Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We Are Radio!

I have mentioned before that our souls are like radios. Of course in isolation a radio is a mere cabinet housing various components, which without a signal, is little better than a paperweight or door stop. As such as they age, there is little use for them and as they decay, become junk and finally rust or corrode into the elements of which they are made!

To be a radio system there must exist a transmitter with an oscillator, an encoder as part of the transmitter, an antenna at the transmitter, some sort of medium, a receiver, an antenna for the receiver, a decoder within the receiver,  a diode, a tuning coil, amplifiers, modulators, speakers, and a chassis to house each the transmitting and receiver components. To conceal the components and add beauty to the system a cabinet is desirable.

The transmitter is usually a remote system. It's hidden away and those who receive the signal seldom think about what's behind the transmitter with the exception of who is transmitting (the newscaster or disc jockey), and the information being transmitted (entertainment, education or information). Because of solar flares, storms or imperfect systems static may be transmitted, and too close proximity between the transmitter and receiver may cause an ugly sounding phenomena called feedback.

Radio systems were invented in order to allow remote listeners to hear messages from a distance. Then as time progressed listeners desired to see the messengers as well. Television is essentially a radio with pictures. With pictures the message is enhanced because it can be seen as well as heard! Exploration into other type sensory radio systems has been done for years: touchies, smellies, and even tasties. Technology has the ability to broadcast about anything dreamable!

Spiritual radio is our Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It can be used for both. Some listen to it for factual information, but others to hear and see what they want to see and hear, and others use it for entertainment.

Genesis 3:3 "But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. 4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: 5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. 6 And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. 7 And the eyes of them both were opened..."
Let's look at this early communication system. It was meant to be a door stop! It had a beautiful cabinet, but it wasn't to be used! I say "door stop" because it was the door to an invisible world. Since God provided all the needs of our ancestors, all we needed to know and all the joy which was ever there was in the garden. After Adam an Eve used the tree for more than a door stop, it became a radio with it's own beautiful cabinet. It contained no information, but it could receive it from two sources... one with high fidelity and the other with poor, called infidelity.

High fidelity reproduces sound true to the original. When hearing the Voice of the Tree of Life this radio system produced high fidelity, because truth came through clearly without static nor feedback, even though both trees were in close proximity.

Distortion exists in radio systems because of faulty transmission or poor quality components. Distorted sounds and pictures are not true to the origin. For the spiritual radio system God did not transmit "neither shall you touch", but Eve heard it that way because of a faulty signal!

The radio was in the midst of the garden. It had no need and no use because God provides. However, Adam and Eve, especially the shopper Eve, looked through the store windows too often. The salesman appeared suddenly to her and gave his sales pitch. He was dressed in one of his many suits, this time of snake skin, to captivate the woman.

Then he proceeded with his sales pitch:
  • You need this radio and you deserve it because you are you!
  • What the competition warns is not true, You won't get shocked and die!
  • You will see with clarity (this radio was an early television even).
  • You will be important because you have this appliance and you alone!
  • It's educational, but with education comes power.
  • The good food it supplies are unseen messages. The bread of life comes through this device.
  • It has a beautiful cabinet which you can admire day after day. It fits well the décor as the centerpiece of your garden!
  • It will teach you much and is a must have educational device.
Of course the radio was free and people have always liked free things! Eve took it and Adam took of it's fruit with her, even with poor fidelity it was tasty, perhaps it's picture seemed better than the real thing. It's picture was hi-def and it had surround sound! It's speaker was high in the tree and tuned into supranatural signals! Distortion, although there was attenuated with ease through spinning one little knob!

You see, this primitive radio with a picture tube has changed little! It is a "must have" for the world and to keep on top of the things in the world, people's minds need it! What's more, it entertains and is pleasurable!

Eve turned it's knob and took a bite of it's information. Just as the salesman in his fancy snakeskin suit promised, it was safe. Eve didn't die. The warning from the manufacturer was wrong. He was merely being over-protective so that new buyers would want it for it's intended purpose: mere furniture to be tended with polishing. Because Eve didn't die both she and Adam began to enjoy that radio.

True to the salesman's word, they gained much knowledge and perceived that they were now most wise. They even knew more than the maker because this tree is in fact safe!

They easily tuned it to many channels. Their favorite were the naked channels. They tried what they saw and indeed it was pleasurable! They became bored with child-bearing and rearing and came to live for mutual and self-pleasuring. This radio became essential, they thought, to be happy.

They implored of the manufacturer how the radio works because it's signals made them sick as they turned it on!

The manufacturer explained this device and warned that too much of it without turning it off would indeed kill them, but kill the inside forever because the salesman failed to explain the radiation emitted from it. Although it was advertised as a "free thing" to lure people, it's cost kills. It's radiation kills from the inside out. The pair had figured this out because they began to feel sick inside. Knowing of their contamination the manufacturer cleaned the radiation and restored their inner life. Their insides as they get near the radio, are contaminated at times because the radio's components are charged with radioactivity. Those pretty knobs which glow in the dark are radium!

It was explained this way: There are unseen signals transmitted. The tree is the transmitter's antenna.  There is a signal transmitted from dark space where there is no light. The transmitter is the Prince of the Air and he goes to and fro with his "stations" sending messages from the dark. Even twinkling stars naked in the sky are transformed with modulators for your entertainment. These modulators can even change the message! They take true form sine-waves and chop them until a partial truth is sent with some truth removed from the truth wave form,

Remote to the listener is a false disc jockey, He takes the most tantalizing and popular songs and videos and plays them over and over day and night. Sometimes he takes truth, but holds his finger on the record as it spins, New truth is heard and the listener likes it better than what the Voice recorded.

The transmitter sends out the message and entertainment all over Eden. Those inside the Garden on the east side if the world are shielded by a messenger of God; a seraph with six wings, consisting of God's entire shield. The best of the six is offense: the truth transmitted by God's Voice: the Word!

Saints take shelter from the poor reception of the radio in the Garden.

When the signals are emitted outside the garden where no light shines, and truth is modulated, the transmitter amplifies the message because the atmosphere belongs to the transmitter. To reach the world requires a loud message with a clear signal. He travels to and fro because his signal is weak and he has limited power.

Each person, now their own radio, has an antenna. It's the flesh, but includes the mind and heart. To enhance the message all three work in synch to provide the most pleasurable experience. Even the distortion is attenuated by the mind so that the heart takes the infidelity and makes it high fidelity. The signal has already been modulated to make that easier.

Our skin is the beautiful, but sometimes it is a crude cabinet which houses the components. Our brain's synapses fire joy and fun to stimulate the mind to please the flesh, Deep thought amplifies the signal (temptation) for better reception!

With the desire we crave and when we feel that we deserve the system, it can get overloaded. Feedback absorbs our will and the current increases, With continued use the radio goes bad and unless we throw it out and change the message, we shall die! As the electronics short out and what's inside explodes, our cabinet burns and because of it's special artificial material, the fire never goes out!

We have the tuner to tune infidelity out and disarm the oscillator. There is a true wave form and he is spirit, He's our disk jockey who uses a straight signal for high fidelity. He's a great personality! One of the top three. His name is the Holy Spirit! His voice is the speaker! Our soul is the chassis for all the components and it is made is the image of God.

We Are Radio!

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