Friday, May 19, 2017

The God of Reason

Reasoning is a power. It is the ability to use knowledge, crunch it in an orderly manner, and is usually used to make a decision or justify a position. Rational is having reason, and is applied to those who reason using logic. Logic, on the other hand, is the interrelationship of facts and the order in which they are placed. Thus, you have a system for conclusion making.

There was a time called The Age of Reason written about by Thomas Paine who was influential in both the American Revolution and the French Revolution. Whereas, for the most part, Americans shunned the idea as foreign to Christianity, some accepted its Deism - that God does not interfere with the workings of the world; man tends the creation. Thus, Deism is man-centered and God minimized, and faith gave way to reason.

In France, they bought into the Age of Reason to such an extent that they worshiped the goddess of Reason for a spell. She was the goddess of the state-sponsored atheistic Cult of Reason. It replaced Roman Catholicism for a few years, and even priests of God became priests of Reason.

The Cult of Reason was an attempt to find truth and liberty through the power of reasoning. Its worship was devoted to the idea of reason. Liberty, reason, and truth were not of God, but of each individual. Hence, the Cult of Worship was person worship, and guess who the person was? The many selves of the individual! The people had outwardly become "as gods" which the serpent acknowledged years ago. There is one huge problem with Reason -  it offers no eternal hope because nobody has the power to save oneself!

The churches of France were remolded into Temples of Reason and deviate sexual practices occurred at the former altars of Jesus Christ. For all practical purposes the Golden Calf was resurrected, but that god was instituted in the form of the goddess of Liberty who represented reason. In essence, Anton Levay's Satanic cult was formed right there. Do what thou wilt! became the worship of the church. Temple prostitution was commonplace.

The goddess of Liberty was honored with statues.  Do you recognize her?

A crowned, robed woman holding aloft a torch
Liberty-Enlightening the World (Wikipedia)

The French people foisted their goddess upon Christian Americans, and Americans accepted her with open arms. Rather than Jesus welcoming pagans to our shores, it is the goddess Liberty. She's been around since Roman times as Libertas, only one of many of their pagan pantheon! The Age of Reason came to America. Even Thomas Jefferson bought into it, and created his own Bible minus the miracles, because miracles aren't rational.

God is not a God of reason but one of faith. Faith is the flips-side of reason. When we depend on our own knowledge and logic, it trivializes the Almighty God. For example, Reason tells us that God could not have created the universe, but faith acknowledges that He did. There is a missing step in the logic of rational thinking because all their gods' and goddesses' real names are Chance. Chance is credited with the creation of everything even though Chance is illogical. Probability makes Chance impossible!

Liberty is not even a woman, let alone a goddess. She is the image of Lucifer, the angel of Light. (See the response to Brad Meltzer's program at There they allowed that the stature is of Lucifer but not of Satan. Even a priest validated that claim but theologically Lucifer and Satan are one and the same. In other words, we have a statue of Satan in New York harbor which welcomes all comers to this land - without regard to their paganism! In turns out that this gift is not from the French but the Freemasons. It wasn't built for America originally but for Egypt. It is not as American as apple pie!

The travesty is that America cannot honor God with landmarks of any kind according to recent SCOTUS decisions. However, a statue of Satan remains prominently on our shores. That's one of the first things which people see. It offends me that we worship Reason, the disease of Adam but can't worship the Cure - Jesus!

The truth will set us free, but Liberty and Reason are far removed from the truth.

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