Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tools of His Trade

You are being used! Pride keeps you from seeing it because people are blinded by their pride. Pride must be protected at all costs! What is pride? It's the "spit and polish" of yourself which you adore and appease. It's you who is truly worshipped by you! Think not? Just let someone attempt to tarnish what you think of yourself and see how you respond.

You're weak. You cannot protect your idol by yourself. Undetected by you, Satan is right there insuring that your idol remains untoppled. He is the protector of your pride because pride is what keeps your idol afloat. Because your strongest desire is to keep your idol intact, you unwittingly allow Satan to use you. As such you are one of the many tools in Satan's toolbox. He uses you as a weapon of mass destruction to harm others. Even Christians can be tools because they are deceived. You may believe and trust in God, but beneath your detection you turn the pages for the author of evil!

Who are those tools? They are certainly those who have not been born again, but they too are disobedient children of God who don't appreciate their adoption. They are heirs of God, but yet children of the devil. The Holy Ghost offers ever Christian protection, but the Christian must dress in God's whole armor. Instead, Christians who do not carry his sword (the word) and fail to raise his shield (faith) are open targets for Satan's barbs. Weak and uncommitted Christians may do the devil's dirty deeds. That's why there is dissension in the church. That's why Christians are arrogant rather than meek, that's why Christians strut about in faux friendliness such that they're noticed and that's why Christians hate others; even other Christians.

Many Christians are tools of the devil even though they may claim friendship with those they destroy! Consider Judas. He was not only a disciple of Jesus, but an apostle. Jesus called and anointed him. He was a friend to Jesus, but when Judas needed "spit and shine" because his idol needed appeasement, he betrayed Jesus! However, rather than Judas' idol remaining prestigious, even in his own eyes did he see the weakness of himself, and with desperation, destroyed his own idol! Yes, Jesus went down with him, but Jesus was Resurrected! Judas shall never be!

You see, Judas was a tool of Satan. Satan's job is to minimize Jesus because he knows that Jesus cannot be destroyed. Satan's M.O. is to turn the unsaved and the Christian away from Jesus. Weak Christians are mere tools to do that just as Eve set the bad example for Adam in the first sin. Yes, innocent Eve was a tool in Satan's toolbox because she was deceived. If Eve can be, you can be as well. Many of you are!

You are the prideful Christian. You are the unloving Christian. You are the dishonest Christian, you are the divisive Christian, your are the gossiping Christians, you are the Christian who must remain upright when you deserve toppling. You are the Christian who never made the living sacrifice. You are the Christian who changed outwardly, but harbor an unforgiving heart!

You sit in your pew week after week and think "Preacher, THEY needed to hear that," while you are the one to whom it applies! You are the Christian who was to become a new person, but you neglected the transforming change because you failed to sacrifice yourself!

"But," you say "I am a Christian!" Remember that God's command was for you to "not have other Gods before (besides) him". Then you keep your own god. Even Christians break "The First Commandment" by idolizing their own presence! What is it that you need to do? You need to change and if you haven't, you're no more than a tool of the devil doing his dirty work with what appears to be clean hands. You are many!

Repent and renew your spiritual birth. Be meek and you will in your meekness be raised to a high place in God's eyes. Be meek with true love and obedience and God's kingdom will grow instead of many temples of God be in destruction.

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