Thursday, December 1, 2016

Two Masters: Voting Against Your Own Beliefs

I was talking to a fine person yesterday. Before long we were talking politics. He eventually told me that he's a Democrat. I told him I can't be because of the abortion issue. He agreed with me, but said that he overlooks that when he votes. I was astounded!

First off, this man alleged to be pro-life yet voted pro-abortion. The only way that could be is that he considered other issues more important than a human life! I'm not demonizing the man because his intentions are good, but discernment is lacking: there is nothing more important than life because respecting life is the Greatest Commandment on two counts: it's love of others and it's the way we show love to God by loving his creation.

The argument one might use is: I don't hate the baby, but see abortion as necessary. The only necessity is when a pregnant woman is dying in childbirth. However, all attempts must be made to save both. Only if all else fails shall a doctor allow the infant to die, but not induce death.  Almost all other cases of abortion, about 99%, are for convenience sake.

The man, as he voted Democrat, was voting for the convenience of murder. His is not a sin of commission, but omission because he admitted apathy toward human life. By not protecting life he was hating because hating and murder are equivalent (1 John 3:15).

Many have explained this dichotomy to me. It's economic prosperity for which they are perceived to vote. That too is a deception because "Democrats are for the working man," is no more than a slogan. Democrats are for unions and most union people traditionally vote Democrat because of the fa├žade!

God issued hope for Abraham. The covenant with Abraham was that his seed would enjoy prosperity as long as they were obedient. In modern terms this means that Christians are to place higher emphasis on moral values than economic and if they do that, then they will prosper. In fact without obedience they even offend God by asking for prosperity in disobedience!

The master my friend served even though he was serving God also, was Satan. He voted the way Satan wanted him to vote because Satan hates life and smiles when God's people defy God.
Luke 16:13 (ESV) "No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.”
Since the love of money is the root of all evil, who is that "master" that a servant loves? It's the god of self and that is enough to satisfy Satan. People overlook evil in a futile attempt to satisfy their own needs and place self over God. It's the pleasure of the false tree of which they eat and stand away from the Tree of Life.

Christians, if they place God's will first, will prosper. If they have faith in God and are obedient to him, then God will meet all their needs!

Under the Third Reich, Christians voted their pocketbook. They prospered for a time, but were destroyed by the love of money. Hitler came through for them at the expense of millions of lives, but eventually the entire nation collapsed. The same is happening here. With the millions of babies aborted each year, there is a holocaust. The victims are the poor, the handicapped and the unwanted. Abortion usually results from bad choices; the choice to fornicate or remain pure. It has become a form of birth control because people are either in sin or just irresponsible.

Jews were destroyed as a matter of convenience. They were sub-human parasites in Nazi eyes. Does that sound familiar? They paid for their prosperity by sacrificing their people to another god, the God of self, just as those who favor abortion sacrifice their sons and daughters to the modern Molech: pleasure.

Just as the angels sing when one life comes to salvation, they sing too when one life chooses God. Unborn babies will never have that choice because of the convenience of society. Pro-choice is a deception and fools fall for it! It's an admission: I know it's evil, but will turn my head to it. Dead babies are the end result whether it's called pro-abortion or pro-choice. Satan has twisted the words and you may have been twisted in thinking as he spins his lies.

The time for choice is when the temptation to copulate comes. This allows an unborn person to later make his or her own choice by just getting to live. True pro-choice people are those who want to give the unborn a chance to choose for themselves!

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