Wednesday, March 8, 2017


No one remembers Ghengis Kahn. Joseph Stalin didn't document his atrocities on film; leaving Adolph Hitler as the epitome of evil which he certainly was. However, he does not stand alone in Hell's Hall of Shame.  For the record, Hitler was not a Fascist, he was a National Socialist which we all know as Nazi.

When people disagree with another, the hate epithet is easily thrown about. Normally, those hate words are Nazi, demagogue, Hitler, brown-shirts, and the like; all of which are synonyms for Nazism. Because the left doesn't like being associated with the dark face of socialism, a cover-up has been accomplished by the media, the elite historians, and progressive politicians: to wit, neither Hitler nor Nazism were right wing.

Those accusations need to be saved for real demagogues and autocrats, not for people with whom liberals disagree. Undeserved name-calling is akin to the little boy calling wolf. When the wolf came, nobody came to the boy's aid because he misused the name wolf so often.

The wings of ideological thought are derived from the political stage of the French Republic. Those more of the establishment sat on the right, and those more radical sat on the left. The radicals were more dogmatic, brutal, and before it was all over; they guillotined anyone who stood in their way. After they were through with that, they guillotined those who failed to be purists to their cause.

The left-wing French Republic even established their own church with their own God. They worshiped the goddess of Reason, and turned churches into brothels because in their eyes, nothing was sinful. Hence, left wing politics is closely allied with liberal churches.

Of course in our colonial period liberalism was defined differently. It was doing good things, and working against oppression in the church. Many of those religious liberals were conservative ideologues in politics. Liberalism has since taken on a new definition. Good is still associated with liberalism, but the concept of good has changed full-circle. Good is mankind's idea now, and what God call iniquity, liberals call good - homosexuality, same-sex marriage, socialism, rioting, hedonism, and so forth.

Good has traditionally been defined in the western world as adhering to God's will. Of course the will of God has always been love, charity, empathy, integrity, and all fair things. Love meant wanting even one's enemies to go to heaven. That is divine love. Of course to pave the way for heaven, repentance was necessary. That meant rebuking sinful behavior was necessary. That the Church was supposed to do.

In Nazi Germany positive Christianity was rampant. It was liberal Christianity, and most of the German Christian Church were liberals. As positive Christians; things like sin, hell, laws, and regulations are of no importance. They preached mainly on positive things, and accepted whatever dogma the National Socialists introduced into the liberal church. To reject change would be negative. Hence, positive Christianity is not Christianity at all, but it's liberalism at its worst.

The protestant Lutherans became the State Church of the Third Reich. They did what was right in Hitler's eyes. The regime's goal was to replace Jesus as the head of the church, with guess who? Adolph Hitler. The liberal church went along with this idea in naivete'.

Who or what is the liberal church? They are those who fail to take Holy Scripture for what it says. First off, for them, the Bible is not the inspired word of God; hence it is fallible and changeable. They also rationalize that things have changed, and that God knows little about science, philosophy, and psychology. Hence, science has more efficacy than Christianity. God has been reduced to a mythological god by liberals, Their view of God is that he is cruel to sinners. Their view of God is of an intolerant God who sends people to hell.

Joel Osteen is in my opinion, is a preacher of positive Christianity. He admits that he doesn't preach on sin, and that all gods are the same. That is liberalism. Although God is love, he also is just. Those who merely focus on his love do God only half justice. Furthermore, God doesn't send anyone to hell. He's a democratic God; he allows everyone to choose their own destiny!

That is not to say that preachers like Joel Osteen are National Socialists. They are not! However, they are part of liberalism which can inadvertently contribute to those who subvert democracy. Liberalism is dangerous because they see good in things that are not good. After all, Hitler was not all bad: He loved children, his nation, his friends, his niece, his fiancé, and surely many other things which are considered good. Unfortunately he loved himself more than anything. He was his own god.

Hitler used the liberal church to create Nazism. They fell easily to his propaganda and false promises. Hitler even praised the German Church although his goal was to destroy them. Like Marx, Hitler realized that the true church stood in his way, but the liberal church could actually help him to gain public support.

Nazism is not right-wing fanaticism. It is left wing liberalism. The devil has painted over the original picture to make Hitler into something other than the liberal he was.

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