Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The World-The Flesh-The Heart

In the broadcast medium there are the signal, the antenna and the receiver, and of course the output so that what was broadcast can be shared with the people.

In the spiritual medium there are the same components: the signal is evil broadcast from the spiritual realm, the antenna is the flesh of the people and the receivers are the people. The output is iniquity. Notice that evil begets iniquity. This is the communication system which you enjoy, but don't understand as everyone enjoys the media, but don't have a clue.

The media broadcasts things for reasons. Of course the love of money is foremost, but there are other reasons. Those in entertainment have agendas. They think that it is of their independent thinking, but they have received the disruptive signal from "out  there" that they are sending to the world. They are victims of their own wiles. The progressive thought which they believe that they have attained by enlightenment, is spoon fed to them gradually by Satan who uses their own methods against them. For the slow-minded what I am saying is that for the most part the broadcast and entertainment industry are tools of the devil to capture the people's minds!

The world belongs go Satan. He is Prince of the Air. Of course until recently "the air" was the medium in which signals were transmitted. Since then technology has introduced cable and the world wide web. These tools make the devil's job much easier.

At my fingertips right now I can either select good or evil. Most of the time my conscious elects the righteous, but sometimes I see and read things which I shouldn't. Be honest. Most of us do that, but check ourselves, or should I say, the Holy Spirit checks our behavior. Our system is checked for fidelity at times and sometimes we just sit there like zombies listening to the bad signal even though a better signal is there. We become comfortable with the static and digital disintegration. It's not a better TV or radio that we need, but a better controller!

The world is evil. However, evil offers pleasures. The world continues and will always transmit evil because as a result of disobedient people, the content has been contaminated. It's a dirty signal which is broadcast from the decent equipment which God made! Satan tampered, not with the world, but what is in the world. Evil is broadcast, then, all over the world. There is no place to hide, but faithful people can be protected behind a shield. They can put on the whole armor of God.

The Word is the sword which severs the bad signal. When it's bad, the Word prevents it from reaching the receivers of righteous people. Satan's transmissions are as barbs. Temptations are transmitted into the world hoping to deflect off others and penetrate the sutures between the armor.

The flesh of everyone is the antenna. Of course in the broadcast realm, antenna merely capture the signal. It's the same with our flesh! Antenna have elements which are set up to take the waves transmitted through the air and concentrate them before they are translated into information.

The flesh's elements are the five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. There may be other  hidden senses, but these are the most obvious. A sixth sense may be our nature which we were endowed with genetically with the sin of Adam. Our propensity is always to sin, and each temptation (or barb) must be filtered out. In the divine world it is the Holy Spirit who does the filtering for those with fidelity to his signal.

The flesh receives what the world broadcasts and is successfully transmitted. For a few, God puts up an unseen hedge, his shield, to minimize the signal so that it can not be amplified.

The receivers are our hearts. Don't think of that as the human organ, which only beats to the tune of our spiritual condition, but the heart is the receptor of the information, the cognition which it takes to process it, and the emotions we feel when the signal is descrambled.

Satan transmits faulty signals. They ride on the waves of good signals, and slip through unnoticed. The flesh accepts whatever is transmitted, then the heart, the main processor, must make decisions. Faith and trust aid with the processing. There is within righteous people a resistor which reroutes wrong to a dissipater. Good signals, filtered through the soul enter the mind and happiness and joy result. If any bad signals get through stress, irritation, unhappiness and despair will eventually disrupt the heart. The mind can even blow a fuse and become reprobate and doomed to the junk pile where it is to be incinerated. The cabinet is the first to go!

The more good signals which enter, the more full of the spirit the soul becomes. The soul is like a capacitor which captures a charge and has potential. That potential is hope! Hope can be short-circuited by emptying the capacitor. Satan tries to do that all the time! Even if mostly good signals are contaminated with too much of the things of the world, after a time the capacitor may get so much static that it explodes and is emptied of potential. All hope is lost. We must take care in what is  received by our flesh so as not to destroy our own receiver!

That my friends, is an analogy which is meant to clarify that the beautiful cabinet we have pride in is of no use unless the system inside has high fidelity!

Oh yes... we must be careful with our own outputs because we can add to the static already transmitted. Our own feedback to others just makes the destruction faster!

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