Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Won't Be There in Heaven

People don't want to change. They don't become exemplary Christians because they still enjoy pleasure. Of course, pleasure itself, is not sinful, but sinful pleasure is! The most fun things are for this earth only. Satan didn't create them, but those who are deceived by him did. Let's take television for example. It exists because God made the things needed to transmit pictures. However, it's not his picture show that most watch!

I grew up Nazarene. In those days we were taught that television was bad. Many of us asked, "How can that be? It's just a signal." Television was fairly tame in those days, so we questioned the biasness of the preacher.  Many years passed by. My then Nazarene preacher said, "We used to preach against watching television. We were wrong." By that time I had become a sincere Christian, and was disappointed in him for liberalizing. Television hadn't gotten better, but more degenerate, and even more degeneracy would come soon!

Now television is a cesspool for liberalism, feminism, licentiousness, homosexuality, and drug use. Television is the lowest of the lowest standard, yet Christians still watch whatever is placed before them, but worse yet, few are convicted that what they watch is wrong.

I still watch television. Too much! However, I am more discerning of what I watch. Some shows have bleeping to filter out the sin. When the bleep occurs, my mind processes the lips, context, and beep and sounds the word out in my head. Even with the bleep I still mentally hear the filth. You do too, and so do your kids. I rationalize, at least they are censoring it, but that is a fa├žade.

Even worse than the speech are the ideas presented on television. The visual media propagates sin. Any sin that the public will buy into, they present it. Have you noticed that since the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage, that about every show and commercial have same-sex partners and happy homosexuals? That's not by accident. Their M.O. is to propagate the notion that it's acceptable. Why? Because statistics reveal that same-sex couples have greater income, and more equity to spend.

If you let your children watch Nickelodeon, the messages which they get are liberal thought. They teach your kids what Christians should abhor. Because they are children's shows does not make them benign. In fact, patient liberals realize you won't likely change one-eighty degrees but your children can be taught that direction without question. Right now, your children are being remolded, not into mini-you but into mini-liberals and little sinners.

This generation of youth march on the streets in favor of secular causes which most Christians should disdain. They are there because of the teachers and professors. The next generation will wage war on moral values because you parents let the entertainment industry mold them. No remolding was required because many will be raised with washed brains. Guess what? They will turn on even you as well with what values you have left!

You might not like the idea that I denounce liberalism. However, that ideology is the movement away from scriptural truth. It's the dogma that accepts whatever the world says is right, and creates a new world where the herd follows deception. Marx operationalized liberalism by writing his manifesto; liberalism is the way to Marxism. It is the strategy of tearing down old institutions which hamper their perceived notion of Utopia. The Church represents the institution which stands in the way of Utopia, and it must be destroyed. That is a strategy of the manifesto.

There is a big difference between heaven and Utopia. The former is where God rules, righteous love exists, and accord is the way. Utopia is where people enjoy pleasure to the extreme. It is an Epicurean society with an unknown God, as Paul warned the Greek philosophers. The motto there is: Do what thou wilt! because that is the motto of Satan.

Now back to what will and won't be in heaven: There won't be entertainment as we know it, but people will take delight in real pleasure. Imagine if you will the best voices on earth and the most perfect instrumentation. That will be pleasure in heaven. Every note will ring perfect!  There won't be suggestive gestures or antics on stage in heaven. Provocative behavior won't be there. I even believe that there will be no rock music in heaven because that term derives from backseat sex. There will be nothing sinful allowed in heaven.

Liberal ideology won't be in heaven. It's against God! Only messages which match God's will can be spoken because God speaks only truth. Liberalism is based on deception: eat whatever we feed you because you won't surely die!

The media won't purvey their message there because only truth will be allowed. Imagine, everything you hear will be based on truth, and you'll likely not find many members of the media in heaven. The media even now presents messages which leads to eternal death. They are the product of the forbidden tree. If one wants truth, there is a book in print where it can be found. It's called The Holy Bible.

To be truthful, some of the things which I hold dear won't be there either! I'm glad of that because then I won't have to deal with them. There will be no temptation in heaven because those there have already passed the test; they chose the will of God over the deception of Satan. Temptation will no longer exist. Even in hell temptation won't be a problem because sinners there will hate what damned them. They will even despise Satan because the atmosphere of hell is hatred!

There are many other channels of deception which people love that won't be in heaven. There is a point to all this criticism of things of the flesh: Why not change now, so that you won't be out of place in heaven? Imagine if you will, if your entertainment has been those rock groups and actors who are the most sinful, suddenly in heaven, things which you loved won't be there! What a day that will be! but will you be comfortable with that?

My colleagues winced when I criticized the entertainment that they loved. They saw me as a narrow-minded right-wing Christian. Guess what? They were right! I'm a zealot for God. They can keep their John Lennon. With his eastern religion, he won't be in heaven unless he gave it up on the way through death's door. Some wait for that door before they are willing to change. Remember, the only way we have to show God our love is our willingness to quit doing our will, and do His will.

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