Monday, June 27, 2016

Apathy: Defacto Support for Evil

Some people fail to teach their children about Christ. Their excuse is that they don't want to force them to be religious. Guess what? If they are "free range" children they most likely will never be religious, Christian or otherwise. Apathetic parents breed children without faith with few exceptions.  Of course those parents falsely believe that their children are good because their standards are low. They care little if the little tykes they claim to love so much are terrible children doomed to eternity in hell!

These same parents scream loudly "But we don't believe in hell!" I don't believe in cancer either, but it's still a killer! Because simple minded people refuse to consider an all powerful God is not only apathetic, but also closed minded!

We're in an election campaign right now. In politics there are certainly no 100% pure parties nor candidates. Many people will stay home because they are apathetic. Even if I had the choice of Hitler or Mussolini I would still vote because Mussolini was the lesser of two evils (Fascism was not racist whereas National Socialism was). To stay home would have benefitted Hitler because he was more forceful in thwarting opposition.

At the present time we have probably the two worst candidates ever running for president of the United States. Many people, because they are too apathetic to think contiguous thoughts, will accept the lie of "policy disagreement equals hate" and will merely spew liberal spin "Trump is a racist" despite the fact that he has never uttered racist thoughts! One reason Trump has so much support is because sane Americans are sick to death of "divide and conquer"!  That tactic is a well known one from Marxism. If lies are repeated often enough they become a new "truth".

There are things about Donald Trump which I despise. He attacked Ted Cruz unmercifully. I hated that because I admire Ted Cruz. However, saying "crooked Hillary" is fine with me because it fits my perspective of Hillary Clinton, which by the way is based on fact!

I care not to judge people, but it is my perception that Hillary nor Donald Trump are Christians as scripture defines them. It appears to me that neither have been "born-again" and at most are believers, but not ones who trust the Lord. Therefore, my confidence is not on the spiritual aspect of either of the two candidates. My trust is in the Lord and as such my entire thought pattern is  based on Holy Scripture!

The Democrat Platform is a statement of evil beliefs. Read it! (It's online.) On the other hand the Republican Platform has some very Christian dogma written right into the doctrine: sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and individual freedoms including religious freedom.  Democrats even made an attempt at their last convention to remove all references to God. One perfunctory occasion remains to sooth the few who still claim Christianity! Their doctrine is dangerous, costly, callous, and even hateful.

Some of my Christian friends will cut off their nose to spite their face. In anger or ignorance, whatever, they will stay home and default the presidency to an evil person who has a history of power grabbing and dishonest dealings. Hillary even accepts the tactics of buying and selling the body parts of aborted babies and same-sex marriage, not to mention her creation of a war between the genders! There is no evidence of a loving nature anywhere in this callous self-serving woman yet many Christians will just stay home and hand her the silent revolver for us to shoot ourselves in the head.

Some will say "There is another choice!" That choice is Gary Johnson, a strong libertarian who believes in abortion and legitimizing dope. Libertarianism is anathema to Christianity as bad as socialism.  Scripture even refers to the cancer of being a libertarian:
Judges 21:25 "In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes."
In time the entire nation of Judah and it's golden city of Jerusalem with it's temple were destroyed. The enemy was within and it were those who did what was right in their own eyes! (There acceptance of foreign gods and sin caused God to allow the Babylonians to destroy everything and disperse them!)

By failing to vote for the most acceptable (or palatable) and protesting reality is apathetic and is a defacto vote for Hillary Clinton who will do things every day which true Christians should despise!  Hillary is controlled. George Soros has her joystick! If you don't know who George is, you are ignorant. He is our shadow president now and will continue to be if Hillary wins. His goal is Godless socialism and Hillary (and Obama) have sold their soul to this evil man. He is behind the scenes in every aspect of our lives. If you like our shadow government with it's wicked agenda, just stay home. You'll get more of it!

Near the end of time, even the elect (Christians) will be deceived. They will follow false teachers, false doctrines and even false preachers! I see many Christians already doing Satan's bidding without a clue! Ignorance and/or rejection of Christian doctrine shall be our downfall. Scripture tells us that most Christians will fall and few will stand. You have a choice!

"The Wall of Separation of Church and State" is a comfort cushion which seemingly protects us from government interference. However, in effect, it protects the government from moral governing! We have apathetically created a state religion of secular humanism which even Christians seem to prefer over  intolerant (sic) Christianity. Put your faith is action and quit following the herd into the fiery furnace!

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