Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Being Reckless With Life

This woman bought a car. It was sleek, beautiful and powerful. She had a down payment and even made a few payments. It was her car!

One day she lost her job. Work could be found no where. In a few months, she missed a few payments. Woe was her! Her future looked destitute, but for awhile, her life had been all about pleasure. She never even considered that fate would raise his hand, and poverty would ensue.

What was she to do! It had been fun, but all her money had been wasted because now the financier came in reapers clothing to get what was his.

Part out of apathy, part out of one last joy and part out of spite, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She was going to have one last fling!

This time she planned it. She went to a secluded place where laws were overlooked. As she stepped on the gas pedal and careened down the road, leaving the smell of burning rubber, she was overwhelmed. "It's my car!" she thought and I'll do with it what I want! She drove it hard as she sped down the road, burning rubber here and there, she could feel the response inside as the car and her became one! She realized that the car was being abused, but it was hers!

"Roar", responded the engine as she drove recklessly around, but she was enthralled at her own independence, as she and the engine sung in harmony!

After a few miles, she was elated. She abused the car, but the law was far away. It seemed that as long as it didn't hurt another person, that high speed and recklessness was nobody's business. "It's my car and I'll do as I want!, she continued to think selfishly, as she abused what she believed was hers alone!

Finally, with the wear and tear and poor care, she heard a clunk... clunk... clunk... as the piston rod snapped and the engine died and locked up. She heard a piece fly through the oil pan, but she only felt independence. "It's my car and I'll do with it as I want! I care less about the financier!"

She called her friend and he came to give her a ride. She just left the pieces there in this desolate place, and he helped conceal them in an old junk yard nearby.

Soon, another letter came. "Your car is mine. It is being repossessed," said the finance company in the letter, but she insisted, "It was my car! I did with it what I wanted!"

They cared little about her claim. Part of it may have been her car, but it was their car too! They wanted back what was theirs, as she kept crying, "It was my car! It sat in my garage, I sat in it, I drove it, and I showed it off for awhile." It had been fun for her for awhile, but now reality manifested itself. She only perceived it was her car! She denied vehemently that it belonged to another, but denial was a facade': it was the fiancĂ© company's car too! She abused what didn't belong to her, and now she suffered the consequences. She will pay some day! It will come in the future, but justice must be!

- - - - -

If you haven't figured it out, the woman who had the car, was like the woman with a baby in the womb. Because it's in her womb it's perceived as hers, just as her car had sat in her garage. However, the truth is, that like the car which belonged to the finance company, the growing beautiful baby within her belongs to itself, being an individual, living having already a personality.  What she claimed was hers, was only within her!

The speeding woman lived, but the car died. She killed something that belonged to someone else. Likewise, that growing baby wasn't part of her; she (the baby) belonged to herself. Just as the speeding woman abused the car, a careless woman commits the ultimate abuse with her baby girl: she destroys something that is NOT hers to destroy! What the baby lives within does belong to her, but she has no right to decide what is not hers. That living soul in her garage needs to be part of the decision.

Just as the finance company wants their car intact, but weren't there to speak, a budding baby girl would want the same for herself! Her choice would be life, just as the finance company would want longevity for their car! Two parties own the car. Two parties contribute to unborn life. The right thing to do is to drive safely and love the car. The right thing to do is nourish the unborn child and love her because she is alive inside that woman's garage!

The car was destroyed. The only value it now has is for parts from the scrap. Unfortunately, that's what Planned Parenthood has been known to do with those formerly vibrant babies, all because some women say, "It's my body, I'll do with it what I want. That's my right!"

Woman, your body is on loan for awhile to another. You can't vacate that garage without destroying the car. That car is not a machine; it's a human life with personality! Oh, only of it was inanimate, but her heart already beats out time. Her personality is growing with the growth of her other engines, and her soul is filled with God's Spirit for a time, anyway, yet you woman, destroy who you claim is yours!

Because a woman or her doctors deny the truth, doesn't mean that what they believe is the truth, just as the woman claiming it was her car, didn't make it her car! It was not part of her and neither is an unborn child. She is her own self, never to really belong to another!

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