24 hours. In effect they are all now! That's why it's imperative to look at the now rather than the days which are either past nor never come.
  619. All good things have to end, but this will go on!
  620. Life is to death as wife is to breadth.
  621. If I had to do it over again I would say it again. I can and will: "If I had it to do over again I would say it again."
  622. Those who await the sermon to end have a long wait. What is watered from the pulpit grows in the home, office and school.
  623. Optimists know that the hole, although not as enticing, is as tasteful as the doughnut itself. Those who reject what appears to be a little less, miss many opportunities.
  624. Failure can happen! Thus, only the stupid fail to prepare for it.
  625. Those who sleep pleasant dreams have solace from  life's real nightmares.
  626. We're a society of "I deserve"! Why are the teats on a boar privy to the same suckles as the paps of a sow? Those who serve a purpose are deserving. Those who are mere ugly ornaments warrant scorn.
  627. For the have-nots to achieve much, they only need to blame much, and be rewarded by those who feel guilty at their own success.
  628. Intelligence can be had by anyone... just study hard, be ambitious, and figure out how to grow more gray matter.
  629. If the moon is of cheese then the earth is the rat.  The earth is in fact more of a  rodent than the moon is cheesy. 
  630. There have been many who have lost fingers by pointing at things to sharp for them to understand.
  631. Honesty would say "I try to be good, but if you could read my mind you'd scream!" Discerning would say "I read your mind and I can't sleep nights!" 
  632. God confused our languages for a reason. It was so our tongues would match our brains.
  633. I never dreamed that I would be what I am today. Because I was motivated and quit dreaming, I am what I am.
  634. It is believed by pessimists that there is no such thing as "gravity". It's just that the whole world sucks.
  635. Lies make the world go 'round. That's because it spins!
  636. Before leaping into that new adventure always ask yourself  "Will where I leap drown me?"
  637. Positive-thinking people never need a "Plan B". Wise people have one anyway.
  638. A crack always stops at a hole. To avoid stress have an ace-in-the-hole to contain it!
  639. Saying "I'm trying" is an admission that you have already failed. When the teacher reports  "Johnny tries hard.", that means "Johnny failed to meet expectations".
  640. "Wishing" we could do something is a roadblock to actually "doing" it.
  641. God wants us to be as holy as we act on Sunday. Although good acting may not get us to heaven, the devil will see that we get an award for our performance!
  642. "Putting on a happy face" has nothing to with solving what makes one sad.
  643. People don't believe I'm sick. I can't wait until I die to proof them wrong!
  644. When in times of stress just go to the medicine cabinet and see which pill will solve the problem. No medicine will! However, prayer can, but it must be taken in a dose of faith!
  645. The "Bizzarro Golden Rule": "Gossip about others as you wouldn't want them to gossip about you!"
  646. Believe none of what you hear and only half what you see and there will only be a 25% chance of the story being distorted.
  647. When hearing destructive comments about another person, human nature is to add something to the fire to make it burn even hotter.
  648. Life is so hard because people make it hard!
  649. Mire is where the stubborn stays, but streets of gold reward adventurers.
  650. Apathetic people never do great things, but they don't care!
  651. Pride fights because Pride wants to win. It's the humble who are champions because Pride is a loser.
  652. Mistrust is a relationship with rust.
  653. Hurt "hurts"!
  654. Blind people bravely face their fate and explore new avenues, but those who blind themselves to truth trip over every curb and care not!
  655. What is worrisome is that a majority is in favor of chaos. For them order has more to fear than chance.
  656. The perfect crime can never be because the criminal lives in a cage of fear of being found out!
  657. The smartest people aren't those who never make mistakes, but the ones who conceal their mistakes so cleverly that they go undetected.
  658. Fools are those who follow the herd without knowing where they're heading.
  659. What's wrong with race jokes? I tripped over the starting line and everybody laughed!
  660. It's the most "tolerant" people who have the uncanny ability to overlook their own inadequacies.
  661. Ignorant people say ignorant things because they know very little. Educated people say ignorant things because they are blinded by their own false perceptions!
  662. God gave mankind the freedom to insult anyone we wish! However, it is his command that we love everybody, and any insults we use are at our own peril. 
