Thursday, December 8, 2016

Opinion on Satan

Today's thought is part commentary and part opinion, but it is worth considering.

Satan is not God! Satan is not even a false god! Gods are all-powerful and all-knowing. Satan only knows what God revealed to him before his rebellion, and his power is limited to what God allows of him. Temptation is OF Satan, but it is not BY Satan.  Satan is limited by time and distance as to where he can be. There is no biblical evidence that an angel can be more than one place at a time, therefore, Satan must go to and fro!

How fast can Satan travel. We don't know, but time was created for mortal beings. In the spiritual world, travel is likely to not be time dependent. Allowing that, Satan can be all over the place at will, but it's limited to one place at a time. His self-assigned vocation is undermining God's authority. He's clever, that we know. With that thought, Satan is smart enough to be where the impact is greatest. We know that he was with Job because Job had great faith, was rich and powerful. If he made Job fall, many would go with him.

We're not Job! Satan is there with those more influential. My guess is that he torments our government and religious leaders first hand. I believe that he spends much time with the Pope and with the Reverend Barry Lynn, the director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State which endeavors to take Christ out of American public life.

Also, major protestant modernistic leaders must be strongly influence by Satan's deceptions.

My first point is this: You and I get little personal time with Satan so why say that we do?

By propagating the notion that Satan tempts me to sin is granting Satan power and influence that he doesn't have! Sure, if I became a major threat to his deception, I would surely get a personal visit, but I'm sure, because of my lack of prestige, that only one of his dark angels occasionally visits me. Most of the time, I make my own decisions because I have free will. The devil nor his helpers can never MAKE me do anything. Why waste their time when I sin of my own volition.

Original sin was when inherited sin entered mankind. It's in our genetics to sin. Scripture says that all have sinned and miss the mark. We all sin because God warned Adam "You shall surely die!" On that day all the seed of Adam to ever live will die a first death and a spiritual second eternal death unless we are spared by grace. 

Since Satan now rules the world, the first time that we sin, we become subjects of Satan and his sons and daughters. When we are born again, we're adopted by God and enter into the kingdom of God! Before that, we're subject to the law of sin. That's the law of Satan: We all will sin by rebelling against God's Laws. The difference between the two laws are noted:
Romans 7:22 "For I delight in the law of God after the inward man: 23 But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members."
 The Law of God is for the inward man, the spiritual part of our make-up. The law of sin is in our members. As such, our flesh does what provides pleasure whereas our soul desires peace. The result is that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak (Matthew 26:41). The Law of God is doing God's will; the Law of Sin is doing your own will.

This passage describes the Law of Sin:
Deuteronomy 12:8 "Ye shall not do after all the things that we do here this day, every man whatsoever is right in his own eyes."
Hence, we don't follow Satan because he tempts us. Satan took what God made and made it lustful in our own eyes. In other words God created everything, but Satan coated it with evil. God created a pure world; Satan contaminated it. After it was wrought with evil by men's own lusts, God destroyed the old dirty world and gave mankind a second chance because of his grace. Immediately, Ham came into Noah's presence and contaminated it again. I blame it on the wine which Noah drank. Thereafter, the world again belonged to Satan, but mankind is who made it dirty again!

My second point is this: Satan didn't create a sinful world, we did!

We did it by doing the will of Satan and by following the Law of Sin. That Law is "doing what is right in our own eyes." Satan is not our God: we each are our own god!

Do you doubt me? Let's look at the Law of Sin from the perspective of Satanists:

 The law of Thelema is "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will."  Thelema is the New Age chief philosopher Alesister Crowley's created religion which describes to a tee what one would expect: the WHOLE Law is "Do what thou wilt". This corresponds to scripture where it says that each do "what is right in their own eyes."

Anton LeVey wrote the Satanic Bible. That religion is a rewriting of Thelema. It's doctrine too is "Do what thou wilt!" That's their doctrine and as such is the law of Sin!

My third point is: When people do as they will, or what's right in their own eyes, it is they who create the world which tempts the flesh. Satan didn't create it; mankind did! Yet we credit Satan for doing what our kind did.

Mankind follows the course of least resistance. It is their own creation that they follow. Man desires a world of pleasure, as man is the creator of a polluted world, remembering that Satan is not all-mighty.

There are two paths, one of which all men must eventually choose: 1) the wide path to destruction or 2) the narrow path to eternal life. You laid the pavement to the first path and God laid the pavement to the latter path. The destructive path is laid with pleasure: it's the path the flesh desires to walk. The second path is paved with love; it's the path the spirit is willing to walk, but along this path, temptation attempts to roadblock the path. Hence, the narrow path offers resistance to travel. Only a few take this straight path and the path is narrow. Many will fall off. There is a prize at the end, but one must persevere when the self stops to enjoy pleasure.

The road most taken is the wide path. It's width is of great breadth to allow many to take it, and most do. The gate too  is wide, but the path leads to destruction. Anyone can stop anywhere and take pleasure into the flesh, but each stop is narcotic in that one pleasure requires even more! The prize at the end of this path is death, but the walkers thereon only live for the pleasure for the moment. They built this world and they keep looking back to the pleasures they created for themselves. Satan doesn't participate. He stands back and smiles.

My fourth point is: The sinner already belongs to Satan. He allows you to enjoy your own creation.

Why would Satan waste time on his defected offspring. He desires those who are adopted by God because he is a pretender to God's throne. He needs more subjects to feign power and undermine God.

My fifth point: Satan will send a principality to war with Christians walking the narrow path.

They are his barbs and his weapon are pleasures which we ourselves created!  He knows what we like and his angels remind us of it. Actually, Satan stands there and watches as we look back on our pleasures and do that in remembrance of ourselves. We were supposed to be the living sacrifice to God, but each of our selves still want appeasement!

My sixth point is: We can abandon God and worship our self, as creator of our own pleasures.

Yes, we are creators. We designed a world full of all types of pleasure: sexual, power, prestige, riches etc. Satan didn't create any of those things. God did! We took what God provided and made them dirty and we obtain pleasure from our creation.  It's us who get the credit for evil. Satan only made the model for our design. We designed a world which our flesh enjoys, thus destroying the right world of God's will.

My seventh point: It's never too late to sacrifice our own god to God. He is gracious to the last.

John 3:16 is the promise. God can do what we can't do!

My eight point: We have the power to create a world based on the Law of Sin, but we don't have the power to save ourselves.

That ability is based on the Law of God: it's by grace that we are saved and the only way to salvation is by the blood of Jesus Christ. It's us that we must sacrifice. Satan frowns on that.

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