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One True God

There is One True God. Those of the other religions are false gods because their nature is not that of the Hebrew JHWH, pronounced in English as Yahweh.   JHWH, called the tetragrammaton,  are the Hebrew letters which mean "TO BE" and is Yhovah in the Hebrew, pronounced ye-ho-vaw.  William Tyndale, in his translations assigned the name Jehovah as the English spelling of the Hebrew .

Looking further at who God is, we turn to the Book of Exodus:

Exodus 3:14 (KJV)  "And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you."
God is telling Moses that he is EXISTENCE, what Shakespeare meant when he said "to be or not to be". Because God always was, is and always will be, it's obvious that no name is required for him to distinguish his from any other god, angel, or being!

"I AM THAT I AM" is ehyeh ašer ehyeh (ehˈje aˈʃer ehˈje)  which is the English translation of what God calls himself. (Wikipedia).  When Moses asked for his name, in effect, God said "Because I AM, I have no need for a  name". In the New Testament Jesus "is called" that although he is "I AM'. He is also "called" Emmanuel to identify him as God.  Other Hebrew translations define YHWH as "I WILL BE" or "I SHALL BE". Those terms identify the coming Jesus very well!

Where does Elohim come in? It's the name Hebrews assigned to identify "gods" and with a capital letter it is "God", or one specific God Yhovah.

Jesus' name in Hebrew is Yēšū́aʿ, or 'Yeshua transliterated. The meaning of the name is "He Saves". Who saves? The answer to that is Yhovah saves because Jesus IS God!

Other religions have words which mean the same as Elohim.  For instance Allāh is an Arabic contraction for al ilāh, meaning in English "The God", or the same as Hebrew Elohim.

In effect Elohim, Allah and "The God" do point toward "I AM", but it's easy to call other gods, by who God claims to be. In other words Allah, JHWH, Elohim, nor Yhovah are God's name. We call him those names for our convenience! God just IS!

Likewise because Jesus exists, he too IS and because he IS God, he is "I AM". When he walked on water Peter asked for him to identify himself. He merely said "I AM"!

Allah is One God. He fits that criteria. However, he is NOT the "One True God"! Why? because of his nature.

The identity of God is one EXISTENCE, but three natures (sic). We call that "God in Three Persons", but that is a mischaracterization of his nature (sic). God is not a person because he just IS. A "person" is by definition "an individual - a human being" (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). God is not human, but humans were made in his image. Thus, God is the model from which humans were created.

Therefore "God in Three Persons" or "the Trinity", confuses those who are monotheistic such as Christians, Jehovah Witnesses, United Pentecostals and Muslims.  God cannot even have three "personalities" because that is what people have. God is not included in the category of "people" because he's not a person. He IS!

We can't use the "natures of God" because that is an oxymoron! God is not "natural", but what he created is. It's matter. God is not material, he's "supra-natural", or beyond natural. "Nature of God" is without meaning!

I like to use the term "aspects". What I mean is how people "see" God. Of course God can be seen in only one of his aspects. When people SEE God, he is called Jesus. That's why I always refer to "The Angel of God" because God manifested himself as a messenger to mankind, Not just A messenger, but "THE Messenger"!

Aspect is a "feature". When man sees God his "feature" is called Jesus. He's still God, but he is "God featured". In the Islamic religion God is never seen. His EXISTENCE is without evidence. Jesus is the EVIDENCE that God IS, and the prima facie evidence is that "He Saves"! People saw him do that by dying and then with his resurrection! In simple terms, Jesus is the proof that God EXISTS! Muslims have no proof of their God, and  accepting Allah without proof that he is "The God" is gullibility!

Another aspect of God is the Father or Creator. The Bible tells us that we know of God's existence by what he created. When one looks around at the wonders of the universe, it's obvious; it could never happen by chance! The explanation for what is natural is that it must have been created by one supra-natural! That Creator is the Father since he sired all that is seen, even us!

As the Father, God is Almighty.
Exodus 6:3 "And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name Jehovah was I not known to them."
"God The Almighty" in Hebrew is El Shaday.  He is the Creator aspect of God who is the Father of all. The Creator is called Allah is Arabic, but that's all he is! He doesn't have the visual aspect and he is never Jesus, who is the aspect of God who "saves".

For the intellectually blind, ask yourself the question "What does Jesus save people from?" The answer is "sin" and as a result he saves from "the penalty of sinning", eternal destruction. In order for God to save anyone, he requires that it be Jesus who is the Way to gain eternal life! Since Allah doesn't have that aspect, he can never save. He, if he wasn't false, would only be able to create, but Allah didn't even do that; YHWH did!

Mankind has emotions and feelings. We even sense things. These are things unseen. The Holy Spirit is the essence of God which wherein power lies, who comforts, empowers and calls. Allah, having only one aspect, doesn't deal on a personal level with individuals. By definition, he has no aspect with which to do that!

Lastly, the Holy Spirit, the aspect of God still in this world, which Comforts human beings, is the Holy Ghost. He is not another aspect, but IS the Holy Spirit aspect of God who was in Jesus; and experienced life and death with Jesus. He is the portion of the Holy Spirit particular to Jesus. He too is God with us!

