Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Masters of Our Own Domain

Each person has their own domain. It's our kingdom where we are in authority. As such we are kings there, if not emperors. Not only do we rule our domain, but we are heavy-handed rulers, at times loving, but at others dictatorial.

Our domain which we own is our flesh. Within that domain lies our all: mind, body and spirit. Right outside our domain is territory which we claim because we need it and use it. It belongs to the world because ingress is possible for all, but as colonials, we claim it for ourselves.

This immediate extension to our domain is our personal space. It's not ours since we live within our own domain, but we treat it as if it is ours. Others may enter that zone either by trespass or by invitation. We kiss and hug those who are invited, but fear those who enter into it uninvited.

Our personal space is part of the world and belongs to all, but it's each of our protectorates. It's ruler is the Prince of the Air, Satan, but we have annexed that space as our own.

Each person has their own personal space. Their immediate sphere of influence is their domain and their personal space. As such the twain are the world in which each person lives.

Remembering that personal spaces of everybody belongs to everyone, we are merely needful and users of it. Personal space is not ours, but we claim it.

When people get close, their personal spaces are covalent. In layman's terms, it's shared space. Their personal space and our personal space occupy the same territory. When more than one personal space becomes the space of another, then world's collide.

In marriage, two people of the opposite sex, for it doesn't work for same-sex, agree to share not only personal spaces, but the domain, one of the other. Of course this means sexually entering the domain of another in romantic love. Consummation is the rite of unity between husband and wife. That's when they willingly share their own domain, each with the other.

Because of that, neither are longer the master of their own domain. They are now one and what God joins together, let it not be put asunder. Sharing domains is easy! In good sexual relationships each are to provide pleasure to the other. Neither is master of their domain, but are partners in sharing the common domains.

Personal space is another issue. Since domains are shared, personal space is both enjoyed and in turmoil if infringed upon. When one party becomes more focused on being master of their own domain, the other seeks to either preserve their own domain or insist on being part of or even destructive of the other person's domain. When a storm enters the personal spaces of man and wife, world's collide. The personal space of one is invaded by the other.

it may be politics, belief systems, the children, families, friends, finances or even silly things which make world's collide, but with the collision, the personal domain of each is damaged. Even coitus may be jeopardized and often is because of world's colliding!

Each domain seeks pleasure. That's original sin. Rather than first seeking to pleasure God by loving him, our first desire is for self-pleasure. As such we are our own other gods besides God. Our world comes into conflict with God's world, the Kingdom of God.

When our world collides with our spouse's, that is our world's colliding. Rather than sparing both worlds from destructing, each insists that their own world prevail, even to the extent of colliding with God's world! When couples separate, the one world with two domains which share personal space becomes two independent worlds again. They no longer co-exist, but shoot weapons of mass destruction, one at the other. To preserve their own world, they each are relentless in destroying the world of the other. Since living turns to animosity, then God's world is under attack.

Couples coexist with God's blessing. Marriage is ordained by him because it's holy. When couples become individuals they become again, masters of their own domain, but have destroyed the sacredness of a shared world and even shared domain because sex may even be withheld or passive.

With discord, the two once encompassed with God's world, now break through his field of gravity and are on their own. World's colliding results in the two being cast out of Eden so to speak because of disobedience they are no longer in the Kingdom of God.

You see marriage is important because it's akin to our marriage to God. Since we are the bride and Jesus is the groom, we can never separate because spiritual marriage is meant to be forever. We can't even flirt with other gods, let alone fornicate with them! That's why marriage is so important. God cringes even when we flirt with those in another world, let alone fornicate with them! Fornication with one other than our spouse is adultery. Fornicating with another god is spiritual adultery and blasphemy. As such adultery is symbolic of blasphemy.

If we're Christians, we are no longer masters of our own domain. We live in the Kingdom of God and his domain is our domain. God keeps us there, but we can freely leave it! Satan is the whore who entices us to fornicate with other gods. Those other gods may even by our own self, but are the worlds of other people as well. Satan shoots barbs at our world, but it's God's domain if we remain true to him. As such God puts up a protective shield around our world, but that can be only if our world is covalent with his world. Faith is the gravity which holds our world in orbit with God's!

It takes commitment to remain in unison with God because temptations are great! They are powerful missiles which seek to destroy our domain and tear it from orbit of God's world. If we are sucked from the orbit of God, it's the world of Satan to which we are propelled. In his orbit, we are no longer the master of our own domain, but slaves to his. Our world explodes as it is captured in Satan's world and our fantasy of a personal domain is shattered with no hope for restoration. Our world is damned once it is submitted to Satan's personal space; this world.

We are never masters of our own domain. We are either servants of God working with him or slaves to Satan working for him. We can never serve two masters. We all must choose. Even if we choose to be masters of our own domain, we are deluded; we serve Satan as his slave and everything we do magnifies him, not us. You see, becoming deluded into believing that we are masters of our own domain, is a tactic of Satan. If we believe that we are, we belong to him and Satan is the master.

Jesus is the Master! Christians are servants of the Master and all that we do is to serve him! When we are born again we give up mastery of our own domain and become servants in his. That's the new birth, essentially being enlightened that we are NOT masters of our own domain, but are totally dependent on the Master of Spiritual Domains!

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