Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jewish Persecution

Seldom are Jewish politicians of the same view as conservative Christians, but after thousands of years of abuse by kingdoms, it is my belief that they fear Christianity. In fact Christianity has been hard on the Jews; but not the biblical Christians, but more the institution of Christian leadership. Case in point is when the Catholic Church stood idly by while Jews were persecuted by the Third Reich. Pope Pius XII tried to reach accord with the Nazi regime because of the persecution of Christians. Like the Jews who complied, the Pope feared that regime and complied!

 Socialist Germany, just as any other socialist government had as doctrine the liberation of the complacent from religion, meaning Christianity, for their leadership was firmly Theosophists in spirit.

Note that it was fear which caused the Vatican to remain neutral in regard to the Third Reich, but neutrality is an outcome of fear. While many Catholics were pro-Nazi early on, that changed about 1933 when Christian persecution became rampant. History seldom points toward both Christians and Jews as victims of the holocaust, but they were! In effect, true Christians and true Jews are spiritual brothers and have often faced the same attacks together!

The Roman empire was noted as tolerant of the worship of any God... except the One True God. If people were either Jews or Christians, they were fed to the lions, sacrificed to gladiators, crucified or boiled in oil. Romans were not tolerant at all, but were jealous that these foreigners from Judea failed to worship the same gods which they worshiped. Hadrian even desecrated the temple by having a statue of Jupiter built with the demi-god Caesar in front of it, thus polluting the temple! The Romans were hardly tolerant of Jews!

When the rebellion of Judea was complete in 70 A.D., the Romans wiped out the entire population except for those who scattered, and tore down the temple, which Jesus prophesied. In other words, this was just an earlier version of the holocaust, but not the first, as the Mohammedans had done before... and the Assyrians and the Babylonians!

Even monarchial Russia persecuted the Jews under Tzar (Slavic Czar) Alexander II. It is no coincidence that Tzar is Russian for Caesar  because they did the tyrannical things which Caesar did!

Hitler did things to Jews which despots always have done! Hitler did things to Christians which despots always do? The persecution of Jews has been institutionalized! In the eyes of the elite few, even the rich, Jews have historically been no more than parasites! It has always been easy to persecute those chosen people of God because persecution is the way of the world.

The average intelligence quotient (IQ) of Jews is said to be between 112-117 (Cochran et al). Of course modern psychology has been influenced by secular humanism and they deny that intelligence is genetic, claiming it to be a result of socio-economic factors, but data, especially with the Jews, fail to support that, in that they are superior to average under all socio-economic conditions!

Hence, the intelligence and success is a point of jealousy for those of us who may be of less gray matter! However, their intelligence and prosperity is a gift of God because of his grace, and as such God made the Abrahamic Covenant with his chosen people.  Of course, why they were chosen was to build a new nation and plant the seed of Abraham, Jesus Christ by name. Jesus is the Jewish salvation, as well as the gentile races, but that is a contention of jealousy even among Christians (sic).

Throughout history, Pharisaical Christians have claimed that it was the Jews who murdered Christ by the hands of the Romans, and indeed scripture says that their sin is greater than Pilate's (John 19:11). However, it was all sinners, Jew and Gentile, who created the need for Jesus to die. He died for all of our sins! We can't blame the Jews, but we can still blame ourselves: Jew and Gentile! However, it seems that the characteristic of sinners is to blame (because of pride), but true Christians must humble themselves and even love our enemies.

Jewish persecution has not been done by the "Church", but by the "church". It's not the Roman Catholics or Lutherans or Orthodox who persecuted Jews, but those within those groups who were unrighteous. The "Church" is true believers. The "church" are those within the presbytery who fail to comprehend the very nature of Christ! Christ would never persecute because persecution is of Satan!

It has been the established religion and government which persecutes. Their kingdoms follow the law of sin. The invisible Church with it's righteous government follows the law of Spirit. That is the law of love. Love never killed one Jew; it's concealed and blatant hatred that has!

As such, conservative Christianity (evangelicals, the born-again, those practicing love) have never persecuted the Jews. Of course some whose wickedness was hidden within those organizations have as well. Christianity as taught by Christ as always been ameliorating to the Jews, and as such, even today conservative Christians cherish and support the Jewish Nation. We understand that in the last days, their Messiah (our Christ) will come and they again will be persecuted right along with all the other Christians because then they too will be Christians!

Jesus said, "They know not what they do!" (Luke 23:14) and Jesus asked the Father to forgive them. His forgiveness is still available and many will accept it! Jewishness is racial, not a religious trait. Jews can be Christians and are just another blessed group of human beings for whom Jesus died! They are one of us, those to whom God extends grace!

But western Jews tend to be politically liberal! Why is that? Because it has been the institutions of religion and government who have persecuted them. The best way to gain favor with a Jew is to love them. Perhaps someday the institutional persecution will be forgotten and they will look with favor on the body of Christ, what is known as conservative Christianity, because our dogma is based on love!

It has always baffled me how Jewish people can favor abortion! That's the ultimate modern-era holocaust. But again  Jesus would say "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." You see, they have often even persecuted themselves because they are not aware that they persecute!

The prayer of sincere Christians can change that! It one day will be, "Thank you Father for they realize their error. Forgive them for me (Jesus speaking)!"

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