Wednesday, May 31, 2017


What is the most important thing in your life right now? It would appear that recreation of some sort is at the top of the list! Sure, most of you will say God, family, and friends; in likely that order. Are you being true to your self? To God? What's really important?

Of course, those who are into alcohol, drugs, and food addictions; you know the answer to that. I included food right along with drugs. Why is that? One trip to the water park answers that question. Good things to eat and plenty of it is a high priority for many people. Indeed, the taste buds pleasure the god of many.

It would seem, then, that people aren't apathetic; they are merely apathetic about God. Some may even be so apathetic, that they don't even have the initiative to find out what it means! It's merely showing little interest or enthusiasm. Sure, people get enthused about their favorite ball team, restaurant, or even a movie; but in the wider scheme, those things don't even really matter!

Let me explain. Let us say that you have terminal cancer with one week to live. Of course, you may or may not still want to eat depending on the degree of nausea which you suffer,  but it is likely that you could care little who wins a ball game, or what the latest movie is about. Suddenly, when the grim reaper makes his debut, apathy will give way to concern. Things in life will change in priority.

With that said, if you are outside of your pre-pubescent years, you are dying! As your body ages, organs age, and cells aren't restored as fast as they are manufactured in the body. It's just a matter of time until we all die, but most are apathetic to it. You know it's coming but fail to acknowledge it.  Few will even do healthy things to prolong life. Indeed, most people will continue to be self-destructive until they die because apathy becomes ingrained.

How would you respond if I said that apathy was the worst affliction of mankind? It is you know? All that extra food people eat is to please them without regard to how long, or short, their stay on earth will be. Eating that extra dessert time and time again kills years sooner. Each bite diminishes time. Even the apathetic care about time if they bring themselves to even think about it!

Each joint smoked makes one more apathetic. I've heard the most feeble excuses, even from Christians, why smoking dope is acceptable. A big part of that is that smokers fear time. Marijuana induces apathy, and the fear of time and events go up in smoke. They accept lies invented by the marijuana industry -  marijuana is claimed to be harmless when in their hearts people know it's a lie! People smoke dope to escape reality, but they don't really escape; they are merely imprisoned in it.

Alcohol does the same thing. Who can be concerned with time when life is a party? Whenever anyone is inebriated to any degree, they become lethargic to real life. The life of the party is apathetic to the things that matter in life. Sobriety is how we should face reality, but people fear reality so much that they find many methods of perceived escape from it.
Titus 2:12 "Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world..."
Being sober and vigilant are closely related. It's awareness. Are you aware that your over-indulgence steals time from you life? "So what?" you say, "It's just from the end of my life!" Someday those fleeting moments will be more valuable than gold, but at this instant you don't care enough to cherish them to do what's right. Sober means not only inebriants but facing reality as well. You are going to die!  Overeating, alcohol consumption, drug usage, and lack of activity is moving you closer to death!

I know what you are thinking: A small amount of alcohol is good for your health. I see people's refrigerators full of a small amount of alcohol - enough to inebriate an army! The best way to not over indulge in things which can harm is not to indulge at all, but you don't care!

Of course, up until now, I've been writing on the physical things in life. I'm sure by now you have rejected all \that I have written or become uptight inside because of my perceived narrow-mindedness. That is a good thing of you have because your apathy has its limits! All of a sudden you care about my "stupid, erroneous" attacks. You are now a first-stepper. You care about something, but unfortunately, it's your selfish interest in believing lies.

If you keep doing self-indulgent things, you will die, but more importantly, if you keep doing sinful things you will die eternally. Jesus didn't die on the cross so that you can go on sinning. He died because you sinned and needed Him to pay for them! Being a Christian is not a ticket to over eat. Being a Christian is not liberty to disregard sinful behaviors and desires. Jesus died to defeat sin but even Christians hang onto them.  Just as Lot's wife did, we keep looking back! We are not really apathetic because we do care. Christians miss sin! That's why Christians still sin. That desire kills, and as such, apathy kills the soul as well.

People are not truly apathetic then. They care, but it's more about themselves than God. It's God's will that our days are long on the earth. He says that with the Fifth Commandment. That's where God promises a long life if we obey! Face it, most of us want to live long lives because we love ourselves, but not enough to do something about how we live!

I smoked cigarettes for about twenty years. I lost some of my life with each puff. I did get some of my health back but more was lost forever. I can still feel the loss of breath when I run. With smoking, I cut my life short from what it could be. Sometimes when I eat that pastry I take time off my life. However, I care enough about my health that I limit what I eat and how much of it, at least most of the time. Sure, I could do better, and I do care! I often wonder at what point people say to themselves, "I care more about pigging out than living," or "I would rather smoke than live," or "I prefer meth to life itself!" Most people aren't apathetic, they are pathetic! Life is all about their desires, and they don't respect God enough to please Him.

What is it that people need to do? CHANGE! Being born-again is being given a second chance. It's the onset of caring about what God wills. He doesn't want you to overindulge or fail to be sober. His desire is that you be healthy and vigilant. It's so easy yet people make it so hard!

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