Sunday, June 11, 2017

Murder and the Heart

There are greater and lesser sins. For unrepentant sin, the penalty is the same, but that doesn't make the sins the same. (See my previous commentary at

Blasphemy is the unpardonable sin. That is denying that Jesus' death on the cross paid for each our own sins. That implies that the Father allowed his Son to die a painful death on the cross for nothing. It's the paramount disrespect, and those who blaspheme are reprobate - damned for eternity. Of course, the threat of eternal punishment deters few, but if a person believes in God, that belief is imperative because He not only created us, and heaven, but also our place of eternal isolation.

On my heart today is the sin of murder: Though shalt not kill. (Exod. 20:13). Wars and capital punishment have ruined that command. The word "kill" in the Hebrew is GVX pronounced raw-tsakh'.  It's explicit definition means "to dash into pieces a human life". To do that is called in the English language is murder: "the crime of unlawfully killing a person".(Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Hence, there are three conditions: (1) unlawful, (2) killing, and (3) a person - all three define the crime.

Let's examine unlawful first. There are levels of law. There are civil laws which men write. Even evil men can make murder lawful. Stalin and Hitler did that. Czar Nicholas and his family in Russia were killed in cold blood by the Bolsehviks because they changed the law to allow it. Then Ukrianians by the millions were murdered by starvation. The laws made by evil socialists allowed it. The same holds true for the extermination of the Jews in Nazi concentration camps. Even the civilized people allowed it and most even cheered it on! Civil laws are made by men, and unjust laws can be made by unjust men. Even when negative laws are made by the government, they are called positive law because it is legitimate but not necessarily right.

On the other hand natural law is doing what is right even when no civil law is present. Natural laws are recognized humane things to do. What the Nazi's did were crimes against humanity (i.e., crimes against natural law).  What the Russian Communists did were as well, but the difference is that the former was tried for it, and the latter got away with mass murder. Either way, socialism destroyed millions of people, yet people still love socialism. Those that do are accomplices to murder according to natural law. They are inhumane in their thinking, or most likely humane but deceived.

Another type of law is divine law. Scripture calls it "the law of God". That law is two-fold: (1) love God and (2) love others (even as much as oneself). Obedience to the law of God has a reward -  eternal life. Disobedience without justification results in eternal death. One cannot self-justify, and blood must be shed to pay for the crimes. So that we don't have to, because all have sinned, Jesus shed His own blood and paid the price for us. That part is for free, but not part of the argument. Civil law violations are punished by the government of the people, natural law is punished by either ones colleagues or by a higher court of justice, and divine law violations are punished by God.

In the order of priority are divine law, natural law, and then civil law. Usually when a corrupt government is punished it is by natural law that they are. What is the source of natural law? With civilized people it has come from religion. In the Western world, natural law comes from Judeo-Christian values, or "the laws of God". Although summarized by love, those laws are the Ten Commandments so that violators are without excuse. If one violates one law it's as if they violate them all. (Jam. 2:10).

If one murders, it's as if the murderer blasphemed against God because it shows hatred for God's law. It also shows hatred for others:
1 John 3:15 "Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him."
Hate and murder are equivalent and the penalty for hate or murder is eternal death. Murder is no laughing matter! The most profound law is God' law and taking a life is a crime against humanity in natural law and hate in God's Law, even when civil law says it's okay.

Killing is the second criteria for murder. Killing is depriving of life. It is of no matter whether plant, animal, or human; it's just when things which live quit living. In order of what is most precious humane people would say human life, animal life, and then plant life. Some have the priority of these out of order and lose their sense of humanity. Never is an animal more precious than a man although both are precious. I suppose that another category exists, and that are fungai; parasites in the world. That is what the Germans labeled Jewish people as did the Russians as well, In fact, throughout history Jews have been deemed parasites in about all societies, and those with civil laws as such tried to exterminate them.

Because a group of people are deemed non-human doesn't make them less so. The Jews are God's chosen people.

That brings to light the third criteria for murder: it applies only to persons: those having the personality of human beings (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Since only mankind are humankind, killing them is murder! There should be no argument there, but some claim that a fetus is devoid of personality, and is a mere parasite. The rationalization is even more extreme than Jews being parasites. "Fetus" is a stage of human development, and fetuses have personalities which grown with other human systems. (Examine Gesell's Growth Gradients). Babies are born with personalities. They are developed during gestation. Some psychologists encourage speaking to unborn babies in the fetal stage, and also measure their psychological development. Indeed, anyone but a fool or one being duped, must admit that fetuses are persons. Hence the destruction of a fetus, is murder.

Yesterday their was a nice group of people standing on the street corner with placards which read: "Abortion is Murder". Every rational person knows that but needs to be reminded. Murder is no laughing matter, and even being apathetic to murder is being an accomplice. Indeed, with the Jewish problem, Christians should have intervened but didn't. With the unborn baby "problem" Christians are obligated to intervene but fail to. They become silent accomplices to murder because they stand for the killing of innocent persons!

It bothered me that fellow Christians would joke about this holocaust. I'm sure it was an attempt to be funny, but murder is never funny. As Christians, we must all be more serious about abortion, and condemn it, even on the public square. Those are the brave ones! Those who have apathy to divine law must explain that before God someday. They are as guilty as the ones who actually dash to pieces a human life.

In Holy Scripture we find that the Jews who did no killing were more guilty than the ones who actually did the killing. Scripture says that their sin is greater. (John 19:11). In other words those who don't value life are worse than those who take the life. Pilate had remorse for what civil law required him to do, but the Jews had no regret for breaking divine law. The same holds true for those who propagate abortion. They are worse than the doctors who do it as a job.

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