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Safe Genocide

Safe genocide! What do I mean by that?

Genocide is intentionally killing large numbers of people. It has happened many times in history, especially to the Jews, but the most notorious case of genocide was in the Nazi concentration camps. There was barbarity there, but some with a semblance of a conscious developed a method of safe genocide.

Dr. Sigmund Rascher of the Buchenwald concentration camp bragged that he had planned and supervised the gas chambers there, and was responsible for the use of prisoner guinea pigs for medical experimentation. Capt. A. Payne Best said this about that subject:
"Obviously he (Rascher) saw nothing wrong and considered it a matter of expediency. As regards the gas chambers he said that Himmler, a very kind-hearted man, was most anxious that prisoners be exterminated in a manner which caused them the least anxiety and suffering and the greatest trouble had been taken to design a death chamber so camouflaged that it's purpose would not be apparent, and to regulate the flow of lethal gas so that the patients might fall asleep without recognizing that they would never wake... Rascher said they had never quite succeeded in solving the problem caused by the varying resistance of different people to the effects of poisonous gases and always there had been a few who lived longer than the others and recognized what was happening." (Bonhoeffer; Eric Metaxes; Thomas Nelson publisher; page 509).
This conversation between Capt. Best and the killer Rascher is an example of what I call totalitarian safe genocide.

First off, the activities at concentration camps were hidden from the general public. They had been duped into believing that those were merely prisons, even though they realized because it was a Third Reich policy that the deformed and insane could be euthanized.
"'In October 1939, Hitler himself initiated a decree which empowered physicians to grant a 'mercy death' to “patients considered incurable according to the best available human judgment of their state of health.' The intent of the so called 'euthanasia' program, however, was not to relieve the suffering of the chronically ill. The Nazi regime used the term as a euphemism: its aim was to exterminate the mentally ill and the handicapped, thus 'cleansing' the 'Aryan' race of persons considered genetically defective and a financial burden to society." (
 You see, the general public was quite aware of the mercy killing as a matter of convenience. The reason that the government gave was that soldiers were in need of the resources being used by the defective people. In effect, their life had no importance, and as such, they were easily sacrificed. No one raised much of a stink because it wasn't them! After all, it was now non-revocable law.

The killing factories were built far removed from the population centers to disguise what they were. There, even the stench of burning flesh could not be smelled by civilized (sic) society.

Heinrich Himmler was the Reichsfuhrer of the S.S. That was the special death squad which was part of Hitler's regime. He committed suicide at the end of the war rather than face the death sentence for crimes against humanity. Rascher saw him as "a very kind-hearted man". Buchenwald's gas chambers were constructed so as to kill innocent people - Jews, Christians, atheists, and fellow Germans, as humanely as possible. Of course some who took it in their own hands murdered callously because hearts were hardened as death became more acceptable. Some even delighted in being part of the death of others!

It bothered Rascher that he could not completely solve the problem that some of the so-called patients realized that they were dying. He failed at his job because he tried to allow them to die without ever realizing that they were dying. That, my friends is safe genocide. It's killing without pain, and preferably dying without even realizing it!

Now for my point: This is an example as to how low human beings can be, and rationalize their depravity by making it humane!

Right after the war, the American liberators forced the German public to tour some of the death camps. They were appalled, even though they knew it was going on, and  they did nothing to stop it. Even so-called Christians, it was said, just sang a little louder! Civilized societies said, it must never happen again.

Well, here we are: It is happening again! The deaths of  the innocents still occur each day by the thousands. It's not the S.S. with safe genocide, but Planned Parenthood with their safe abortions!

I saw an interview of the executive vice-president of Planned Parenthood with Tucker Carlson. Some of it went this way:
"In an interview with Tucker Carlson about proposed cuts of half a billion dollars to the abortion giant in the American Healthcare Act, Planned Parenthood executive vice president, Dawn Laguens, made it clear again just how important the fetus is to their success. Fetus, of course, the Latin term meaning “an unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception.” When asked specifically what she thinks a fetus is, Laguens explained that a fetus has a magical ontological status, which depends entirely on what each individual woman decides that it is." (National Catholic Register;
Reichsfuhrer Laguens seemed to be a very kind-hearted woman, just how Rascher described Himmler. Actually, she smiled and explained that the fetuses are not human at all, and would never answer whether she ever considered that life was being destroyed. You see, death must have calloused her heart. She sat there and smiled although she is responsible for millions of deaths in the abortion death camps which they camouflage as health centers. Even more disconcerting is that they hide their death camps mostly near and in the inner cities to destroy those most defective; to wit: the black race. Yes, abortion is mostly about the safe genocide of the black race because it is aimed at them! Abortion, they say, must be safe and legal. Genocide was done safely they said, and it was legal.

In Planned Parenthood facilities, they take great care in concealing the fact that they are death facilities. Even sonograms are discouraged because viewing the life inside them might make the women uncomfortable. Ms. Himmler, I mean Ms. Lauguens, doesn't want any discomfort on the part of the mother's they deceive!

Now for the safe abortion itself:  We are told that Planned Parenthood offers health care services. The government even finances them - you do the financing as a taxpayer! However, they make millions off their abortion services to rid mothers of the inconveniences of the parasitical sub-humans (sic) living inside them. The reason can even be that mothers-to-be are feeling a little stressful, a little inconvenience you might say, just as the Jews were.

The death camps for the Jews were part of Endlösung, or the Final Solution. It sounds like end of the song does it not? To rid Germany of the Jewish problem, euthanasia was the way to do it, and killing safely was the way to do it. They even had mobile death wagons for convenience. Death came to the Jews, they didn't even need to go anywhere. How convenient!

There are many parallels, and I could share them, but sensitive people should have the picture by now: No one can be safely killed by abortion or by genocide! The safeness was and is only to calm the conscious of those doing the killing. After awhile they learn to kill without remorse. Heinrich Himmler and Dawn Laguens are both examples of that. Civilized people don't murder their most brilliant race of people. Civilized people don't murder the most innocent in society. Civilized people don't murder at all!

America is uncivilized. Some of them were before that, but the American Reichstag - the United States Supreme Court, upheld crimes against humanity with Roe v. Wade in 1973. Only twenty-some years after we said it will never happen again, it happened again! Harry Blackmun played the role of Heinrich Himmler. The name Blackmun must be held in the same contempt as Himmler is now! He is guilty of crimes against humanity. Laguens is as well. So is the current Supreme Court for allowing it to continue!

What is worse than that is that civilized people applaud safe abortion. Even Christians just sing a little louder so they can't hear the screams of injustice. It is hard for me to even consider that my friends and neighbor might be the German-minded citizens who condone such barbarity. Even worse that the liberal church, akin to the Reich Church, supports abortion! What has this nation come to? Read the account of the days of Noah; that is where we are.

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