Friday, June 10, 2016

Here is Your Future

Jeremiah was a prophet. Just line Noah before him, he saw utter destruction of what was about to happen. Life as they knew it was about to be destroyed. It was their own wickedness in both situations. Believe it or not, it was God who was about to destroy life as they knew it. Sure God used bad things for destruction, but the world defines God's justice as bad because it topples our own viewpoint!
Jeremiah 6:8 "Be warned, O Jerusalem, lest I turn from you in disgust, lest I make you a desolation, an uninhabited land.”
God promised the Hebrew people that if they did not change their nation would be destroyed. This was God's chosen people to whom he warned of this! Of course they were stiff-necked and rebellious and said "Not us! That can never happen!" God did follow through:
Jeremiah 7:28 "You shall say to them, 'This is the nation that did not obey the voice of the LORD their God or accept correction; truth has perished and has been cut off from their mouth.
Jeremiah 17:23 "Yet they did not listen or incline their ears, but stiffened their necks in order not to listen or take correction.
Jeremiah 35:13 "Thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, 'Go and say to the men of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, "Will you not receive instruction by listening to My words?" declares the LORD.
Ezekiel 23:18 "She uncovered her harlotries and uncovered her nakedness; then I became disgusted with her, as I had become disgusted with her sister.
Of course I'm no Jeremiah. God inspired him to write. He had special communications with God. On the other hand I read in scripture what God told Jeremiah and that it did happen! I also read in scripture future events for the world. What happened on a small scale in Jeremiah's time; their nation was destroyed; will happen to the world sometime in the future.

Be forewarned! Because this nation (and the world) has abandoned God we will be destroyed. It will happen after true Christians have been taken up to heaven. That could be as soon as tomorrow. But the Bible warns that it won't be an abrupt destruction, but a slow transition. It will start out as things contrary to God's will: homosexuality, discord, wars, rebellion against God, lasciviousness and so forth. It will culminate in a false world religion and a seemingly good government for a time. The church will be part of the corruption! You cannot depend on the church to protect you because they are part of the evil. It has already started!

There are many modern churches: those which don't believe in the inerrancy of scripture and who tolerate sin in the church, which will be so corrupt that God already has called them "whores". If a church doesn't teach a "born-again" experience, they are part of the whorehouse so to speak! Most mainline denominations are the whores in that brothel!

Along will that will be a government which is obtuse to the will of God. The faith of the people will be on the leader of the global government who will eventually proclaim himself God just as Caesar did in the past. The people will accept that because they just won't care because he appears to be so good!

In the meantime government will regulate every aspect of the people's lives. Those who will not follow the herd and take the mark, will be beheaded. Those will be Christian people.

If that sounds like socialism / communism and Sharia Law under Islam, then you have guessed right! What the people embrace will ultimately destroy everything we have. This nation, even the world, will become desolate and it will be done under an Islamic Caliphate, according to their own goal; and with their version of a  vengeful Jesus who we call the Antichrist!

Beware! Go back and read the Book of Jeremiah. It is happening all over again and you just stand there with a stiff-neck and think "There goes that extremist Larry again!" Are you certain about that?

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