Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Butchers in Our Midst

Parental Guidance Recommended

Following is an example of two types of violence. One is the woman (Mary Hamilton) who aborted three babies near the beginning of the 18th century in Imperial Russia. The other is the emperor (Peter the Great) who meted out a violent type of justice. It is to be noted that Peter would not be considered a Christian by biblical standards and much of his activity centered on ridicule of the contemporary church.

Mary Hamilton, Peter the Great's wife Catherine's maid-of honor aborted three babies she had by her lover, Ivan Orlov. Mary was noted for her beauty and promiscuity. This is written about Peter's justice:

"He (Peter) kissed her (Mary) and said quietly: 'I can't violate the law tp save your life. Endure your punishment courageously and address your prayers to God with a heart of faith.' She fainted and he nodded to the executioner, who brought down his sword. Peter lifted up the beautiful head and began to lecture the crowd on anatomy, pointing out the sliced vertebrae, open windpipe and dripping arteries., before kissing the bloody lips and dropping the head." (The Romanovs 1613-1918; Montefiore, Simon Sebag; Alfred A. York; NY; 2016; page 128; parentheses mine).

We all know about abortion... or do we? Most people turn a blind eye to the seriousness and finality of abortion. Christians have an obligation to be prolife, not only in regards to the unborn infant, but life in general. Cruel and unusual punishment is not only prohibited in civilized societies, but is based on divine grace.

For the moment, turn a blind eye to the abortions (which most people do anyway) and consider Peter who was named "the Great" by his colleagues (because of his brutal wars of expansion).

Peter's justice was as cruel as Mary's injustice. He neglected the sanctity of Mary's life as the executioner beheaded her. Peter had the power and authority to stop the execution, and because Mary was Catherine's and his friend, she expected a reprieve and fainted when it was not forthcoming.

As Christians that's the justice we sinners deserve. Like Mary Hamilton, Jesus Christ received cruel punishment, although not so unusual in those days. However, by grace we are saved from what we deserve. Mary should have been punished, but not inhumanely because life is sacred!

By killing Mary, Peter caused her to suffer death twice: once mortal life and the other spiritual life. With the swift thrust of the blade not only was Mary's life ended, but she suffered the second death because she never repented of the abortions or promiscuity as far as we know.

Peter, even though Mary was a friend, kissed her as she lived and when she died. Why? Mary was his friend. Knowing her humanity, he still considered the head of his friend nothing more than an anatomy study opportunity. He was callous and had no respect for what God made.

I would bet that after you read of Mary's guilt, that you pretty much turned a blind eye when I wrote of Mary's abortion, did you not? That's because we have been desensitized and abortion has been institutionalized. Yes, just as ante-bellum society was insensitive to slavery because it was a thousands of years old institution, you have been desensitized by the abortion institution. Most Americans even favor the abortion executioners because that's who Planned Parenthood represent!

Not being familiar with abortion in the 1700s I would bet that they were gruesome, probably by slicing away at the pre-born baby until he or she died and was expelled by contractions.

Late-term abortions use chemicals to force gestation to an end the life and then other drugs are used to induce delivery. Even some abortions are terminated by burning the baby, for that is what the fetus is, with a saline solution. Other types of abortion are done by dilation and curettage using spoon shaped sharpened tools. Much of the time the head is crushed to enable expulsion through the birth canal and the curettage entails cutting the limbs from the unborn baby.

I would hope that after reading these two scenarios that the justice meted to the innocent baby in the latter case is much the same as Peter's beheading of Mary in the former! It is cruel and inhumane punishment, the former deserved and the latter undeserved for there is no crime for merely being alive!

However, let's get back to people becoming acclimated. I would guess, that like me, you were nauseated by Peter's decapitation of Mary, and that should be expected if you're a Christian, or even civilized! However, I ask: "Were you nauseated by my accurate description of an abortion? If not, then are you a Christian? If not, are you even civilized? Do you turn a blind eye to the cruelty of it all?

Peter threw Mary's head to who knows where. Are you disgusted? Well, oftentimes women abort to the commode where the remains are removed and put in a dumpster, if not flushed down! That makes me nauseous... more nauseous than Peter's rather tame (sic) disposal of Mary's head (It supposed to be saved in glass even now in a museum in Russia). Where are the monuments to the innocent babies lives? Floating through sewers or decaying in a landfill. Maybe worse yet, dismembered and sold by Planned Parenthood in a parts harvesting operation for money! Very anatomical-minded of them as Peter-minded people!

The problem with America is that the multitudes are barbarians as history notes Peter to be! People who allow this to happen are as barbarous as Peter the Great. Even Barack the Great is that barbarous by his policies. Remember, it was not Peter who used the scalpel to take life; it was the executioner! Remember that it is not Obama or even Hillary who wields the scalpel, but the doctor (sic)!  Like Peter they stand back and watch and are just as guilty!

With Jesus it was Pontius Pilate who ordered the execution. He didn't crucify Jesus, but his orders caused Jesus to die. Why? Because the people wanted it! The sin of Caiaphas the High Priest, was greater than Pilate's according to scripture (John 19:11).  In other words, the preacher had the greatest sin by not being righteous and the people were guilty because they cheered it on!

Likewise, society is guilty of the murder of innocent children because of complacency or even cheering it on. Politicians are guilty by making it legal and liberal preachers are guilty for failure to teach that it is wrong. Even those of us who remain quiet are as guilty as those Germans who lived right next to extermination camps and said nothing!

Because we are unrighteous, God will not bless us. His promise to Abraham was contingent on his people being righteous. We are a hedonistic unrighteous nations and in error do as the pagans do!
1 Corinthians 10:20 (ESV) "No, I imply that what pagans sacrifice they offer to demons and not to God. I do not want you to be participants with demons."
Peter the Great was a demon influenced pagan! Sure he went to church, but his faith was in himself. He made himself superior to God. His idol was Peter. To preserve his own stature, he was a cruel and unjust ruler, although his subjects turned their heads to his rule and called him great. His sin is little different than our corrupt leaders who have made the hideous abortion, a crime against humanity, a legal institution! How can we sleep these nights when we know, if we consider it, that Peter the Great is alive and well in our modern abortion clinics?

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