Sunday, March 19, 2017

Letter to Editor: LGBTQ and F

Letter to the editor to Ernie Ezell's support of the so-called Fairness Ordinance of this morning's Bowling Green Daily News:

RE: TREAT FAIRLY - Ernie Ezell

"There is nothing new under the sun!" said the wisest man who ever lived. Times are not changing. The world has the same old problems: people rebel by disregarding God's will.

Mr. Ezell's view is the doctrine of the anti-Church. First off, A she God has been around as long as Astarte. It is heresy, and the church has always condemned it.

The true Church are those people who profess the God of the bible, and confess him as their Lord. Mr. Ezell presented the case for a new truth - his version. It appears that his foolishness is self-worship in that he seems to know more than the God he misrepresents.

God did use a cookie-cutter (Ezell's words) at the creation. He created man in His own image. Only with the advent of sin, did diversity and adversity enter the world. Alternate behaviors are the various mutations of the original cookie (sic).

Christians are to love LGBTQ's and XYZ's, but on God's terms, not theirs! What is it that God expects? A new creature from the old! We're to be like the original cookie from which we were cut!

Passing off the old deception as the new truth, has been around a long time. Let us love LGBTQ's and F's, but not their in-your-face quest for acceptance. (F's are fools, Mr. Ezell).

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