Friday, June 23, 2017

Top Philosophical Questions for the Christian

My list of the top twenty questions about life in a spiritual context:

  1. Who is God?  Do you know and understand God? Do you know God? How? What is it God wants from you? What is God's substance? Who is God's competition?
  2. What is the natural? What is the supernatural? 
  3. What is love? What is hatred? Does everyone love? Hate? At what point does hate condemn one?
  4. Does heaven exist? Does hell exist? What is heaven? What is hell? Who made them? Why?
  5. Who am I? What is your substance? Why do you exist? Do you know what you are?  Do you know who you are? What is will. What is free will? Why do we have our own will? What is your own character flaw? What is the flesh?
  6. What is pleasure? Is pleasure from God? Are pleasure and happiness the same? What is pleasure for? How is pleasure abused?
  7. Are all things of God? Is Satan of God? What is the purpose of Satan?
  8. What is goodness? What is evil? Are their shades of gray between good and evil?
  9. What is life? What is death? What is my purpose in life? Are you achieving your purpose? 
  10. Do I deserve anything? From what source do things derive?
  11. What is work? Can everything be achieved by hard work?
  12. Is nothing something? How did nothingness come about? What is the difference between nothing and something? What is something? Why do things exist?
  13. What is time? Who created time? When? What is its purpose? What does time have todo with us? What is eternity? How can the time it takes for light to travel exceed time? How much of eternity has life existed? How much of your own life?
  14. What is the most important thing in one's life?. What is it that mankind wants to most achieve?
  15. What is it that can keep us from our goal? What is it that can obtain our goal?
  16. What is truth? What are lies? What is faith? From where does faith come? What can man do with faith?
  17. Why do we need Jesus? Is needing Jesus more about God or about us? How do we get Jesus?
  18. Who is the Holy Spirit? What are the characteristics of the Holy Spirit? Do ghosts exist? Who is the Holy Ghost? Is eternity occupied by ghosts? The natural? Supra-natural?
  19. What does "born-again" mean? Is it something done, thought, or realized? Are you born again?
  20. What happens with the first birth? How can one be born again? What happens to the person at the second-birth?  
As you cans see, the twenty questions are expanded. There are actually many more than twenty. The extra complementary questions are thought starters. One reason that people don't understand is that they don't ask themselves questions. Do you understand existence? Do you understand God? Do you understand time and its limitations? Do you understand you? Do you understand your choices? Do you understand the consequences of wrong choices? Ask yourselves the questions above and reflect on them. Hint: Use scripture to learn about them.

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