Wednesday, July 13, 2016

In Defense of Common Sense

Only God is good! Jesus said that. He was God. Jesus is Good!

With that said, our "goodness" is as filthy rags. Any government's "goodness" are the dirtiest rags. Americans love democracy even though it's a pathway to abuse. To temper that our founders created a republic. Rather than directly voting to abuse others, we elect people to abuse others for us. Our representatives call it "good", but mankind is inclined toward evil.

What "good" is instituted is usually payment for patronage. It's not love and concern leaders feel, but to continue the power which they have. Usually as they give "free things" from one pocket they get it out of the other because nothing is free. Because people get free things for a high cost they are grateful for the breadcrumbs!

This is a land of numerous modern-day Lazarus's; not that people are raised from the dead, but that they even beg at the gate for those crumbs from the rich. Lazarus had little choice! He was full of sores with some type of disease. Americans are healthy and have a choice, but yet they wait on the rich man to provide a few crumbs. Since charity is out of vogue because of taxation, then the government becomes the "rich man". Unmotivated men and women await a few crumbs and then in gratitude, vote for the representative who promises more crumbs. People in general gradually starve themselves to death and thank our leaders for making it a slow death! They fail to use common sense!

Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet called Common Sense. He advocated independence from a tyrannical government because of lack of proper representation and high and unfair taxation. Those colonial Lazarus's raised up from the dead and used "common sense". Killing people for independence is not Christlike, but sometimes Christian people must use common sense. If we are to survive sometimes we must use crooked sticks to defend ourselves!

Martin Luther King was a "crooked stick". He was an immoral man by all accounts. My point is not to defame MLK, but to demonstrate that God uses crooked sticks for "good".
"Ecclesiastes 7:13 Consider the work of God: for who can make that straight, which he hath made crooked?"
Politicians are not "good", however there is "good' in some. We cannot depend on the person to provide. It's God who does the providing! We cannot depend on government to protect us. It's God who does the protecting. The government doesn't love us, but God does! Any office holder is imperfect. Some are sincere and caring, but misled! Rather than looking to God for prosperity and protection, they turn to the government.

Now to quote Abraham Lincoln's speechwriters " testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure", we are being tested how long we can endure! Common sense tells us that patriotic Americans want to endure. Therefore those with common sense will vote for those who will have America persevere the longest. With that said, America as we know it has been destroyed the last seven and one-half years. It's endurance has peaked and now we are a weak people. We are no longer a great nation.

With Jimmy Carter we were immasculated. Ronald Reagan's slogan was "Make America Great Again". Reagan was God's "crooked stick" and we prospered until Democrats Barney Frank and Chris Dodd destroyed the economy. People failed to use common sense. They put the party in power who weakened our nation. With that we received in turn moral decay. Now every conceivable perversion has become the norm and Christianity the enemy. Political police repress freedom of speech continually. Americans seem to enjoy suppression. It's the bread crumbs they desire and get! Unfortunately they get the rotted fruit with the crumbs! We are a spiritually polluted nation. Democrats care little about this type of pollution and dump more trash daily.

Now we must make a decision. Some Christians are in a delimma: Shall it be Hillary or shall it be Trump? Neither are righteous candidates. Both have done much evil, but it's not a balanced situation. One is much more evil and her Democrat Party Platform is slightly less evil than she.

On the other hand, Trump does not meet rigid Christian standards. His life has been one of hedonistic living. He claims to have changed and certainly supports Christianity and Christian ideas. He is the lesser of two evils. Like King Saul, Trump will be an imperfect ruler. God ordained imperfect Saul and Saul built the foundation of a grest nation. Trump's slogan is the same as Reagan's "Make America Great Again". Common sense is that if a crooked stick from Hollywood could be used to make America great again, that a crooked stick from the financial world can do the same! It won't be their doing, but God can use crooked sticks for his purpose. My hope is that Trump is God's "crooked stick".

It's common sense for Christians to prevent harm to self and nation. Having pure standards is noble, but not common sense. To stand idle and let Hllary Clinton further destroy this nation and enrich the Clintons is just not "common sense". Pray that Trump is that crooked stick. It has worked for us before!

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