Monday, June 13, 2016

Romancing Your Own

I do well with conversing with those who admit that they are not Christians. I tell them what scripture says; some cut me off and others are intrigued and ask pertinent questions. Many of those are eager for truth!

On the other hand many Christians have their own ideas about what is right. They totally disregard scripture and romance their own reason. God's word SHOULD be how they believe rather than be as it is! Truth is secondary to what is right in their own eyes! These people don't disbelieve in God, they just disbelieve truth. The God they have created in their mind is a liar God who "tolerates" rather than berates!

Some "Christians" believe in evolution.  What are the first words of God revealed to mankind?
Genesis 1:1  "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."
Christians who are deceived by scientists imply, "The first words said by God are a lie!" Rather than trusting God they demean him!

Many Christians have fallen for the lie of "tolerance" and "political correctness" (PC). God's word is all about "obedience" because that's how we demonstrate to God that we indeed love him!

It SEEMS that tolerating sin is ameliorating, but that does little more than damn the person who the Christian claims to love. Scripture has many uses. You may not like this, but one main purpose of Holy Scripture is to rebuke! That means the Holy Word of God is to be used to offend those who sin! It's to tell the sinner, "You're not okay. You need to change!" There are two responses the hearer usually has: obey and feel guilty or get angry and reject it. Even the traitor Judas felt guilty for his sin, but our churches are full of Christians who denigrate God and feel no guilt!

In vogue right now is the toleration of homosexual behavior. Many homosexuals indeed are polite, well-mannered and law-abiding. Many are just like other sinners. They are disobedient, rebellious and hateful. Of course it's always the ones we know and love who are the civil ones in the same manner as "my dog doesn't shed!"

Pedophiles are the most kind and seemingly sincere of all sinners. That's what they do to gain trust and acceptance. My point is that congeniality is NOT a valid test for righteousness! Many homosexuals have the same manner. That again is no test for righteousness.

God's Word says that homosexuality is an abomination. He has already defined the sin and judged the sinner. Those who ignore to go the way of the world have judged themselves already. There is no need for further judgment. Those that choose the wide path already know God's stand. They rebel against their Creator and must suffer the consequences. Those who tolerate that behavior impede them from being made to feel guilt by the Holy Spirit and ironically are enablers who enchain homosexuals in sin. They also imply "God is a liar! His words are not true!" "Christians" who fail to believe God are in as much danger of hell-fire as the homosexual!

Both the homosexual and the "Christian" enabler need a dose of the Holy Ghost They need Jesus! They need the one who gives them truth, not the false Christ who deceives them! Rather than romancing their own ideas, what they believe is right, they need to love God and Truth!

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