Because Allah doesn't have a Holy Spirit aspect, and because they have no biblical Jesus, they have no Holy Ghost to fill them. Their souls are vacant if it wasn't for the evil which resides within them.

Every man was created with a soul, just as Adam was. Adam was filled with the Holy Spirit when he was created. Since God chooses not to inhabit places of sin, iniquity displaced God in the soul of Adam. That empty soul was quickly filled and evil and is the attitude with which it was filled. Because of God's grace he "saved" Adam and Eve by the shedding of innocent blood. Because he is "the one who saves" that describes Jesus, God's "saving" aspect!

Because Jesus isn't part of their monotheistic Allah, their god doesn't have a "Jesus" aspect, one who can save. Hence, Muslims have no one who can save them from hell because no one ever paid the price for their sins.

You see, God is more than a name because he is without name! Islam doesn't have One God who has the characteristics of Creator, Comforter and Savior. Their god is powerless in the face of The Almighty God! Think on their god, Allah, as the god of the Egyptians in Moses' time who could only fake a few miracles. Like their god, Allah is false and to believe that a false God can save is foolishness!

Because God IS and he IS three aspects, all three have one defining characteristic: LOVE. Father, Son and Holy Spirit all love us personally because they are all aspects of a Loving God!

I was born because Yhovah made me. He did that because he wanted my fellowship and loved me so!

I was brought to my knees begging for salvation because the Holy Spirit called me.  I was recreated or "born again" by God who was "called Jesus" because he "saves". That IS God who called me. Yhovah called me personally!

Because Jesus is in heaven as the manifested aspect of God, he left his own Holy Spirit here to Comfort me! That Spirit is the Holy Ghost! Jesus cleaned out my soul of the evil within and allowed the Holy Ghost to replace it. Sure, it is the Holy Spirit, but my soul contains the same individual Spirit who suffered death for me! He knows what it is like to die and be Resurrected because he's been there as Jesus on the cross!

Muslims can never have the hope that Christians can have because Allah has no aspect of Comfort. I have the hope of salvation! Unless they change, their only hope is the deception that they have that their false God with only one aspect can save them! Since the Jesus aspect is who saves, they don't have the hope of salvation. Their fate is predetermined... it's eternal death, unless they turn to Jesus as the path to eternal life.

I'm saved because the Holy Ghost called me. Because he is God, it is by grace that I'm saved. "Grace" comes from God's divine love. "Love" is the atmosphere of God. It's what he breaths out to us!

As such because of God's love I am saved!
John 3:16 "God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
God provided everlasting life to me because he "so loved me"! He did that by his own death on the cross. He calls himself "Son" because that's how he describes himself manifested in the flesh. Make no mistake about it, God died on the cross for Jews, Gentiles (including Arabs) and all others!

The Muslim may ask, "How could God do that? He is in Paradise!"

The answer is that unlike Allah, God is Almighty and Ever Present. He died on the cross from heaven, presenting his own self as a living sacrifice, and he watched his own death from heaven. It wasn't his Holy Spirit which died, but his aspect manifested by the flesh. God IS everywhere because his Holy Spirit is not confined by the laws of nature. He IS supra-natural and IS everywhere at once!

Chances are that if you're a Muslim you are so because one or more of your ancestors were brought to Islam by the sword at the throat. Their line remained Muslin out of fear of terror. Terror is evil. It's not because Allah "loves you so", but because Mohammad was deceived as Adam was by Shaitan appearing as a serpent. Mohammad was deceived and evil entered into his soul. His "cup" was filled with iniquity and it erupted with evil. This evil is still rampant today in the hearts of zealot Muslims; those who terrorize and convert with a blade!

"Hate" is the absence of love. If you are a Muslim is it love you breath forth? If not, then it's hate. Hate in Yhovah's eyes is murder. Terror is the ultimate hate!

Allah is NOT "The God". He is a principality posing as Yhovah! Muslims aren't "saved". Mohammad only deceived his followers into believing that they are saved. What is the evidence of salvation. It's obedience. What is obedience? To love JHWH and others. Those others are even the large amount of people who CALL themselves Christians, but are mere infidels.

These infidels are the same in the eyes of Christians as they are in the eyes of Muslims. They are truly not of God.

Evil uses "good" to propagate lies. That's Shaitan's M.O. There is much "good" in Islam, but unfortunately it's the hate that dirties it.  Those Muslims who seek only to do the "good" things are on the face of it, "good" people. They may even be friends and loving people. Jesus said "They know not what they do," about those who crucify him. Their "goodness", when it's genuine even, is "as filthy rags in God's eyes.

Orthodox Muslims crucify God time and time again because they fail to understand that if Allah is "The God", he must be Jesus too! If they are "saved" it must be by God who presented himself as Jesus and died on the cross! No, an imposter didn't die there; he was God himself!

Muslims... please consider this commentary as an act of compassion. It's because I don't want you to die in hell that I write this! Why? The ultimate love is not desiring that any shall perish. That's God's type of love!

My wish for you is that a comparison be done between Allah and JHWH. It should become obvious that it is JHWH who loves you so that he died himself in your place. Please... please... accept his gift of love!

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