  663. Some homes would be really filthy if it wasn't for the cockroaches.
  664. The solution to problems in society is not to make the contributors to the problem more accessible.
  665. If a person wants to know the future, one only has to look at the past. Humans are different than the animals. We don't have the instinct to stay away from the things that have entrapped us before!
  666. If it wasn't for war the earth would be a peaceful place!
  667. For those who have weak wills, they are now called diseases. However, it seems that real behaviors would be easier changed than fighting imaginary diseases!
  668. Iron bars will eventually rust, but the strongest jails are those which have bars of mistrust.
  669. That sweet aroma which you smell is you, but the acrid stench of you is what others smell.
  670. People await a high ladder to take them to the skies. However, when they climb up there all they can see is what's down.
  671. Germs serve a purpose. They are nature's balance to us. When humans feel invincible, microscopic creatures put things back in perspective!
  672. If there was an obvious answer for every thought, thinking would no longer be necessary.
  673. Because you don't believe in God doesn't mean he doesn't exist.
  674. Sin is more fun than obedience, but eternal life is more fulfilling than eternal death.
  675. Because you find the concept of hell intolerant is one reason it's called "hell".
  676. Gambling is called gambling because that's what it is!
  677. Attempting to out finesse God is the ultimate gamble.
  678. Going through life doped up is why people who use drugs are "dopes".
  679. So what? Abusing one's body only takes time off the END of one's life.
  680. Getting tattoos is actually telling God in writing "I don't care what you think!"
  681. Those who act as rednecks have written invisibly on their backs "My parents are rednecks too!"
  682. "Country" are those with southern charm and hospitable manners. "Red neck" are those who cuss at old people as they whiz by in their pickup at 60 mph.
  683. Jesus came not to make peace in the world, but to wield a sword. That "sword" is "truth" and truth is what causes animosity.
  684. Those who speak with studded tongue speak sputter.
  685. Having a labret in the lip is a feeble attempt for one to keep a fool's mouth from revealing folly.
  686. A "fast" is a "feast" without the (E)-ating.
  687. Drunken people are the life of the party, but death to those in the approaching car.
  688. A person who is ridiculed for fear of having sex, if  it is consummated, may be the laughingstock when consequences ensue.
  689. A "shame" is when a person allows themselves to become so obese that cremation is the only way for a body to fit in an ossuary.
  690. "Work" is adequate exercise to stay healthy. "Strenuous work" is done by those who allow their bodies to become unhealthy.
  691. There seldom comes a moment in time that a person understands that if something doesn't change, it's downhill from here. The world is filled with people who never had their moment.
  692. Stairs were meant for climbing and represent motivation, but elevators are an effortless way to fall slowly to the bottom.
  693. Personality is not developed during the short crawl down the birth canal, but grows with the development of what abortionists insist is "non-persons".
  694. For caring people a planted seed is a promise of life, beauty and pleasure. To the grim reaper it's merely an obstacle which will require much cultivation.
  695. Never tell a person who is trying to hurt that his tongue is annoying.
  696. There are thousands of "one-percenters" who Forbes has yet to find, for their uniqueness is not in their wealth, but in their intelligence and wisdom.
  697. Because 25 is a quarter way there, it may be best quitting three-quarters short of an hundred.
  698. Because a person who is loved does wrong, doesn't make wrong right!
  699. The courageous way to demonstrate love is correct those who err!
  700. You have not told anyone "a million times to quit exaggerating"!
  701. Love is more than an emotion. It's an extremely hard, but necessary work.
  702. Apathetic people are so much more than that. They're pathetic!
  703. If at first you don't succeed, cover it up. No one else needs to know!
  704. Many people fail to do because they fear failure. Fear conquers those!
  705. Some fear "fear" more than reality because fear is scarier than what's real.
  706. If a million people tell me I'm wrong, why should I stoop to their level of  ignorance?.
  707. Shouting from the rooftop may not be wise when the neighbors merely slumber.
  708. The entry fee to hell is only oneself. Why Satan would want such a cheapskate is beyond me!
  709. That sinner is so worthless his soul will actually fail to burn in hell.
  710. "Things go better with coke!"  Let's see: addiction, dysfunction, malaise, poverty, irresponsibility, blame, legal problems, and becoming a social outcast or prison inmate.
  711. If you believe things can't get worse you are truly an optimist.
  712. It's not always wasteful: Lingerie makers know that there is money to be made when the cup runneth over"!