Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trumped by Lust: Casting Your Stone

The issue at hand this instant are the sins of Donald Trump. There are two issues which are tantamount: 1) His lust and  crudeness about it,  and 2) his lack of respect for women.

What Trump said was crude. I never ever use the language he used! However, those thoughts and words are commonplace in the privacy of places men gather, and now women as well! Yes, I hear the sexual comments women say about men. Most are as crude as the men!

Because it's common doesn't make it right! As Trump admitted; he offended people. Yes, any off-color language is offensive to me because it's unrighteous and offensive to God. We are to put filthy language out of our vocabulary!

The language is wrong! - And the thoughts are lustful. Just as Jimmy Carter admitted; he sometimes lusts. He said that in a  religious and honest context, and he was elected President.  Donald Trump, notwithstanding his marriage. said things about his lust. It's not right, but many married men fantasize, whether overtly or covertly. Trump's main sin was bragging. Most of the time those who brag are the last to do it!

In my own early life, my conscience would never allow me to do provocative things... and still won't. However, at that time I bragged on my fantastical conquests, all imaginary! I out-trumped Trump so to speak. The Lord delivered me from that type of behavior, but as with all people, my mind still wonders in places where it should not be! Any man or woman who denies that is a liar because lust is common for all mankind! That's our inheritance from Adam and Eve!

Sex was designed for pro-creation to populate the earth. It was (before the fall) not for recreation. As the fruit was eaten man and woman made pleasure of their differences. Women were designed for men and men for women. Dreaming about that pleasure is lust. Lust can never be quenched, but only controlled. Trump's sin is that his lust was made known in a rather crude way! His attitude was one of a braggadocios schoolboy. His level of lust was in 2005 outside acceptable restraint.

Many men are at this level! Few admit it.  Personally, only because I'm a Christian, I endeavor to keep my desires for my wife alone. With the advent of women's liberation, that's difficult. Women, at the behest of the designers, make self-control difficult for men. Women often dress to tantalize, get compliments or whatever, but in the process cause men to lust. Of course most men will lust regardless of the women's dress, but immodesty certainly doesn't help! Both sexes are in the wrong.

My big disappointment is in those people who throw the first stone. None are without sin and come short of the glory of God, but even conservative Republicans lined up to cast their stones first. They lose my respect! Trump admitted that he is wrong! It would be foolish to deny that. Hillary never admits her wrong, but cast the first stone. She, like those hypocrite Republicans who never ever lust, cast stones for Trump doing what they do!

You women are as guilty! Those sexy romance books and movies that you watch;  you are lusting. Admit it as Trump did and I shall not cast any stones!

Trump will never get the vote of the "self-righteous" demographic. If he was running for High Priest he wouldn't get mine either. However, we are voting for a government of the country, not the souls of mankind. Jesus supported Caesar even though Caesar was corrupt, incestuous and a murdered, as well was a self-proclaimed god. Why? Because order and regulation is necessary.

Look at the outcome and the differences between Hillary and Trump. Hillary is a liar and fraud who fails to admit it. Trump admitted his weakness which even the reader is afraid to do!

Lives depend on this crooked stick of a man. David's sin was much worse and God anointed him to do his will. David, an adulterer and a murderer, did what was right in God's eyes. Now it's your turn to cease the self-righteousness and vote for the one candidate who is pro-life and pro-Christianity. God uses crooked sticks for his will, and Trump certainly is! Even I am a crooked stick who tries to do his will, but fail him often.

Never let the media and public opinion shield your eyes from grace. We are to forgive and love and never harshly condemn unless the one in sin refuses to be contrite.

Trump can't make America great again, but God can. Just as David couldn't make Israel great, God did! Now get off your collective self-righteous horses and strike Goliath in the forehead with the stone of your vote. Erase the 666 on the evil one's forehead and allow God to make America great again without the corruption of the Clintons!

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