Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Aging Raging Candidate Who Cried Racist

There was once an aging raging candidate who seemed to care for her useful herd at the foot of the progressive slope  near a blooming socialist. It was rather lonely for this narcissist all day, so she thought upon a plan by which she could get the nomination and some attention. She rushed down towards the villagers calling out “Racist, Racist,” and the villagers came out to meet her, and some of them stopped with her for a considerable time. This pleased the aging raging candidate so much that a few days afterwards she tried the same trick, and again the villagers came to applaud her. But shortly after the Racist actually did show herself at a careless moment, and began to worry her useful herd, and the aging raging candidate of course cried out “Racist, Racist,” still louder than before. But this time the villagers, who had been fooled twice before, thought the aging raging candidate was again deceiving them, and nobody stirred to come to her help. So the Racist made a good meal off the useful herd, and when the aging raging candidate denied her true identity, the wise man on the right side said:
“The Racist is the aging raging candidate. She was blinded by her own prejudice that she harmed her own herd made of up the race she claimed  was her favorite. A liar will not be believed, even when she speaks the truth, especially when she denies the Racist lives within her.”
(A parody of Aesop's Fable "The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf").

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